GAZA – Hamas Defeats Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series)

If you recall, this war on Gaza caught both Israel and the US by surprise. But, they quickly jumped on this attack by Hamas to initiate their sick plan to do a “gas heist and consolidation “deal for the gas-fields off-shore Gaza. The timeline to complete this job by Israel, with full 100% US support, was December 31. That date has passed, and there has been a slowing down of the tempo of bombing by the Israelis on Gaza over the past 2 weeks. Many excuses will be given, but this truth will not be revealed in the media.

Many announcements over the past week show Israeli soldiers are withdrawing from Gaza, with the excuse that they need rest. But, no new brigades are entering Gaza.  With this, Israel has failed. The Palestinian Resistance and Hamas has defeated Israel. Period.

Almost 100 days into the war, and billions of American tax-dollars later, “Israel” finds itself in a rather undesirable situation both politically and militarily. The Netanyahu government is stuck between a rock and a hard place and is waking up to a new reality; a reality imposed on it by what some Israeli soldiers have referred to as “men in slippers and Adidas tracksuits with a GoPro on their head”.

Unsurprisingly, even before October 7th, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu wasn’t exactly the most likable figure among the Israelis. In December 2016, Netanyahu was being investigated for various corruption charges including fraud, bribery, and breach of trust, which only added on to his unpopularity among the Israeli public. His lack of charisma didn’t exactly help his case either. What did help his case however was his reputation of being what the Israelis called “Mr. Security”. Being the most hated residents in the region made security the Israeli public’s number one priority, and that was the sole factor behind Benjamin Netanyahu’s political survival. But on October 7th, that narrative changed forever, not only debunking the myth that the Israeli Forces is invincible under the Netanyahu government; but also altering the course of Israeli security permanently.

For the first time in modern Israeli history, the Israeli forces lost total control over its national security. The anger that overtook the Israeli public on October 7th put the Netanyahu regime in a state of panic, after the one thing keeping him in office was compromised. His political career ended right then and there; he just didn’t know it yet. Amid the unavoidable public outrage, Benjamin Netanyahu made an impulsive decision that evidently, wasn’t well-thought out. Even the Americans couldn’t talk any sense into the Netanyahu government.

On October 8th, Netanyahu made a public appearance and announced that “Israel” was officially “at war”, vowing to eradicate Hamas. Later that week, Netanyahu announced a set of military goals; to remove Hamas, to release all the captives and to ensure that Gaza will never again be a threat to “Israel”. Netanyahu also vowed that “Israel” would come out of “the war” victorious. Many deemed these goals to be unachievable.

For the duration of well over three months, pro-Israeli accounts on X, as well as various pro-Israeli political figures and analysts could be seen and heard making statements and references claiming that Hamas has been defeated. Some even claimed that the rocket launches had subsided drastically, anticipating that these rocket launches would soon come to a complete cessation.

Here is a list of accomplishments and losses experienced by all sides in this war. Day 100: 24,100 martyred, 60,834 injured. One should add at least a few more thousand Palestinians who bodies are still lying under the rubble, and not yet recovered, due to the constant bombing and lack of equipment to remove the rubble.

Almost 100 days into the “war”, Hamas is still alive and well. As a matter of fact, Hamas is arguably as active as it has ever been since the “war” commenced. In recent events, just this past Monday, Hamas sent a barrage of numerous rockets into Tel Aviv. Similarly, on January 1st at 12:00 AM sharp, Hamas also fired a large barrage of rockets towards Tel Aviv. This past Tuesday, “Israel” admits that it had suffered the largest number of casualties in one day since the war began.

 As the Israeli military penetrates a few areas in Gaza, they come across various Resistance workshops, training grounds, tunnels, and offices.  There was s not much of value they found. One interesting find was discovering a training camp in south Gaza where replicas of Merkava tanks were found. It seems Hamas reverse engineered a Merkava tank! The quality and capability of military equipment is astonishing, considering that Gaza is an open-air prison. Many types of equipment were built by Hamas and other groups, and many innovations to such helped improve the devastating power of these home-made weapons. It’s evident that not only has Hamas not been dismantled, but it also does not appear to be going away any time soon.

To date, Israel has not killed any senior Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad or any other Resistance leaders. Rather it killed a senior Hamas political leader-the No 2 man in Hamas. And this was in Beirut, not Gaza. On the other hand, Hamas has captured many senior Israeli commanders, general and very senior officers from the Shin Bet and Aman. This, of course, is not good news for the Netanyahu regime, which is in desperate need of securing any kind of victory, especially following the various losses Israel has incurred to date, which are not limited to military losses alone.

Since the commencement of the “war”, Israeli protests have erupted calling for Netanyahu’s resignation, international mass-protests demanding a ceasefire are widespread, billions of dollars in military losses have significantly impacted the Israeli economy (not to mention the cessation of shipments into “Israel” via the Red Sea) and disagreements between “Israel” and its strongest ally, the US, are heightened and can no longer be concealed. America’s disapproval of “Israel’s” decisions resembles a boiling kettle that is about to explode at any given time. Additionally, Israel’s most recent scandal, in which South Africa is taking “Israel” to the International Court of Justice, is charging it with genocide. This comes at the worst possible time as Israeli media reports that the Israeli war cabinet is the most divided it’s ever been since the start of the conflict. But perhaps, the most notable loss for “Israel” is being left with no choice but to sit down on the negotiating table with Hamas – the very thing “Israel” had vowed not to do when the conflict began. “Israel” has even engaged the international community in assisting it in these negotiations, to no avail. Hamas has refused to engage in any negotiations without the Israeli regime agreeing to completely halting its shameless aggression against the Palestinian people. To anyone who knows how to read a room, it is quite obvious that Hamas is in the driver’s seat, and that does not appear to be changing any time soon. The question now becomes how many more losses must the Israeli regime incur before it realizes and accepts that the continuation of its aggression will only result in a strategic defeat?

In the past, the Israeli regime could conceal its atrocities by simply controlling the narrative in the mainstream media, but in 2024, Israeli atrocities are on full display thanks to the rise of social media and citizen journalism. Gone are the days where “Israel” could commit crimes against humanity leaving the international community in the dark. This perhaps is the most significant victory for the Palestinians. No grade of high-tech military equipment or amount of US funding can save “Israel” from what is coming ahead; a strategic defeat on all fronts.

 But, let us get it from the horse’s mouth-from Hamas itself. A memorandum was issued by Hamas explaining the October attack, and the reasons behind it.

Gaza – The Open Air Prison

Operation al-Aqsa Flood was a necessary step and a normal response to confront all Israeli conspiracies against the Palestinian people and their cause; a defensive act within the framework of ridding Palestine of the Israeli occupation, reclaiming Palestinian rights, and on the path to liberation and independence like all people around the world, the Palestinian Hamas Resistance movement said.

The Resistance movement explained that there were a plethora of reasons that pushed it to carry out the operation, including:

– The Israeli Juadization plans for the al-Aqsa Mosque and attempts to divide it.

– The actions of the extremist and right-wing Israeli government, which is taking practical steps toward usurping the entirety of the West Bank and occupied al-Quds amid plans to expel Palestinians from their homes.

– The thousands of Palestinians unjustly detained by the Israeli occupation and deprived of their most basic rights amid paramount assaults and humiliation.

– The unjust air, sea, and land blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for the past 17 years.

– The expansion of Israeli settlements across the West Bank in an unprecedented manner.

– The daily escalations and violence perpetrated by settlers against Palestinians.

– The seven million displaced Palestinians living in horrific conditions in refugee camps and wish to return to their lands.

– The international community’s failure to establish and the complicity of major powers in preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Hamas argued that the Palestinian people could not be expected to keep waiting and counting on the United Nations, which it described as “helpless,” saying their only option was to “take the initiative in defending the Palestinian people, lands, rights, and sanctities.” Hamas underlined that its actions fall into self-defense, which is a right enshrined in international laws and conventions.

It did not start on Oct. 7

As is being echoed by the supporters of the Palestinian Resistance and cause alike, Hamas underlined that the plight of liberation did not start on October 7; “but started 105 years ago, including 30 years of British colonialism and 75 years of Zionist occupation.”

The memorandum clarified that the Palestinian people in 1918 owned 98.5% of Palestinian land while representing 98% of the population before the Zionists that were brought in coordination between the British colonial authorities and the Zionist movement managed to take control of no more than 6% of Palestinian land when they made up 31% of the population prior to 1948, i.e., before the declared creation of an “Israel”.

“At that time, the Palestinian people were denied the right to self-determination and the Zionist gangs engaged in an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Palestinian people aimed at expelling them from their lands and areas,” the lengthy text added. The Zionist gangs displaced 57% of the people of Palestine and destroyed over 500 Palestinian villages and towns while committing dozens of massacres against the Palestinian people leading up to the establishment of “Israel” in 1948. “In continuation of the aggression, the Israeli forces in 1967 occupied the rest of Palestine including the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem in addition to Arab territories around Palestine.”

Throughout the long history of the occupation of Palestine, the Palestinian people suffered all forms of oppression, injustice, and expropriation of their fundamental rights, Hamas underlined, giving Gaza as an example when in 2007 it came under a suffocating blockade still in place to this very day, turning it into the world’s largest open-air prison. The Resistance movement also reminded that: “The Palestinian people in Gaza also suffered from five destructive wars/aggressions all of which ‘Israel’ was the offending party.”

The Israeli occupation over decades, in the period between January 2000 and September 2023, killed 11,299 Palestinians and injured 156,768 others, the overwhelming majority of them being civilians, Hamas added. Meanwhile, the “US administration and its allies did not pay attention to the suffering of the Palestinian people over the past years but provided cover to the Israeli aggression.”

“The US administration provided financial and military support to the Israeli occupation massacres against the Palestinian civilians and the brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip, and still, the US officials continue to ignore what the Israeli occupation forces commit in Gaza of mass killing,” the memo said.

Even commenting on the 1993 Oslo Accords signed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Israeli occupation under the auspices of the US, Hamas underlined that the accords stipulated the establishment of a Palestinian independent state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the efforts for which were “systemically destroyed” by “Israel” through “a wide campaign of settlement construction and Judaization of the Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.” In response to all the injustice, Hamas asked: “What was expected from the Palestinian people after all of that?”

October 7 aimed at Israeli military

The Resistance movement went on to explain that its October 7 operation aimed to target Israeli military sites and pressure Israeli authorities for a prisoner exchange deal to release Palestinians from Israeli jails. The focus was on destroying the Israeli occupation forces Gaza Division and military sites near settlements around Gaza.

The Palestinian Resistance backed up its efforts to only target the military apparatus with numerous pieces of evidence, highlighting that “Video clips taken on that day – Oct. 7 – along with the testimonies by Israelis themselves that were released later showed that the Al-Qassam Brigades’ fighters didn’t target civilians, and many Israelis were killed by the Israeli army and police due to their confusion.”

The claim of “40 beheaded babies” by Palestinian fighters has been firmly debunked, with even Israeli sources rejecting it. Unfortunately, many Western media outlets have adopted and promoted this false allegation, the memo read. The allegation that Palestinian fighters committed rape against Israeli women, including the Hamas Movement, has been fully denied. A December 1, 2023, report by Mondoweiss highlighted the lack of evidence for the alleged “mass rape” on October 7, suggesting that “Israel” used this claim to escalate the situation in Gaza.

Israeli testimonies confirmed that army raids and operations killed both Israeli captives and their captors. The IOF’s Hannibal Directive emphasizes preferring a dead captive or soldier over being taken alive to avoid prisoner swaps with the Palestinian resistance. Occupation authorities revised the number of their killed soldiers and civilians from 1,400 to 1,200 after discovering that 200 burnt corpses belonging to Palestinian fighters were mixed with Israeli corpses. The Israeli army, possessing military planes, was responsible for the destruction on October 7. The Israeli occupation’s heavy aerial raids in Gaza resulted in the death of nearly 60 Israeli captives, indicating a disregard for their lives, Hamas stressed. It also added that the death toll of “civilians” was exaggerated by the fact that many of the Israeli settlers killed during the operation were armed and fighting alongside the Israeli occupation forces, yet they were registered as “civilians” upon being killed in action.

Call for Justice

Hamas, casting doubts about the commitment of certain countries, namely the US, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom, to justice, the movement urged the ICC Prosecutor and team to visit occupied Palestine promptly to examine crimes and violations firsthand, rather than relying on remote observations or succumbing to Israeli restrictions.

In December 2022, the UN General Assembly sought the International Court of Justice’s opinion on the legal consequences of “Israel’s” illegal occupation, supported by nearly 100 countries, the resistance movement highlighted. Countries backing the occupation rejected this move, hindering efforts to prosecute Israeli war criminals through universal jurisdiction in European courts.

The events of October 7 should be understood in the broader context of struggles against colonialism and occupation, it added. Similar struggles demonstrate that oppression by occupiers elicits corresponding responses from those under occupation. People worldwide recognize the lies perpetuated by governments supporting the Israeli narrative, aiming to justify biased stances and conceal Israeli crimes. These nations overlook the root causes of the conflict—occupation and the denial of Palestinians’ right to live in dignity on their lands. They also show indifference to the unjust blockade on millions in Gaza and the plight of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, where basic rights are denied.

The Resistance continued by demanding an end to major powers providing cover for “Israel”, rejecting any decisions made by foreign powers regarding Gaza’s future, and opposing Israeli attempts at expulsion. Hamas urged continued global pressure to end the occupation, resistance to normalization with the Israeli regime, and a comprehensive boycott of the occupation and its supporters.

Agreements to Ensure Control

In 2006, Israel’s punishment to Palestinians for voting in Hamas during free and fair elections was starvation. This is Tel Aviv’s silent war, a siege that slowly claims its victims, depriving Gaza’s 2.3 million civilians of nourishment and medical relief. 

Since the Israeli forces withdrew from Gaza in 2005, the Strip found itself under a tight blockade, transforming it into a massive open-air prison surrounded by wires and checkpoints. Eight crossings were controlled – six of these by Israel – connecting Gaza to the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948. Four of these crossings remained completely closed, and two were opened intermittently: “Beit Hanoun” and “Kerem Shalom.”

Since Israel’s military withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Tel Aviv has had a singular goal: to establish total hegemony over Gaza by land, air, and sea. To achieve its aims, three agreements were signed to regulate movement at the crossings: the Crossings Agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (2005), the Palestinian-European-Israeli border control agreement, and the Philadelphi Protocol between Egypt and Israel.  The latter deal established a 14 km buffer strip along the Egypt-Gaza border and required Israeli–Egyptian security coordination, the presence of Egyptian border guards along the Philadelphi corridor, and security patrols from both sides.

Map of the Gaza Strip crossings

Rafah as the sole lifeline for Gazans 

The Rafah crossing was restricted to Palestinian ID card holders, with exceptions requiring prior notice to the Israeli government and approval from the highest PA authorities. 

The General Authority for Crossings in Gaza, under the PA, handled approvals and objections, with strict timelines set by the crossings agreement. However, tensions rose when Hamas took control of the crossing in 2007, leading to shifts in operations and closures based on the evolving relations between Egypt and Hamas. The dynamic changed in 2017 when rivals Fatah and Hamas signed a reconciliation agreement, aiming to end the persistent internal division. However Israel’s complete blockade on the Gaza Strip after the 7 October Hamas-led resistance operation elevated the significance of the Strip’s border crossings with Egypt. Just a year earlier, the Rafah crossing had been open for 245 days and facilitated the passage of over 140,000 people and numerous essential goods such as diesel, cooking gas, and construction materials. Alongside its brutal, unprecedented, military assault on Gaza, Tel Aviv has instituted a draconian siege on Palestinians in the Strip, cutting off access to water, electricity, and communications – and the essential crossings – for over 100 days now. 

The Rafah crossing has become the sole lifeline for civilians seeking refuge from shelling, or receiving medical treatment or even a meal. While International organizations have flocked to provide aid through the crossing, mass displacement caused by indiscriminate Israeli bombardment – and Egyptian opposition to a resettlement plan in Sinai – have worsened the situation, leading to the emergence of a class of beneficiaries.

Three ways out of Gaza 

Before the war, there were three routes for exiting the Gaza Strip. The official route involved submitting lists of names for approval from the Israeli side, a process often taking several months. Accepted individuals faced additional obstacles on the Egyptian side, including inspections and transport to Cairo airport in a “deportation caravan.” The unofficial track, managed by brokerage offices, offered faster passage for fees ranging from $300 to $500 or even up to $10,000. 

The third track, linked to the Egyptian intelligence services is exclusively run by travel company Hala, which a source tells The Cradle is connected to notorious Sinai businessman and warlord Ibrahim al-Arjani. This “VIP” route, established in 2021, allows for swift transit, exemption from inspections, and the option for travellers to stay in Egypt before heading to the airport, with costs ranging from $500 to $700 per person.

Back to the War

Within the first weeks of December, pressure began mounting on the occupation army by its American handlers to wrap up the siege by the New Year.

 By Dec 18, it was clear that Israel had made no substantial gains in Gaza and the ground operation has been a humiliation to the US. This meeting occurred days after the Zionist entity received humiliating ambushes from Shujayeh on December 13 knocking out entire groups of its elite Golani Brigade. The US aimed at resteering Israeli strategy, which thus far had brought nothing a genocide and destruction, with no advancements to the occupation’s aims at eliminating Hamas. Ambush after ambush was dealt to the occupation soldiers who failed to account for the dimension of depth mastered by Palestinian Resistance Fighters, catching them by surprise from under the ground to from within corridors of rubble – neutralizing any claims of Israeli advancement on two-dimensional ground gains by physical presence in civilian areas.  By the middle of December, reports emerged of soiled adult diapers thrown away y the Israeli forces. On further investigation, it was found that the majority of the Israeli soldiers in Gaza were wearing adult diapers! Why? Because of intense fear! A similar scenario was found in Afghanistan, where American soldiers were also issued with adult diapers- due to intense fear.

This episode had the populations of the Global South having a fit of hysterical laughter.  They began re-naming the Israeli military as the Israeli Diaper Force aka the IDF!!

On December 21, the Zionist withdrawal of this “elite” brigade began, kicking off the so-called “third phase” of war. With resounding (yet unadmitted) defeat, the Israelis are pulling 5 brigades from Gaza, having not even come close to making a dent in Hamas. It is undeniable that the Palestinian resistance, which is comprised of not only Hamas, but the PIJ, the PFLP, and the DFLP, remains strong and steadfast, unshaken by an army whose colossal investments in military technology, airpower, and surveillance could not compensate for its complete lack of a credible fighting force.

Drawing out the humiliation of withdrawal, as the Golani brigade made their first exit from Gaza, “Israel” moved to commit rash assassinations against IRGC resistance leader Mosavi in Damascus, Syria. Weeks later, the occupation moved additional brigades out, with mainly reservists pulled from the Palestinian enclave in preparation for the redirection of attention onto Lebanon.

 “Israel’s” desperation has it seeking to pull the US into forcible backing for a greater regional war, even if it has to force it to do so – and Washington heeded the call by assassinating a field leader and member of Iraqi resistance group Hashd al Shaabi – or Popular Mobilization Units. Moving to score easy victories in the wake of catastrophic losses, the occupation set out to assassinate a Hamas leader based in Lebanon Saleh Al-Arouri in a desperate move to claim victories over having assassinated a Hamas leader. Yet this attack did nothing to change the material reality of the equation on the ground

All the while, with the Resistance Axis more emboldened, it is the US and “Israel” that face grim horizons, digging deeper its own grave and its rabid dog-like lashing out in reaction in its final moments.

In 100 days, the Israel-Hamas war has transformed the region.

The war already is the longest and deadliest between Israel and the Palestinians since Israel’s establishment in 1948, and the fighting shows no signs of ending. The offensive has wrought unprecedented destruction upon Gaza. But more than three months later, Hamas remains largely intact and hostages remain in captivity. The Israeli military says the war will stretch on throughout 2024.

Here are five takeaways from the first 100 days of a conflict that has upended the region.

ISRAEL WILL NEVER BE THE SAME: The Oct. 7 attack blindsided Israel and shattered the nation’s faith in its leaders. While the public has rallied behind the military’s war effort, it remains deeply traumatized.

There is little discussion or sympathy over the skyrocketing death toll and deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. Plans for postwar Gaza are rarely mentioned.

GAZA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME: Conditions before Oct. 7 were already difficult in Gaza after a stifling blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt following Hamas’ takeover in 2007. Today, the territory is unrecognizable. Experts say the Israeli bombing is among the most intense in modern history. Gaza health authorities say the death toll already has eclipsed 24,000 people, roughly 1% of the Palestinian territory’s population. Thousands more remain missing or badly wounded. Over 80% of the population has been displaced, and tens of thousands of people are now crammed into sprawling tent camps on small slivers of space in southern Gaza that also come under Israeli fire.

 The scale of likely damage or destruction across Gaza is remarkable. Roughly, around 60% plus of buildings and infrastructure has been destroyed. The human cost is equally mind-boggling. The United Nations estimates that about one-quarter of Gaza’s population is starving. Just 5 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals are partially operational, according to the U.N., leaving the medical system close to collapse. Children have missed months of school and have no prospects for returning to their studies. “Gaza has simply become uninhabitable,” wrote Martin Griffiths, the U.N.’s humanitarian chief.

IT’S ALL CONNECTED: The war has rippled across the entire Middle East, threatening to escalate into a broader conflict pitting a U.S.-led alliance against Iranian-backed groups.

ISRAEL CAN’T IGNORE THE PALESTINIANS: Throughout his time in office, Netanyahu has repeatedly attempted to sideline the Palestinian issue. He has rejected various peace initiatives, dismissed the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority as weak or irrelevant, and promoted policies that left Palestinians divided between rival governments in Gaza and the West Bank. Instead, he has tried to normalize relations with other Arab countries in hopes of isolating the Palestinians and pressuring them to accept an arrangement that falls short of their dreams of independence. Just before Oct. 7, Netanyahu was boasting of efforts to forge ties with Saudi Arabia.

The Hamas attack, along with a spike in violence in the West Bank, have put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict back on center stage. The war now tops the newscasts worldwide, has prompted four visits by Blinken to the region and resulted in a genocide case against Israel in the U.N. world court. The Saudis have revived the possibility of establishing ties with Israel, but only if this included the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

“The painful developments of the last 100 days have proven beyond doubt that the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian people cannot be ignored,” said Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesperson for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

THERE’S NO POSTWAR PLAN: As the war drags on and the death toll mounts, there is no clear path for when the fighting will end or what will follow. Israel says Hamas can play no part in Gaza’s future. Hamas says that’s an illusion. The U.S. and the Rockefeller family want a revitalized Palestinian Authority to govern Gaza, and steps toward a two-state solution. Israel objects. The Resistance objects. The PA objects. Israel wants to maintain a long-term military presence in Gaza. The U.S. does not want Israel to reoccupy the territory.Reconstruction will take years. It is unclear who will pay for it or how the required materials will enter the territory through its limited crossings. And with so many homes destroyed, where will people stay during this lengthy process?

In the past 24 hours, the Israeli occupation committed 16 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, killing 163 Palestinians and severely injuring 350 others. Several victims of the Israeli terror are still under the rubble and in the streets, knowing that ambulances and civil defense crews are unable to reach them. 

 At Shaboura camp in Rafah, intense Israeli raids have led to the killing of two Palestinians and the wounding of several others. He added that 25 Palestinians were martyred and dozens were wounded as a result of Israeli shelling of residential homes in al-Daraj neighborhood in Gaza City. Oxfam, the Britain-based charity, stated on January 12 that the daily death toll of Palestinians in the brutal Israeli war on Gaza surpasses that of any other major war in the 21st century, while survivors remain at high risk due to hunger, diseases, and cold, as well as ongoing Israeli bombings. The occupation is “killing Palestinians at an average rate of 250 people a day, which massively exceeds the daily death toll of any other major conflict of recent years,” Oxfam said in a statement. It provided a list of average deaths per day in other cases of aggression since the turn of the century: 96.5 in Syria, 51.6 in Sudan, 50.8 in Iraq, 43.9 in Ukraine, 23.8 in Afghanistan, and 15.8 in Yemen. The war on Gaza is now considered one of the deadliest and most destructive wars in history, according to experts in mapping damage during wartime. The war has killed more people than the US-led coalition did in its alleged three-year campaign against ISIS. In addition, researchers found that the aggression on Gaza has wreaked more destruction than the Allied bombing of Germany in World War II.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that his country will pursue its Gaza until victory and will not be stopped by anyone, including the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The White House said on Sunday (14 Jan) that “it’s the right time” for Israel to scale back its military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

This story continues in Part 2

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  1. Unbelievable story. Yet it is not going to be buried by the independent journalists of the world and the Global South will never let it be forgotten. The West has shown its hypocrisy and brutality and has zero credibility, just like it has none in the Ukrainian situation. Unfortunately we in the West live under disgusting, murdering, hypocritical governments who are doing everything they can to suppress the truth and keep their hegemonic illegal approach to dominating the globe.

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