Iran: A Case Study Part 2

The Tripartite Deal – South Africa, Germany & France Having read the transcript of the meeting in New York, in March 1975, the plan to topple the Shah went into action. To make matters worse, a month later, France and Germany approached the Shah of Iran with a proposed economic deal. It went something like […]

Iran: A Case Study Part 1

The first oil discoveries in the Middle East were made by the British in Iran, in 1909. A company, Anglo-Persian Oil was formed to exploit this concession. This find also ignited the already brutal contest between Britain and Germany. During the 2nd World War, Iran was occupied in the north by the Russians, and in […]

Banker’s Arithmetic & Deregulation

Bankers Arithmetic $430- $658 ($326 + $332) = $882 – – – – This is called “banker’s arithmetic”!  You must be from the old school of thought where 2 + 2= 4, because many people will get a strange idea of arithmetic, from the way bankers do it. It is a real question. How in […]

Dollarization of the World

Oil & the Destruction of Iraq Iraq emerged from 8 years of fruitless war with Iran which had accomplished little more than provide arms companies a massive income stream. Iraq ended the war with an enormous foreign debt burden of $65 billion. This was in stark contrast at the beginning of the war when Iraq […]

How the Petro-Dollar Disintegrated the World Economy

 Our series on the world of finance continues. In this article, we will describe policies- both geopolitical and financial- that detail the increasing power of the two families, and a corresponding decrease in national sovereignty of the majority of nations in the world. If you can understand this fascinating story, then you will be able […]

The Origins of Modern Finance Part 3 (of a 3 Part Series)

The American Century  The Rockefeller group of international oil companies and its associated banks emerged from the Second World War in a position of enormously increased power.  At the apex of this power stood the 5 Rockefeller brothers. Because the New York Federal Reserve Bank had accumulated the bulk of the world’s official gold reserves […]

The Origins of Modern Finance Part 2 (of a 3 Part Series) -The Rise & Fall of the British Empire

The Role of Gold In order to understand the central role of gold in the central banks of the 19th century, let us look at the mechanism that gold played in boosting the power of a group of Jewish financiers, mainly in Britain and France. When a central bank has gold worth $1000, then it […]

The Origins of Modern Finance Part 1 (of a 3 Part Series)

The Beginning The present financial system, while recognizing private ownership, is based largely on interest. Money is a most fundamental tester of human character. Money will expose most people very deeply. All this is well known, but less well known is the process by which this power of money has been brought under the absolute […]

The Rockefeller Empire Part 6 (of a 6 Part Series)

Policy Groups Rockefeller had a lifelong association with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) when he joined as a director in 1949. In 1965, Rockefeller and other businessmen formed the Council of the Americas to stimulate and support economic integration in the Americas. In 1992, at a Council sponsored forum, Rockefeller proposed a “Western Hemisphere free trade area”, […]

The Rockefeller Empire Part 5 (of a 6 Part Series)

David Which brings us to Junior’s youngest. Born in June 1915, David was trained by both his father and grandfather to be serious about money. After completing school and university (Harvard, the LSE, University of Chicago), David got married and joined the Chase Bank. Junior realized his mistake with the other 4 boys, and took […]

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