Between August and September, Russian President Putin put a game-changing proposal to French President Hollande.  Putin proposed to Hollande the following deal: Syria’s Assad was prepared to grant a French oil company the Golan Heights concession.

 As discussed in the “BREAK-UP”, the oil reserves of the Golan Heights were huge. The Israeli government gave the concession to Genie Oil in the disputed Golan Heights in 2012, when the US-led destabilization of the Syrian regime was in full force.

On October 8, 2015, Yuval Bartov, chief geologist from Genie Energy’s subsidiary, Afek Oil and Gas, told Israel’s Channel 2 TV that his company had found a major oil reservoir on the Golan Heights:” We’ve found an oil stratum 350 meters thick in the southern Golan Heights. On average worldwide, strata are 20 to 30 meters thick, and this is 10 times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities.”

This above will clear the air with regards to the Involvement of Israel in helping jihadists in the area around the Golan Heights. They were protecting these drilling sites from the Syrian Army, for and on behalf of Israel. Israel’s involvement went as far as providing arms and medical assistance to these wounded Jihadists!

Hollande eagerly accepted Putin’s offer for the Golan Heights deal, especially when Putin added the security guarantees of the Russian military, in protecting the infrastructure that French oil companies would build. In return, Hollande agreed to join in the fight with Russia and Syria, against ISIS in the region. Hollande then gave instructions to his military to send the French aircraft carrier the “de Gaulle’ to set sail, and anchor off the Syrian coast; and from there the French air force would help Russia in taking out the jihadists.

 Furthermore, Hollande went two steps further:  Hollande, along with Washington, applied pressure on the EU Commission in Brussels, to pass a law, making it compulsory for Israel to label all goods produced in occupied-Palestine. All of this, naturally, made Israel see red.

 But, the camel that broke the straw, was Hollande’s statement that he would send “peacekeepers” to protect the Al Aqsa compound in Jerusalem. The unanswered question was: protect it from whom? The answer is Israel.

 This was definitely not on in Tel Aviv. The response was not long in coming.

 On November 13, Paris was once more subjected to a terrorist attack. It was meant to look sloppy, but it was not. The aim was to cause as much mayhem as was possible. The outburst from one of the terrorists in the theater before being killed was telling “this is a message for Hollande”. The Israeli intelligence service was behind the hit. One must always ask: “Who benefits”, and “who was affected by the decision of Hollande”, in this case.

This how the real world works. The perception in most people’s minds is that ‘snow is black’. The reality is somewhat different. This act had the result of sucking in France into the Syrian quagmire. It was also a brilliant move by the grand chess master Putin. It enabled him to fracture the unity of western allies, in regards to Syria. It just goes to show that when it comes to international energy geopolitics, there are no real allies, only interests.

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