EU Immigration – a Geopolitical weapon

“Competition is a sin”: The Rockefeller family motto.

Washington had a plan to break up the EU. This stemmed from the plan by the French Rothschilds, when they induced Iraq to sell its oil for Euros, in September 2000. This had the effect of forcing Washington to invade Iraq in 2003, topple the government of Saddam Hussein, and bring Iraq back onto the petrodollar standard.

Washington was not happy with the Rothschild’s in forcing their hand in Iraq. A ‘payback’ was in order.

This ‘payback’ took on two distinct forms. The first was the 2008 Crash, in an attempt at weakening the financial stability of the Euro and the European banking system. By 2010, this aim was achieved.

The second plan was to focus on a weak member-state within the EU. The aim was to totally bankrupt it, and when faced with financial demands imposed on this country by European finance, that country would then elect to move out of the EU, thus starting a movement to leave the EU. If one country could successfully leave, then maybe other countries would follow.

Four countries were chosen for this project; Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Greece. When the EU was formed, nations had to sign onto the EU Charter, in which one of its conditions was that no member country can have a budget deficit exceeding 3% of its GNP.

A Rockefeller firm on Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, sold Greece derivatives designed to hide the fact that Greece’s budget deficits exceeded the 3% limit of its budget. All went well, until the 2008 Crash. Greek banks went bust, forcing Athens to bail them out. This, in turn, made Athens broke, thus forcing it to borrow from the EC – the EU’s central bank.

The terms and conditions for this bail-out of Greece’s financial sector would devastate Greece. It was only in mid-2015, that Athens was forced to submit to the demands of the Troika (the IMF, the ECB, and German finance). The end result was no Greek exit, or Grexit, from the EU. Rothschild financial power in Europe won this battle. The loser was Washington.

Then came a third plan of attack. There was a flow of refugees into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Why not dramatically increase this flow. Starting in early 2015, the world was witness to dramatic footage of hundreds of thousands flooding into Europe. This just did not happen by accident. It was a carefully planned move.

On the ground controllers within Europe were directing the handful of leaders within the refugee groups to begin a campaign of sex attacks, house break-ins, and a harassment of the local people across the cities and towns of Europe.

The resulting backlash from the citizens forced many EU governments to control the flow of refugees. When this was not working, the EU governments began imposing border controls and passport checks. The Schengen Agreement was about to collapse.

The Schengen Agreement was a law that made internal travelling for the EU citizens easy; no border controls and no passports.  The Rothschild aim was to create and control a single Europe. The EU already had a central bank, and a ruling parliament, but did not have a single government as yet. There were still 28 governments that made up the EU. The Schengen Agreement, and others like it, was designed to weaken the rule of the 28 governments.

When several countries began implementing border controls in the first half of January, the hope of Brussels in maintaining Schengen was fast fading. Washington’s plans for the break-up of Europe were on track. The removal of Schengen was a good start.

Why does Washington want a break-up of the EU? It has come to the realization that a single, unified Europe is a threat to Washington’s plans to control the EU, in its geopolitical agenda for Eurasia. And Washington could not break the tight Rothschild control over Brussels. So, the next best thing would be to break-up the EU back into its original 28 member states. And THAT would be much easier for Washington to control. There are no single governments within Europe that could stand a financial assault upon them from the US.

To stave off further influx of refugees into Europe, Turkey was offered 3 billion Euros, while Africa was offered 2 billion Euros. Whether it will work or not remains to be seen.

So, the whole issue of immigration into Europe has been turned into a geopolitical weapon of the first order, for Washington’s benefit. With that aim now clarified, one is better able to understand all the news coming out of the EU on this issue.

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