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The Origins of Zionism Part 2 (of a 3 Part Series)

The story continues from Part 1, https://behindthenews.co.za/the-origins-of-zionism-part-1-of-a-3-part-series/ Emancipation, Revolution & the Birth of Communism The Rothschilds began to use their financial power to press for legislation to emancipate the Jews of Europe from laws designed to restrict the Jews from many activities. The Jew, once emancipated, was confronted with a crisis in identity. Do they […]

Weaponising Islam – “Roots of Islamic Rage” Part 2 (of a 6 series)

The Turkish Ottoman Empire had been one of the most powerful and successful empires in the world for more than 6 centuries. Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the spiritual and political head of the Ottoman Empire, and head of the Islamic Caliphate, had been maneuvered in 1881 by the British and French creditor banks and governments […]

The Rise of the House of Rothschild Part 6 (of a 6 Part Series): 1897 – 1948

In this article, the Rothschild family has entered its most critical period. All the factors necessary to bring about the fulfillment of their mandate from the Illuminati/Talmudic legacy were now being aligned. The aim: – to push through the implementation of establishing a political state in Palestine- by hook or crook. It was now time […]

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