The Great Reset and the Woke Agenda Part 2 (of a 3 Part Series)

The Woke Agenda

Woke is simply LBGT, BLM & FEMINISM all rolled into one pile of dog. It has nothing to do with reality- just wishful thinking and brainwashing. The agenda is hate against straight heterosexual relationships, white people, God, religion and masculinity. The Rothschild family want the next generation to be without purpose or meaning, and most importantly, to end the institution of the ‘FAMILY SYSTEM’ WITHIN HUMANITY. In short, this Woke concept is the tool and handiwork of Satan.

To better understand this concept, it would do us well if we go back to the beginning. And, I am sure that many of you are unaware of some aspects of this. It is never too late to learn. There is a saying: – “there are 2 roads that never end – the roads of wisdom and knowledge”.

Imagine navigating a maze. What happens when we get lost? To go back to the starting point, and begin again. Thus, we are taking you back to the beginning of this story. You may not understand the significance of this info now, but will appreciate it, as time goes on. Educate those loved ones and friends around you. Maybe, they might appreciate this more than you. Let’s begin.

The Beginning

Our Creator made the heavens and the earth, and everything within it. Amongst the countless creations, three stand out – the angels, man and the jinn. Angels are made of light; man is made from soil; and jinns are made from smokeless fire. What is smokeless fire? When you light a match, the area just above the tip of the flame – that is smokeless fire. The devil or Satan is from the jinn creation, and as such, he is made of smokeless fire. Do note that not all jinns are evil. They also have good jinns amongst themselves, and families.

The jinns lived on earth for more than 140,000 years, over several periods. Satan, at this time, became the most pious servant of the Creator. He prayed on every square inch of land on earth. He was so pious that the angels in the lowest heaven requested the Creator to admit Satan into the 1st heaven. The request was granted, and thus Satan spent much time in each of the 7 heavens until he was admitted to paradise itself. The angels of the 4th heaven nicknamed him, Azazeel, which means “the isolated one”. That name stuck to Satan, until he became Satan.

In paradise, he was so knowledgeable that the angels even used to ask him to teach them some words of praise to the Creator, until the time came when the Creator created Adam the first human being. Adam was taught the names of all things, and was given two things – intellect and free will, which was given to no other creation. In view of this, when the Creator assembled all the angels and asked them the names of various things, the angels replied that they don’t know. When Adam was asked the same questions, he answered correctly. The angels were amazed. The Creator then ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam, out of respect, and all did so, all except Azazeel.

It was at this point, Azazeel became the devil/Satan. And why did he refuse to prostrate to our father? His answer was “I am a better creation than Adam. I am made of fire and he is made of mud. This statement says a lot. This act became the first sign of pride and racism. By refusing to obey the Creators command, Satan committed a grievous sin. This would condemn Satan to the hell fire after Judgement day.  God then ordered Satan out of paradise, but Satan then asked God for two things. One was that God grant him respite till the Day of Judgement. His request was granted.  The second was that he-Satan – would do his best to move Adam and his progeny away from the obedience of God. Satan reasoned that if he is going to hell, he will take as many human beings with him. God replied that he will manage to lead many amongst men into the fire, but there are many humans who will follow the commands the Creator. The Creator has warned us many times that man’s number 1 enemy is Satan. Man is unable to see the angels or the jinns, but they can see us. This is how the Creator did things, in his knowledge. The Creator has sent many prophets and messengers to teach, guide and warn humanity (about the devil and the Judgement Day, paradise and hell). Satan has too many ways of misleading and tricking man. He is a master of deception. His main aim is to take man away from the obedience of the Creator.

Remember, the devil has been around for millennia before Adam was even created. He is extremely cunning and wily. Not only that, the devil has pulled off a master con, in which he has managed to CONVINCE a great number in humanity that – – – “he does not exist”. One of his great achievements in destroying man is by breaking up marriages. Of all the acts of the Satan’s army against man, the greatest reward and praise is for those evil jinns who breaks up marriages within humanity.

The time period is 1000 BC. The place – Jerusalem. God had granted a mighty kingdom to Solomon. He was a king as well as a prophet. Solomon had prayed to God to grant him a kingdom, the likes of which the world had not seen, nor will it see again. God had granted Solomon his wish, and granted him power and authority over man and the Jinn species. As well as power over the animal kingdom, and made the wind subservient to him. Within his kingdom, the jinn were allowed to work and live, in a form visible to mankind. Of the 12 tribes of the Jews, one tribe stood out: the Levites – the family/clan of Levi, one of the 12 children of Jacob. The jinn creation had many abilities which are used to manipulate man by whispering suggestions into the minds and thoughts of man, among other abilities. By this observation, they were able to deduce that many among the Jews were proud, arrogant, and ignorant and erred towards evil. In their evening meetings, the jinns deliberated, and they concluded that these were weaknesses which the evil jinns (tied to Satan) could exploit to gain greater control of these people, and so lead man further away from the truth. The jinn noticed that the Levites were inclined to do sin. So a few of the Levites were approached by Satan, with a view of introducing the art of black magic to these select few Levites. The first result was the breaking up of marriages, so that the initiator of these black arts could use this in order to break up the marriage, and then marry the wife.

This was an evil art. Black magic and all its connotations were introduced to a few among the Jews. This evil art was previously restricted to the higher hierarchy of the priestly class of the idol-worshiping peoples and nations. After some time, others within the Jewish community noticed these strange acts, and informed King Solomon. Upon hearing of this, Solomon was furious, and forbade the jinns from continuing this practice of black magic. And, he also made them go back to their original form, that is, they became invisible to the human eye. But, the damage was already done. The saying “the genie is out of the bottle” is derived from this period.

After the death of Solomon in 973 BC, the first political state of the Jews was broken up. The Levites, especially the priestly class, were not liked by the other tribes. They were the “black sheep” of the 12 tribes of Israel. The reason for their ostracism was that they had turned out to be the best pupils of the Satanic jinns who had taught the arts of black magic – they also became its most insidious practitioners.

Every tribe had a province, with the exception of the Levites. The Jewish tribes had formed a strong cohesive entity, the northern confederation of the 10 tribes called “Israel”. Judah, to which the very small tribe of Benjamin attached itself, was a petty kingdom in the south. Judah, from which todays Zionism comes down, was a tribe of ill-repute. Historically, Judah was to survive for a while and to bring forth Judaism, which begat Zionism. Israel was to disappear as an entity, and it all came about this way.

The Birth Of the Creed

The little tribe in the south, Judah, became identified with the landless tribe, the Levites. These priests from the Levite tribe were the true fathers of Judaism. The Levite priests planned a coup. Although Judah never had a king, they had a province- Jerusalem. The Levites grasped this opportunity. They saw that if a king were appointed, the ruling class would supply the nominee, and they were the ruling class. Thus, a coup came about in which the Levites assumed political power in Judah. But the Israelites still rejected the Levites – now known as the Judahites, and from which the words “Judaism, “Jewish” , and “Jews” were derived from. The Levites decided that they were destined to develop as a race apart. They demanded an order of existence fundamentally different from that of the people around them. The Israelites, by now, gave up all hope of reforming the Levites in Judah, resulting in a complete political and religious separation from the Israelites. Thus, the cause of breach and separation is made clear. Israel believed that its destiny lay with involvement in mankind, and rejected Judah on the very grounds, which over the next 28 centuries, caused other peoples to turn in alarm, resentment and repudiation from Judaism.

The next 200 years (940-723 BC), during which Israel and Judah existed separately, and often in enmity, are filled with the voices of the Prophets preaching against the Levites and the creed which they were constructing. Then, in 723 BC, Israel was attacked and conquered by the Assyrians. Judah was spared for the moment, and for another century remained an insignificant vassal of Assyria, and then Egypt.

At this point, the Israelites disappear from history, and from then till current times, it is probable that much of their blood has gone into the Arab, European, African and American peoples.

The people known at present as Jews are descendants of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, with a certain number of the tribe of Levi. The use of the name “Israel” by the Rothschilds given to the Zionist state in 1948 is in the nature of a forgery. Some strong reason must have dictated the use of the name of a people who were not Jews and would have none of the creed which has become Judaism/Zionism. A possible theory is that the name “Israel” was set up with the idea that the West and its Christian peoples would be comforted in their conscious if they would be led to believe that they were fulfilling biblical prophecy at Gods promise to Israel. This lie will last for a short time. However, the truth will come out in the long run.

The Levites and the Law

During the 100 years that followed the Assyrian conquest of Israel, the Levites in Judah began to complete the written Law. In 621 BC they produced Deuteronomy and read it to the people in the temple in Jerusalem. Deuteronomy means “Second Law’, the first being the Torah, a divine revelation to Moses from God. It was read in 621 BC to so small an audience in so small a place that it’s great effects for the whole world, through the following centuries into our time, are by contrast the more striking.

This was the birth of the “Mosaic law “, which Moses never knew. It is called Mosaic Law because it is attributed to him. The Levites made Moses say what suited them. Its proper description would be “the Levitical law” or, “the Judaic law.” Deuteronomy is the heart of the Torah. It is also the basis of the political program of worldly dominion over nations destroyed and enslaved, which has been largely realized in the West during the last 250 years. Deuteronomy is of direct relevance to the events of our day, and much of the confusion surrounding them disperses if they are studied in this light.

Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the bible, but it was the first to be completed. This was followed much later by Numbers and Genesis, while Leviticus and Numbers were produced even later. None can tell how closely Deuteronomy, as we know it, resembles Deuteronomy as it was read in 621 BC, for the books of the Old Testament was repeatedly revised and changed up to the time of the first translation, when various other modifications were made. No doubt some passages were removed, so that Deuteronomy in its original form may have been ferocious indeed, for what remains is savage enough.

Religious intolerance is the basis of this “Second Law” (racial intolerance was to follow later, in another “New Law”), and murder in the name of religion is its distinctive tenant. By the time the end of Deuteronomy is reached, all moral commandments have been nullified, for the purpose of setting up , in the guise of a religion, the grand political idea of a people sent into the world to destroy and “possess” other nations and to rule the world. This concept of destruction as an article of faith is unique.

Deuteronomy is above all a complete political program: the story of the planet, created by God for this “special people”, is to be completed by their triumph and destruction of all others. The rewards offered to the faithful are exclusively material: slaughter, slaves, women, booty, territory, empire. The only condition laid down for these rewards is observance of the Law, which primarily commands the destruction of others. The punishments described are of this world and of the flesh, not of the moral spirit. Moral behavior is required only towards co-religionists and “strangers” are excluded from it.

Deuteronomy ends with the long-drawn out curse-or-blessing theme. These blessings occupy 13 verses, the curses some 50 or 60.

In the Mosaic Law, the destructive idea took shape, which was to threaten Christianity, Islam, and the West, all three then undreamed of. During the Christian era , in 325 AD,  a council of theologians made the decision that the Old Testament and the New should be bound in one book, without any differentiation, as if they were stem and blossom, instead of immovable object and irresistible force. The Christian churches accept the Old Testament as being of equal divine authority with the New.

This then is the source of much confusion and distress amongst both the Church and its Christian followers. What relationship can there be between the universal loving God of the Christian revelation and the cursing deity of Deuteronomy. White Christians are taught to “love thy neighbour “, and as well as “to destroy”, and “enslave”. This contradiction comes very clearly to mind when one witnesses the treatment by the white races  harsh rule over the blacks of South Africa, by the importation of African slaves to America by British traders, American mistreatment of the Indian natives, and so on. This contradiction cannot be explained by the best of them, unless this is pointed out to them.

In Deuteronomy, Judaism was born, yet this would have been a stillbirth. They were not numerous, and a nation a hundred times as many could never have hoped to enforce this barbarous creed on the world by force of its own muscle. There was only one way in which the Mosaic Law could gain life and potency and become a disturbing influence in the life of other nations during the centuries to follow. This was if some powerful stranger, some mighty king should support it with arms and treasure. Instead, the Babylonian victory was the start of the affair. The Law, instead of dying, grew stronger in Babylon, where for the first time a foreign king gave it his protection. The permanent state-within-states, nation-within-nations was projected, a first time, into the life of peoples, initial experience in usurping power over them was gained. Much stress for other nations was brewed then.

During the 7th century BC, Jerusalem grew to contain a population many times greater than earlier and achieved clear dominance over its neighbors. This occurred at the same time that Israel was being destroyed by the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and was probably the result of a cooperative arrangement with the Assyrians to establish Judah as an Assyrian vassal state controlling the valuable olive industry. Judah prospered as a vassal state but in the last half of the 7th century BCE, Assyria suddenly collapsed, and the ensuing competition between Egypt and Neo-Babylonian Empire for control of the land led to the destruction of Judah in a series of campaigns between 597 and 582.

With the production of Deuteronomy in 621 BC, the Levites tested the patience of God. Barely 25 years later, God’s punishment descended on the Levites in the form of the Babylonian invasion by its leader, Nebuchadnezzar, in 596BC. Solomon’s Temple was destroyed – this was built by the Jinns and a very advanced structure. Babylonian Judah suffered a steep decline in both economy and population Jerusalem, while probably not totally abandoned, was much smaller than previously. The Levites acquired authority from their captors.

The Babylon Era

The Babylonian conquest entailed not just the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple, but the liquidation of the entire infrastructure which had sustained Judah for centuries. The most significant casualty was the state ideology of “Zion” theology, the idea that the god of Israel had chosen Jerusalem for his dwelling-place and that the Davidic dynasty would reign there forever. The fall of the city and the end of Davidic kingship forced the leaders of the exile community – kings, priests and  scribes  – to reformulate the concepts of community, faith and politics. The exile community in Babylon thus became the source of significant portions of the Hebrew Bible. About 40,000 Jews were carried away to Babylon as captives. The Babylonian episode was decisive in its consequences, both for the petty tribe of Judah and for the world today. During this period the Levites added four more books to Deuteronomy, and thus set up a Law of racio-religious intolerance which would for all time cut off the Judahites from mankind. As a Mr. Montefiore, a powerful Jewish financier of the 18th century remarked: “The Old Testament is revealed legislation, not revealed truth”, and says the Israelite Prophets cannot have known anything of the Torah as the Levites completed it in Babylon. In Babylon, these Levites requested of their ruler two things; the first was a walled community to keep their people, in order that they do not intermingle or marry with other communities – this gave rise to the first ghetto in the world. By this means, the Levites had a captive group who they could indoctrinate with their Law. The Levites acquired authority from their captors. The second request was for a house to be converted into a temple, so that they could observe prayers as it was done in Jerusalem; this gave birth to the first synagogue in the world.  At that point in history, the Levitical theory of politics, which aimed at the exercise of power through the acquirement of mastery over foreign rulers, was put to its first practical test and was successful. By the present times this mastery of governments had been brought to such a degree of power that they were all under one supreme control. King Cyrus of Persia was the first of them. Babylon had germinated many ideas in the science of political statecraft for the Levites. What they now learnt and put into practice was the principle – – – “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”.

Their captor was Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. His enemy was King Cyrus of Persia. So the Levites befriended Cyrus, and convinced him to topple Nebuchadnezzar. In 539 BC, this happened. Now the Levites were free. The Persian King Cyrus was the first of a long line of non-Jewish leaders worked by the ruling sect who, through him, demonstrated that it had found the secret of infesting and then directing the actions of foreign governments. And so it came to pass that with Persian men and Persian gold, the Levites set out for Jerusalem. This practice has become a regular occurrence in the political life of the present times. The successors of the Levites, the Zionists, had used the same strategy in Palestine in 1917, when they used British men and British gold to take over Jerusalem. It was repeated in 1948, this time with Russian men and American gold. And from 1968, it used American gold to maintain its presence in the Middle East.

One of the first acts of Cyrus, the Persian conqueror of Babylon, was to commission Jewish exiles to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their Temple, a task which they are said to have completed c. 515 BC. By the mid–5th century BC Judah had become a theocracy ruled by hereditary high priests with a Persian-appointed governor, frequently Jewish. Until, finally, in 458 BC, the Jewish leaders made the Jewish citizens of Jerusalem   divorce their non-Jewish spouse, and made them sign a contract that they would not repeat it. The people wept. On that day, the umbilical cord between the Judahites and other nations was then finally severed. The Judahites were cut off from mankind and enslaved by the Levites. The Levites produced a racial creed; the disruptive effect on subsequent human affairs may have exceeded that of explosives and epidemics. This was the day the theory of the master race was set up as “the Law”. Thus, they founded the permanent counter-movement to all religions and identified the name Judah with the doctrine of self-segregation from mankind, racial hatred, murder in the name of religion, and revenge. Among the many ‘statutes and judgements’ that the Levites put into Deuteronomy repeatedly, the commands “utterly destroy” , “pull down” ,“root out”, Judah was destined to produce a nation dedicated to destruction.

The Persian era, and especially the period between 538 and 400 BCE, laid the foundations for the unified Judaic “Mosaic Law “religion. Other important landmarks in this period include the replacement of Hebrew as the everyday language of Judah by Aramaic.

In 40–39 BCE, Herod the Great was appointed King of the Jews by the Roman Senate, and in 6 CE the last leader of Judea was deposed by the emperor Augustus, his land annexed.  The name Judea ceased to be used by Greco-Romans after the revolt of Simon Bar Kochba in 135 CE; the area was henceforth called Syria Palaestina (Greek: Παλαιστίνη, Palaistinē; Latin: Palaestina).

The Translation of the Law -The Second Temple period (520 BCE – 70 CE):

The most important event of the next 400 years was the first translation of the Judaic scriptures (the Old Testament) into a foreign language, Greek. The translation was made by 72 Jewish scholars in Alexandria between 375 and 150 BC. The Judahites had lost their Hebrew tongue in Babylon.

In view of the changes which were made, none but Judaist scholars could tell today how closely the Old Testament in the Hebrew Aramaic original compares with the version which has come down, from the first translation into Greek, and subsequently into Latin. Whatever may have been removed or modified, the vengeful tribal deity, the savage creed and the law of destruction and enslavement remain plain for all to ponder. With that translation, the Old Testament entered the West. That was before the story of the West even had barely begun.

The Rise of the Pharisees

  The Pharisees, who had formed the most numerous political party in Judah, contained the dominant inner sect; earlier represented by the Levitical priesthood. They made themselves the carriers of the Levitical idea in its most fanatical form. As the Levites had succeeded in severing Judah from its neighbours, so did the Pharisees, their successors, stand ready to crush any attempt to reintegrate the Judeans with mankind. They were the earliest specialists in secret conspiracy, as a political science. The experience and knowledge gained by the Pharisees may be plainly traced in the methods used by the conspiratorial parties which had emerged in Europe during the last 250 years, and particularly in those of the destructive revolution in Europe, which has been Jewish organized and Jewish-led.  We take into account the English (1650), French (1789), and Russian (1917) revolutions.

 Under the domination of the Pharisees, the Messianic idea first emerged, which was to have great consequences through the centuries.   When the Messiah appeared and pointed the way to the “kingdom of heaven”, it was the very opposite road from that pointed out by the Pharisees. Evidently, many of the people were only too ready to listen, if they were allowed, to any who could show them the way out of their darkness into the light and the community of mankind. However, victory lay with the Pharisees so that, many of these people had cause to weep, and the catalytic force was preserved intact.

Jesus Christ & the Pharisees

 Yet the being who appeared was the Messiah.  In a few words he swept aside the entire mass of racial politics, which the ruling sect had heaped on the earlier moral law, and like an excavator revealed again what had been buried. The Pharisees at once recognized a most dangerous prophet. The fact was that Jesus found a large following among the Jews.

 The Law, when Jesus came to “fulfill” it, had grown into a huge mass of legislation, stifling and lethal in its complexity. Jesus reached out a finger and thrust aside the entire mass, revealing at once the truth and the heresy. He reduced “all the Law” and the prophecies to three commandments: Believe in the Oneness of God, love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.  This was a direct challenge to the Law as the Pharisees represented it, and Jesus carried the challenge further by deliberately refusing to play the part of the nationalist liberator and conqueror of territory for which the prophecies had cast the Messiah. He said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

   Everything he said was a quiet but direct challenge to the most powerful men of his time and place, and a blow at the foundations of the creed which the sect had built up in the course of 9 centuries. The final straw was when Jesus admonished the Pharisees, and told them: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven against men’ for you neither go in yourselves, nor allow others to enter therein. Wherefore you be witnesses unto yourselves that you are the children of those who killed the prophets, you serpents, you generations of vipers.” Within a few years, the Pharisees conspired with the Roman governors to kill Jesus.  The Pharisees had taught the Judean peoples to expect a Messiah, and now had crucified the first claimant. The public claim, “Jesus was a Jew” is always used in our time period, for political purposes. It is often employed to quell objections to the Zionist influence in international politics, or to the Zionist takeover of Palestine, the suggestions being that, as Jesus was a Jew, none should object to anything done in the name of Jews.

  In AD 70 all fell to pieces. The confusion and disorder in Judea were incurable and Rome stepped in. the Romans entered and razed Jerusalem. They also destroyed the Second Temple. Judea was declared conquered territory and the name vanished from the map. For long periods during the next 1900 years no Jews at all lived in Jerusalem.

 Before Jerusalem fell in AD 70, two bands of travelers passed through its gates. The disciples of Jesus bore a new message to mankind, Christianity. The Pharisees, foreseeing the fate which they had brought on Jerusalem, moved to a new headquarters (Jamnia in Palestine) from which the ruling class might exercise command over the Jews, wherever in the world they lived. These two small groups of travelers were the vanguard of parties of light and darkness, and they moved westwards.

 The Pharisees saw, from the start, that the new religion – Christianity- would have to be destroyed if their “Law” were to prevail, and they were not deterred by the warning voices heard within their own ranks :  “Consider well what you are about to do. If this be the work of man, it will soon fall to nothing, but if it is the work of God you cannot destroy it.” The majority of the Pharisees felt strong enough to destroy it, and if necessary, to work for centuries at that task. Thus the Pharisees took their dark secrets of power over men into a world different from any before it.

 The crisis of “the West” today traces directly back to that departure from doomed Jerusalem 1950 years ago, for the two groups bore into the West ideas that could never be reconciled. One had to prevail over the other, sooner or later, and the great bid for victory of the destructive idea is being witnessed in our generation.  The Pharisees were prepared to vanquish this new force that had arisen in the world. Their task was larger than that of the Levites in Babylon. The Temple was destroyed and Jerusalem depopulated. The tribe of Judah had long since been broken up, now the race of Judeans was dissolving. There remained a “Jewish nation”, composed of people of many different bloods, who were spread all over the known world, and had to be kept united by the power of the tribal idea and of the “return” to a “promised land” to a “special people”; this dispersed nation had also to be kept convinced of its destructive mission among the nations where it lived.

The Talmud

The Pharisees at Jamnia invoked once more their claim to possess the oral secrets of God, and began to reinterpret these laws so that these could be shown to apply to Christianity. This was the origin of the Talmud, which in effect is the anti-Christian extension of the Torah.

 The Talmud became, in the course of centuries, “the fence around the Law”, the outer tribal stockade around the inner tribal stockade. The Pharisees were successful in their huge undertaking. The Talmud was effective in putting a fence between the Jews and the forces of integration released by Christianity.

 What is called Western civilization cannot be conceived without Christianity. The shadow that followed the disciples out of Jerusalem, also followed Christianity into the West, and the Talmudic sect dogged it for centuries. The West, in the 20th and 21st centuries, became the scene of the struggle between the nations which had risen with Christianity and the sect dedicated to the destructive idea.

Saul aka Paul

In order to destroy the teachings of Jesus, the Pharisees decided to liquidate the followers of Jesus. To this end, a bounty was put on their heads – dead or alive- it didn’t matter. The head of this bounty hunting “task force” was a ruthless Jewish gangster in Tartus, who went by the name of Saul. Many of the followers of Jesus were killed in this manner. When a public backlash ensued against these killings, the Pharisees decided to change their strategy. For every one follower that Saul killed, many more entered Christianity. And so it came to pass that, under Pharisee orders, Saul changed his name to Paul, and proceeded to change the teachings of Jesus. He proved to be extremely successful in his mission. 


 The West was not the only one involved in this issue. About 500 years after the period of Jesus, the instinctive impulse to seek One God produced another challenge to Talmudic racialism and this time it came from among the Semitic tribes. The Arabs too, attained to the concept of one God for all men.

 The Prophet Muhammed was the final messenger of God. He held Jesus to have been, like the Prophets Abraham and Moses, a prophet of God. He regarded himself as the successor of Moses and Jesus and as the Prophet of God whom he called Allah.

 This religion, like Christianity, taught no hatred of other religions. The Prophet Muhammed showed great reverence for Jesus and his mother – who are both subjects of profane derision in Talmudic literature.  However, Muhammed held the Jews to be destructive force, self dedicated. The Quran says of them, : “ Often as they kindle a beacon fire for war, shall God quench it. And their aim will to abet disorder on the earth, but God loves not the abettors of disorder”. All down the centuries the wisest men thus spoke of the tribal creed and the sect, until the 20th century, when public discussion of this question was virtually suppressed. Thus was Islam born and it spread to many parts of the world, as Christianity spread over the West. Christianity and Islam spread out and embraced great masses of mankind, the impulse that moved in men became clear. Far behind these universal religions lay Judaism, in its tribal enclosure, jealously guarded by the inner sect.

 In the 20th century, this powerful sect was able to bring the masses of Christianity and Islam to the verge of destructive battle with each other.  The present generation will be a witness to that clash. The resulting disaster will see the setting up the creed of the “master race, headquartered in Jerusalem, funded and controlled by the ruling family in Zionism, the leaders of international Jewry, the Rothschild family.

 The Pharisees of our time are the Illuminati/Zionist elite, whose ruling family is the Rothshilds.

The story of Zion, from its start, falls into 5 distinct phases, those of the Levites, the Pharisees, the Talmudists, the Illuminati, and finally, the Zionists.

 The third, Talmudic phase was much the longest for it lasted for 17 centuries from AD 70 to 1773 AD. During this period, the Jews entered the West and the “government” worked tirelessly to keep the dispersed nation under its control, subject to the “Law”, and separate from other peoples.

 A great number of Jews in Europe and America desired to cast off the chains of the Judaic Law and to mingle themselves with the rest of mankind. Using the power over governments which it had gained through emancipation, the ruling sect achieved a second “return” to the chosen land, and thus re-established the Law of 458 BC, with its destructive and imperial mission. The great power wielded over Western governments was used in a coordinated end, and the whole destructive ordeal of the West in the past 100 years was related to and dominated by the ancient ambitions of Zion, to become the dogma of Western politics.

 The Destructive Mission

 The study of hundreds of volumes over the centuries gradually brought the realization that the essential truth of the story of Zion is all summed up in 21 words: “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever – – – nothing that the Gentile will do will meet our needs and demands.” In our generation of the 20-21st Century the destructive mission has attained its greatest force, which results which are not yet to be fully foreseen. The move to Europe came about through the Islamic conquests. The Arabs drove the Romans from Palestine. By this means the local natives became the rulers of their own country and remained so for 900 years until 1517 when the Turks conquered it.

From Palestine, Islam then spread its frontiers right across North Africa, so that the great mass of Jews came within the boundaries of the Islamic rule. Next, Islam turned towards Europe and invaded Spain. Therewith the shadow of Talmudic Zionism fell across the West. The Moorish conquest was supported by both men and money by the Jews, who as camp followers were treated with remarkable favor by the conquerors, city after city being handed to their control. What was to become of vital importance to the West was that the Jewish government was now in Europe! The directing center and the destructive idea had both entered the West. This was done under the protection of Islam. To the Spaniards, the invader came to bear more and more of a Jewish face and less and less a Moorish one. The Moors had conquered, but the conqueror’s power passed into Jewish hands. The Moors remained in Spain for 800 years. When the Spanish re-conquest was completed in 1492 the Jews as well as the Moors were expelled. They had become identified with the invaders rule and were cast out when it ended. The Jews who had entered Spain could trace their bloodline to the Middle East. They spoke Hebrew and were called the Sephardic Jews. When they were expelled from Spain, many of the wealthy Jews moved into other parts of Western Europe, and the richest of them moved to Amsterdam. Holland at that time was a colony of Spain, until it gained independence a few years later.

 Although the Sephardim lived on peaceful terms with other Jews they rarely intermarried with them. In modern times the Sephardim have lost the authority which they had previously exercised over the Jews. Authority had shifted eastwards to Poland! When the Jews were expelled from Spain, the Talmudic government relocated to Poland. We now move onto the next phase of our story wherein we unravel a great human mystery; namely how did a Jewish population of millions come into being in Poland and Eastern Europe, when no Jews had migrated there from the Middle East? Brace yourself for a pleasant surprise. The story continues in the next and final part of this series.

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