South Africa – 4 Days of Rage Part 2 (of a 2 Part Series)

The vast majority of the peoples of the world have no idea what is happening. They are trying to find or keep jobs, to provide housing and food, to find money for a mortgage, car and credit card payments. They are stressed out. They have no energy to confront bad news or figure out what is happening. They are abandoned by governments everywhere. Outside of Russia and China, where is there a government that represents the people?

The reality is that the ANC has looted, plundered, and robbed the country that was handed over to them. They have destroyed a country that held such economic promise at its inception and turned it into a lawless gulag. The world was eager to believe that the ANC has ushered in a democracy with 1st world standards of accountability. It is reluctant to examine this asylum run by inmates. We live in times when smart people are silenced so that stupid people aren’t offended.

As someone put it nicely; “A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves”.

A few months ago, the reigning Zulu King past away. It took some time, but after some intense jockeying, a new king was chosen. The new king needs to address the social ills within his nation, in terms of housing, jobs, education and land. His office has the capacity to do such and more. But, will he? The previous king showed an abysmal lack of empathy for his people. Below is a Watsapp post, which speaks for itself.

Why Did It Happen?

It all began when Jacob Zuma became the President. Zuma was a nationalist (hated by both New York and London, or the Rockefeller and Rothschild families). These 2 families hate all stripes of nationalist leaders due to the fact that such leaders are more interested in building up their economies than in allowing these two predatory powers from bleeding their countries dry. Zuma began making various moves to build up South Africa- and he turned to Russia and China. This resulted in South Africa joining BRICS. Further moves by Zuma in building up nuclear power and other industrial infrastructure earned him the enmity of the real controllers of South Africa – the Rothschild family, based in London.

At the disposal of the Rothschild family is the largest concentration of wealth and power in the world, along with the networks of power extending across the world, more specifically the three key Rothschild countries that have great influence in Africa – Britain, France and Israel. It was decided, in London, that Zuma had to go, and be replaced by a docile puppet – Cyril Ramaphosa. The plot to neutralize Zuma began. But, before that, let’s explain what RET is.

Radical economic transformation: context, what it is and what it is not?

Radical economic transformation (RET) is very important to South Africa’s (SA’s) democratic transition towards the vision of a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society. What then do we mean by radical economic transformation?

RET must be seen as a democratic programme to restore production surplus to those who socially produce it, to each according to their contribution. RET must secure our independence: democratic national sovereignty. Freedom from imperialism is very much part of its core, as it is with, ultimately, freedom from economic exploitation. RET must eliminate the colonial character of the structure of our national production and its terms of trade. This requires increased investment in innovation, research and development, radical curriculum transformation and improvement in the quality and outcomes of teaching and learning:  Our economy was colonially structured to rely on exports of raw materials and primary goods and dependent on imports of finished goods.

RET must build democratic control of our mineral resources, including through new pricing structures to build strategic advantage to localise production and create jobs through value adding processes. Among other measures, we must eliminate both export and import parity pricing on our raw materials and primary goods specifically to support national production development through manufacturing expansion and diversification. We must introduce developmental pricing to support production localisation. Our mineral resources must largely benefit the people as a whole compared to private economic interests concerned only with profit maximisation.

RET must speed up land redistribution. But, we must assist historically disadvantaged people who already have land to use it productively. This requires support in the form of materials, inputs, equipment, water supply, training and monitoring to ensure maximum results and, on a consistent basis. We must guard against collapsing production in the name of radical land redistribution. We must not allow it to be handed over or subordinated to monopoly capital, corrupt economic forces, oligarchies or oligopolies, Black or White. RET must eliminate private dominance, monopoly, oligopoly and deal more decisively with collusion.  In addition, thoroughgoing anti-monopoly institutional, legislative and regulatory changes are required, including anti-oligopoly, anti-oligarchy, anti-concentration, anti-collusion, anti-price fixing and anti-all other sorts of manipulative economic ownership structures and market conduct!

  • The population of South Africa

1. The South African population is now 59.6 million people.

2. African people make up 81% of the population, Colored people 9%, Indian people 3% and white people 8%.

3. 1.8% of households in South Africa earn income from ownership of capital, 73% of the population are working people (not necessarily working class), and 10% of the households survives on pensions, social grants, family allowances and income from other individuals.

  • The hardships in South African society: unemployment, poverty and inequality

 In the first quarter of 2020, the unemployment rate in South Africa was 40%.

 However, the unemployment rate of African people was 44% that of Coloured people was 31%, that of Indian/Asian people was 19% and that of white people was 10%. Africans therefore suffer the most from unemployment than the rest of the population.

 In terms of income inequality Africans earn on average about 22% of what whites earn, Coloured people earned 28% of what whites earn, and Indian/Asian people earn 63% of what whites earn.

 In racial terms, 64% of African people are living in poverty, 41% of Coloured people are living in poverty, and 6% of Indian/Asian people are living in poverty while 1% of the white population is living poverty.

  • Who owns, manages and controls South African society?

 The ownership of the South African economy is diverse, but it is dominated by white- owned and controlled companies. Hence the concept of white monopoly capital, describes the concrete form in which capitalism finds expression in South Africa.

 Capital in South Africa is majority owned and control by the white population, together with their European and American allies. An example is SASOL; it is about 30% foreign – owned largely by Europeans and Americans. The South African ownership is dominated by a number of white owned and controlled asset managers, with state entities such as the PIC and IDC owning about 20%. The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) is the South African government’s sovereign wealth fund.

 In short, the ownership and control of the economy is in white hands, with the PIC as the junior partner and it has been diversified into smaller holding by asset management companies, which on the whole control more than 80% of the companies in South Africa. This does not mean that white monopoly capital has therefore ceased to exist, it continues unabated, under conditions where the shares are split into small amounts among the white owned and controlled asset management firms, but on the whole sum up to an overwhelming white monopolization of economic power.

 In terms of management and control of the economy, 66% of top managers are white 15% are African, 6% Coloured and 10% Indian/Asian. Clearly the white population, together with the Indian/Asian population is over-represented in top management positions in South Africa.

The African and Colored populations are receiving the short end of the stick. They do not wield power in proportion to their demographic representation. The African population in particular, is severely under-represented and marginalized from positions of management and control and implementation.

 There needs to be a clear understanding that institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, OECD, the ratings agencies, the mainstream media and some of the so-called mainstream analysts (legal, political and economic); advance ideas that protect the interests of white monopoly capital. An important element of the Freedom Charter is that the return of the basic wealth of our country to the ownership of the people as a whole: the mineral wealth beneath the soil, the banks (including the South African Reserve Bank), and monopoly industries.

 Land expropriation without compensation, is a key demand that should be defended and advanced. We all know that the land was forcibly stolen from African people by white settlers.  Control and ownership of the financial system, particularly the South African Reserve Bank and the banking system as a whole, is another key pillar without which RET cannot be achieved. No post-colonial country has ever guaranteed its sovereignty without control of its central bank.

The Canadian Prime Minister McKenzie King understood this very well when he said: “Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nation’s laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until you control the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as the most sacred responsibility, all talk of sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile”.

We regard white monopoly capital as the primary enemy of the national democratic revolution. White monopoly capital, by monopolizing power and resources in the hands of the white population—with a few black allies who have united with it to exploit the black working people, causes on-going suffering to the majority of the people. The primary objective of RET is to destroy white monopoly capitalist power.

Let me put this into simple language:

The aim of the RET is to follow a course of national economic sovereignty- to pursue a course of policies in the economic and financial fields- for the benefit of the entire country-especially the disadvantaged. Currently, as things stand in South Africa, the economic and financial balance of power resides in a few hands-, and what makes it worse is that these few hands, in turn, are tied to the Rothschild family, in London. In short, London calls the shots in all three levers of power in South Africa- economic, financial, and political. RET says NO to that. Such decisions need to be taken in-country- and implement those policies that would benefit South Africa. What has happened in South Africa, since 1994, was the opposite. London was in charge, and its proxies within government and finance, made sure that South Africa, will not follow an economic policy that would benefit them. Rather, the wealth of South Africa was reserved for only international finance, whether it is London or New York. This was no doubt the greatest single threat to London’s control over South Africa.

 Were one to study history, we find the same thing happening repeatedly. Whoever follows such a policy is eliminated from the political scene. We saw it in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, the former Yugoslavia, Chile (1972), Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, and many other places in Africa. When the head of the opposition/political party espouses such policies, then that individual is turned into a monster through the media narrative- which includes scandals of all types, and character assassinations. The policy of International finance – be it London or New York, in regard to extracting wealth from developing countries-such as South Africa, is this: “WHAT IS MINE IS MINE, and WHAT IS YOURS IS NEGOTIABLE”. So, as far as London was concerned, the RET plan was super dangerous. It threatened the Rothschild’s golden goose in South Africa.

 It was a threat worse than a 1000 Zumas.  Not only that, the opposition to London (and its South African proxies) included many within the RET faction. However how to destroy this threat? It is simple. First, create enough scandals and pressure on President Zuma, and this was successful, which in turn resulted in early elections. To fund their candidate, a campaign war chest, dubbed CR17, was formed, and funded with some R400 million ($30 million). Use this war chest to bribe supporters of RET away from Zuma, and steer them towards CR. It was effective, resulting in CR becoming the next President, albeit by a small margin. Since Zuma was a nationalist, he did not want to go to either New York or London for campaign and political funding, so he turned to a “carpet-bagging” family from India – the Gupta family.  Through corruption and bribery, they literally got away with tons of money, and more. It was only when, in early 2016, that the Rockefeller family began to back Zuma. Thus, Zuma had no use of the Gupta family, and they eventually fled to Dubai-the paradise for criminals and con-men.

As to why New York decided to back Zuma, please read this article here, called

Nonetheless, Zuma lost due to immense bribes paid to his supporters and the fence-sitters. Money was provided by London’s many proxies and puppets in South Africa.

Just to make things clear, this media network is not a supporter of any political party in South Africa- be it Zuma, or CR. We stand for truth and justice. We are not afraid of offending the unjust. Society is crumbling all around us. It’s not time to be “nice” or likable. The most kind and loving thing we can do is speak the truth. Truth will always offend, but eternal souls are at stake.

The current tensions and problems were brewing for some years, and the Zondo Commission was established to destroy the credibility of Zuma and the opposition in South Africa. The key points used against him were the arms deal bribes, the Gupta connection, etc. Both of them did not prove Zuma’s guilt, but relentless pressure, dirty tricks and lies were used to paint Zuma as “not a nice guy”. What is to be noted here is that both Russian leader and Zuma’s careers were established in the intelligence services.  The only 2 such world leaders who rose up in the intel field. As such, they know more than most political leaders of how the world really works. Such people know where many skeletons are. After Ramaphosa narrowly won the Nasrec conference in 2017, Ace Magashule became the General Secretary(GS) of the party, this was seen as a loss to many who backed CR17, including Johan Rupert of Remgro. 

Ace Mageshule is a staunch Pan Africanist and a Zuma supporter. So as General Secretary of the party he was in charge of the membership of the party. This gave the Zuma faction more power than the CR17 faction. From that moment on the CR17 team started unleashing the wolves on the Zuma faction called RET.  

RET was always seen as a tool to take back what the Rothschilds stole for over 120 years of their dominance in this country.  RET became a threat to the establishment.  All RET forces were targeted by the CR17 team. 

Before the RET we had a clique called the premier league: consist of Ace Magashule, Carl Niehaus, David Mabuza and Supra Mahomapelo. These are the founders of RET.  They supported Zuma at all cost.

The axe continued to chop heads from the RET team.  Ace was charged for corruption that took place in the  Orange Free State when he was still a premier . Now you might also want to question why the timing is so critical for changing the SG. Many asked if Cyril is using state organs to silence his detractors.  The answer is –yes. 

On the other hand the RET forces accused CR17 of using money to influence the 2017 conference, and as a result he was now forced to provide his banking statements to prove his innocence. Instead Cyril ran to court to try and block the RET from gaining access to his records.  This was seen as a dodgy move from a man who was presented as an honest man.

It became clear that Cyril was no longer the man they thought he was.  Strange enough the decisions from the courts always favored him as it was also said that some of the judges presiding in some of the cases are highly compromised.  And the South African Judiciary system has been bought by London from the way they are handling matters especially when it comes to CR17. 

Once Ramaphosa was in office, a special task force was established to end Zuma’s political career, future and reputation. Since London controlled the media, London’s narrative dominated. Many believed in this distortion of the truth. The Zondo Commission was established to ruin and jail Zuma. London hoped this would be the end of the matter. But, Zuma refused to play ball with a court that was rigged against him from the start. The plan of the plotters was beginning to backfire. Panic set in when Zuma was prepared to “spill the beans” on several issues, such as the huge bribes paid in the arms deal of the late 1990s. Many local players were prepared to do anything to keep this aspect hidden, especially over the issue of “state capture”. Rather, the London crowd insisted that Zuma & gang were going to steal all the valuable resources of the state for the benefit of themselves.

This is such a blatant lie, but a lie repeated often enough, that many have come to believe in it. What bollocks. The state was captured in 1994, when Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black President.  It is like the victim is blamed for the attack, and the perpetrator blames the victim. That is the power of the media.

Just to give you an idea, here we list two “technocrats” who work for London. The photo gives the game away. Trevor Manuel got a nice reward for his service to London, when he was given a senior position with a Rothschild investment bank in South Africa. His wife, Mario Ramos worked for another two Rothschild entities; South Africa’s central bank – the Reserve Bank, and Absa and FNB. And, that’s how loyal servants get rewarded.

 The media in South Africa continued harping about “state capture”. What the Guptas and their cronies did, was to steal millions, but the way in which it was done was so amateurish, that anyone with a brain could see what was going on. The money stolen amount to peanuts compared with what the Anglo crowd stole-billions- and from the early 1990s. It was done in sophisticated ways that ensured such things won’t come to light. It is easy, especially when you control the banks, insurance companies, AND THE RESERVE BANK. Did Zuma, the Guptas, et al, control any of these institutions? Or, the major mining companies, where raw materials are exported at lower than the listed price, with the difference being deposited in off-shore accounts.  This method is called “transfer pricing”.

Nonetheless, Zuma threatened to go public with many skeletons related to the key political leaders in SA. This sent a shockwave and heightened panic in these politicians, and their business sponsors. They finally got the chance when Zuma refused to appear in court, and was charged and jailed on a contempt charge.

Back in March 2021, Anton Rupert-the key handler of Ramaphosa in SA, received instructions from Lord Renwick in London. Renwick is the man in charge of South African black politicians. In turn, Renwick reports to Jacob Rothschild. Rupert called Ramaphosa to meet with him. In that meeting, Rupert threatened Ramaphosa with removing his backing, and to turn the media against him, as well as reveal the bribery and the dirty money politics of the CR17 election campaign of Ramaphosa. Rupert wanted Ramaphosa to remove Ace, the Secretary General of the ANC party, a very key position. In addition, Ramaphosa had to destroy the RET (Radical Economic Transformation) – an entity established to gain economic and financial independence from London.  RET was founded in January 2017.

Knowing that their puppet Ramaphosa lacks the backbone to neutralize this threat, and that, not removing the influence of ACE, would solidify the opposition. So, a covert plan was worked out, just in case. Both London and New York have such contingency plans for all the nations in the world. Sometimes it works, and other times it fails. This is the economic and financial warfare divisions embedded in the intelligence agencies of both London and New York. In London’s case, this department has been in operation since 1890. New York has fine-tuned this in the form of color revolutions, sanctions, asset freezes, etc; as we witness over the past decade. London specializes in playing the racial/ethnic cards.

To the best of my knowledge, the Rothschilds never employed non-whites in this department. Over the last 130 years, London has developed a unique capability which is matched by no other nation, with the exception of the US.  Now, no Africans have been able to either master this field, or learn from it.

Having spent decades as a student of geopolitics, we can say that we know what the modus operandi of London and New York are. In the case of South Africa, London takes the lead. The following is an assumption of how this came about. Mind you, there is no proof that it happened this way; the patterns and players involved can only be deduced from the following;-Problem-Reaction-Solution. The problem was 2-fold: Zuma and the RET. The solution was to eliminate their political reputation, and if possible, jail them. So, produces a reaction, then achieve the result.

And, so in March of this year, several plans were put forth by this department. By April through June, plans were finalized, assets put in place, and logistical issues were fine-tuned. Let us call this covert group the Third Force. Of the several plans, what played out was only ONE of these plans.

Zuma is a Zulu -the largest tribe in South Africa, and the dominant tribe in KwaZulu Natal –KZN. The majority of the ANC hierarchy is of another tribe – the Xhosa tribe. Prior to 1994, there were many battles between these two groups. Much to London’s delight, since they love the policy of “divide-and rule”, by playing the ethnic and race card. This policy served London very well over the past 2 centuries, especially in volatile areas, such as India, the Balkans, Iraq, and in many parts of Africa. All of this suited London well. It created a lifetime of hate and distrust between these two tribes. Of South Africa’s four leaders since 1994, the only one from a Zulu tribe was Zuma. The other three were from the Xhosa and Venda tribes – and are all London’s puppets.

As it stands the same Judiciary system broke their own laws by sending Zuma to 15 months for contempt of court. This was not done according to the law as they didn’t give Zuma options that were there.  Zondo also refused to recuse himself from the commission as Zuma objected based on the history they had.

In the province of KZN, the largest ethnic group is the Zulus. Poorly educated, disadvantaged, lack of decent jobs and housing, was the situation. Compounding matters was the effects of the Covid lockdown, from March 2020- nearly 15 months earlier. Families living day-to-day found themselves in a hopeless position. So, when the call came to protest against the jailing of their one hope-Zuma- who is also a Zulu, the masses agreed.  And when the protests started, a Third Force took over; informing the disenfranchised masses free food, TV’s, etc., it was too good a chance to pass. The masses were used for one thing (a protest march), then abused by the Third Force (by urging looting and destruction).

Chronology of Events

  • June 7th     Zuma goes to jail
  • June 10th    His supporters issue leaflets calling for a protest march on Monday the 12th, and warned all businesses to close that day. That same evening,  about 30 trucks at the Mooi River Toll Plaza in central KwaZulu Natal was torched; the result was a closure of the main transportation corridor linking the main port city of Durban to the country’s economic hub of Johannesburg
  • June 11th This was Sunday, when the first acts of looting began in the black townships of Durban
  • July 12th Monday- and the chaos began, in multiple places and at the same time. It was too well co-ordinated for it to be just random cases. Many witnesses have stated that men in  armoured vehicles, or in SUV’s, brandishing AK-47s, threatened the many security guards guarding malls, warehouses, etc. –the guards were outnumbered and threatened. Then these “looting” leaders placed calls, and shortly the hordes, numbering in the 1000s, descended on these places.

Although the bulk of the looting and destruction occurred in the KZN province, there were also similar incidents in the Gauteng province-where Johannesburg is.

The police were outnumbered, and even ran out of ammunition. Desperate calls to the government to put the military in the field were ignored. CR issued a TV speech wherein he said that there was no need for the military- thus giving a green light for more chaos to continue and spread. This was DELIBERATE on the path of CR. The province had to be punished more, so that the Zulus and other residents would turn against the Zuma/RET faction

  • July 13th – the carnage continued, and the world was shocked. Later that evening, CR changed his mind, and sent in troops. The police now began stopping and arresting the looters. It was a case of too little and too late.
  • July 14th – With the deployment of the military, and the police acting to arrest looters, the situation began to calm down.
  • July 16th– the clean –up begins, but 1000s of businesses have gone out of existence. The final tally has not as yet been done, but preliminary estimates are that economic losses to stock, equipment and infrastructure amounts to some R40 billion ($3 billion). I think this is on the low side. The death toll exceeded 200. Jib losses in the coming months will most likely reach some 500,000.

What makes the situation even worse is the humanitarian situation in terms of food, medicines, and fuel. The looters stole the food, and this is creating a situation that has negatively impacted the poorest communities. Furthermore, many face a bleak future as many jobs evaporated – some for good, as many firms will take a long time to build up again. In fact, many firms have signaled their intentions to re-locate their operations to other provinces. Some have said that they are not going to re-build their businesses at all. It is not worth it, according to them.

 Then CR visits the affected areas, and states that they know who the instigators are, and that they will be arrested. The London-controlled media continued with this narrative- and pointed their guilty fingers at the Zuma/RET faction. Very convenient.

Many in South Africa and around the world are blaming Zuma for this. Little do they realize that London destroyed one of its greatest threats in South Africa to its continued policy of looting South Africa dry.

By blaming the victim, London and CR can claim to hold the high moral ground. And, many are falling for this deflection of the truth. Dear reader, SNOW IS NOT BLACK.

This destruction, being blamed on the Zuma/RET faction, has effectively ruined any opposition to London’s network of proxies in business and the ANC, to its policies in South Africa. By the weekend, there was having a party in London to celebrate their victory over the Black Nationalist policymakers in South Africa. Organized looting (away from any publicity), continues. London, the Rothschilds and Oppenheimers, plus their proxies in South Africa – CR, Rupert, Motsepe, etc., can go to sleep in peace. Their own looting infrastructure remains intact.

The European financial system, headed/controlled by the Rothschild family is BEYOND BROKE. These financial parasites need a continuous infusion of cash, from as many income streams as possible, in order to hold up their zombie banks. Were South African politics to become nationalistic, at the highest level, then the income streams from South Africa, will be lost. They could not afford to let this happen.

It was a classic “FALSE-FLAG operation, conducted by specialists in this field.  London was behind it, and the London media blamed the Zuma/RET faction for this. To add insult to injury, social media compounds the problem by inciting more fear, amidst rising racial tensions in the province. Color revolution specialists are masters at inciting fear, instead of hope. People are afraid of what they DON’T understand. London has DELIVERED the message. There is no need to repeat what has been done.

 What had happened in KZN – the 4 DAYS OF RAGE, can be termed South Africa’s own 9/11!

Just as the Rockefeller family did 9-11, and blamed Osama bin Laden, then so did London do the KZN RAGE, and blamed Zuma. Just as the “evil of axis” nations of Britain, France, Israel, in conjunction with the US did to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and  Libya, then so did London burn down KZN to eliminate its most dangerous opponent- the Zuma/RET faction from South African politics. Zuma is now history. He has lost the support of many in the country and the world.  In the coming days, even many of his followers will turn their backs on him, since jobs and food has evaporated, and a slim chance of ever getting them back.

Below are some of the photos of the DAYS OF RAGE.

The RET faction of the ANC took to gospel television on July 16 to make a last-gasp plea for clemency for still-jailed former president Jacob Zuma as the violent and chaotic campaign to free him backfired. After a week of violence, anarchy, and looting, South Africa began to mop up and count the costs of the body-blow dealt with the country. Due to the shock effect of the utter devastation, the mind cannot grasp what really happened. As to why, fingers are painted at London’s enemy-the Zuma/RET crowd.

The mood has turned against Zuma who initially enjoyed public sympathy, especially in KwaZulu-Natal, after being jailed on July 7. But the violence and looting, of which the organisers lost control, has taken attention away from the fact that he remains in jail in Estcourt 10 days after being sent there.  His supporters told the Mail & Guardian that the industrial-scale looting took them by surprise. The  RET faction of the ANC, which was formed by leaders like suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule and suspended former Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans’ Association spokesman Carl Niehaus, among others, is now on the backfoot as it becomes increasingly clear that it has been targeted for elimination.

 Trouble never ends. By its nature trouble is a super-spreader of more trouble. We saw it long before the social media age. At the heart of everything was a cause that all Black people had in common. A common oppressor is what united the oppressed that were in the majority. The current crisis does not have too many similarities to that in the sense that it’s not people against the state. And the state has mostly stood aside and allowed the anarchy to continue. Had the state intervened like the Apartheid state did you would have seen that same vicious cycle of state violence breeding more fightback by the people and this again breeding a harsher clampdown. This would have led to a civil war in the true sense of the word. But that lack of state intervention has given rise to an even bigger problem. People on the ground were forced to defend themselves, their areas and all they owned.  The levels of desperation they were driven to in putting up such a defense and the fact that there were measures of last resort carried out by desperate civilians under attack, lacking the discipline and training of organized formations like the military and the police, led to sometimes excessive acts of violence driven by vengeance and resentment at what they and their communities had suffered. So now, a whole new cycle of violent conflict, with a racial dimension has taken root between people of a largely similar racial background defending areas that had been racially compartmentalized by Apartheid such as largely Indian Phoenix and those who had been instigated to go on the violent looting spree from African communities also racially compartmentalized by the Apartheid regime. The new cycle of violence, which we hope and pray will not happen, seems set to be another cluster bomb left lying around by Apartheid which could wreak havoc in midst of communities – of which the youth are  in the forefront of the trouble. These youth come from the post-Apartheid born free generation.

And this, if it does happen cannot be classified as a civil war but a plain down interracial war.

Put the three underclasses in tight compartments next to each other. Give two of the three a little more leeway in development and growth potential than the third because they are small in number and don’t pose a threat like the people of the third compartment who are the majority in the country and thus, the only real threat to your rule. This differentiation will ensure that the three compartments of the underclass will not have too much in common. And the racial stereotyping in the indoctrination they will be fed as education and also by white controlled media will ensure that the three undesirable races will never find too much common ground to stand on.

And when the chips are down and the pent up tensions caused by our lovely system of white supremacy breaks the  surface, the first and easiest target of that big majority that are in underclass compartment #3 – the have nots – will be underclass #s 1 & 2. And who ended up defending the frontlines?

Underclass #2 (Indians) and #3 (Coloureds); and to save whose ass ultimately? The old and still ruling white man who still has the largest slice of the cake on his plate. Had that frontline not been in place and the communities or #2 & #3 been overrun, the next logical target would be the white man in his house high up in the clouds. Create a black middle class with a stake in the economy to defend in the event of anarchy breaking out in the country. The objective was to create a buffer zone that would absorb the shock and ally with the structure of economic power to withstand the attack.

The Aftermath

The Covid pandemic has resulted in the shrinking of the middle class, while the lowest just got poorer. We have written a 3-part article, called the BAC Cartel It would be worth your while to read it, and understand the danger humanity is facing from the two families that run this world. Time is running out for them, to achieve a totalitarian One World Government- thus the unleashing of the Covid virus on the world. To understand this fully, please read Operation Lockdown, on this site.

A financial collapse is coming soon. These two families control more than 70% of the essential commodities in the world, including food. The destruction in KZN fits perfectly well into their plans. If this was the work of anti-government forces, then both Pretoria and London would have immediately reacted – but there was NO reaction on their path. How do we know this? Check out the R/$ exchange rate – it hardly moved, which means that London knew what was going to happen, as they were not surprised by the events. In the world of international finance- two things to note: – GREED and FEAR. Since there was no fear reflected on the forex markets, was a clear give-away, to indicate who was behind this. The bottom line is: London dealt a decisive blow to the nationalist forces in South Africa.

 Part of the Lockdown agenda is to make food scarce, and push inflation. How? By locking down economies, and by bankrupting businesses and governments.  Read the full story and their agenda in these two titles: Operation Lockdown; the BAC CARTEL , to understand their plans and agendas. Finally, please read the 4 -part series on South Africa, which you will find here


Ever since the Covid pandemic hit the world, in March 2020, the poor in South Africa went through even greater hardships. Jobs gone. Income gone. Very little hope for the future. Frustration levels rose. It just needed a spark to light it.

That Monday, the 12th of July, the spark was lit. And it blew up an entire province. More than 80% of looters belonged in this category, while criminal elements made up the rest. A very, very small number were the “on-the-ground coordinaters”. The rest became history. To make matters worse, amongst the looters were policeman, AND, many wealthy blacks- some even CEOs of companies. With a mentality like that, what message does it send to future generations who witness their parents and elders taking part in such criminal activities?

The good news is that many people of all colors – black, white, Asians and colored people joined in defending their communities, homes and families. This has renewed a feeling of hope amongst the people.  To kill this hope, the Third Force is circulating messages on social media, trying to stir up racial tensions, and hope to kill off this unity taking place on the ground. Evert dark cloud has a silver lining.

These DAYS OF RAGE have achieved what even Mandela could not. Thanks to CR and his handlers, the country has achieved in uniting the righteous law-abiding citizens of South Africa-black, white, coloreds and Indians into a magnificent force – a force that the government won’t be able to control again.

Residential communities have taken it upon themselves to defend their suburbs and shopping centers.  Mixed race suburbs now stand shoulder-to-shoulder in defending what is theirs. Previous strangers now greet each other in the streets of their suburbs, and one can foresee a lot of mixed race cross-cultural get  togethers taking place in the future. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

As for the petty criminal who dare to venture into these suburbs with sinister motives- they are going to learn permanent lessons- as many have experienced during the DAYS OF RAGE.

Other Key Aspects

The ANC government in the mid-1990s did something which no other country in the world did. On the instructions of New York (the Rockefeller Empire), the Out-based Education (OBE) was introduced into South Africa’s education system. This was formulated in the University of Chicago (a Rockefeller institution). Every other country in the world REJECTED this. It goes to show the total lack of respect the ANC government and leadership has for the citizens of South Africa.

It is an education system, with one primary aim, to “dumb down” future generations. It’s now 25 years later, and the results are there for all to see. It has produced students who are unable to think and act in the correct manner. Furthermore, the emphasis was on idiot subjects, instead of on nation-building subjects, such as science, math, technology, etc. . Schools have removed any form of religious doctrine or morality in the education system thereby removing right and wrong and good and bad.

The second aspect is the western culture that has seeped into the non-white population- alcohol, drug abuse, and a culture that is a “me first” attitude. Empathy is absent. And even more. You, the reader would know better than me.

Thirdly, a complete lack of accountability- from the leadership to the bottom.

Fourth, the Covid lockdown has a sinister agenda- to bankrupt governments and all those businesses that are not a part of the 2 families. The reasons are discussed in our previous articles. This has had a huge negative impact on our economy and society. The impact on food is the main thing.

And, finally, the ANC-post DAYS OF RAGE- has lost all credibility. People are not stupid. They see that the government DELIBERATELY delayed a response to the looting and destruction. People won’t forget this.

Civil War?

There has been talks and rumors making the rounds on social media about an impending civil war in South Africa.. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. Such talk is sheer nonsense.

Let me explain. Ask anyone to explain what “democracy” is, and the standard answer one gets is “a government for the people, by the people and one-man, one-vote “ kind of answers. I laugh when I hear such answers.

International finance has been in control of the world over the past 2 centuries,  (when the Rothschilds established central banks in many countries)and the need to disguise their control has led to a parliamentary political system. This means that the masses had to be fooled into thinking that they have some leverage over who comes to power. They call it democracy. There is ZERO DEMOCRACY in the world today.

International bankers have their own meaning of democracy, and it is as follows:-

Any country that has passed laws that  legalized the interest system, is called a democratic country. In a ‘democratic ‘ country, when a person borrows money from a bank to buy a house, the bank takes a mortgage/bond on that property. If the mortgage holder defaults, then the LAW allows the bank to re-posses the property , and sell it. This process is backed fully by the laws and armed forces of the government. Such countries do not experience a civil war, as damage to property and infrastructure (most of it bonded to the banks) is NOT ACCEPTABLE. What does occur in ‘democratic ‘countries is inflation and deflation.

Then, we have the so-called ‘non-democratic’ countries, wherein the interest system is not legislated. In this case, the banks don’t have a hold over buildings and infrastructure. In such countries, we find regular bouts of  civil wars. The bankers don’t lose anything. Prime examples are Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and some countries in Africa. Based upon this reality, the Rothschilds will not a civil war to take place in South Africa.

How come South Africa was known to be a ‘democratic’ government even during the rule of apartheid ? Because of this.

In democratic  countries,  presidents, prime ministers and heads of state ARE SELECTED, NOT ELECTED. Elections are a farce, meant to give the masses a feeling that they have some control over who becomes the next ruler. Results are decided BEFORE HAND. There are too many examples of this all over. Including in South Africa-especially the 1994 elections. The results were decided on about 3 weeks prior to the April elections. Read the other articles on South Africa, to understand.

Sad to say, most people,  still , firmly hold on to the view that SNOW IS BLACK ! It is not, and the  best way to remove the veils covering your vision is to read. Readers make leaders. Non-readers become followers. And followers turn into sheep. And the  sheep get ruled by wolves, in country after country.

The Way Forward

The DAYS OF RAGE have created shock and disgust within most people. People are looking for solutions. It is very simple. The first thing to start doing is getting smart, by reading to understand. If not, then one can be easily manipulated into wrong thinking and actions. The net is to become a better human being- by increasing our moral fibre. And lastly, turn to the ONE TRUE ALLMIGHTY GOD- the ONE who created the heavens and the earth – and all things in it; including you and me. What happened was a “gentle message from God to the people of South Africa. It is a reminder to turn to your Creator – and not to creation – to guide us and solve our problems. Forget justice being served by the people in power. It is not going to happen. We live in a very unjust world. Any injustice done, then on the Day of Judgement, Al mighty God, will balance it out. So, have hope in God.

If an update is required, then we will try and upload within the next few weeks. Until then we leave you with some videos of the looting and destruction.

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