This is a newsletter devoted to clarify current events globally. It will be done in a manner that will remove doubt, simplify events, and the issues of importance to be our well-being.

There are several factors involved in the struggle for world power. Most of us have had the experience of trying to discover the “hidden picture” within another picture, in a children’s magazine. Usually, one is shown a landscape. The caption reads something like this: “Concealed somewhere in this picture is a donkey pulling a cart with a boy in it. Can you find them?” Try as you might, usually, you were not able to find the hidden picture until you turned to the last page in the magazine which would reveal how cleverly the artist had hidden it from us.

If we study the landscape, we realize that the whole picture was painted in a way to conceal the real picture within, and once we see the “real picture”, it stands out like a vulture among the sparrows.

This is how the painters of the mainstream media (msm) are artfully creating landscapes for us which deliberately hide the real picture. We will show you how to discover the “hidden picture” in the landscapes presented to us daily through all the msm formats. In this way, you will be able to see through the camouflage – the donkey, the cart, and the boy who have been there all along.

Out of Place

Billions of people are frustrated and concerned over the upheaval in society. They feel that something is wrong, but because of the picture painters, they can’t quite put their fingers on it.

Maybe you are one of those persons. Something is out of place, but you are not sure what. We keep electing new leaders who promise faithfully to halt all the ills of society. Yet, despite high hopes and glittering campaign promises, these problems worsen no matter who is in office. Is there a plausible reason to explain why this happens? We are not supposed to think so. We are supposed to think it is all accidental and coincidental, and, that therefore, there is nothing we can do about it.

Nothing Happens by Accident

American President Roosevelt (1933-1945) once said: “In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way”. He was in a good position to know, being the US President for 12 years.

This newsletter deals with the planning and diabolical brilliance of two power centers in the world, and how they have plotted to enslave mankind. We hope it will explain matters, which until now have seemed inexplicable; that it will bring into sharp focus images which have been obscured by the landscape painters of the mass media.

Politicians and intellectuals are attracted to the idea that events are propelled by some mysterious tide of history, or happens by accident. By this reasoning they hope to escape the blame when things go wrong. However, the most effective weapon used against the true theory of history are ridicule and satire. After all, nobody likes to be made fun of. Rather than be ridiculed most people will keep quite.

Smug Superiority

With the leaders of the academic and media world assuming this sneering attitude towards the true historical and current events, it is not surprising that billions of people, in a natural desire not to appear naïve, assume the attitude and repeat the clichés of the opinion makers. These persons, in their attempt to appear sophisticated, assume their mentor’s air of smug superiority, even though they themselves have not spent 5 minutes in studying the subject of power politics.

Those who believe that major world events result from advanced planning are laughed at – but events that are shaping our destinies occur because someone has planned them that way. Primarily, most people follow their peers just as most women follow that fashion trends. To buck the tide means becoming a social outcast. Secondly, these people have over the years acquired a strong vested emotional interest in their own errors. Their egos are totally committed to the accidental theory of history.

Most people are highly reluctant to admit that they have been conned, misled, or have shown poor judgement. To inspect the evidence of a conspiracy that is guiding our political, social, economic, and religious destiny from behind the scenes would force many people to repudiate a lifetime of accumulated opinions. It takes a person of strong character indeed to face the facts and admit he has been wrong, even though he was so “well-informed” with the manipulated news. Many people (in high positions in government, business and finance), as I can personally attest, shake their heads and murmur:-“I thought that I knew everything in the world”. Remember, that “snow is not black”, and the media has convinced many that it is so.

Lust for Power

Everyone knows that tyrants and dictators – such as Adolf Hitler and Stalin, and others – existed. No one disputes that. The terror and destruction that these madmen inflicted upon the world are universally recognized. All of these tyrants wanted to conquer the world. We know that.

Is it not theoretically possible then, that a billionaire could be sitting in a penthouse In Manhattan, London, or Paris, and dream the same dream as Hitler or Lenin. You will have to admit it is theoretically possible. Julius Caesar, a wealthy aristocrat did. And such a man might form an alliance with other like-minded men, might he not? Caesar did. These men would be superbly educated, command immense social prestige, and be able to pool astonishingly large amounts of money to carry out their plans. These are advantages that Stalin, Lenin and Hitler did not have.

It is difficult for the average individual to fathom such perverted lust for power. The typical person wants only to enjoy success in his job, to be able to afford a reasonably high standard of living. He wants to provide for his family in sickness and in health, and to give his children a sound education. His ambition stops there. He has no desire to exercise power over others, to conquer other lands or peoples, or to be a king or ruler. He wants to mind his own business and enjoy life. Since he has no lust for power, it is difficult for him to imagine that there are others who march to a different drum.

But we must realize that there have been Hitlers and Lenins and Caesars throughout history. Why should we assume that there are no such men today with perverted lusts for power? And if these men happen to be billionaires, is it not possible that they should use men like Hitler and Lenin as pawns to seize power for themselves. Indeed, difficult as this is to believe, such is the case today.

What is Politics?

Politics is the practice of power. And this power is based on wealth. In politics, money is the motivation and the aim is power. A politician – no matter how high in rank – is a servant of that power. To simplify this, let’s take an example. The richest man in town is the one who the mayor and police chief are very deferential to. What the rich man says, is normally what happens. And this example can be “cut-and-pasted” from a town to a city, to a nation and a region, then to the world.

What is Geopolitics?

Geopolitics stands for geographical. It is the practice of power based on the geography of a region. What values does that particular region hold? It could be a port, a transportation corridor, or natural resources.

Then, a further understanding is required on the subject of money and international finance. How did humanity come to this current situation, of an unbalanced global financial system?

Private ownership has been around since the dawn of time. The present day system is bases largely on usury – the lending of money on interest – which all the great religions have forbidden. The bankers are able to create money or credit, out of nothing. Thus, those who can control the creation of money in the land can easily own and control most aspects of life in that land- from the social to the economic, political and even religious aspects.

In this connection, it may be well to observe that money is a most fundamental tester of human character. Money will expose most men very deeply, in every aspect of life. Even apart from the obvious fact that we need money in our daily lives, it must be admitted that it is a very considerable force.

All this is well known, but less well known is the process by which this power of money has been brought under the control of a small group of people. As an integral part of that seizure of power, there has also developed the process of obtaining complete political control of the world, both working in tandem.

Now, this newsletter is to inform you as to how this is done. More importantly, all current events in the world will be better understood, with this as a backdrop. And, one will see how inexplicable issues and events are clarified and understood, and the real power holders and brokers are revealed. From such events as the various wars, financial crisis, and other everyday events, will one be in a position to understand the truth. Events over the past 2 decades will be explained. Such as 9/11, the Middle East, the financial collapse of 2008, and the impending war between East and West, and much more.

The power brokers have convinced us that “snow is black”. This is the perception out there. We will take you “behind-the-news”, and explain the true reason for that particular event. We will show you that “snow is white”.


In order to evaluate the present, it is important to assess the past. What happens today has been shaped by the past. What occurs today will, in turn, shape the future.

Our newsletter will have 2 issues a month, starting from January 2016. Topics to be covered range from finance, economics, geopolitics, education, the global narcotics trade, and a subject called “empires of the mind”. In addition, we will write about the origins of modern finance, and the true geopolitical history of various countries, such as the USA, Russia, China, Britain, Africa, and other issues pertaining to the rise of the financial power overlords.

I hope that this newsletter will be helpful to you, in understanding the world we live in.

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