Month: June 2017

Weaponising Islam – “The American & Saudis Takeover” Part 4 (of a 6 part series)

Initially, Saudi Arabia supplied the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) with money only. After 1954, when Nasser cracked down on the MB, Saudi Arabia provided an important refuge for the MB, and many of its members flocked to the kingdom. This migration occurred just as the US was giving up on Nasser and turning to Saudi Arabia. The […]

Weaponising Islam – “The Muslim Brotherhood” Part 3 (of a 6 part series)

The Beginning: How Britain begat the Brotherhood Jamal Eddine al-Afghani In 1885, an Iranian proposed the idea of a British-led pan-Islamic alliance among Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan against czarist Russia. It was the era of the Great Game, the long-running geopolitical struggle between Britain and Russia for control of Central Asia. The biggest land grab […]

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