Month: March 2020

The BA Cartel Part 2 (of a 3 Part Series)

The Global Food Cartel – Instrument for Starvation The Control Apparatus The control of food for use as a weapon is an ancient practice. The House of Windsor inherited certain routes and infrastructure. One finds the practice in ancient Babylon/Mesopotamia 4,000 years ago. In Greece, the cults of Apollo, Demeter, and Rhea-Cybele often controlled the […]

OPERATION LOCK-STEP – The Sinister Agenda behind Covid-19

The entire world is confused, helpless, and living in fear over the past month, as the hype over the Covid-19 virus mounts. Why is this happening? And, most importantly, WHO BENEFITS? As the author explained in a previous article, this was an engineered virus, used as a bio-weapon, for geopolitical advantage.  Every day the world’s […]

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