Month: August 2015

The Rockefeller Empire Part 3 (of a 6 Part Series)

The Years (1945-2020) Gold Crisis and Dollar Debasement  Two days after his inauguration as President on March 6, 1933, Roosevelt decreed a four-day national banking holiday. The main aim was to prevent anyone from hoarding or exporting gold or silver.  Every bank in the United States was shut down. Neither deposits nor withdrawals were possible, as […]

The Rockefeller Empire Part 2 (of a 6 Part Series)

The Years 1914 – 1975 World War 1 Philanthropy John D Rockefeller was a Baptist. The only recreation he had outside of business was the church. His contributions from an early life were given to the church. As his income grew, so did his charity. By 1882, he was giving away some $65,000 a year. A […]

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