South Africa – 4 Days of Rage Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series)

By now, most of the world has heard or seen what had taken place in South Africa between the 11th of July and the 13th of July.

This week, I watched in horror as my beloved homeland was transmogrified into an apocalyptic hell. The fruits of liberation before education were on full display, as looters and arsonists rampaged across the country. The orgy of looting, the burning of shopping malls, the wanton destruction of cars and trucks, and the brutal killing of livestock – all speaks to a descent into a barbarism that is plainly inexplicable. What is clear is that we have reaped what we have sown: a culture of impunity forged over decades of rampant government corruption, lawlessness and maladministration. 

High rates of unemployment (70%-plus in many areas), poverty and ill health only partially explain the widespread manifestations of anger and anomie. But they are an insufficient explanation for this barbaric plunder of the economy. If they were, why would rioters loot a sex shop and a funeral parlor? 

Revolutionary movements such as the ANC demand unfettered loyalty from the electorate for having defeated the enemy: apartheid. And that loyalty means turning a blind eye to the excesses of the ruling elite’s entitlement to the state’s resources, with which they buy themselves opulent villas, Ferraris and Bentley convertibles, and large farms while millions of the people they promised to set free live in ramshackle wood-and-corrugated-iron shacks in crime-ridden slums without toilets, jobs or hope. 

But within the ANC, the ruling elite is not a monolith. The tribal divisions run deep. Zuma is a Zulu in a party that accords hegemony to the dominant Xhosa ethnic group. And this subterranean faultline has been the fatal flaw that, since Mandela departed frontline politics in 1999, has seen it struggle to remain united. 

Under Mandela, a Xhosa, Zuma the Zulu could always be contained because of Mandela’s stature. The current president, Cyril Ramaphosa, however, has a much more difficult task reining in his predecessor and his considerable Zulu following, partly because he’s a member of the Venda ethnic group, a minor tribe from the northern regions of the country. 

These tribal distinctions are further bedevilled by the political factions within the ANC, which were writ large with the jailing of Zuma. Contempt of court is a foreign concept to the masses, who are not ignorant of the party’s entrenched culture of corruption across the board. South Africa is bankrupt because of the looting of the state treasury for personal enrichment. In this regard, all ANC leaders are culpable. 

Every week, another financial scandal erupts, with one of the latest being billions of rands earmarked for Covid vaccines going missing. This against the backdrop of excess mortality rates that suggest the virus has killed at least 160,000 in South Africa, making it the worst-hit nation on the continent. What they demand is equal justice before the law. ANC officials who destroyed every state-owned enterprise have not been held accountable and are still walking free. 

Aware that they have lost the sympathy both of the nation and of countries across the globe, Zuma’s ANC resorts to the playbook of turning on old opponents: white and Indian people. Deflection, after all, is the best form of defence. Propaganda messages abound online, urging comrades that “the revolution has begun” and they must take it “into the white areas and to the next level.”  

Others call for “the revolution” to be taken to all parts of the country, demanding: “We need to liberate ourselves from these cronies, who are political puppets and sellouts, who are working as the black face/white skin, who are the political puppets of the white supremacy and white monopoly capital … Our struggle is against white supremacy and black subjugation.” This inflammatory rhetoric of a race war, inciting the masses to mobilise against an ethnic minority, to destroy all vestiges of so-called white monopoly capital, has been countered by the spontaneous emergence of ad hoc multiracial militias, who have been patrolling their neighbourhoods armed with an array of weapons to keep would-be looters at bay. 

President Ramaphosa deployed 74,000 troops during the Covid lockdown in 2020 to enforce regulations; today, as the country burns, there are about 25,000 soldiers on the streets – or at least that’s what the government claims. They are needed – the inept South African Police Service is not only incapable of protecting lives and properties, but some of its officers have joined in the looting themselves. The newly installed King of the Zulus, Misuzulu KaZwelithini, has likened the ongoing violent protests in his region to a “suicide mission that will haunt the poor and vulnerable in the near future.” 

Meanwhile, Ramaphosa has blamed the rioting and looting on “coordinated criminality.” This reluctance to call the violence what it really is, is emblematic of the president’s pusillanimous leadership since he took office. 

It all began when the former President of South Africa began his jail sentence on Friday the 10th. His charge was “contempt of court”, for refusing to appear in front of the Zondo Commission, as he stated that the judiciary was impartial, and corrupt. His followers then threatened a “day of rage and protests”, scheduled for Monday, 12th of July. Things panned out as his followers stated, but this entire showdown got hijacked by other players, intent on other, more nefarious results. Then, things went out of control, as specialists in “color revolutions’, and “economic warfare”, took over.  Once their aim was done (over a 36-hour period), these covert operators then withdrew, so that by Wednesday the 13th, things began to calm down.

What follows is an analyses and a report of this- the TRUE STORY- which is far from the media and government narrative – that it will shock most people – but not the readers of this site. Well, here goes, folks. To more clearly understand what really happened – amidst so much fake news- it would be best to understand the background of South African power politics, especially since April 1994, when the black nationalist party – the African National Congress (ANC) became the government.

The Background

By the late 1980s, it was clear to all the interested parties that the white Afrikaner government, and its apartheid system, was coming to an end. International finance and the ANC leadership held many meetings to turn the ANC from a communist ideology to a capitalist one. Amongst those within international finance was one particular entity-the Oppenheimer family- whose Anglo American Corp (Anglo) and the De Beers diamond monopoly, were the dominant player from the side of international finance. This colossus controlled nearly 30% of South Africa’s GNP, a share that no other entity in the world had in their own countries. Bigger than FIAT in Italy, or the Rockefeller group in the US, the Oppenheimer family was in firm control of South African business, finance and the media. What they did not have was POLITICAL CONTROL. These dialogues with the ANC were meant to make sure that Anglo would come out on top in the new political equation being formed.

Even as Nelson Mandela remained imprisoned, Nicholas Oppenheimer was busy reading through the lines trying to ready the next generation blueprint by setting the cats among the pigeons in the rank and file of the otherwise largely honest African National Congress. The strategic goal of the Oppenheimer was “to throw a bone” at the middle class ethnic blacks and lure them into the opportunism of the free market economic philosophy. The strategic intent was to ensure status quo for Anglo even in the post-apartheid era and guarantee for the legacy of the international finance  to be inherited by the next generation of the ‘Rainbow Nation” white beneficiaries.  Oppenheimer’s rider was to ensure that the whites had the flesh while the vast majority of the innocent ethnic blacks had to stay content with the bones. Share ownership was to be ceded to select ethnic black influential leaders without ceding any management control. It meant that the ethnic blacks could have their cake but not eat it. It was a strategic alliance between Anglo and the select corrupt black beneficiaries but one in which the blacks were still the subordinate allies.

Once these points were agreed upon, Nelson Mandela was released from jail, and within a short time, became the first black president of South Africa, following a ground-breaking national elections in April 1994. Mandela was not too happy with the way Anglo was dictating terms and conditions to the ANC, but, he was threatened – along with the other black politician, Buthelezi, that if they did not go along with the plan of Anglo – then South Africa “would be turned upside down”.

The British Empire fought a war with the Afrikaners in 1902, and defeated them. The reason was over the recently discovered gold and diamonds, located in two provinces controlled by the Afrikaners. Since 1902, South Africa became a colony of Britain. In 1949, the Afrikaners won elections and took control of politics. Until 1994, when the ANC took power.

The British Empire was doing the bidding of the wealthiest family in the world-the Rothschild family, whose base in London was the heart of this family. Shortly after taking control of South Africa, the Rothschild agent in South Africa passed away, and was replaced by Ernest Oppenheimer, whose family has since represented the Rothschilds in South Africa. In short, the Anglo/De Beers Empire belongs to the Rothschilds, with the Oppenheimer family acting as its main agent in southern Africa.

Beginning in mid-1994, the Anglo empire moved its jurisdiction off-shore, along with other key Rothschild companies. Where did they re-locate to?  London!  The Rothschilds were not willing for their crown jewels to be under black control.

The State was captured by Anglo and London back in 1994. This was done so successfully, that the Rothschilds gave Mandela a Nobel Peace Prize, and knighted him as well. Let me explain a bit here: Whenever the Rothschilds are happy with any of their servants, who are NOT British citizens, they award them a Noble Prize (the Nobel brothers of Sweden have a close business link with the Rothschilds, dating back to 1910. In addition, Sweden itself is a Rothschild province, with the Wallenberg family playing the same role in Sweden as the Oppenheimer family does for London in South Africa).  As for citizens of the British Commonwealth, they get knighted, such as happened with Mandela.

Sad to say, the Anglo-controlled media eulogized Mandela greatly, but he had sold out South Africa to the Rothschild Empire. That is the harsh reality of power politics. Mandela realized that London was prepared to turn South Africa upside down, and to preserve this country, to some extent, from the predatory grasp of this family, he gave in. With a broken heart, he carried on until his death. Those that followed him, such as Thabo Mbeki and Cyril Ramaphosa, were more firmly controlled by London. Only Zuma was not. And, therein lies the root of the problem that engulfed South Africa in recent days.

Tribal Divisions

Nelson Mandela and the next President Thabo Mbeki were from the Xhosa tribe. Jacob Zuma is from the Zulu tribe. During the reign of apartheid, we find that the security agencies used the Zulus against the Xhosa tribe- as the ANC was mainly made up of Xhosas. This led the head of the Zulu political party- Inkhata- to be more pro-government (during apartheid), and was thus expecting a pay-off, by being offered key posts in the new black government.

Without the support of Chief Buthelezi, the leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party, Nelson Mandela would not have been released from jail. Gavin Relly, the former chairman of Anglo American, has said the Zulu leader was “the anvil on which apartheid was broken”.

But because he refused to join the ANC, due its Marxist underpinnings and his strong belief in “education before liberation”, Buthelezi and his supporters paid a heavy price, and he was frozen out of the highest echelons of power in post-apartheid South Africa. This left a bitter taste within the Zulu nation and its leaders. They felt betrayed. But, when Jacob Zuma became the 3rd President, they now felt at ease. Problems immediately began for Zuma, both out of his own lack of financial support, and the hatred of both Anglo and senior ANC leaders beholden to Anglo. The reason was that Zuma was a staunch nationalist – and was in direct opposition to the policies of Anglo, London, and international finance. A beautiful strong and prosperous South Africa was being destroyed through the bleeding of its capital, and the enactment of many economic policies-which were of no benefit to South Africa, or its people.

Nelson Mandela   – Xhosa   – very reluctantly gave in to London’s demands, and compromised his principles, which broke his heart. While President, he remained a figure head, while his deputy- also a Xhosa- ran the country, working in close with Anglo and its networks of allies in South Africa and abroad – a very willing servant of the Oppenheimer and Rothschild family.

Jacob Zuma is a Zulu and a staunch nationalist. With no financial support from London, Anglo or the US, this forced him to turn to a “carpet-bagging” family from India – the Gupta brothers. Not very wealthy, but very greedy, Zuma allowed them to infest the government, and through corruption, made millions. Zuma dumped them when New York and the Rockefeller family backed him in December 2016, for his re-election campaign. Zuma lost.

The Link between Cyril Ramaphosa (CR) and London

When the gold price shot up to $800 an ounce in 1980, the Anglo empire made a fortune, through its gold mining companies. By 1985, Anglo became the single largest foreign investor in the US! The black mine workers demanded higher wages, and went on a strike. The NUMSA union was headed by one Cyril Ramaphosa.  A bond developed during negotiations and meetings between Ramaphosa and Harry Oppenheimer. Harry said to himself – – – “this guy looks like someone we can control. So, let us take him under our wings, and build him up in business – and through him, build up an alliance of blacks in both politics and business”. And, so a deal was done. Ramaphosa became Oppenheimers “man within black business and within ANC politics”.

The photo was taken during the negotiations between NUMSA head Cyril Ramaphosa and the head of Anglo Harry Oppenheimer, back in the early 1980s.

Political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki (brother of the former President, Thabo Mbeki) recently summarized the ANC problems very succinctly and well. He said, “Corruption started at the CODESSA negotiations – before the 1994 elections, when Anglo and London bribed CR, Tokyo Sexwale, Saci Macazoma and a few others, without Mandela knowing. The bribery was organized by Cyril, because he started working for the Oppenheimers since the early 1980s. Chris Hani, scheduled to Mandela’s No 2, because of this agenda, and was silenced “. Mbeki says the master of corruption is Cyril, not Zuma, who is a small fry! In addition, Anglo built up a network of blacks to go into business, and the Anglo media dubbed “black diamonds”.

Outside of Cyril, the leader of the pack is Patrick Motsepe. Two of his sisters are married to Cyril and to Jeff Radebe, a very powerful politician who keeps out of the limelight, and the one tagged to spear-head the privatisation of State-owned assets (SOEs). This has created a political and economic dynasty, at the service of Anglo and London. Anglo built them up to act as their South African compradors. Patrick Motsepe is South Africa’s richest black man, worth way more than Cyril.

Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe (born 28 January 1962) is a South African mining billionaire businessman of Tswana descent. Since 12 March 2021, he has been serving as the President of the Confederation of African Football.  He is the founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, which has interests in gold, ferrous metals, base metals, and platinum. He sits on several company boards, including being the non-executive chairman of Harmony Gold, the world’s 12th largest gold mining company, and the deputy chairman of Sanlam. In 2012, Motsepe was named South Africa’s richest man, topping the Sunday Times’ annual Rich List with an estimated fortune of R20.07 billion ($1 billion).

In 1994, he became the first black partner in the law firm Bowman Gilfillan—the same year that Nelson Mandela was elected as the country’s first black president. While the new government began promoting black empowerment and entrepreneurship; Motsepe founded Future Mining, which provided contract mining services that included the cleaning of gold dust from inside mine shafts for the Vaal Reefs Gold mine, and implemented a system of worker remuneration that combined a low base salary with a profit-sharing bonus.

In 1997, with gold prices at a low, he purchased marginal gold mines from AngloGold under favourable finance terms. AngloGold sold Motsepe six gold mine shafts for $7,7million allowing him to repay the debt out of the future earnings of the company now known as African Rainbow Minerals.

This was repeated in a string of deals and Motsepe set up a firm to begin buying the operating mines that would become the source of his wealth. In 1999 he teamed up with two of his associates to form Greene and Partners Investments.

The Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws introduced after the 1994 elections have been instrumental in cementing Motsepe’s position in the mining industry in South Africa. A business must have a minimum of 26% black ownership to be considered for a mining license.

Since 2004, he has been a non-executive director of Absa Group and Sanlam.

In 2002 when it was listed on the JSE Security Exchange, African Rainbow Minerals joined with Harmony Gold Mining Ltd. and the company’s name changed to ARMgold. Motsepe is also the founder of African Rainbow Minerals Platinum (Proprietary) Limited and ARM Consortium Limited, which later equally split ownership with Anglo American Platinum Corp Ltd. From 2005, Motsepe was Chairman of Teal Exploration and Mining Incorporated. Motsepe is also chairman of Ubuntu-Botho Investments, Non-Executive chairman of Harmony Gold Mining Co Ltd. and deputy Chairman of Sanlam Ltd. Motsepe has been president of South Africa’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In 2003, Motsepe created Ubuntu-Botho Investments (UBI) (and in 2019 he owned 55% of it). In 2004 UBI entered into a BEE deal with insurance and financial services company Sanlam. That deal ended in 2014 when the debt had been paid and UBI acquired 13.5% of Sanlam but UBI has a 18.1% voting stake in Sanlam as its BEE partner. UBI then started African Rainbow Capital (ARC), a wholly owned subsidiary of UBI. ARC’s joint chief executive is Johan van Zyl, former executive of Sanlam. ARC has holdings in more than 40 companies, including TymeBank, industrial group Afrimat, agricultural company BKB, telecommunications company Rain, luxury property estate Val de Vie, and a minority stake in Alexander Forbes, the pension fund administrator.

Jeffrey Thamsanqa “Jeff” Radebe (born 6 August 1953) is a South African politician who was last appointed as Minister of Energy by Cyril Ramaphosa on 26 February 2018. He served in the government of South Africa as Minister in the Presidency from 2014 to 2018. Previously he was Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development from 2009 to 2014. Radebe was South Africa’s longest continuously serving cabinet member, having been part of every national administration from 1994 until the 2019 election. He is married to Bridgette Radebe, South Africa’s first black female mining entrepreneur and sister of the billionaire mining magnate, Patrice Motsepe. After the 1994 democratic elections, Radebe served as Minister of Public Works under Nelson Mandela. Under the leadership of Thabo Mbeki, Radebe served as Minister of Public Enterprises (1999–2004) and Minister of Transport and Minister of Constitutional and Justice Development from 2009 – 2014 under President Jacob Zuma He later served as Minister in the Presidency under Jacob Zuma from 2014 – 2018 and Minister of Energy from 2018 – 2019 under Cyril Ramaphosa.

On 26 February 2007, Radebe was appointed acting Minister of Health due to the ongoing ill health of Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. He also served as Acting President of South Africa when both the President and Deputy President were away on official state visits. Radebe joined the African National Congress (ANC) in 1976 while he was a student.

The last man in the above photos is Saki Macazoma. He is not beholden to London, but rather to the Rockefeller family, from the onset. He headed, for a while, the Rockefeller-controlled Standard Bank/Liberty Life financial giant.

 To ensure smooth lines of control from the top ANC leaders in politics and finance, Anton Rupert was the designated “chief handler”. From Rupert, the chain-of-command goes to a Lord Renwick in London, and from Renwick to the Rothschild family in London (to Evelyn Rothschild, and later to his cousin Jacob Rothschild). Harry, and his son Nicky Oppenheimer, quietly withdrew to the background – leaving their non-Jewish servants (Rupert, Renwick, etc.) to be the “face of control” in South Africa. This is par for the family. Since Jews have been targeted throughout history for their unfair dealings, which resulted in hatred and suspicion, the family has preferred to operate through many non-Jewish fronts. This is global, and in South Africa, it is no different. In addition, we also have the white business leaders , all of whom are London’s proxies, such as Anton Rupert.

As someone reminded me some time back, of the speech by former South African President, P.W. Botha who said in 1988, “ Give them (blacks) guns, they would kill themselves. Give them power, they will steal all the Government money. Give them independence and democracy, they will use it to promote tribalism, ethnicity, bigotry, hatred, killings and wars”. And, someone cheekily commented some 30 years later: “We have failed to prove him wrong!!”

The following article is from a news report dated December 2017. The facts speak for themselves.

How Cyril Ramaphosa Sold His Soul to The Oppenheimers For $900 Million. How Much Will He Sell SA For?

Has South Africa just jumped from the frying pan into the fire by having Cyril Ramaphosa elected as the President of the ANC and next President of SA? Are our memories that short that we forget that Ramaphosa is simply just a better liar than Zuma, and not only in the “African Way” is he the next to feast at the table, but he has the backing of the globalist “Liberal World Order” which includes George Soros?

Cyril Ramaphosa, the corrupt politician today is one of the richest men in South Africa. In a nation like South Africa where vast majority of ethnic blacks continue to be oppressed at the hands of the  White Monopoly Captal (WMC), Cyril Ramaphosa represents (to quote V.I.Lenin) the “fifth column” in the ranks of the African National Congress. Cyril is “a black traitor who struck a compromising deal with Nicholas Oppenheimer in order to script the most scandalous rags to riches story by exploiting weak links in the BBEE (black-based economic empowerment)”. We bring you the uncut story of the deal between Cyril Ramaphosa and Nicholas Oppenheimer that forever compromised the hopes of millions of native blacks while placing Cyril Ramaphosa on the bridge that connected white monopoly capital with real state capture.

Tycoon Nicholas Oppenheimer’s Offer over the Bloods of Innocent Natives
  1. Investor Profiles Were Scanned for Blacks with Contacts at the Government Level

Cyril Ramaphosa having earned a law graduate degree on an Urban Foundation scholarship, sidelined leaders like Thabo Mbeki to head the National Empowerment Consortium. The Oppenheimer led Urban Foundation had sown the seeds of aspirations for a lucrative business career and lust for power. In Cyril Ramaphosa, the WMC found a chink in the armor of ANC; a man with weak moral character and scant regard for ideology, that the WMC could use to cut through the tight defenses of the ANC. Ramaphosa’s personal aspirations were dearer to him than the goals of the ANC in order to establish a classless society for the blacks. He was best suited for the position of a black middle class sell-out that the WMC were looking for. The meeting between Cyril Ramaphosa and Nicholas Oppenheimer was the point where greed met opportunism.

  • Objectives Of Co-opting Black Middle Class For State Capture

Having found a black sell-out in Cyril Ramaphosa, the WMC set its target on state capture through a systematic process of electoral factionalism and political vote bank purchase. The WMC’s plan was to purchase the black middle class votes by selling to them false dreams of progress and economic growth as rewards for joining hands with them. A division in the ANC’s vote bank could then enable the WMC to manipulate policy discourse in order to prevent any anti-business legislation and stop nationalization attempts by the government. It would have also allowed the WMC to run price fixing cartels and maintain secret corporate ownership of companies lawfully. All this could be done by throwing the blacks a ‘bone’.

  • Undervalued Stake Sale of Johnnic to Cyril Ramaphosa Led NEC Exploiting Weak Links in BEE

Once the WMC led by Anglo American Corporation boss Nicholas Oppenheimer were sure that they had Cyril Ramaphosa with them, they came up with strategic alternative processes for stake sale in Johnnic Holdings Limited to NEC to exploit the BBEE weak links. The stake sale offer to Cyril Ramaphosa had the following highlights:

  • Johnnic Holdings Limited, an Anglo American Corporation subsidiary was valued at $ 1.88 billion/8.5 billion Rand.
  • Johnnic had stakes in South African Breweries, Premier Milling, Omni Media and Toyota South Africa.
  • Johnnic sold 48% stake to National Empowerment Consortium led by Cyril Ramaphosa.
  • Johnnic was trading at 56 rands per share on JSE at the time of the deal.
  • NEC was to buy 20% share at 50 rands per share by July 1st, 1996. The deal was undervalued and hence unlawful.
  • 18 months more beyond July 1st was given to NEC to buy 15% more stake at 5 % below the market price. Again there was an illegal under valuation of the deal.
  • Retail investors were allowed to buy at 50 rands per share.
  • Retail investors given credit of up to 90% of the amount required keeping the shares as security.
  • Repayment of the credit was to be done from dividends and capital appreciation.
  • NEC was to appoint half of Johnnic’s board level executives.
  • NEC could effect no fundamental change to the company for three years.
  • NEC could not sell its share for the three years.
  • NEC could not change the management and daily operations of companies Johnnic invested in.

Ramaphosa’s rise to power and wealth hides his fall from grace and the unprecedented high levels of betrayal with his ANC comrades that he stooped to. To this day ethnic black infants in South Africa continue to die in sleep on their mother’s laps out of hunger, disease, malnutrition and poverty just because Cyril Ramaphosa, the WMC sell-out, chose to suck blood out of their innocent bodies.

This was ensured through the following twin strategic plank: The offer from Oppenheimer, the then Chairman of Anglo-American Corporation held importance from the twin perspective of:

  • A $ 900 million deal between Nicholas Oppenheimer and Cyril Ramaphosa
  • Anglo American Corporation accounted for 25% of SA GDP in 1996

The offer from Nicholas Oppenheimer to Cyril Ramaphosa contained riders to safeguard the interests of the Anglo American Corporation and the rest of the WMC lobby.

What is politics? Politics is the practice of power. Geopolitics is the practice of power, based upon the peculiar geography of that region. This includes ports, transportation routes, and its resources. The one that has the most wealth thus has the most power. Everything else is just background noise. Thus, we find that the two wealthiest families on earth, currently, have the most power. And, these are the two families dominating their respective regions.

In the case of the Rothschild family, they captured the British state by 1820, and the French state by 1930. And they have used the captured states under them to increase their wealth and power.  Since 1815, this family has been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions, and the destruction of many countries.

As for the US, the state was captured by the Rockefeller family in January 1933, when they put Franklin Delano Roosevelt into the White House. Since then, this family has joined with the Rothschilds on its destructive journey since.  For more information, read our articles and GET SMART. Both families have made it a priority to take over and control the media, locally and globally. The media narrative can make a hero into a villain, and a buffoon into a genius. With this power, the media has succeeded in convincing the majority of the masses into firmly believing that “SNOW IS BLACK”. It is not. The All mighty God has created the human being and endowed him with intellect- which has been granted to no other creation of God. Why are we not using this great gift?

Zuma is being charged with State Capture (we discussed a bit of it above), and corruption. Now, let’s talk about corruption in the context of South African politics. It is not in the interests of London to see the 3rd World countries develop. The easiest way to derail this was to push the leading elite in government and business to “go corrupt”. Honest people need not apply for a job. And the results are clear for all to see. Corruption has destroyed a prosperous South Africa (like many other countries). A corrupt nation is easy to control. Thus, corruption WAS ENCOURAGED in South African politics- both as a means for control, and to keep such, dependent on the banks and the 2 families. What made it even worse, in the South African context, was that South Africa was financially and economically a strong country in 1994. Now, 27 years later, the only thing that works efficiently, is corruption. When the black politicians came to power, they were dazzled by the wealth of South Africa and its government. Put impoverished kids into a sweet factory, and we know the results. Ditto here in South Africa. The wealth of South Africa was for the taking. So, from 1994 to now, the cult of corruption has become embedded with the politicians of the ANC, and its business allies. And it’s not going to end. Any country that practices and condones corruption is BOUND TO FAIL. An immutable law of the All mighty.

Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics?

  • 29 have been accused of spousal abuse
  • 7 have been arrested for fraud
  • 19 have been accused of writing bad cheques
  • 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
  • 3 have done time for assault
  • 71 cannot get credit due to bad credit ratings
  • 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
  • 8 have been arrested for shoplifting
  • 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits
  • 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year

373 in total, or roughly 70%. Can you guess which organization this is? It is the 535 members of the South African Parliament –the same group of people that crank out 100s of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line!

It is an immutable law of the All mighty God that “where justice leads, then only goodness follows, and where injustice leads, then, no goodness follows. Since 1994, the honest and hardworking people have lived under injustice. So, what followed was only natural.

Before we go on, let us see what are the economic and financial holdings of London/the British Empires Club of Isles/Rothschild in South Africa? The Club of Isles is an informal entity within the British Empire, that co-ordinates the many companies under the directions of the Rothschild family.

  • The Reserve Bank (South Africa’s central bank), Barclays/FNB, Absa, Nedbank, Investec,
  • Sanlam, Santam, Old Mutual, Rand Merchant Bank (RMB).
In Business and Economics
  • Anglo American Corp, De Beers, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Lonmin, Implats, plus any sizeable mining entity;
  • Vodacom, MTN, Naspers, Mercedes Benz, VW, Volvo, Renault, Audi, Fiat;
  • Shell, BP, Total, Lever Bros, Clover, Nestle,  Cadbury, Woolworths, Pick n Pay, ABI,  Bidvest, Shoprite/Checkers, Spar;
  • Sandoz, Aspen, Glaxo.

These are just some, but NOT ALL, the entities under Rothschild control. Now, having some understanding of the Rothschild holdings in South Africa, we can now realize that an independent economic policy that Zuma wanted would be detrimental to London. Thus, AT ANY COST, Zuma had to be neutralized in the South African political scene.

The story continues in — – PART 2 of this articles title.

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  3. Thank you so much for your detailed account of SA POLITICS….and the shenanigans of the people at the helm ….what saddens me though, is that the majority of South Africans wish to live lives of peace, prosperity, success….above all , to live in a society that is built on justice, equity, strong ethics and values, as these will augur well for our forthcoming generations…whom must become beacons of truth, goodness and fairness….in a South Africa free of Corruption, Bribery, Scandals and everything that will cause this beautiful country’s downfall….which may well be the point if no return.

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