Why Did Zuma Fire Pravin Gordan?

With the coming to office of Donald Trump as President of the US, a new global geopolitical plan was initiated. This plan is called “Fortress America”. Its aim is to ensure self-sufficiency in all raw materials and commodities, especially oil and gas. While at the same time, plans were activated to blow up Eurasia.

In that context, New York set its eyes on South Africa as a geopolitical prize, and one in which it had to wrest control of South Africa away from London. Why South Africa? In the event of the closure of the Suez Canal, maritime trade from west to east, and vice versa, would have to pass South Africa. Furthermore, as Eurasia blows up, South Africa will be a favored destination of foreign investor inflows.

New York would have the added advantage of denying the use of South Africa’s ports, and waters to either Asia-bound or Europe-bound maritime trade. The effect would be to strangle the economies of Europe and China, its two chief economic competitors. Remember the Rockefeller family motto:”Competition is a Sin”.

President Zuma was not a controlled asset of London and its local proxies. Rather, the two were deadly enemies. London’s proxy in South Africa is the Oppenheimer family, whose control of the Anglo American/De Beers complex has made them into the number one financial and political power in South Africa. Since London and New York were in a fight for global domination, New York reasoned that they best support Zuma in his fight against London. The policy, “my enemies enemy is my friend”, was activated.

The US intelligence agencies, under a mandate from New York, began to support President Zuma. In early February, the South African government attacked the Absa bank, over an issue of an unpaid loan, dating back to the late 1980s. This was when its central bank, the Reserve Bank, Itself controlled by the Rothschild/Oppenheimer families), lent Absa funds to buy the bankrupt financial institution Bankcorp. This loan was never repaid to the Reserve Bank. The government now asked for it to be repaid, with interest!

London controls three of the four major banks in South Africa. They are Absa, Nedbank and FNB. While New York (the Rockefeller-controlled Chase Manhattan Bought a 54% stake in Standard Bank in 1953), controls Standard Bank, and Liberty Life Insurance Group.

Not long after this attack on Absa, news leaked out that the government was planning on passing new legislation regarding the mining sector, also heavily controlled by London. This law would have increased royalties paid to the government by the mining sectors, as well as increasing the participation of blacks in A GREATER OWNERSHIP STAKE IN THE MINING COMPANIES. This was anathema to the Rothschilds.

Lord Robin Renwick is the Rothschild’s chief controller of South Africa’s politicians, and more. Finance Minister Pravin Gordan was put into office by this same network in December 2015, (see article: “Why did Zuma fire Nene”). Gordan was called to London to meet with Renwick and come up with a plan to sabotage this proposed new mining bill.

An American intelligence agency the NSA (National Security Agency), monitors all forms of communications, globally, on a 24/7 basis. It was tasked to monitor all communications of the key players in South African politics, as well as its British controllers. So, the NSA knew what was going down, and when. It, accordingly, informed Zuma.

On receipt of this news, Zuma despatched a Secret Service team to London to arrest Gordan, and bring him home. Gordan was in a meeting with Lord Renwick, when he received a call informing him that South African Embassy staff had an urgent message for him. When Gordan came out onto the pavement, the South African Secret Service (SASS) team showed him the warrant of arrest, and requested him to come quietly, or be handcuffed. The charge was treason!

Immediately, a group of MI5 officers, which were providing protection to Gordan, stepped in and refused to allow Gordan to leave in the company of the SASS team. Just then, four black SUV’s screeched up, and out stepped 16 US agents, with guns drawn at the MI5 officers.  The British agents were told, in no uncertain terms, to back off. In the vicinity, providing extra backup were Russian intelligence agents, who made sure that the SASS team boarded the flight to South Africa without any further hindrance from the British. Unreal, right?. You just can’t make this stuff up.

One may ask, why the Russians? Back in December 2016, the king of New York, David Rockefeller, sent his minion, Henry Kissinger, to Moscow to have a serious discussion with Putin. The gist of this was as follows. It is better if Russia re-aligns itself with the US, and move away from China and Iran. Kissinger gave Europe and Libya to Russia, plus an increasing influence in the Middle East, especially with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Long story short, the deal was done. As a corollary to this, Chinese intelligence gleaned the new game-plan of New York. The day that Trump took office, the Chinese station multiple DF 21 nuclear-tipped missiles on its borders with Russia!

Now, Zuma has secured the backing of the US, Russia and the Arabs.

Once back in South Africa, Gordan was fired by Zuma. He was lucky that he wasn’t jailed for treason. Every finance minister of South Africa has sold out his country to the British for a few dollars.

Immediately, the Anglo-controlled media went into a frenzy, denouncing Zuma even more, all the while praising Gordan, chief thief for the British. Gordan went from being a highly respected minister to one who no one wants to know.

  A threat was issued to Zuma: re-instate Gordan, or we will crash the currency, drive up food prices, and cause labor turmoil, through the unions. Zuma called their bluff

That Sunday night, midnight South African time is equal to 9am Tokyo time; London shorted the Rand, in the hopes of crashing the currency from R12.45 to about R20 to the dollar. New York knew about this. Barely one minute after London concluded this short transaction, New York swung into action. It purchased $900m of Rands. The result was that the Rand did not collapse, and London lost nearly $200m on this deal.

Many people in South Africa were truly puzzled by the fact that the Rand did not collapse, but, unlike you, they did not have access to the news behind-the-news!

Then came the even harder path. How does one counter the Anglo money pipeline of the Oppenheimer/Rupert families in buying up the politicians? Many politicians have as their patron Nicky Oppenheimer and Rupert. Names such as Tokyo Sexwale, Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrick Motsepe, Zweli Mkhize, Matthew Phosa. Included is the EFF party run by Julius Malema. And one should not forget the Oppenheimers house party, the DA.

To solve this problem, Trump persuaded Saudi Arabia to help Zuma neutralize the Anglo money pipeline. Starting that week, Saudi money began to work its magic.  It seems that the South African politicians were cheap to buy. What followed has come straight out of the comic books. Many politicians were beholden to the Anglo-Oppenheimer-Rupert money power. When offered huge sums by the Saudis, they took it, and began softening their anti-Zuma rhetoric! And when Anglo pressed them, they became more anti-Zuma.

It turned out to be a political comedy of tragic proportions. Zuma was smiling all the way to the bank. He did not need the financial support of the Gupta family, since he had the Arab money backing his political machinations.

British Prime Minister Theresa May was instructed to race to Saudi Arabia on that Friday evening. It was her first official external visit. Normally, these things are planned well in advance.  So, it caught political pundits by surprise when she raced off to Riyadh, with barely enough time to grab her scarf on the way to the airport!

Her effort to persuade Saudi King Salman proved to be a failure. As a result of this, the London-controlled ratings agency, Fitch, downgraded South Africa’s credit rating on that Monday. But this move actually hurt their interests in South Africa, more than it did New York’s interests. This is a part of the Jewish mentality, where in a fit of anger, they will cut off their nose to spite their face.

When S & P, the New York controlled ratings agency downgraded South Africa that really hurt London financially. As a warning to London to stop interfering in the New York-Saudi-Zuma alliance, US intelligence did a hit job in the UK. This was the reason for the Manchester terror attack.

That Wednesday, the Emir of Qatar flew in to South Africa and met with Zuma, to reassure him of the Arab support.

The new finance minister was appointed by Zuma. His name is Gigaba. One point to note is that not long after he was appointed, Gigaba flew to New York, via London. No deal was made in London; it was just a courtesy call. In New York, there was a general media blackout on Gigaba’s visits and appointments. Bottom line; he was meeting with financial warfare specialists in the US Treasury and the CIA, plotting how to move in the immediate future, to neutralize London’s influence in South Africa, and to make sure that Zuma’s nominee succeeds as the next head of state of South Africa He had spent a very long time for a short visit to the US. On his return to South Africa, and in addressing Parliament, Gigaba was mercilessly grilled by the DA, as to who he had met, and why. Naturally, Gigaba’s answers were evasive, obviously,

The battle for control over South Africa is far from over. Do note that there are two global wars going on currently. The first is a battle between the US and its allies for control over Eurasia and the oil fields of the Middle East. The second is a war between the two families seeking victory in the battle for global domination. Both of these battles are global and inter lap at many battles. South Africa is, once again, caught up in this battle.

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    1. Do not be fooled by New York & London, they are blood brother and sister, they may squabble here and there, but I guarantee you, their interests are aligned.

  1. But Pravin Gordan seemed to have arrogant towards African people Blacks in particular, I do not think even this Country people needs people like him, who seemed to be having the element of undermining other people, I do not like his Attitude… Indians have that Tendancy of wanting to look Black people as useless people I only hate them just for that… Otherwise I do not have anything against them other than their Attitudes and their Arrogances.

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