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How Zionism Weaponised Anti-Semitism

Since the 5th century, the Jewish race was reviled amongst the other groups in the Middle East, and later in Europe itself. There were many reasons for this-which we have covered in previous articles. The main reason is their treatment of non-Jews.  It was only until the late 19th and early 20th century that Jews […]

Palestine – From Antiquity to 1948

Historical Background It is a paradox of the Arab-Israeli conflict that the central issue, the plight of the Palestinians, was long regarded by much of the world as peripheral. In 1948, the UN considered the outcome irreversible and made no attempt to enforce the creation of a Palestinian state. UN resolutions 242 and 338 refers […]

The Origins of Zionism Part 2 (of a 3 Part Series)

The story continues from Part 1, https://behindthenews.co.za/the-origins-of-zionism-part-1-of-a-3-part-series/ Emancipation, Revolution & the Birth of Communism The Rothschilds began to use their financial power to press for legislation to emancipate the Jews of Europe from laws designed to restrict the Jews from many activities. The Jew, once emancipated, was confronted with a crisis in identity. Do they […]

Gaza – Epicenter of WW3

Background On October 7th, the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, based in Gaza, launched an attack on Israel. Both Israel and its US supporters were caught completely off-guard. It took some time for Israel to gather its wits and plan a strike on Hamas. More than three weeks have passed since. Below, we will give you […]

Russia and the Rothschilds Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series)

Background The Rothschild involvement with Russia goes back to the early 1800s. It would help us understand better if we do a bit of background on the Russian Jew. The Jews of our time fall into 2 main sects: Sephardim and Ashkenazi.  The Sephardim are descendants of the Jews who trace their lineage back to […]

The Rise of the House of Rothschild Part 5 (of a 6 Part Series): 1880 – 1905

Palestine Exploration Fund Not long after the death of the youngest brother, James, in Paris, the British house formed an entity to begin work on mapping out Palestine. Founded in 1865, the Palestine Exploration Fund was, for its first 25 years, both the principal British exploration society in the Holy Land and a surveying body […]

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