THE GAS WARS Part 2 (of a 3 part series)

Moscow Goes East  At the end of 2009, precisely as planned and to the surprise of Washington, Russia opened the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline, a 4-year construction project costing some $14 billion.  The pipeline now allows Russia to export oil directly from its East Siberia fields to China as well as Korea and […]

THE GAS WARS Part 1 (of a 3 part series)

Contrary to widely held beliefs in the west, the Cold War did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, or the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, at least not for Washington. Seeing the opportunity to expand the reach of American military and political power, the Pentagon began a […]

THE SCO AND 9-11: Part 2 (of a 2 Part Series)

(The following is extracted from the original report prepared by the author in August 2001. A few more notes have been added to the original report, in September 2001) Afghanistan The landlocked state of Afghanistan sits at the crossroads of Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. It is geo-strategically and economically important […]

THE SCO and 9-11: Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series)

Part 1(extracted from the original report prepared by the author in August 2001) In order to understand why the attacks of September 11(2001), in New York, took place, we will have to do some background. And it all has to do with the quest for American dominance of Eurasia. The Fight for Control of Eurasia […]

UKRAINE: -A Tectonic Shift in Heartland Power

In geopolitics, a deep understanding of geography and power allows you to do two things. First, it helps you comprehend the forces that will shape international politics and how they will do so. Second, it helps you distinguish what is important from what isn’t. In geopolitics, Ukraine is classified as a geopolitical pivot.This makes maps […]

WikiLeaks – A disingenuous Mossad Operation

Since the dramatic release of a US military film of an American helicopter shooting of unarmed Iraqis, WikiLeaks has gained global notoriety and credibility as a daring website that releases sensitive material to the public from whistle-blowers within various government departments. Founder and “editor-in-chief” Julian Assange, is a mysterious 45-year old Australian about whom little […]

Why America Invaded Iraq in 2003

Iraq had suffered a heavy defeat in March 1991, when a combined force of 34 countries headed by the US and Britain defeated Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein. A year earlier Iraq had invaded Kuwait for financial reasons. The US pushed Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, but did not invade Iraq. Iraq was economically broken […]

The Battle for Eurasia Part 2

Reducing Russian Influence in Europe By 1991, the US had managed to regain its military prestige – destroyed by Vietnam. This was the 2nd Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded Kuwait; and the subsequent defeat of Iraq by a US-led coalition. Immediately after that, the Soviet Union ceased to exist. It had broken […]

The Battle for Eurasia Part 1

Since we are starting halfway into a movie, let’s clear up what we are going to write. The main story at the moment has to do with the turmoil in the Middle East, the destablization of the financial system along with an increase of terror globally. Why are these things happening? To understand the current, […]

Iran: A Case Study Part 3

The real story of Iran’s revolution is a tale that makes spy stories and James Bond movies seem tame by comparison. It is necessary to look behind the closed doors of the world’s most powerful banks, oil companies, and industrial corporations, and into the paneled boardrooms of elite clubs such as the Council on Foreign […]

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