America’s Declining Global Power

The driving force that is impelling the world towards global war, and possibly nuclear war is the breakdown crisis of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system. For their system to survive, the two families on Wall Street and the City of London must impose even greater levels of economic looting, and bring Russia and China to heel, to ensure that there is no real opposition to that policy.

We are now on the verge of what must be called World War 3; this will not be a nuclear war, but a thermonuclear war. The main targets are Russia and China. The present world financial and economic system is in the process of disintegration. Exactly how this will occur is uncertain, but it is happening.

Washington’s misguided policy of aggression to maintain a unipolar world order worked in the favor of China and Russia, especially in accelerating their cooperation. The West can no longer suppress China’s economic power or Russia’s military power. Military strategists in the West are aware that the Russo-Sino cooperation cannot be compensated by anything. 

 100 years ago, the British Empire was trying to maintain its hegemony in the world. When it was already losing economically to the combined resources of the Russian Empire and Germany, the First World War, provoked by British intelligence, was unleashed, during which all four  European empires self-liquidated – tsarist Russia, the German and Austro-Hungarian empires and the Ottoman Empire.  As for Britain, for some time it retained global dominance and even became the largest empire on the planet. But due to the inexorable laws of socio-economic development, the colonial world economic structure, based in fact on slave labor, could no longer ensure economic growth. Although Britain formally won World War II, they lost politically and economically. The British lost their entire empire, losing more than 90 percent of the territory and 95 percent of the population. Two years after World War II, where they were the winners, their empire collapsed like a house of cards. 

The American Empire, like the British Empire once, seek to maintain their hegemony in the world. The events taking place today are a manifestation of how the US financial and powerful oligarchic elite are trying to maintain world domination. It can be said that for the past 15 years it has been waging a world hybrid war, seeking to chaoticize countries beyond its control and restrain the development of the People’s Republic of China. But due to the already dysfunctional system of governance, they cannot do this. The financial crisis of 2008 was such a transitional moment when the life cycle of the outgoing technological order actually ended and the process of massive redistribution of capital into a new technological order began, the core of which is a complex of nano-bioengineering and information communication technologies.

China has a more efficient management system that allows you to concentrate the available production resources to the fullest. At the same time, effective money management keeps money emission in the contour of expanded reproduction of the real sector of the economy, focusing on financing investments in development. China has the highest savings rate of any country, with about 45 percent of GDP invested, compared with 20 percent in the United States or Russia. This, in fact, ensures the ultra-high growth rates of the Chinese economy.

In short, the US was doomed to lose this trade war because China could produce more efficiently and finance development cheaper. The entire banking system in China is state-owned, it works as a single development institution, directing cash flows to expand production and master new technologies. In the United States, the emission of money goes to finance the budget deficit and is redistributed into financial bubbles. As a result, the efficiency of the US financial and economic system is 20 percent – there only every fifth dollar reaches the real sector, and in China almost 90 percent (that is, almost all the yuan that is created by the Central Bank of the PRC) feeds the contours of the expansion of production and ensures ultra-high economic growth.

Trump’s attempts to limit China’s development through trade war methods have failed. At the same time, they boomeranged at the United States itself. Then the Americans opened a biological war front by launching the coronavirus in China, hoping that the Chinese leadership would not cope with this epidemic and chaos would arise in China. However, the epidemic has demonstrated the low efficiency of healthcare and has created chaos in the United States itself. The Chinese system of government has shown much greater efficiency as well. In the Celestial Empire, the mortality rate is significantly lower, and the pandemic was dealt with much faster there. Already in 2020, they even reached economic growth of 2 percent; while in the United States there was a decline of 10 percent of GDP (analysts noted the largest drop since the Second World War).  Now the Chinese have restored the growth rate of about 7 percent per year, and there is no doubt that the PRC will continue to develop confidently, expanding the production of a new technological order.

In parallel with the trade war against China, the CIA and the Pentagon were preparing a war against Russia, since the two families  consider Russia  the main obstacle to establishing world domination of the US and British power and financial elite. It must be said that the war against the Russian Federation unfolded immediately after the annexation of Crimea and the coup d’état in Ukraine. And for 8 years they have been preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the fight against the only enemy – Russia – all the while the mass media, which in Ukraine are also completely controlled by the Americans, formed the image of the enemy in the public mind.

In addition, the United States used the monetary and financial front of the hybrid war against the Russian Federation. Already in 2014, they introduced the first financial sanctions and knocked out a significant part of Western loans from the Russian economy. Now we are witnessing the next phase, when they have actually disconnected Russia from the world monetary and financial system, which they dominate. Anglo-Saxon geopolitics is traditionally oriented against the Russian Empire and its successors, the USSR and the Russian Federation, because, since the days of the British Empire, Russia has been seen as the main opponent of the Anglo-Saxons. All the so-called geopolitical science that was being written in London came down, in fact, to a set of recommendations on how to destroy Russia.

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s theory is known that in order to defeat Russia as a superpower, Ukraine must be torn off from it. And, considering Russia as the main opponent of their dominance in the world, in accordance with the proposal of Brzezinski, they used Ukraine as an outpost, more precisely, as a tool to undermine Russia, weaken it and, in the long run, destroy it as a sovereign state.

After the weakening of the PRC did not work out through a trade war, the Americans transferred the main blow of their military and political power to Russia, which they consider to be a weak link in world geopolitics and economics. In addition,  because the strategic alliance of the Russian Federation and China is too tough for the United States. They have neither the economic nor the military power to destroy them together, or separately.   Today they are using Ukraine  as a weapon of war to destroy Russia, and then to seize control of its  resources in order,  to strengthen their position and weaken China’s position. In general, this is all obvious, like two plus two equals four.

The Americans will not be able to win, just as the British did not succeed in their time”

The United States embarked on a worldwide hybrid war – started with the Orange Revolutions to disrupt regions of the world it did not control – in order to strengthen its position and weaken the position of geopolitical rivals. After the famous Munich speech of President Putin (February 2007), they realized that they had lost control over Russia, and this seriously worried them. In 2008, the financial crisis broke out and it became clear that the transition to a new technological order was beginning, and the old world economic order and the previous management system no longer ensured sustainable economic development. China was now leading the way.

Well, then afterwards the logic of deploying of a world war happens, but on three conditional fronts – monetary-financial (where the United States still dominates the world), trade-economic (where they have already lost superiority to China) and information-cognitive (where the Americans also have technologies that are superior). They use all three of these fronts in an attempt to keep the initiative and maintain the hegemony of their corporations.

The fourth front is the biological one, which opened with the advent of the coronavirus from the US into China.  So the United States has long been preparing to open the biological front of the world war.

The fifth, and most obvious, front is, in fact, the front of combat fighting – as the last tool for forcing the states that they control into unquestioning obedience. Today, the situation on this front is also escalating. That is, active operations are underway on all five fronts of the world hybrid war, and the result can be predicted. The Americans will not be able to win, just as the British did not succeed in their time. Also, the world will not need American corporations, the American dollar, American monetary and financial technologies and financial pyramids. All this will be a thing of the past in the near future. Southeast Asia will become the obvious leader in world economic development, and a new world economic order will be formed before our very eyes.

After the Americans seized first the Venezuelan foreign exchange reserves and handed them over to the opposition, then the Afghan foreign exchange reserves, before that the Iranian ones,  it became completely clear that the dollar ceased to be the world currency. Following the Americans, the Europeans also committed this stupidity – the euro and the pound ceased to be world currencies. Therefore, the old monetary and financial system is living its last days. After American dollars that no one needs are sent back to America from Asian countries, the collapse of the world monetary and financial system based on dollars and euros is inevitable. Leading countries are switching to national currencies, and the euro and the dollar are ceasing to be foreign exchange reserves.

That is, the era of globalization is over. Before our eyes, a new world economic structure is being formed – an integral one, in which some states and private banks lose their private monopoly on the issue of money, on the use of military force, and so on. The best indicator of this madness is reflected in the Empire trying to impose the fraudulent Green Agenda on the world, in order to “control rival economies”, and to save their own empire from collapsing. The Green Agenda means using less oil, gas and coal. Every modern economy runs on these three fuels. Less of this means an economic slowdown. The higher the cost of this means bankruptcy and social chaos. Remember, the Rockefeller family started in the oil business. Using profits from oil, they captured finance and Wall Street. From Wall Street, the family dominated business and government. The world’s most strategic commodity is now weaponised in order to save their Empire.  We don’t have to go far to look at this madness descending on the planet.

Why Does the EU Commit Energy Suicide?

There is a great paradox in the increasingly aggressive US and NATO military stance towards Russia, and China, when measured against the clearly suicidal national Green Agenda economic policies of the USA as well as the EU NATO states. An astonishing transformation of the economies of the world’s most advanced industrial economies is underway and gaining momentum. The heart of the transformation is energy and the absurd demand for “zero carbon” energy by 2050 or before. To eliminate carbon from the energy industry is not at this time, or ever, possible. But the push for it will mean tearing apart the world’s most productive economies. Without a viable industrial energy base, NATO countries become a military joke. We cannot speak of “renewable” energy for solar, wind and battery storage. We must speak of Unreliable Energy. It is one of the most colossal scientific delusions in history.

In December the new German coalition government will shut down three of the remaining six nuclear power plants permanently. They did so at a point where natural gas in reserves were extremely low entering hard winter, and when any severe cold front could lead to power blackouts. Because of the German refusal to allow import of a second Russian gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2, Germany is facing a 500% increase in the spot price of electricity compared with January 2021.  This was a pre-planned hit on the EU. In 2011 when Merkel declared an early end to nuclear power, to phase out nuclear and go to renewable sources, 17 nuclear plants reliably supplied 25% of all electric power to the country. Now the remaining 3 plants must close by end 2022. At the same time the Green Energy agenda of the government since 2016 has closed 15.8 Gigawatts of coal generation as of January 2022. Germany today has the highest electricity cost of any industrial nation as a result of the Green Agenda. And this will make its manufactured uncompetitive. This was precisely the aim of the Empire i.e. an economic rival is eliminated.

But the nuclear issue is not the only fly in the EU energy soup. Every aspect of the current EU energy plan is designed to wreck a modern industrial economy, and this is the intent of the Rockefeller Empire. Remember the family motto; “COMPETITION IS A SIN!” The EU as a whole, with Germany as its core, is an economic rival to America. Destroy Germany, and the EU is destroyed.

 To bring wind and solar, the only two serious options being implemented, to replace coal, gas and nuclear, is simply said, not possible. Because solar and wind are in reality far more costly than conventional hydrocarbon or nuclear electricity, they drive up overall cost of electric power to industry forcing many companies to close or move elsewhere. Only official statistical fraud hides this.

    The late Canadian architect of the UN Agenda 21, Maurice Strong, a billionaire oil chum of David Rockefeller was Undersecretary of the United Nations and Secretary General of the June 1972 Stockholm Earth Day conference. He was also a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. He more than perhaps anyone else, is responsible for the de-industrialization agenda of the zero carbon “sustainable economy.” At the UN Rio Earth Summit in 1992 he openly stated the blunt agenda of the radical eugenics: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” That agenda is very much the Great Reset today.

War Now?

If the once-advanced, energy-intensive economies of NATO member countries in Europe and the USA continue on this suicidal journey, their ability to mount a convincing military defense or offense will become a mirage

In their now one-sided pursuit of their insane Agenda 2030 and Zero Carbon agenda, Washington and the EU are putting their industry on a deliberate road to destruction well before the end of this decade.  This, in turn, is driving the current NATO agenda towards Russia in Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and now Kazakhstan. Other than China, Russia holds the only potential to deal a devastating blow to NATO if provoked.

Madness of Crowds

It is relevant to understand the global irrational rush to economic and political suicide.

The same key actors behind the mass COVID vaccine mandates for an unproven experimental genetic-altering vaccine and the ensuing lockdowns globally, Great Reset and its UN Agenda 2030 green zero carbon madness, to get the world to accept unprecedented draconian economic measures. And that is the Rockefeller Empire, headed by David Rockefeller Jnr.

This will require a docile and physically weak population to be railroaded, a crowd psychosis, a kind of mass hypnosis that ignores reason. In this manner, mankind will be “herded” into an electronic prison camp. It is clear that both the myth of Global Warming and the corona pandemic agenda require such a mass hypnosis—an “extraordinary popular delusion.” Without the COVID fear hysteria we would never allow the Green Agenda to get so far that our very electric grids are on the verge of blackouts and our economies on verge of breakdown. The ultimate goal of both the COVID WHO pandemic and the Green Agenda is a march to Rockefeller’s dystopian Great Reset of the entire world economy to the benefit of a corporate dictatorship by a handful of global corporations like BlackRock, Exxon and JPMorgan Chase.

The Coming   Financial Crash – a Cover  for Their Great Reset

It’s looking increasingly certain that the US Federal Reserve and the Rockefeller Empire will use the dramatic rising of inflation as their excuse to bring down the US financial markets, and with it, crash the greatest financial bubble in history. The enormous inflation rise since the malicious political lockdowns and the trillions of dollars in emergency spending by  Washington, coupled with the continuation of the Fed’s unprecedented near-zero interest rate policies and asset purchases of trillions of dollars in bonds to keep the bubble inflated a bit longer– have set the stage for an imminent market collapse. Unlike what we are told, it is deliberate and very much managed.

Supply chain disruptions from Asia to normal truck transport across North America are feeding the worst inflation in four decades in the USA. Unprecedented Covid “stimulus” payments have worsened the distortions to the normal economy. The stage is set for the central banks to bring down the debt-bloated system and prepare their Great Reset of the world financial system. However this is not an issue of inflation. The context is key. The decision to crash the financial system is being prepared amid the far-reaching global pandemic measures that have devastated the world economy since early 2020. It is coming as the NATO powers, led by the Biden Administration, are tipping the world into a potential World War by miscalculation. They are pouring arms and advisers into Ukraine provoking a response by Russia. They are escalating pressures on China over Taiwan, and waging proxy wars against China in Ethiopia and Horn of Africa and countless other locations.

The looming collapse of the dollar system, which will bring down most of the world with it owing to debt ties, will come as the major industrial nations go fully into new economic self-destruction via their so-called Green New Deal in the EU, and USA and beyond. The ludicrous Zero Carbon policies to phase out coal, oil, gas and even nuclear, have already brought the EU electric grid to the brink of major power blackouts this winter as dependency on unreliable wind and solar make up a major part of the grid. On December 31, the “green” new German government oversees the forced closing of three nuclear power plants that generate the electricity equivalent of the entire country of Denmark. Wind and solar can in no way fill the gaps.  In the USA Biden’s misnamed Build Back Better policies have driven fuel costs to record highs. To raise interest rates in this conjuncture will devastate the entire world, which seems to be precisely the plan.

What many do not understand is the Rockefeller Empire is on the verge of a blow-out. The situation for the Rothschilds is much worse. The launch of Covid, was meant to shut down the global economy as a means of stopping demands on the financial markets – and re-directing this – now enlarged – credit capacity to prop up their banking systems on Wall Street. The Green Agenda has the same authors, but a longer time frame attached to it, as it would take time to “remove” those nations, leaders, and economic sectors that are in opposition. Beyond Covid, the Rockefeller/UN plan to herd mankind into an electronic prison was gaining momentum. Indications are that this plan should be rolled out globally in 2022, with a 2-year time frame for it to be a reality i.e. a global slave state. 

The Bloated US Stock Market

Wall Street markets, today with stocks at historic bloated highs,  are at a point where a policy reverse by the Fed, almost certain in early 2022, could begin a panic exit from stocks to “get out while the getting is good.” In Wall Street no one wants to be last out the door. That in turn will likely trigger panic selling and a snowballing market collapse.

Since the global financial crisis of September 2008, the Federal Reserve and other major central banks such as the ECB in the EU and Bank of Japan have pursued unprecedented zero interest rate policies  and often “quantitative easing” purchases of bonds to bail out the major financial institutions and Wall Street and EU and Japan banks. It had little to do with the health of the real economy. It was about the largest bailout in history for brain dead banks like Citigroup or HSBC and financial funds like AIG. The predictable result of the Fed and other central banks’ unprecedented policies has been the artificial inflation of the greatest speculative bubble in stocks in history.

How big is today’s US stock market bubble? In October 2008 just after the Lehman crisis, US stocks were listed at a total of $13 trillion capitalization. Today it is over $50 trillion, an increase of almost 400% and more than double the total US GDP. Apple Corp. alone is $3 trillion. Yet with massive labor shortages, lockdowns across America and huge disruptions to trade supply chains especially from China, the economy is sinking. A stock crash in 2022 is being prepared by the Fed, only this time it will be used to usher in a real Great Depression worse than the 1930’s as tens of millions or ordinary Americans see their life savings wiped out. Making the stock market even more vulnerable to a panic selloff when the Fed raises interest rates, there is nearly $1 trillion in margin debt as of October, debt for those buying stocks on borrowed money from their brokers. Once a major market selloff begins, likely early in 2022, brokers will demand repayment of some or all of their margin debt, so-called margin calls. That in turn will accelerate the forced stock selling to raise the cash calls.  Raising rates at this precarious juncture will almost certainly bring down the fragile US and global financial system, paving the way for a crisis where citizens might beg for emergency relief in the form of digital money and a Great Reset, all controlled by central banks like  the Fed or Bank of England or ECB. It’s worth noting that every major US stock market crash since October 1929, has been a result of deliberate Fed actions.  They first create the bubbles with “easy money,” then orchestrate the bust. Their aim is always to use the collapse to concentrate wealth ever more to the top one percent at the cost of the rest of us.

 This time the damage could be epochal. Global debt levels, which include government, household and corporate and bank debt, rose $4.8 trillion to $296 trillion at the end of June, $36 trillion above pre-pandemic levels. Fully $92 trillion of that is owed by emerging markets such as Turkey, China, India or Pakistan. Rising interest rates will trigger default crises across the globe as borrowers are unable to repay. This has been deliberately created by central banks, led by the Fed, since their 2008 crisis, by pushing interest rates to zero or even negative. When people are hungry, broke, homeless, it is the Empire that will offer them hope. Come and live in these electronic prison camps- “own nothing, and be happy” i.e. a global slave state. This is the aim, as things currently stand; these two families are on the verge of losing their empires. The only way to save themselves is by this, as well as demolishing those nations that are resisting this evil and diabolical future, nations such as Russia and China.

Now that we have covered the economic aspects of the coming financial blow-out, let us see how the financial/economic collapse is intertwined with global geopolitics. When a global empire is beginning to collapse, the first indicators are always in the economic/financial side. Problems in these spheres quickly translate into geopolitical mayhem. It’s best to look at a few examples, to see how all of this is intertwined.


The fall of Afghanistan was not the result of an “intelligence failure” by the CIA or a military mis-calculation by the Pentagon. Both knew what they were doing. When the Pentagon approved the secret dark-of-night abandonment of the strategic Bagram Airbase, largest US military base in Afghanistan, on July 4, without notifying the Kabul government, it made clear to the US-trained Afghan army that the US would give them no more air cover. The US even stopped paying them months ago, collapsing morale even further. This was no accident.

The real gainer in this insanity is the two families.  And just as London’s man Biden domestically destroys the economy from within. These two families are going for broke because they are losing global power fast.; No nation, not Taiwan, not Japan, not Philippines, not India or even Australia, nor any other nation hoping for US protection in the future will be able to trust Washington to hold its promises. The fall of Kabul is the end of the American Century.

Saudi Arabia

The ignominious US withdrawal from Afghanistan has blown a global hole in the post-1945 American Century system of elaborate world domination, a power vacuum that likely will lead to irreversible consequences. Since the first days of Biden’s inauguration in late January, US policies are driving the Saudi monarchy to pursue a dramatic shift in foreign policy. The longer-term consequences could be enormous.

Within their first week in office the Biden Administration indicated a dramatic shift in US-Saudi relations. It announced a freeze in arms sales to the Kingdom as it reviewed the Trump arms deals. Then in late February the CIA condemned the Saudi government for the killing of Saudi Washington Post journalist Adnan Khashoggi in Istanbul in October, 2018, something the CIA did themselves and blamed MBS. That was joined by Washington’s lifting the anti-Saudi Yemeni Houthi leadership from the US terrorist list while ending US military support to Saudi Arabia in its Yemen war with Iran-backed Houthi forces, a move that emboldened the Houthis to pursue missile and drone attacks on Saudi targets.

While Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has so far been careful to avoid a rupture with Washington, the motion of his feet since the Biden regime shift in January has been significant. At the center is a series of secret negotiations with former arch-enemy Iran, and its new President. Talks began in April in Baghdad between Riyadh and Teheran to explore a possible rapprochement.

Washington geopolitical strategy for the past two decades has been to fire up the conflicts and bring the entire Middle East into chaos as part of a doctrine first referred as the Greater Middle East. 

The Obama “Arab Spring” Color Revolutions, which were launched in December 2010 with the CIA were further implementation of the new US policy of chaos and destabilization. The proxy US invasion of Syria then followed, as did Yemen with the covertly US-backed Houthi revolution

The ongoing Teheran vs Riyadh conflict has its roots in the Pentagon-CIA strategy. Now the Saudi regime under MBS appears to be embarking on a major turn away from that Shiite-Sunni war for domination of the Islamic world by pursuing peace with its foes including Iran.

MBS and the Saudis are clearly reading the handwriting on the wall from Washington and are moving to defuse multiple zones of conflict which had led it down a US-scripted dead end. Washington under Trump had fed MBS with arms galore (paid for with Saudi petrodollars) to fuel the conflicts. It has been a catastrophe for the Saudis. Now as it became clear that a Biden Administration also means no good for them, MBS and the Saudis have begun a strategic pivot towards ending all its conflicts within the Islamic world. The key to it all is Iran, China and Russia.

Back-channel talks

In April the Saudis began the first of what now have been three bilateral negotiations on stabilizing their relations with Iran, back-channel secret talks first in Iraq, then Oman. This, at a time economic hardships caused by the US sanctions are severe, creates a strong incentive for Teheran to eventually compromise in a rapprochement with Riyadh. If it happens it will be a huge blow for US regional chaos strategy. At the same time Iran has agreed a $400 billion, 25-year economic strategic cooperation with China.

The dramatic collapse of US presence in Afghanistan gives all parties a clear idea that, regardless of who is US President, the Rockefeller Empire behind the scenes pursue an agenda of destruction, and can no longer be relied on to be true to their promises of support.

The implications of a genuine Saudi-Iran agreement would be a major pivot in geopolitical terms. In addition to ending the Yemen war and the proxy Syrian war, it could end the destructive stalemate in Lebanon between Iran-backed Hezbollah and major Saudi interests there. Here is where the recent arms talks between Riyadh and Moscow become more than interesting.

Russia’s pivotal role

Into this geopolitical cocktail of competing interests, the role of Russia becomes strategic. Russia is the one major foreign military power that has aimed at ending the Sunni-Shiite proxy wars and creating stability across Eurasia into the Middle East, a direct challenge to Washington’s  strategy of deliberate instability and chaos.

In April this year Russian President Vladimir Putin and a delegation of business leaders made a rare visit to Riyadh, the first by Putin in 12 years. It was billed as an energy partnership meeting, but clearly was far more

Taken alone it was interesting, but the fact it has been followed four months later by a visit by Saudi Arabia’s Vice Minister of Defense Prince Khalid bin Salman to Russia to the annual International Military Technical Forum (ARMY 2021) near Moscow, gives new significance to growing Saudi-Russian ties as well at a time Biden & Co. are “recalibrating” US-Saudi ties as the State Department put it, whatever that means. 

The Moscow talks came only weeks after the Pentagon and Biden Administration announced it was removing eight Patriot anti-missile systems from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, and Iraq, as well as removing a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system from the Saudi Kingdom, and accelerating the withdrawal of US troops from the region, moves that hardly boost confidence in Washington as protector of Saudi Arabia. The world’s finest anti-missile defense technology, the S-400 air defense system, happens to be made in Russia, as do a broad array of other military equipment.

All these moves by the Saudis are clearly not going to lead to an overnight break with Washington. But clear is that the Saudi monarchy has understood, especially in the wake of the abrupt Biden abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban, that continued dependence on a US security umbrella it has enjoyed since the 1970’s oil shocks, is a fading illusion. MBS clearly realizes that he has been played by both Trump and now Biden. The tectonic plates of Middle East and Eurasian geopolitics are shifting and the implications are staggering.


While London and New York are desperately plotting how to destroy its rivals, and loot the global economy (including from its allies), the East is slowly preparing for a divorce from the dying Western financial system. Many countries in the Global South, or Zone A, are quietly lining up behind Russia and China, in the same way that America’s traditional allies in the Middle East, are now reaching out in friendship to Iran. Right before our eyes, the global geopolitical re-alignment is taking shape- much to the consternation of the two families.

The coming year will see massive changes when tech-tonic forces blow apart the geopolitical status quo that has existed for seven decades.

Hang on folks for what promises a very bumpy ride ahead.

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  1. Why didn’t you mentioned about CBDC? New electronic programmable money are the core of the great reset. That is why they destroy fiat money all over the world by remove link to gold and creating inflationary condition. After the disaster (devaluation, reduce people’s savings and wealth, war and new opressive law), people will accept the new world order and the new money. It is worthy of note that present conflict is also about to control over the new money by groups from outside the banking system (the banking families). Some countries (groups of leaders and oligarchs) are willing to get some piece of this tasty cake. Power over the CBDC is enormous and gives actually infinite control over the society. China knows that as well as Russia.

  2. Your perspective, hindsight, insider knowledge is always a very interesting thoughtful knowledge to digest. Appreciate the hard work you put in to enlighten the people. If only most people where to read what you are providing, then I believe increment by increment we could change the world, and the ill conceived destiny the malicious empire has in store for us.

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