The Crisis of ISIS

Over the past 18 months the world has been gripped by the phenomenon of ISIS. Who and what is ISIS. Let’s go back to the beginning.

  Since the early 1950’s, when the CIA station chief in Munich became aware of the effective use of radical Jihadist Muslims from the Soviet Union, US intelligence has sought to use this force to its own advantage. The CIA’s creation, and use of freedom fighters, “mujahideen”, to drive the Red Army from Afghanistan was but the beginning of a decades-long covert manipulation of jihadists to wage active war as surrogates for the geopolitical agenda of Washington.

 The latest such attempt by western intelligence agencies was deployed in the Middle East from 2010 onwards.

 The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has succeeded in imposing itself as a key player in Syria and Iraq in a relatively short time. The group has changed from an insurgency in Iraq to a jihadist group primarily involved in Syria, to an army largely in Iraq. Following the path of least resistance, the group moved from Iraq to Syria, and then Iraq again and today is in control of parts of both countries.

Abu Musab al Zarqawi established Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in April 2004, and fought primarily American troops. When the US changed tack in the region, after Israel’s defeat in Lebanon in 2006, Washington ‘surged’ US troops to Iraq, in order to kill those Jihadists that refused to come on board the Saudi deal. The deal was to focus on the Shias, rather than the Americans. Zarqawi was killed in this surge in 2006/7.

 Their follow-up leaders were killed in April 2010. It was now headed by Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi. In April 2013, ISIS   took over many defectors from another jihadist organization, Nusra Front. These defections allowed ISIS to take Jabhat al-Nusra’s place in controlling several regions and post, Raqqa, parts of the Aleppo countryside, and parts of Aleppo.

 It should be noted that until last year, ISIS has not engaged in a physical confrontation with the Syrian army, but rather fought its battles with the “opposition” jihadist factions. Once ISIS began paying larger salaries, thousands joined ISIS.

 In the meantime, the plan to break-up Iraq was in place.  The final green light for the war on Iraq using ISIS was given behind closed doors, at the sidelines of the Atlantic Council’s (a Rockefeller institution) Energy Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 23, 2013. The Atlantic Council is one of the most influential US think tanks with regard to US and NATO foreign policy and geopolitics. The key coordinator of ISIS’s military actions was US Ambassador to Turkey, Francis Riccardione.  As one source at the meeting said.”Nothing moves without Ambassador Ricardione.

 Iraq is made of three main sectors: the Shia south, the Sunni center, and the Kurdish north. The aim was to yank the Sunni center and the Kurdish north out of Baghdad’s control.

 In early 2014, ISIS began moving into Iraq. It captured Falluja in January, and went south almost to the outskirts of Baghdad. ISIS also went into Anbar province and took over Fallujah and Ramadi. Then, in June, it took over Mosul.

The Fall of Mosul

The entire world was shocked by how easily Mosul fell to ISIS. When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, a remarkable thing happened. The Iraqi Army had vanished into thin air. As per Saddam Hussein’s orders, they merged into the civilian population, and soon began a guerilla campaign. It was former officers of this army that played a key role in the fall of Mosul. They simply bribed the commanders of the Iraqi Army stationed in Mosul, to abandon all their equipment, and instruct their troops to withdraw from Mosul. That is how Mosul fell so fast to ISIS.

The bounty was huge; military equipment of all kinds; the cash held at the central bank in Mosul, amounting to between $450 and $800 million. It was shortly after the capture of Mosul that the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, hijacked ISIS, away from the Americans. We now go into a related story.

There was an ongoing dispute between the Kurdish authority in Erbil, and Baghdad over the sharing of oil revenues. Erbil complained that they were giving all the oil income of Mosul to Baghdad, but were not receiving funds from Baghdad to maintain the government sector in the north. As a result, in late 2011, Erbil began to sell oil directly to the international buyers.

Many oil companies have operations in the area. One in particular was run by the former chairman of BP, Tony Haywood, whose company Vallares, merged with Genel Energy, to create a $4.5 billion company, with operations in northern Iraq.  We know who owns Genel Energy. See the “Break-up”, Part 1 and Part 2.

 Vallares –Genel was producing about 40,000 barrels of oil per day in Kurdistan. A deal was done, whereby Kurdistan will supply 1 million barrels of oil per day to Israel. This was to be routed through to Turkey, and from there to the Turkish oil port of Ceyhan, on the Mediterranean coast. Approximately 40,000 tanker trucks were mobilized for this effort. It was a “pipeline –on-wheels” operation. Ground controllers for this were ISIS. On the Turkish border, a Mossad agent, using a pseudonym called ‘Haji Farid’, was in charge of the finance of this point between ISIS, and the Turkish intelligence services, MIT.

 From there, the oil moved to Ceyhan, loaded onto tanker ships, moved to Israel, and re-sold onto world markets.

To bring Turkey on board, Israel induced the family of Erdogan, to provide cover for this operation. And so the son of the Turkish President, Bilal Erdogan. His company BMZ Ltd moves the oil to Ceyhan, and ships it to various clients around the world. This is done in conjunction with Vallares-Genel.

 This is the prime source of the money feeding ISIS. The Mossad made the ISIS operations “self-funding”.At an average price of $25 a barrel of oil, this amounts to some $750 million a month. Part of it goes to fund supplies and operational costs of running ISIS, but the bulk of it ends up in the pockets of Bilal Erdogan, Israel, and Vallares-Genel.

 What the Rothschild interests are focused on is to control every possible oil asset in Iraqi Kurdistan and then in “liberated” Syria. Genel’s top priority is to control oil fields that were first stolen from Baghdad, and will eventually be stolen from the Iraqi Kurds.

 For months, brokers working for BP in Texas bought up a veritable sea of surplus tanker trucks across America. Driven onto ships at Houston, Texas, they travelled east to Turkey, and from there to the Syrian border, where they are now being destroyed by Russian bombers. These were trucks that used to ply America’s highways.

 On Monday, November 16, 2015, President Putin of Russia presented to the G 20 a list of 40 countries and individuals who have been supporting ISIS. Two weeks later, to the absolute shock of the world, Russian intelligence produced satellite images of the thousands of oil trucks transporting stolen oil from Iraq and Syria into Turkey. The scale of the operation was mind-blowing!

 In addition to this, Turkey – on its own – began to systematically pillage northern Syria; All the factories in Aleppo, machine tools, and archaeological treasures. This was moved to Turkey, and re-assembled.

 The US targets ISIS Oil Complex

From July 2013, there was an open break between the two families (as related in the “Break-Up”), and they found themselves in open conflict with each another. This conflict manifested itself in northern Iraq in just after the fall of Mosul. The US began bombing Genel’s drilling operations on the Golan Heights.

 The second stage was to use the Iraq military to take back the areas that had fallen to ISIS. In March 2015, a group of Shia militias commanded by Al Quds chief General Qassim Solimani, managed to snatch parts of the Sunni Iraqi town of Tikrit from ISIS. That was Iran’s first and last engagement against ISIS in Iraq. After that supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei decided to pull back from engaging Sunni Muslims in an open sectarian showdown. It was clear to him, that the battlefield was not Iran’s forte, but rather subversion, covert warfare, and limited support for Shia surrogates.

 As ISIS advanced, Teheran cut back on further military intervention in Iraq and Syria, except on the Golan. Iran turned instead to Yemen and the Houthi rebellion as its vehicle. This is a smaller arena, which is no less strategically valuable than Iraq and Syria, thanks to its command of the globally important Gulf of Aden and the Bab el Mandab Strait to world shipping.

  When US Secretary of State visited Putin in Sochi on May 12, a deal was done, whereby a raid was to be conducted to target the ISIS oil chief. Putin gave Damascus a heads-up on this. Four days later, on Saturday May 16, the US Delta Forces Special Operations conducted a raid in Syria that killed ISIS’s oil chief Abu Sayyaf, four other leaders and 27 bodyguards. The entire force returned unharmed. The result was the capture of a large amount of digital information which offered up precious data on ISIS’s finances and its command hierarchy.

 This was a blow that Mossad operations never recovered from.

 Barely five months later, the CIA caught up with Baghdadi and in an exchange of fire shot and killed him – one bullet to the head and the other in the shoulder. Two of his top aides were killed as well. After two weeks of surveillance, Iraqi intelligence killed another eight top ISIS commanders in Haith. One by one, the top leadership, and its replacements were being targeted for assassination by the CIA. In late September, Iraqi paramilitary forces captured an ISIS base in Anbar province after a fierce battle. An Israeli Brigadier, Yussi Elon Shahak was caught.  In subsequent investigations, Brigadier Shahak said, “There is a strong cooperation between Mossad and ISIS top military commanders – – – there are Israeli advisors helping ISIS on laying out strategic and military plans, and guiding them in the battlefield”.

 The ISIS leadership infrastructure was being degraded, step by step. Then Russia began its airstrikes on ISIS, and other jihadist groups, from the beginning of September. Fearing the loss over Mosul’s oil resources, the Rothschild-allied countries of Canada, Britain, and Germany announced their intentions of moving fighter jets and special forces into northern Iraq, beginning early December, 2015. That’s the oil story. It is not yet over. More on that later.

 The Israeli Angle

When the Mossad ‘hijacked’ ISIS for its own agenda, one immediately notices a change in the level of violence meted out to the local population of northern Iraq. A careful study of this will find that the terror was based on Talmudic rituals. Its savage acts in Iraq and Syria indicates that Zionist-Talmudic thoughts were ruling the group’s command center. Not even the worst atrocities committed by the other Jihadist groups matched ISIS for their sheer barbarity.

In short, Israel’s presence in ISIS’s command center is indicated by the savagery of this group that is based on Talmudic rituals. And what is the purpose of such behavior? To make the world hate the Muslims, and be terrified of Islam, saying it’s a barbaric religion. The perception – is that “snow is black.”

ISIS & the Social Network Campaign

The marketing campaign of ISIS was slick, too slick. Israel has long worked to dominate social media and other internet outlets including Wikipedia. The base of this media tango was a house in Haifa and Tel Aviv, manned by disgruntled Jewish housewives! From the same sources, beheading videos originate.  US intelligence has dubbed this “ISIS Productions”.

 Its slick marketing has drawn many disgruntled Muslim youth from all over the globe to join ISIS. It just goes to show how Muslims can be so easily conned, despite the fact that the senior Muslim clergy of many countries have made statements condemning ISIS, and stating that ISIS could never be a Muslim group. This has been borne out by facts uncovered over the past year.

 What has been discovered is not just a group of miscreant housewives living their sexual frustration on the internet under the auspices of a government-financed terrorist support group. The money, the message and players go further afield than initially believed. Sources inside Nigeria have confirmed that an international organization with access to cash and highly sophisticated communications equipment is being used in support of Boko Haram. Once again, the aim is to tarnish the image of Islam. An outside spy agency operating in Nigeria has been bribing and blackmailing elected officials and providing Boko Haram with advance knowledge of military actions against them.

 In June, 2015, a cyber attack by hackers on the computer of the Israeli Prime Minister’s chief of staff revealed secret information on Tel Aviv’s support for ISIS in Iraq and Tel Aviv’s arms aid to the jihadists in Syria, as well as large-scale support from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In early March, 2015, a delegation from the Palermo-based International Parliament, including former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, was threatened. They had been investigating war crimes committed against the Iraqi and Syrian people, an investigation leading into Turkey, Israel, and the EU. WikiLeaks has sought to smear the Parliament and its members through what, by its own standards, are considered an outrageous article. Tracing the authorship of the Wikipedia “editor” involved also led to the source of death threats as well, with IP addresses operating from Haifa, Israel.

 The same bank of IP addresses is also the root source for endless pro-Israeli stories and nearly a dozen ‘alternative news’ sites, some tied to the InfoWars group, believed to be an Israeli intelligence front tied to the Canadian-based Bronfman family. The Bronfman family in Canada is among the senior Rothschild representatives in North America. They run the Seagrams liquor empire, and are the “controllers” of the Jewish-based Mafia groups in America. This is a documented fact.

The Fall of Palmyra

The Rothschild network globally has a great hunger for ancient architectural stuff, especially when it concerns cabbalistic stuff, and other ancient idols. When the Mossad took over ISIS, a looting rampage of ancient sites began. These antiquities were sent to Israel, and from there sold into the Rothschild network globally. To cover this theft from Iraq and Syria, most of these sites were demolished. The cover story given was that these idols, etc. are “not Islamic”!

Palmyra was a special case, a very special case.

 The ISIS drive on the ancient city of Palmyra has a special significance, according to documents seized on May 16, 2015, by Syrian Special Forces units in a dawn attack on al Mayadin, along the Euphrates River.

 The al Mayadin attack, in simultaneously with an American attack a few kilometers further north along the Euphrates, brought both nations a trove of vital intelligence. Documents found on a laptop used by a senior ISIS commander showed direct communications via “social networks” with Israel. The message received from Israel had several startling elements;

  • Orders for the ISIS drive that took Palmyra came from Israel, but also reference ‘the freemasons’;
  • The document orders ISIS to find and destroy the  Second Temple of Solomon to be found in Palmyra ;
  • The document goes further, indicating that Israel will destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam.

Analysis may yield evidence of a strange “brotherhood” connecting cults within Israel and European freemasonry to the planned destruction of two very real religious sites, one very real, the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Holy Mount in Jerusalem and the second, the Temple of Solomon, or Solomon, son of King David of Israel.

The ISIS drive on Palmyra , a UNESCO World Heritage site was carefully coordinated with a drive that took the Iraqi city of Ramadi, and a Turkish backed drive on Aleppo by Al Nusra.

 Today, the world grieved over the destruction of Palmyra but, if what is foretold in the intelligence captured is correct, destroying Palmyra or perhaps the Temple of Solomon, real or imaginary, is intended to bring about a far more serious consequence, a world war leading to “Armageddon’.

 The Hebrew Bible records “Tadmur” as a desert city built by King Solomon of Israel. It is likewise mentioned in the Talmud. Later Islamic traditions attribute the founding of the city to the jinn under Solomon.

 King Solomon was the son of King David (both were Prophets of God), and the founder of “Greater Israel”, believed by many Israelis to represent their ‘birthright’, a nation from “the Nile to the Euphrates”. Current ISIS operations, clearly established to have not only broad military support from Israel, are seeking to link the Euphrates to Israel.

 When Solomon inherited the position of king over Israel, he prayed to God to grant him a kingdom which would be greater than that of any after him. God accepted Solomon’s prayer and gave him what he pleased. It was at this stage that Solomon began to acquire the many gifts that God would bestow upon him throughout his life. The Quran narrates that the wind was made subservient to Solomon, and he could control it of his own free will; and that the jinn also came under his control.

   The jinn helped strengthen Solomon’s reign, building for him monuments, houses of worship, artworks, and many other structures.  For that time period (around 1000 BC), these were the wonders of the world. God also caused a miraculous spring of molten brass to flow for Solomon, inevitably to be used by the jinn in their construction. Solomon was even taught the languages of various animals, in particular birds.

 The Quran recounts that one day, Solomon and his army entered a valley, where there were many ant colonies. On seeing Solomon and his army, one of the ants warned all the others to “- – – get into your habitations, lest Solomon and his hosts crush you underfoot without knowing it.”

Immediately understanding what the ant said, Solomon prayed to God thanking  Him for bestowing upon him such gifts and further avoided trampling over the ant colonies. Solomon’s wisdom, however, was yet another of the gifts he received from God, and many Muslims strongly maintain that Solomon never forgot his daily prayers, which, to him, was more important than any of his gifts.

 Another important aspect of Solomon’s kingship was the size of his army, which consisted of both men and jinn.

 Israel wanted to remove all traces of another Temple of Solomon that was not in Jerusalem. The world could then have told Israel that there is no need to covet Al Aqsa Mosque, as there was a Temple of Solomon in Palmyra. So, ISIS killed the head officer in charge of Palmyra, and blew the place up. All evidence destroyed.

This was at the end of August 2015. Within a week after this, the Israeli attacks on the Al Aqsa Compound increased to such a level that the Palestinians began to defend it, and also to attack the Israelis with whatever weapon they could lay their hands on, mostly, knives and cars. The evidence is plain for all to see.

 There is little question that Israel’s proposed destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque is an act of war against Islam itself. The destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque can bring nothing but wider conflict. Based on recent threats by Israel of a nuclear attack on Iran, and reports of Saudi Arabia seeking to purchase long range nuclear tipped ballistic missiles from Pakistan, the fall of Palmyra is intended to bring about everything but a melding of religions and a “righteous state” from the Nile to the Euphrates”.

 Now we come to the REAL REASON why Israel is so “hungry” for the region around Mosul. It has to do with oil, and pipelines. Read the next issue titled Mosul-Haifa Pipeline

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