The Origins of Zionism Part 2 (of a 3 Part Series)

The story continues from Part 1,

Emancipation, Revolution & the Birth of Communism

The Rothschilds began to use their financial power to press for legislation to emancipate the Jews of Europe from laws designed to restrict the Jews from many activities. The Jew, once emancipated, was confronted with a crisis in identity. Do they identify with the Jewish faith first, or with the nation where they are residing? For the first time in 19 centuries, the Jew seemed unable to adapt itself to changed conditions. Unaccustomed as they were after centuries of seclusion to the idea of a full citizenship in a non-Jewish national state, the problems of adjusting completely their religious loyalty to the new political and social status, which they had now won, appeared to them formidable.

Operating under the Talmudic mandate, the Rothschilds were worried about this development. The Talmudic leaders wanted to keep the Jews isolated, and brainwashed. If the Jew was allowed to mix with the Christians, the possibility existed that they would move away from their faith, inter-marry, and merge with the rest of mankind. Were this to happen, this diabolical force would melt away. It was not in the interest of the Talmudists, or the Devil, for this to happen. That was the quandary facing the Rothschilds. And this question would dog them till the present time.

 What had happened was this: the Jew was at the bottom of the social ladder. By using the knowledge of man’s weakness (received from the Devil), and harnessing it to the power of gold, secret societies were formed to topple existing power structures and replacing it with that controlled by Jewish finance. This new arrangement gave them the leverage to free European Jewry from the blatant and not so blatant forms of oppression. This was called emancipation. Once the Jew became equal to the citizen of Europe, he then proceeded further up the ladder, using the Illuminati organization to mobilize the masses. What was the purpose? It was so that the current rulers of Europe – mainly the monarchy – were forced by the threat of revolution from below to yield ever more authority to the Rothschilds. The concessions made by the monarchs left the Rothschilds far from satisfied, so, from 1830 on, discontent was stroked by the family all across Europe. Into this atmosphere, those in power became even more nervous about the possibility of revolution. Informers, secret agents, and violence were frequently used to suppress these revolts. In France, Freemasonry continued to serve as the cloak used by the Rothschild/Talmudic networks – and all of it directed by Jacob in Paris.

The revolutionary arm of the Illuminati was the “League of Virtue” – headed by Adam Weishaupt, who had died in 1830. A battle for his successor took place. Three were contending for the leadership. They were a Frenchman – Louis Blanc; a Russian Michel Bakunin, and a German – Karl Marx – son of a Rabbi. All three were Jews. These three were given an assignment to produce a new plan, going forward, based on the Talmudic doctrine, and in keeping with the ultimate aims of Jewish finance and the Protocols of Zion. This was in 1844.  Amschel approved the plans of Karl Marx, and in 1846, at a private council of the Illuminati in Frankfurt, this was given the go-ahead.

 In December 1847, it was published and distributed. The plan was called “The Communist Manifesto”. Yes, that’s right. Communism was an invention of the Rothschild family. Even the color of communism is RED!! Red being the symbol of the House of the Red Shield, or Rothschild. Since that time, one finds a close link between Jews and various communist movements around the world. Within weeks of publication, revolts occurred all over Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Denmark. The family gave the go-ahead, and the Illuminati went into action. Various secret societies and “rent-a-mob”, were fusing together, coordinating and synchronizing their outbreaks.  This demonstrated world revolution in action, through simultaneous eruptions in various countries. This was the precursor of today’s color revolutions. Only one organization at that time had at its disposal the money and the network to make this possible, and that was the Rothschilds.

 All across Europe, many of the family’s obstacles were removed.  Governments fell, and economic and financial competitors went bankrupt. Europe’s most powerful statesman, Metternich, had to flee Vienna in the hope of preserving the Austrian monarchy. In Germany, Berlin was the first to crack. Prussian king Frederick William granted a liberal constitution. In England, Nathan’s sons, Lionel and his brothers actively pushed for Jewish emancipation – working behind the scenes.  In 1840, a Jewish banker David Salomon was elected to the office of the Sheriff of London. Lionel ran for parliament, and became the first Jewish MP. For Lionel, it was enough  that he succeeded in opening the way for others for, after all, was this not the duty of the Rothschilds as the leaders of world Jewry.

The main reason why the family brought about communism was to remove monarchs and kings, as they would hinder family control of politics and reforms that would benefit the Rothschilds and the Illuminati Council. As an example, before this, there were times when kings borrowed money, and couldn’t pay it back. When the banker went to collect, there was a great chance the king would chop his head off. To avoid that, formation of central banks and a parliamentary system was carried out. Communism was meant to bring about, firstly, a “democratic” system. This democratic system would be far easier to control, as the politicians needed money to fund their campaigns, and the Rothschilds provided both the money and publicity through their control of the media.

 This, then, was the rationale behind the communist idea, and implementation. It’s a great remover of political obstacles. Created, funded, and controlled by the Rothschilds, it had served them very well, until the year 1989, when its usefulness to the family was over.

The Birth of Zionism

The French invasion of Russia shakes its rulers to the core. The Russian leader initiated a recovery program throughout his empire. He relaxed many restrictions imposed on the Jews, and special concessions were made to the Jews so that they would mold themselves into the Russian way of life.

 By the 1880s the Jews had made rapid inroads into the Russian economic and political life. The Russian leadership viewed with great alarm that the Jews were reaping great benefits, but without assimilating into the Russian way of life. This produced a backlash against the Jews.

 The benevolent rule of Czar Alexander was upsetting the Rothschilds claim that “much needed reforms can only be brought about speedily by revolutionary action”. Orders were given, and the Jewish terrorist groups went on a rampage. After two unsuccessful assassination attempts (1868 and 1879), they finally succeeded in killing Alexander in 1881.  This caused widespread resentment against the Jews, from the public and the state. In response, the Russian state passed the May Laws of 1881. These May Laws sought to allocate the participation of Jews in the economy in proportion to their population; if Jews constitute 3 % of the population, it was found that they occupied more than half of all key positions within the state and the economy.

 An official protest was made to the new Czar by a Jewish delegation headed by a Rothschild agent, Baron Gunzberg, on May 23, 1882.  Loans that were in mid-negotiation were called off by the Rothschilds. A report commissioned by the Czar was released on September 3rd, and the following is a part of it”- – – the conduct of Jews in business matters has brought about the sad condition of the Christian population- – – during the last 20 years the Jews have possessed themselves of all trade, business and agriculture – with few exceptions they have, as a body, devoted their attention to defrauding the Russian peoples by their wiles. The government has adopted stringent measures to put an end to oppression as practiced by the Jews on other inhabitants and to rid the country of their malpractices, which were, as is well known, the original cause of the anti-Jewish agitation”.

 After Baron Gunzberg’s delegation failed to have the May Laws rescinded, the Rothschilds imposed financial and economic sanctions against Russia. They almost reduced the nation to bankruptcy. An open but undeclared war soon erupted between the Russian empire and the Rothschilds. Does this sound familiar? Remember the sanctions imposed on Putin’s Russia after the Crimea takeover and the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

 Jewish terrorists increased the tempo of destabilization in Russia. Jews were worried because they feared a continuation of such Jewish terrorism would result in a wave of anti-Jewish riots, and it could possibly end up with the extermination of the Jewish race in Russia – at that time the largest in the world.

 Two courses of action were followed, on instructions from the Rothschilds. The first resulted in several hundred thousand Jews fleeing Russia to go west, to Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Australia. But Europe did not want any more Jews – for they were sick and tired of Jewish financial, economic and moral tyranny. So, in order not to make the situation even worse than what it was at that time, the Rothschilds began to activate a plan to move Jews to Palestine.

 From the Rothschild point of view, a “back to Israel”, or “Zionism” movement was an idea whose time had come, and this was their reasoning:” Turkey was heavily in debt to us, Egypt was running on our finance and managed by our on-the-spot agents, neither party would be able to make much of a noise if we sent a few thousand of our Russian brothers to settle down in Palestine”.

With that in mind, a meeting was arranged, in Paris in September 1882. This was held at Edmond’s house. It was decided that Edmond would run this file as he was the one brother who was least involved in the bank. So Edmond Rothschild – youngest son of James (the youngest of the 5 original brothers) met with Rabbi Shmuel Mohilewer –leader of the Russian Jews-, and Joseph Feinberg- head of the Jewish movement in Jaffa (now called Tel Aviv). At that time the Jewish population of Palestine was less than 20,000 – all of whom were of the Sephardic branch of Judaism. Mohiliwer wanted Edmond to subsidize Jewish immigration to Palestine, and this Edmond was not prepared to do. After several days of heated arguments, debates and talks, Edmond laid down his conditions – of which we list some of the more important ones below:

  1. He, Edmond Rothschild, was prepared to finance an experimental settlement of Russian Jews provided they would submit to strict supervision by his agents.
  2. An agricultural expert would be sent to Palestine to report on the viability of farming in the region.
  3. Edmond’s support for the colonists was to be kept secret.
  4. The immigrants were to work on the land and not set up as traders and craftsmen. They were not to sublet or sell their holdings – they were not to hire labor – and they were not allowed to pay their children wages.
  5. Every new settler was obliged to sign an agreement “to submit myself to the orders which the administration shall think necessary in the name of Monsieur le Baron (Edmond) in anything concerning the cultivation of the land and in its service, and if any action should be taken against me, I have no right to oppose it.
  6. There must be unity in buying land, for if each one acts separately, the price of land will rise greatly. In general, it is necessary to avoid publicity in such matters. Only if we proceed quietly (the Rothschild way) will our work be crowned with success – – -.

These conditions were accepted and work on the settlement soon got underway. Edmond had an optimistic vision of a large-scale settlement because it would make a major contribution towards solving the Jewish question, and because it would show the world that his people (Jews) could succeed as primary producers and not just as “parasites”. As the settlements grew he provided for their every need – schools, synagogues, houses and medical treatment. This group of Russian Jews was of the Ashkhenazi branch- who had NO BLOOD LINKS to Palestine.

 Because of his go-slow approach in settling Palestine, he was not well liked by the ruling circles of the rabbis, and especially their representative in the Illuminati Council. But, the Rothschilds had taken over the Council in the 1830s, and within the Council their word was law. To give an example: 1899 was a sabbatical year. Jewish law forbids the tilling of land every seventh year. Edmond thought that idleness for so long a period would ruin most of the young settlements. He flew into a fit. For months on end he plunged into ferocious theological maneuvers. He remonstrated with the rabbis of Jerusalem. He gave up banking, racing and all other activities. To combat one fanaticism, he had to assume another. And so Edmond gave the following ruling:

“All the Jewish lands in Palestine had to sold, for one year only, to people of another faith.” Edmond told the Palestine Jews that – “they would be working for non-Jews, which was permissible – and not for themselves”.

 They were dealing with a Rothschild. Edmond laid a powerfully worded brief of his argument before Rabbi Isaacs Elchanan of Kovno, Lithuania and famed throughout the Jewish world as the greatest orthodox authority. After much pressure on Edmond’s part, Rabbi Elchanan gave his permission. All this infuriated the orthodox leadership, and the chief Rabbi of Europe, Rabbi Zadok Kahn condemned the Rothschilds. In reply to these accusations, Edmond’s response was quite uncompromising: “These are MY COLONIES, and I shall do with them AS I LIKE – – – if you do not listen to my orders, then I will remove my diplomatic and financial assistance. Either they (settlers and rabbis) give me their unquestioning OBEDIENCE, rooted out troublemakers and devoted themselves totally to the work on hand, or they would not receive another cent from him”.

Theodor Herzl

Theodor Herzl was a reporter for an Austrian newspaper- the Vienna New Press.  Herzl offered a focus for a Zionist movement founded in Odessa in 1882, which spread rapidly throughout the Jewish communities in Russia. He submitted his draft proposals to the Rothschild Family Council, through the head of the Austrian Rothschilds – Salomon Rothschild, in 1891, noting: “I bring to the Rothschilds and the big Jews their historical mission “. This manuscript was titled “Addressed to the Rothschilds”.

 The family gave him a contract to publish this in a book form. The result was “The Jewish State “, published in 1896. The family then assembled a congress in Basle, Switzerland, attended by 197 delegates- all from Russia. Herzl then became head of the World Zionist Organization, which resulted from this first Zionist congress. Herzl then made the rounds of European capitals and issued his famous phrase: “When we sink we become a revolutionary; when we rise, there rises the terrible power of our purse”. Rothschild words in Herzl’s mouth! Europe’s leaders feared the revolutionary forces as well as the financial pressures- both from the Rothschilds. Thus, he told European leaders that he would reduce this threat in proportion to the support of Zionist aims received from them. Herzl was just an ordinary figure, yet he was able to be admitted into the corridors of power throughout Europe. How was this possible? This was the Rothschild network of power at work, which made this possible.

 Ties of race and interest bound these men together. They maintained between them an incredibly accurate network of economic, political, financial intelligence at the highest level. They could withdraw support here, provide additional funds there, move immense sums of money with lightning speed and secrecy from one corner to another corner of their financial empires, and influence the political decisions in a number of countries.  With such a power behind him, Herzl was in a position to make demands and utter threats. Many have mistaken Herzl as the founder of Zionism. As we can see, this is far from the truth. He was just a lowly leg-man with an idea – an idea which the Rothschilds backed.

 After Herzl’s death, the Rothschilds appointed Dr. Chaim Weizmann to be the overall coordinator for the Zionist project. He wrote a book, and at that time, it was the best single source of information about the twin roots of Zionism and Communism, and their convergent purpose. He became its roving ambassador, the darling of Western courts and became the first president of Israel in 1948. The lifeblood and treasure of the West was to be spent on promoting these two isms. The western Jews were strongly opposed to Zionism. It was the Russian Jews who were the force behind both communism and Zionism- they wanted Palestine, and were willing to use the threat of communism and finance to bend the West to achieve that aim.

The Balfour Declaration

Turkey was the heart of the Ottoman Empire. The Middle East was part of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey was proving to be a tough nut for the family to crack.  Bribery and threats failed. Financial pressure and fomenting discontent worked for a while, until the outbreak of the First World War (1914-1918). The Rothschilds then promised the Arabs to fight the Ottomans in return for their independence. The Arab revolt succeeded, but Britain quickly betrayed those promises in a move to secure its own interests – Palestine and Arab oil.

 Britain was broke on the eve of the war. Many Rothschild agents went to the American Zionists (12,000 out on estimated 3 million Jews), and told them that London will try to secure Palestine for them. Britain was going to have to rely on American arms and money. By February 1917, the center of world finance had shifted from London to New York. America had now become “balance wheel” in international power politics.

On the 7th of February, a meeting took place at the home of Moses Gaster, Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic community of Britain. Present were the top leadership of the Zionist project. James Rothschild, Weizmann, Herbert Samuel (major shareholder of Shell Oil), were amongst those present. The meeting ended with a summary of their aims, which were:

 *International recognition of Jewish rights to Palestine

*The creation of a Jewish chartered company in Palestine with rights to acquire land.

After this, a campaign began to co-ordinate their activities internationally.  On April 5th, 1917, decrees were signed removing all restrictions on Jews in Russia. The next day, America enters the war.

In London, the War Cabinet sent 1.4 million troops to the Middle East, first to the capture of Palestine and  Jerusalem, and then to the expulsion of the Turks from Palestine and its surrounding regions. On the 26th of March, 1917, the British attacked on Gaza failed. By the end of April a second attack on Gaza also failed. There was no easy prospect of success on this front. At the end of May, more reinforcements were rushed in from Greece. Their objective was in sight, but still it had to be taken.

 In the US, there was no support for the Zionist project as some of the wealthiest Jews in Britain and the US were opposed to it. But while the controversy continued, the Rothschilds worked hard to produce a draft document which was acceptable to both Britain and the US. After immense pressure was placed on the White House, a final draft was accepted by the White House on 16th October.

 The final draft was then addressed to the head of the British Rothschilds-Walther Rothschild in London by Arthur Balfour. It was called the Balfour Declaration, when by all rights it should have been called the ROTHSCHILD DECLARATION. This was issued on 2nd November 1917. That same week, the Rothschild-controlled Bolshevik toppled the provisional government in Moscow. The simultaneous triumphs of Bolshevism in Moscow, and Zionism in London in the same week had the same source and master-the Rothschilds and the creed they represented and headed.

  In 1919, a senior official of the US State Department, responsible for Middle East affairs met with Weizmann and asked him what might happen if Britain did not support a national home for the Jews in Palestine. Weizmann thumped his fist on the table and thundered, “If they don’t, we will smash the British Empire as we smashed the Russian Empire “.

 Few documents have had as shadowy a past- or as ominous a future – as the Balfour/Rothschild Declaration. This was the most extraordinary document produced by any government in the last two centuries , in that one nation (Britain) promised to a second nation or tribe(the Rothschilds) the country of a third (Palestine) . More than that, the country was still part of the empire of a fourth, namely Turkey. And the promise made by Britain was not to a country but a small religious community!

 These two forces (money and terrorism) fulfilled the tenets of Deuteronomy: “Pull down and destroy – – – rule over all nations”, the one destroyed in the East, and the other secretly ruled in the West.

A third project of the war was also revealed. This was the project for the League of Nations- a forerunner of the UN.  The aim was to take over “the management of human affairs”, and to rule by FORCE! This project did not take off due to the refusal of the US to join it- even though John D Rockefeller put up the headquarters building in Geneva, Switzerland at a cost of $20 million. Although it lived for a short while, it did produce one enduring legacy –it legalized the theft of Palestine by the Rothschilds, and Britain was “granted” a mandate to run it.

 This declaration laid the groundwork for the dramatic birth of Israel in 1948, for the dispossession of the Palestinians, for the many regional wars that have followed, and for the gradual but ever deepening involvement of America and the world in the Middle East morass. One cannot hope to discuss Palestine without discussing the Middle East, and no serious discussion of the Middle East can be done without understanding international power politics/geopolitics and the role of oil and the Rockefeller family, for Palestine is the most explosive story of our times.

  In June 1922, the US Congress passed a joint resolution of both houses, almost word for word, identical to the Balfour/Rothschild Declaration in 1917.On July 24th, 1924, Britain was awarded the “mandate” to remain in Palestine. Many Jews in the West were still opposed to a Jewish political state.

Although the British government helped the Rothschilds achieve their aims in Palestine, by the 1930s, Britain had outlived its usefulness to the family. There were many instances where British soldiers were killed by Jewish terrorists such as the Irgun and Stern gangs.

 By now the Jewish population of Palestine reached 100,000, but more Jews were leaving Palestine than entering it. 1929 turned out to be a bloody year in Palestine. The Zionist adventure was in collapse, as the repression of Arabs did not help the Zionist project.

 In 1933, Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany. A new program against Jews began. Jews started leaving Germany to go west, but many western countries did not want any more Jews. As Weizmann said in 1906, “Whenever the number of Jews in any country reaches the saturation point, the country reacts against them”.

In 1917, we had the “Jewish persecution in Russia “- which helped to move Jews to Palestine. In 1936, we have the “Jewish persecution in Germany”, at just the time the Zionist project in Palestine was disintegrating, and was considered as “helpless and hopeless “. With a new cry, the Zionists re-directed these “persecuted German Jews” to Palestine! Do you see the pattern? By 1936, Arab uprisings and protests were becoming even more violent. The British proposed a partition, which was a Rothschild idea, as a Jewish state with defined boundaries was NOT ACCEPTABLE to the Rothschilds. Israel is an expansionist state, thus boundaries are dangerous to them.

 1938 was to be the bloodiest year since 1920 – around 1,500 Palestinians were killed by the Zionists. Very soon, war broke out –the Second World War.

The Birth of Israel

  The war lasted for six years. There were three key results. Communism, with western arms and support, had advanced to the middle of Europe; Zionism had been armed to establish itself on Palestine by force; the world government (the UN) had been set up in New York.

 Towards the end of the war, there was a conference at Yalta between Churchill, Stalin and FDR, to divide the world into two blocs. After this meeting, FDR went to meet Saudi king Ibn Saud. They met onboard a US ship in the Red Sea. Over a period of three days, February 12-14th, 1945, some serious discussions took place. Ibn Saud gave FDR a detailed history of the Jews, Zionists, the Protocols, and Islam. Ibn Saud told him that the Arabs, who knew the Torah and the Talmud, and “had known for 2,000 years what you have fought two world wars to learn. FDR says he learned more about the Jews and Zionists from Ibn Saud than from all his experiences to date. Nonetheless, he asked Ibn Saud to allow more Jews into Palestine and received a blunt answer, “No – there is in Palestine an army of Jews all armed to the teeth, and they did not seem to be fighting the Germans, but were aiming at the Arabs.”

On February 28, FDR returned to Washington. On March 18, Ibn Saud reiterated by letter his verbal warning of the consequences which would follow from US support of the Zionists. On April 3rd, FDR replied reaffirming his own pledge verbally given to Ibn Saud: “I would take no hostile action, in my capacity as President of the US WHICH MIGHT PROVE HOSTILE TO THE ARABS “.

 The pledge was categorical; it continued, “No decision will be taken with regard to the basic situation in Palestine WITHOUT FULL CONSULTATION WITH BOTH ARABS AND JEWS “. This was a direct repudiation of Weizmann who had told him, “We could not rest the case on Arab consent.”

Several days later (April 12), he died. It was an assassination, and his death was made to look natural. Truman became the next US President. Rothschild agents bribed Truman. And soon, an American president now supported hostile action against the Arabs.

 We now swing over to the Zionist Congress in Geneva in 1946, where orders were given that the Jews must fight against British authorities in Palestine. The terrorists took command. For the next two years, they set to drive the British from Palestine, and they knew they would not fail. If the British defended themselves or the Semitic Arabs, then the cry of “anti-Semitism” would rise until the politicians turned on the British. Then, when the British left, the terrorists would drive out the Palestinians.

 Hundreds of British soldiers were killed. Many died when the Jewish terrorists blew up the King David hotel, whose responsibility was claimed by Menachem Begin’s gang – the Irgun. Britain then handed over its responsibility to the UN, which had as little right to dispose of Palestine as the British did 30 years earlier. The UN recommended partition. But the Rothschilds were not sure of success. They were especially worried about the votes of the Latin American countries, a continent that was the personal fiefdom of Nelson Rockefeller. The Rothschild intelligence service had documents proving that some of the key leaders of Hitler’s regime were sent to Latin America, utilizing the covert channels of Rockefeller’s intelligence network. Along with these men came vast amounts of wealth (between $1-5 billion) and intelligence spirited out of Nazi Germany during the last days of the war.

 Isser Harel (who would become one of the earliest heads of the Mossad paid a visit to Nelson (a blackmail trip-that if he did not agree to the Rothschild request then they would expose this aspect of Nelson), Nelson glanced through the documents and less than a minute later, stated: “You can have your country, or you can have your revenge (against these Nazi leaders), BUT NOT BOTH – – – the choice is yours”.  Nelson was cool as a cucumber. The deal was done. The Latin American votes would be cast for Israel! The UN vote was 31 YES, 13 NOs and 10 absentations. This was in March 1948. Violence in Palestine had increased greatly after the UN vote for partition. The Security Council became alarmed and beat a retreat! Even Truman was shaken and the US representative in the Security Council announced the REVERSAL OF AMERICAN POLICY, proposing (19th March) that the partition proposal be SUSPENDED, that a TRUCE be arranged, and that the end of the mandate be followed by a Trusteeship!

 At the last moment the idea of a “Jewish state” seemed on the verge of collapse. The post-war return to reason was beginning, and if this plan failed, then only a third world war could provide another opportunity. It was now or never, and the Zionists struck at once. They presented the UN with the fact of bisecting Palestine themselves.

On April 19th , Jewish terrorists belonging to the Stern and Irgun gangs (headed by Yitzak Shamir and Menachem Begin who would later become prime ministers) massacred the entire population of the village of Deir Yassin. More than 250 men, women and children were killed and thrown into the village wells. Thereafter the entire Arab population of Haifa, Tiberias, Jaffa and numerous other towns and villages fled Palestine for the neighbouring Arab states, except for a few thousand Arabs who stayed behind. It has been estimated that close onto 1 million Palestinians fled their country after Deir Yassin. The Arabs called this event the “Nakba”.  Deir Yassin solved the Zionist problems – for a while, as the Zionist state could not hope to absorb one-tenth of the immigrants that soon came. The partition of Palestine had been achieved by force.

 This was the most significant day in the entire story of Zionism. On that day, Zionist terrorists enacted the literal fulfillment of the “Law” laid down in Deuteronomy. This massacre was an act of “observance” of the ancient “statutes and commandments” , including the relevant passage in Deuteronomy  , “ When the Lord thy God shall bring thee into the land where you go to possess  it , and shall cast out seven nations greater and mightier than you – – – then you shall UTTERLY DESTROY THEM ; you shall make no covenant with them , NOR SHOW MERCY TO THEM,” and the related passage , “ you shall leave nothing alive , but you shall utterly destroy them”.

 There are seven Arab states today (Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Palestine), and most of them had its share of refugees of the 1948 Nakba. To the Arabs, Deir Yassin    meant the savage Law of Judah devised by the Levites between 621 BC and 400 AD, was to be resurrected and imposed on them in full force and violence, with the support of the Christian West and Communist Russia alike. The symbolic massacre, they knew, was intended to show them what would happen to all of them if they stayed. Thereon almost the entire Arab population of Palestine fled into the neighbouring states.

At the Versailles Conference in 1919, Weizmann had declared, “The Bible is our mandate”, and the words sounded good to western ears. This showed what they meant, and the same words were repeated by the Zionists in Palestine in 1948.

 On May 13th, 1948, Weizmann visited Truman at the White House. The next day the US recognized Israel. On May 15th, Truman received Weizmann at the White House, this time as the head of state. It is worthy to note that the Soviet Union recognized Israel a FEW MINUTES BEFORE the US. This recognition was granted by the Soviet Union’s Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko (real name Katz – a Jew).

 Israel is the ONLY nation to have been admitted into the UN unconditionally. In 1949, it agreed to 3 conditions in return for recognition: Firstly, not to change the status of Jerusalem; secondly to allow the Palestinian refugees to return to their land, and thirdly, to respect the boundaries fixed in the Partition Resolution. Israel has never put this into practice. So much for the birth of Israel and the pain it caused to others.

 The UN then sent Swedish diplomat Count Folke Bernadotte as the UN mediator to Palestine. After consultations with all the parties, On November 29th, he recommended a course of action which infuriated the Rothschilds. These were that Jerusalem be recognized as an international city, borders should be respected and maintained, and that the Palestinians have a right to return.   The next day in Jerusalem, three Irgun terrorists killed him and his aide. As stated earlier, the Rothschilds did not want any of these 3 conditions FORMALIZED, as they are in an expansionist mode; neither do they want to share Jerusalem, and they need to evict  more Palestinians out, NOT TO ACCEPT THEM BACK! On this one point alone, Israel has no other choice but to expand. It either expand or it dies. And every expansion results in a new war in the region.  Another crucial point to understand is that Israel will, at all times, avoid peace talks, for peace means sitting down with the Palestinians and Arabs  – – – peace means giving back land – – – peace means accepting Palestinian refugees back — – peace means no more expansion. So, “peace“” is a dirty word for the Rothschilds.

  World War 2 produced the “hoax of the 20th century”- the so-called Holocaust. Statistical evidence proves that the Jewish population in Europe declined slightly in the war zones and increased in the non-war zones of Europe and overall. Other population groups all showed a net decrease. A brief explanation follows: When the Germans used slave labor in its many industrial complexes, and also placed many people in concentration camps, the people in both cases represented a veritable cross-section of the undesirable peoples of Europe, as well as political enemies of the Nazi state. If, for example, the Germans killed a 1,000 people in a city or town, the breakdown would show 400 Poles, 200 gypsies, 150 Jews and 250 others. The Zionist propaganda machine turned logic upside down, and said that 1,000 Jews were killed! Then add the fact that many European Jews (especially the secular Jews) opposed the Zionist program, and formed the majority of Jews in the concentration camps. Assisting these German SS prison wardens were Zionist Jews!  Aided by Zionist Jews, the SS wardens in these areas specifically targeted the secular Jews for punishment etc. This is NEVER reported in any media outlets. Furthermore, the total number of civilian deaths caused by the Nazis in concentration camps, usage of slave labor in industrial facilities, etc., did not exceed 900,000 persons! This is nowhere near the infamous “6 million dead Jews”. A lie repeated often enough takes on the aura of truth. There are some excellent books on this subject, but the best one on this particular subject is a book called “The Hoax of the 20th Century” by Dr. Arthur R. Butz, and first published by the Institute for Historical Review (ISBN number 0-939484-46-3).

 It has been said that it is not difficult to fabricate history. Maligned by people who have made no effort to read it , denounced by those unable to refute its thesis, this book, since it was first published in 1976, and undergone more than ten reprints, has sent shock waves throughout the academic and political world. So threatening has it been to the Rothschilds and its international Holocaust Lobby, that its open sale has been banned in Israel, Canada, Germany and many other Western and Christian states. The Rothschilds don’t want you to know the truth. So, why this con job?

  The answer is provided in the following two quotes, some 20 odd years before World War 2.

 The first is from Henry Ford’s newspaper, the Dearborn Independent of 10 July, 1920: “Though Jewish nationalism exists, its enshrinement in a state to be set up in Palestine is not the project it is engaging the whole Jewish nation now. The Jew will not move to Palestine just yet. It may be said that they will not move at all merely because of the Zionist movement. QUITE ANOTHER MOTIVE will be the cause of the exodus out of the gentile nations, WHEN THE TIME FOR THE EXODUS FULLY COMES”.

 As Donald Cameron, later British Consul-General at Alexandria (Egypt), a man fully in sympathy with the Zionist cause and much quoted in the Jewish press says: “The Jewish immigrants into Palestine will tire of taking in one another’s washing at 3%- – – of winning one another’s money in the family, and their sons will hasten by train and steamer to win 10% in Egypt. The Jew by himself in Palestine will eat his head off and will kick his stable to pieces. Undoubtedly, the time for the exodus – at least THE MOTIVE FOR THE EXODUS IS NOT HERE YET HERE!”

The Holocaust is an excellent, albeit fabricated, motive to FORCE the Jew to MOVE to Palestine. The Rothschilds want very badly to move Jews in great numbers to Palestine. Remember, the Jews cannot quite exist amongst themselves, in as much, parasites cannot dwell among themselves. The Jew is not a producer, farmer or artisan. There are others who do that. The Jew, by his nature, lives off those who are producers, farmers, etc.-the HOST. The only way a parasite can live is to feed off hosts! Our story continues in Part 3.

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