Month: January 2024

GAZA WAR Isolates & Humiliates Israel & the US

A few days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a boastful speech at the United Nations, (September 2023) announcing the establishment of a new Middle East centered around Israel and its new Arab partners, the Palestinians, whom he totally omitted from his fantasy regional map, dealt him and Israel a fatal blow, politically and […]

GAZA – US & Israel Defeated: What Next?

The Gaza conflict has dealt a massive defeat for Israel and the US. What was thought to be simply a walk in the park has turned out to be a nightmare for these two “rogue states”. They have repeatedly suffered multiple blowbacks on the implementation of their genocidal aims and policies. For every move they […]

GAZA – Hamas Defeats Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series)

If you recall, this war on Gaza caught both Israel and the US by surprise. But, they quickly jumped on this attack by Hamas to initiate their sick plan to do a “gas heist and consolidation “deal for the gas-fields off-shore Gaza. The timeline to complete this job by Israel, with full 100% US support, […]

GAZA – Hamas Defeats Israel Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series)

On the Ground Roughly half of Gaza’s buildings have likely been damaged or destroyed, based on satellite analysis. To add insult to injury, Israel is holding back millions of dollars due to the PA and the Palestinians. This happens regularly. The withholding of these funds adds to the misery of the Palestinians.  Prime Minister Benjamin […]

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