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The Aramco Hit

The Aramco IPO When Prince Mohammed bin Salman, or MBS, decided to list the world’s largest oil company, Aramco, the resulting frenzy within international banking circles was unprecedented. This decision was made in 2016. MBS wanted to diversify the Saudi economy and reduce the economy’s reliance on oil income.  The big question within investment banking […]

The GeoPolitics of Yemen

Early History The ruins of The Great Dam of Marib – destroyed by God, when the people left the worship of God, and indulged in sin. This was sometime between 1000 BC and 300 AD. A very fertile region was turned into a desolate place. Yemen was first populated by Cain (or Kabil), Adam’s son who […]

The Greater Middle East Project

At the time of the Iraq War in 2003, there appeared a project called the “Greater Middle East”. It was a plan of redrawing of the Old World regime’s map. This redrawing of the map of the Middle East is part of a strategy to put US military boots on the ground in control of […]

Trump’s Mid-East Strategy: Jockeying for Influence

The election of Donald Trump as the next American president has added a major new element of uncertainty to a Middle Eastern picture that had already achieved its highest state of confusion, violence, and uncertainty in its modern history. The factors that will determine the policies Trump will pursue there are many, and they are all […]

THE US – SAUDI NEXUS PART 6 (of a 6 part series)

First, some background. There was a reason why King Salman put his son, MBS as No 2 in the Kingdom. The normal way of doing business with the world was over. A new approach was needed. The Kingdom was facing huge challenges. So, MBS became the Crown Prince.  He is young, does not carry “any […]

THE US – Saudi Nexus Part 5 (of a 6 part series)

The Plot to Kill Crown Prince Mohammed bin First CIA Attempt to Kill the Saudi King & MBS Following the success of the China trip, King Salman was in high spirits.  The Rockefellers aim was to curtail Chinese influence in the Middle East, and this deal would only strengthen it. It was not on! It […]

The US – Saudi Nexus Part 4 (Of a 6 Part Series): 2016-2018

The Rise of Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) “Modernizing Saudi Arabia” and the Middle East Geopolitical Chessboard Saudi Arabia is undergoing a dramatic shift in decades. Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammad bin Salman made unexpectedly a gigantic leap into becoming potential successor of Salman bin Abdulaziz. The question that flashes to mind in the context of the recent and […]

THE US – Saudi Nexus Part 3 (of a 6 part series): 2010-2015

Saudi Arabia in the next 8 years would witness profound changes, both internally and externally. In the period immediately after the start of the Arab Spring, Saudi Arabia embarked on domestic policy changes, in order to forestall a possible Color Revolution in the country. To avoid any protests, in February, 2011 – King Abdullah announces […]

The US – Saudi Nexus Part 2 (Of a 6 Part Series): 1976-2010

We continue from the previous part 1 of this article. The last major point noted was the death of King Faisal, in March 1975. Upon Faisal’s death, the next in line to assume the leadership was King Khaled. Faisal’s refusal to give permission to Kissinger to bring about a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, […]

The US – Saudi Nexus Part 1 (Of a 6 Part Series): 1900-1976

Many people around the world have a firm belief that Saudi Arabia is an American colony, or vassal state. This belief is so far off the mark, that we have to correct this, and clarify the issue for the millions out there that this is not so. To understand the present it is important to know […]

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