GAZA – US & Israel Defeated: What Next?

The Gaza conflict has dealt a massive defeat for Israel and the US. What was thought to be simply a walk in the park has turned out to be a nightmare for these two “rogue states”. They have repeatedly suffered multiple blowbacks on the implementation of their genocidal aims and policies. For every move they had in mind for the Palestinians in Gaza, these rebounded on Israel and the US. We will be looking at some of these “blowbacks”.


When the war began, Israel’s stated aim was for Egypt to open its crossings and allow the entire population of Gaza to settle in the Sinai. And that Qatar should foot the bill for building a “tent city” in the Sinai for the displaced Gazans. Lo and behold, it seems that these Zionists forgot about the term “BLOWBACK’, for that is precisely what happened in Israel over the course of the war. Instead , the Israelis are now sitting in that very same situation that they promised the Gazans. What an irony.

Internal Displacement

Mayor of southern resort city says hotels, vacation apartments are full; CEO of hotel complex in country’s center says capacity capped to ensure all have access to bomb shelters

With some 300 to 500,000 Israelis displaced internally due to the ongoing war with Hamas in the south and skirmishes with Hezbollah in the north, some municipalities are setting up tents to house those forced to leave their homes as most hotels are already packed to capacity. About half of that figure was ordered to evacuate from 105 communities near the Gaza and Lebanon borders, while half left areas close to the frontlines of their own volition, the government said.

The Defense Ministry, through its National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA), said it was providing services to about 120,000 displaced Israelis ordered to evacuate from 25 communities up to four kilometers from the Gaza Strip, and from another 40 plus communities up to 5-8  kilometers from the Lebanon border, according to a Defense Ministry announcement.

Many evacuees are bunking with relatives in the country’s center, or with the many families who have volunteered to open up their homes to host them. At the Kfar Maccabiah hotel complex in the central city of Ramat Gan, tents are going up to create more space for evacuated families. In Eilat, a southern resort city that has taken in many evacuated families — due to its abundance of hotels and relative immunity from rocket attacks. That calculus has since changed as Yemenand the Iraqi Resistance groups has been targeting Eilat since November 8th. Families from the south are already staying at the complex, and the tents will enable people from the north to stay there as well. Eilat Mayor Eli Lankri said Israel’s southernmost city is working toward setting up a similar complex. The government is paying for this cost. To take care of 500,000 internally displaced Israelis is costing the government billions.

Tent cities going up in Ramat Gan, and  Eilat to accommodate growing number of evacuees.

The biggest setback to the Rothschild’s Zionist project is the hasty exit from Israel of between 500,000 to 1 million Jews. These have gone back to their countries of origin. Others have moved to various other regions of the world, such as Australia and Cape Town, the so-called “sanctuary cities”. Many of these Jews, the idea of living in Israel is “not worth it”. How the family will convince them to return is baffling. As we have read, from previous articles, the creed tried very hard to keep these Jews together and brain-wash them. It seems that centuries of hard work was undone in a matter of weeks.

Israel will not vanish off the face of the map. That time has not come as yet. This will be done when the Prophet Jesus returns to earth and kills the anti-Christ. From this point on, Israel will be no more.

Financial & Economic Losses

As for those who think Israel is taking its time—many reports indicate that Israel’s economy is facing massive shocks from this war. They’re bleeding over $600M per week—6% of GDP—from a combination of war costs, lost tourist revenues, as well as a lot of agricultural operations reportedly completely shutting down as settlers and workers flee particularly the north near Lebanon.

Israel’s economy is at a steep decline. The mobilization of 360k reservists took 8-10% of the workforce. Incomes fell by 1/3, construction projects rose. Tourist flow has almost stopped. Meanwhile, spending on the army increases. Economy is predicted to drop. Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron said the war with Hamas is a “major shock” to the economy that is proving costlier than initially estimated.

The   war has disrupted and ravaged “thousands” of companies, many teetering on the brink of collapse, with entire sectors plunged into an unprecedented crisis. One in three businesses has either shuttered or are operating at 20 percent capacity since 7 October and punched a hole in Israeli national confidence.  More than half of businesses face revenue losses surpassing the 50 percent mark. The southern regions, closest to Gaza, bear the brunt, with two-thirds of businesses either closed or functioning “to a minimum.”

Adding to the crisis, Israel’s Labor ministry reports that 764,000 citizens, close to a fifth of Israel’s workforce, are jobless due to evacuations, school closures mandating childcare responsibilities, or reserve duty call-ups. Despite this dire situation, Netanyahu, who is heavily reliant on support from right-wing, ultra-Zionist political factions, persists in allocating “vast sums” to non-essential ideological and settler-colonial projects, diverging from the typical wartime economy protocol. Construction has ground to a halt as they primarily relied on exploiting Palestinian laborers. Tourism, a potential economic lifeline, contributes 2.8 percent to Israel’s GDP and supporting 230,000 jobs, just over 6 percent of the total workforce.  The onset of Al-Aqsa Flood further decimated travel, with daily flights to and from Ben Gurion Airport plummeting from 500 to a mere 100.

 With no end to the war in sight, and Zionist settlers themselves fleeing in droves (between 500,000 to a million), it seems unlikely Tel Aviv will become a popular holiday destination again anytime soon.

The catastrophe unfolding is not lost on Tel Aviv’s economists, 300 of  which, on 1 November, urged Netanyahu and his finance ministers to “come to your senses,” due to the “grave blow that Israel was dealt.” , there are ample indications the Zionist state is as dangerously deluded about its economic sustainability as its military prowess.

 Reports published by Tel Aviv’s Start-Up Nation Policy Institute (SNPI) “think tank” reveal a grim outlook.  Just two weeks after Al-Aqsa Flood erupted; the organization issued a study on damage to Israel’s tech sector, once a source of national pride and joy, and a bellwether for its prosperity more generally. The findings were stark. Even at that early stage, SNPI forecast a rapidly impending “economic crisis whose force is still unknown” based on its survey. In all, 80 percent of Israeli tech firms reported damage resulting from the country’s worsening “security situation,” while a quarter recorded “double damage, both in human resources and in obtaining investment capital.”  Over 40 percent of tech companies had investment agreements delayed or canceled.  Another reason for the Israeli tech sector’s failure, unmentioned by SNP is the exposure of Tel Aviv’s electronic surveillance and warfare system vulnerabilities by Al-Aqsa Flood.  The constant rocket and missile attacks on Israel have caused widespread infrastructure damage. The image of a spotless Israel has been demolished.

Finally, a blow to Israel’s maritime trade. The Houthi actions in the Red Sea targeting this trade has resulted in a nearly 90% drop in ships docking at Eilat port. This is also adding to the economic and financial losses.  Although badly hit, the economic and financial stability of Israel is assured due to 2 key factors: The first is that its owners and founders –the Rothschild family- will be there as a source of money. After all, they are the richest family in the world. The second is unwavering military aid from the US. Add to this the vast sums of money raised by private Jewish and Zionist figures in the West.

Furthermore, Israel’s war against the Palestinians is extremely unpopular around the world. The acts of ethnic cleansing, genocide and crimes against human rights are becoming clear, despite the mainstream media’s efforts to disguise them. The Zionist government is really explicit, publicly announcing its anti-humanitarian plans for Gaza. Also, the deaths of thousands of children and women are public facts, and there are no arguments to justify Tel Aviv’s actions.

Israeli newspaper Maariv reported that Israeli cabinet Minister Benny Gantz is on the verge of abandoning the occupation government, which seems to be digging its own grave,  a move considered to be the first nail in Netanyahu’s coffin, as the PM finds himself on the way to being ousted.

According to the newspaper, “Israel” is about to experience a national shock as its emergency government heads toward an “already known” end, something Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledges clearly. Just a day ago, it was reported that Gantz and Nethanyahu nearly came to blows. There are huge divisions within the cabinet.

  There are many problems besetting Nethanyahu. Most of these pressures are coming from the Israeli population. The country is reeling from multiple calamities falling on their head, one after another. This has created a divided society. This is in addition to the defeat that Hamas inflicted on Israel and the US, but more on Israel. The world has waited for this moment for decades. No one likes tyranny and injustice, while claiming to hold the moral high ground.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Master of Failure

Netanyahu has been the central point of criticism ever since his evident failure in foreshadowing, intercepting, and handling the repercussions of Operation Al Aqsa Flood. Members of his cabinet hold him accountable for what the occupation has done since October 7, and families of hostages have lost trust in him as he consistently failed to release Israeli captives in Gaza, as well as getting them killed by their own military forces. 

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid has also called on ministers Benny Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot, and Gideon Sa’ar to abandon Netanyahu’s cabinet. According to Lapid, Netanyahu is not qualified to lead the occupation.

Israeli media has also set the spotlight on Netanyahu’s incompetence and failure.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz criticized Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the occupation government, describing him on the eve of the 100-day war on the Gaza Strip as “the master of failure in multiple fields.” The critique highlighted his failures in the realms of security, diplomacy, and economics.

The newspaper suggested that, after these prolonged days of the war, the government’s top priority should be the repatriation of Israeli captives from Gaza, even if it comes at the expense of a ceasefire, the release of thousands of Palestinian detainees, or the “overthrow of Hamas.”

In the context of the declared Israeli goals of the war on Gaza, Haaretz stressed that the Israeli forces are lingering in Gaza and that changing terminology in the media does not alter this reality. This was discussed in terms of replacing the phrase “undermining Hamas” with the term “demilitarizing the Gaza Strip.”

The End of the Myth of Israeli Invincibility

We have seen a massive shift in the average perspective on the Israeli military in the MENA region. It used to be viewed as an intimidating advanced force to be reckoned with, and with a level of supremacy that could not be broken. Now, it is perceived as extremely weak and fragile. Specifically, the current perspective is that it could be easily defeated if it didn’t have unlimited American backing.

 Without the fighter jets, missiles, ammo and other military help, along with financial support over the last 7 decades, Israel wouldn’t have its military advantage – which as we have seen is simply aggressive air power and carpet bombing. Without ammo resupplies, Israel cannot fight a long war.  Without US warships in the Mediterranean, Israel wouldn’t be able to effectively deter regional players.  Without the US veto at the UNSC against any ceasefire, Israel would be in the gutter diplomatically and could not continue the war.  This war has proven to the Palestinians, people across the MENA region, and the Global South just how fragile the Israeli military actually is, and how defeatable it would be if it didn’t have unlimited support from Washington.

About half of the soldiers in an Israeli army reserve battalion have reportedly refused to enter the besieged Gaza Strip and engage in fighting there claiming they have not received the correct training to do so. Reservist fighters who were called to training have severely criticised the serious gaps in equipment, professionalism, the lack of manpower and especially the fact that in the middle of the training they were informed that they were entering the Gaza Strip without having trained as required.

 “We received the conscription order [last month] and we responded. They told us that our task would be to protect the [Israeli] towns [near Gaza], however, after about a week of ‘horrific’ training; conducted without ammunition, and without officers, we were suddenly told of a shocking order to enter the Gaza Strip to clear homes,” the soldiers told the station. Some reservists even trained without military uniforms while others were not given shirts or combat boots.

The huge death toll and destruction which Israeli strategists assume would create “deterrence”, is instead being perceived as the most cowardly tactic of a military that’s afraid of fighting “face to face” with a militia that’s a TENTH of its size, has 1 % of its resources, and has been under siege for 17 years. Israel’s ground invasion happen through fortified tanks after massive aerial and artillery bombings, and yet fail to effectively hold territory.  It is also being noted that while in 1967 Israel defeated the largest Arab nations in 6 days, it has not achieved any significant successes – for 100 days -in Gaza despite using unprecedented force on the whole population.  

 Now a generation of people across the region are not only witnessing what appears to them to be weakness and criminal cowardice of Israel’s military, they are feeling deeply ashamed of their political leaders, and guilty because they aren’t doing enough to stop the bloodshed. Moreover, across the region people now see this as an American war on Palestine just as much as it’s Israel’s. If there were any doubts about that, the US veto at the UNSC solidified this view. And the Arabs are well aware of the arms shipments, the ISR help along with Special Forces from western countries on the ground killing Gazans. Operation Al-Aqsa Flood has achieved surprising successes, challenging established security measures and potentially signaling the beginning of a larger unraveling of the Zionist project. The risks for Israel have never been higher. Tel Aviv’s settler-colonial economy, reliant on the subjugation of Palestinians, may be facing a precarious future, possibly marking the next domino to fall in this unfolding scenario.  

The Role of the US

This war was initiated and directed by the US- the aim was a “gas heist and a consolidation” deal. To this effect, the US has sent in the Delta Forces (reports allege some 5,000 plus) to assist the Israeli ground incursion into Gaza. Many of these have been killed, and many have been captured. In addition, US and British drones and satellites have been providing ISR (intelligence, surveillance and recon) coverage over Gaza.

The US Air Force is discreetly providing Israel with intelligence for its brutal assault on Gaza and has deployed intelligence engagement officers on the ground. The information used to conduct airstrikes and fire long-range artillery weapons — has played a central role in Israel’s siege of Gaza. That the U.S. Air Force sent officers specializing in this exact form of intelligence to Israel in late November, and would be used “to provide satellite intelligence to the Israelis for the purpose of offensive targeting.” 

Just days after Hamas’ Oct.7 attack, US President Joe Biden announced that his administration would share intelligence and deploy experts from across the US to “advise the Israeli counterparts on hostage recovery efforts.” Rights groups say the US is complicit in Israeli war crimes by aiding it militarily and providing it with intelligence to help it target Palestinians in Gaza. As of early December, Washington had already provided Tel Aviv with roughly 15,000 bombs and 57,000 artillery shells. This includes 100 BLU-109, 2,000-pound bunker buster bombs which have killed scores of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Artillery shells, tactical equipment, rifles, drones and mortars were among the items secretly sent by the Americans to their partners in the Middle East. The long list of weapons also includes at least two thousand laser-guided missiles for Apache helicopters. More than that,  the US is seeking to mobilize support for Israel in other countries, with efforts being made for European states and even South Korea to send weapons to Tel Aviv.

In addition, Tel Aviv is also requesting reinforcement in the air defense sector, both with missile interceptors and new batteries for the Iron Dome system. Although Hamas’ missiles are primitive and have little combat power, the intense use of artillery overloaded the Israeli Iron Dome, causing the system to fail. As a result, many Israeli targets were hit, which is why Israel asks the US for help.

Israel has also requested more than 57,000 155mm High Explosive artillery shells and 20,000 M4A1 rifles, as many as 5,000 PVS-14 night vision devices, 3,000 M141 hand-held bunker-buster munitions that US Central Command is supplying (…) According to the tally, the US has also donated its inventory of 312 Tamir missile interceptors. The Army’s two Iron Dome batteries are traveling to Israel by sealift.

 Since the start of the conflict, Israel is receiving 3 plane loads a day and a ship full of military supplies every 3 days. That’s roughly 300 plus planeloads and some 30 ship loads of arms, ammo, bombs, missiles, and more.

In fact, it is easy to understand the reasons why Washington wants to prevent this data from being made public. The American government’s pro-war mentality is becoming increasingly unpopular in the US itself, with local people reacting negatively to the country’s foreign policy. After almost two years of backing an unwinnable war against Russia, Western taxpayers want peace and will not support a new conflict.

Similarly, you now have a generation of Americans who are horrified by what their government is complicit in, with the vast majority of Americans calling for a ceasefire. Even top US officials, who care about American national interests, are showing their discomfort, realizing that Israel is dragging the US towards a massive strategic defeat.  The massive paradigm shifts that are unfolding as a result of these dynamics are going to be profound. The US is under pressure because of its unrestricted support for Israel. There are pro-Palestine protests happening across the country. However, the Zionist lobby in the US is very strong and manages to control both sides of national politics, with total support for Israel from both Republicans and Democrats. In this sense, even though there is no support from the people, the US continues to promote the war – and omitting the real data is a way to avoid mass protests and a crisis of legitimacy. However, it remains to be seen how long it will be possible to avoid this crisis. With the secret aid coming to light, the expectation is that there will be more and more protests in the near future, creating polarization and dissension in American society.

In addition, the US has sent naval assets to the region. This was aimed at Hezbollah and Iran by warning them not to come to the aid of Gaza. This was the normal concept of deterrence, but it will not come this time, as the enemies of Israel and the US have realized that the US military has proven itself to be a “paper tiger”, as the events in Ukraine and Afghanistan have shown.

Deterrence: This is the strategy of the US Navy. Having released the photo of an Ohio-class submarine in the Suez Canal, north-east of Cairo is a clear message to Iran and Hezbollah. The submarine tracks are never revealed. Yet this time the US administration has decided to show the whole world its naval deployment in support of Israel. With a sharp note for the press, the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) announced that an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine has arrived in its area of ​​responsibility. The US military rarely announces the movements or operations of its submarine fleet.

Indeed, nuclear-powered submarines operate in almost complete secrecy. But in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean the seas are rough above and below the water level. At the beginning of November, the presence of a Barracuda-class nuclear-powered attack submarine of the French Navy was identified, departing from Toulon, France. That boat also has a deterrent function, to demonstrate the full response capacity of NATO and the States in the event of a possible military escalation with Iran. And it is the entire Mediterranean belt that is affected by the passage of submarines. In recent days, in Sardinia, the Coast Guard has issued an alert for a submerged submarine that passed over the eastern coast. The alert indicated two days of absolute bans at sea on the east coast from Olbia to Villasimius for Sunday 5 and Monday 6 November. It was never known whose submarine it was.

 One of the carrier groups entered the Persian Gulf. After Iran threatened them, it withdrew from the Persian Gulf and relocated to the Arabian Gulf.

The US is in open war naval deployment. Above the sea line the presence of the Carrier Strike Group of the aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower stands out from the Suez Canal towards the Red Sea, while the CSG of the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford remains deployed in operation in the Eastern Mediterranean between Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel. The first strike group is commanded by aircraft carrier USS Dwight D.

We can now safely say that our previous reading of the Israeli situation appears to be accurate. The U.S. is acting as a rudderless ship, rushing to the MidEast out of reflex with no clear game-plan, and is in fact terrified of Iranian escalations. We now know this due to a confluence of new data.

Firstly, recall when I said you’d know how serious the U.S. was based on where it positioned its carrier group. It’s now turned out that the USS Eisenhower is positioned off the coast of Oman exactly where I said it would be if the U.S. were not serious about doing anything more than posturing. That’s because it’s too distant to strike the most important targets of Iran, but is safely out of reach of a majority of coastal missile defense systems.There are  indications, too, that the US and Britain are seeking a protracted, consequential proxy conflict not just in Palestine, but across West Asia. This unholy trinity may be on the verge of learning an excruciatingly painful lesson in the true, modern-day limits of their power.

Meanwhile, U.S. bases in the region have been getting hit almost every day while MSM continues desperately trying to downplay it. Now it’s come to light that over 50 U.S. troops have again suffered severe ‘brain trauma’ after being rocked by “Iranian-backed militias”. Besides this, there are many US troops killed. Plus, the British base in Oman was recently bombed.

One gets the sense that it’s actually the U.S. now that is desperately fighting off the back foot, trying to keep from being forced into too aggressive a response. The reason is: they know they’re being baited into inflaming ever more resistance and insurgency around the region. By goading U.S. into making flashy strikes, it’s fomenting a surging bloodlust amongst agitated fighters of the resistance sphere in the entire region. And the U.S. senses that it’s beginning to wade into something that can snowball into a massive conflagration that would undo decades of Western imperial control over the region.

Many say in the past, the U.S. would have “annihilated” any country openly striking its troops. Now it’s happening daily and Biden sheepishly murmurs that they’ll only be hit “if they keep hitting us.” To me, this represents a declining Empire desperately trying to keep the situation from spinning out of control. But if they’re so timid, why the massive armada and carrier groups towards Iran, you ask?

Firstly, there are factions in the gov’t which are likely split on what to do. The Zionist/Neocons of course will throw their considerable weight around and make sure the U.S. military is backing Israel at the least defensively, to create a shield around them ‘just in case’. This ‘fear’ is not only of ‘losing support’ of the entire Mid-East, as referenced before, but the fear of embroiling the U.S. into a quagmire which will see it nearly defenseless on the dual Russia and China fronts. The insiders sense U.S. can’t take on 3 fronts simultaneously, so why risk regional war with Iran then lose Europe to Russia and Taiwan and the west Pacific to China. On that count, one line of reasoning is that U.S. is trying to foist Ukraine off on Europe, sticking them with the ‘bill’. This is most recently evidenced by EU’s announcement they’re now discussing ways to bypass Hungary’s veto and give Ukraine a massive $50B subsidy, which is almost exactly the amount shortfall ($60B) from Biden’s planned budget, now bogged down in Congress.

In short, the U.S. isn’t a monolith—it’s being torn from the inside out by disagreement and partisanship. The sailing of its giant armadas to the Mid-East represents a sort of absent-minded, reflexive action of a bygone superpower whose senses push it into making a ‘show of force’ for no better reason than it mimicking its own perceived caricature, like an old Alzheimer’s patient going through the foggy motions of something he ‘feels’ he should be doing, but no longer quite knows why.

That doesn’t mean there still isn’t danger for major things to erupt, but simply that for the first time, it appears Iran and its axis are in the driver’s seat. The catastrophic debacle of Project Ukraine and the revival of an intractable Middle East war are deeply intertwined. 

Beyond the fog of Washington’s “worry” about Tel Aviv’s genocidal rampage, the crucial fact is that we are right in the thick of a war against BRICS 10. The Empire does not do strategy; at best, it does tactical business plans on the fly. There are no immediate tactics in play: a US Armada deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean – in a failed effort to intimidate Resistance Axis behemoths Iran and Hezbollah. 

So this is a simultaneous attack on BRICS 10. There will be no American efforts spared to prevent BRICS 10 from getting close to OPEC+. A key aim is to instill fear in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi – as confirmed by Persian Gulf business sources.  Even vassal leaders at the OIC show would have been aware that we are now deep into The Empire Strikes Back. That also largely explains their cowardice. 

They know that for the Hegemon, multipolarity = “chaos,” unipolarity = “order,” and malign actors =   “autocrats” – such as the new Russian-Chinese-Iranian “Axis of Evil” and anyone, especially vassals, that opposes the “rules-based international order.” 

And that brings us to a tale of two ceasefires. Tens of millions across the Global Majority are asking why the Hegemon is desperate for a ceasefire in Ukraine while flatly refusing a ceasefire in Palestine. 
Freezing Project Ukraine preserves the Ghost of Hegemony just a little bit longer. Let’s assume Moscow would take the bait (it won’t). But to freeze Ukraine in Europe, the Hegemon will need an Israeli win in Gaza – perhaps at any and all costs – to maintain even a vestige of its former glory. 

But can Israel achieve victory any more than Ukraine can? Tel Aviv may have already lost the war on 7 October as it can never regain its facade of invincibility. And if this transforms into a regional war that Israel loses, the US will lose its Arab vassals overnight, who today have a Chinese and Russian option waiting in the wings.  Western support for Israel is threatening the liberal world order the West had so persistently promoted for decades. The 2 families spent billions and lots of tears and sweat to establish this satanic order onto the West- first- and then tried to ram it down onto the rest of the world-especially the Global South. The majority of the world is more than eager to dump this liberal order for good. The multiple actions by the West – Covid, Ukraine, woke, Lgbtq, economic and financial wars and sanction against its economic and geopolitical rivals have pushed up the cost of living in the West, whose citizens are now turning against their masters.

The Roar of the American Street is getting louder – demanding that the Biden administration, now seen as complicit with Tel Aviv, halt the Israeli genocide that may lead to a World War. But Washington will not comply. Wars in Europe and West Asia may be its last chance (it will lose) to subvert the emergence of a prosperous, connected, peaceful Eurasia Century.

A resource war is being ignited that would ruin Eurasia and Africa. This would happen while the US stands by in the Western Hemisphere, watching from a safe distance, just like it did during World War 1 and 2, before it steps in to pick up the pieces as the economic benefactor of a devastating global war.

Our next article is titled GAZA WAR Isolates & Humiliates Israel & the US.

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