The Gaza War Part 2 (of a 2 Part Series)

The Current War

On Wednesday, October 4th, a group of 800 Jewish settlers invaded Al Aqsa Mosque, under protection from the Israeli police. This invasion of the mosque has been increasing over the past few years, and it acts like a trigger for the Palestinians. This last elicited a response from Palestinian groups resisting Israel.

The response came on Saturday morning, October 7th. In the space of a few hours, Hamas caught the Israeli military sleeping and ill-prepared.  It sent shock waves throughout the leadership. By the time the IDF had managed some kind of response, some 600-800 soldiers were killed and many settlers taken hostage.

Meticulous, precise n effective was the operation by Hamas against the IDF. Over the following days, Hamas and associated resistance groups conducted many operations against the IDF. Besides, the increasing use of rockets and missiles towards Israel from Gaza has put such fear into the Israeli citizens that many are fleeing the country. Places were bombed that were thought to be out of range for Hamas, were struck: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashkelon, Ben Gurion Airport, and many other places.

The Israeli response was expected. The normal response is to bomb Gaza-its residents and its critical infrastructure. Due to the fact that this attack showed that Israel military standards have dropped so much, and the humiliation that this brought about, provoked a response that was disproportional. Impotent rage took over Bibi and his key allies.  The world looks on with horror at Israel’s destructive rage. But, beneath it all, this war has revealed Israel to be a “paper tiger”. It showed to the resistance forces that Israel can be hurt: a nuclear superpower beaten down by a paramilitary group that is confined into the world’s largest open air prison.

Israel’s destructive rage on Gaza is drawing in other players into the equation, which will box Israel into a corner. We will explain.


This group came into being during Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982. They eventually managed to push Israel out of Lebanon in 2000, after Israel had suffered continuous losses in Lebanon for 2 decades at the hands of Hezbollah.

In 2006, under US cover/permission/guidance, Israel invaded Lebanon. In the 34-day war that followed, Israel suffered a massive defeat, losing nearly 500 soldiers and more than 40 tanks. An invasion force of 30,000 was defeated with a loss of about 100 Hezbollah soldiers. In that war, Hezbollah fired around 100,000 to 250,000 rockets into Israel. That was 17 years ago.

Since then, Hezbollah has improved its arsenal and technology. Besides it has had extensive battle field experience in the Syrian war. It currently has around 40,000 fighters, an extensive arsenal, and is heavily supported by Iran.

In contrast, Israel does not have a military force trained and ready to respond. Most of the IDF is made up of reservists. There are very full-time military personnel.

Then, for the past 2 decades, other than the brief Lebanon war of 2006, the IDF does not have experience fighting. Rather, we can class them more as a “police force”, than a military force- attacking civilians and raiding Gaza or the West Bank.

When Israel called up 300,000 reservists, it was found that the army was not ready for this. There have been many complaints on social media from these reservists that they have “NO EXPERIENCE, NO UNIFORMS and NO TRAINING”. Some have even asked for money to buy body armor! It got so bad, that the US had to fly in plane loads of uniforms from Jordan.

Many people point to Israel’s comparatively massive army, with over 300,000+ reserves reportedly called up. But one must recall that Israel has a unique system: one of the only countries in the world where men and women are both drafted equally for mandatory conscription—this is why you see such a prevalence of female Israeli TikTok soldiers. Thus the official statistic is that 40% of Israel’s conscript force are female soldiers—so how much of their large army is actually combat capable, it’s hard to know, but probably not commensurate with Hezbollah fighters on a one to one basis.

Not a False Flag

Many western analysts have been putting forward the theory that this attack by Hamas was a false flag operation. I think the Israeli shock, confusion and fear suggests otherwise. Also, Hamas has been so denigrated by the West, that Hamas and other resistance groups are deemed to be incapable of this. In short, they look at these groups as being stupid. This is clearly a racist viewpoint. Do note that a diamond is formed from coal, only after undergoing tremendous pressure. And, so it was these resistance groups that had turned from coal into diamonds. The Israeli military went the opposite way.

This pattern has constantly been repeated throughout the course of human history. The controlling empires have placed men, formed groups within the oppressed groups, created false oppositions, throughout history. And, many times, these same groups turn against their controllers. We see it with the many leaders the West has placed into power and, who eventually turn against the West. Ditto for Hamas. It went from a “divide-and-rule” strategy to becoming an armed opposition group.

The Palestinians have been oppressed for so long that they have learnt to adapt and outwit their oppressors. And, as can be seen, they have proven themselves to be smart. So, this claim of a false-flag operation can be dismissed.

Or, It Could Be a False Flag

As a last note on the Israeli situation, this Israeli woman claims that her sources confirmed that Netanyahu issued a deliberate 7 hour ‘stand down’ order to all IDF at the start of ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’. If true, this would confirm the entire thing being a Pearl Harbor and 9/11 style falseflag:

That’s not to mention the Israeli settler woman who, in a new interview, confirms that it was in fact the IDF/Israeli police who slaughtered most of the “hostages” in the Hamas raid on the music festival. Not only does she state the IDF tank fired into the building killing all the hostages inside, but that police forces killed many of them in the crossfire. Interestingly, it was noted elsewhere the festival was to take place farther away, but was moved to a new location right next to the Gaza border only two days beforehand, which makes it smell of a setup.

In the original footage, you can even see IDF tanks already there, with festival goers hiding behind them, which obviously calls into question the narrative that Hamas raided the innocent festival for the sole purpose of massacring civilians:

A Defeat for Israel

Israel, over the decades, has shown the entire world that they are invincible. History has shown that, throughout the ages, a small force can bring down empires- much more powerful and advanced than the small force of oppressed peoples vying for their freedom. It is the same case in Israel. Add to this fact that the global media narrative was under the firm control of two families-the Rothschild and Rockefeller Empires, that controlled so much of global power- and which they are now losing. It is only with the advent of social media and the internet that the monopoly on news has been broken. The Empire of Lies is crumbling.

Israel is the least liked country in the world. It represents the visible tip of an invisible empire-that of the Rothschild family, based in London and Paris. It uses the global power of the family to achieve its ends-the protection and growth of Israel – while dismantling/destroying/balkanizing any nations that oppose this expansionist policy. To accommodate the increasing number of Jews moving to Israel, the family needs more land. It needs to expand. Israel is the only country in the world which lacks defined borders.

 The vast majority of Jews in Israel today are residents of Europe and Russia. The majority of them come from low income backgrounds. Moving to Israel is like paradise for them. These are the cannon fodder of the Rothschild family. Very few billionaire Jews reside permanently in Israel – the vast majority use it as a refuge or transit place.

Although the Covid pandemic was a Rockefeller initiative, the Rothschild family jumped on board for its own reasons. We see the evidence that the toughest restrictions were in force in those countries within the Rothschild orbit. Such as the UK, Australia, Canada and the EU, and Israel. And within these countries, Israel was amongst the hardest hit in enforcing restrictions. From this alone, we see that the family couldn’t care two hoots about the welfare of its “cannon fodder”- especially when it comes to geopolitical gains for the family.

Western Hypocrisy

Attempts by the US and EU –aka the West to “paint Moscow as a global pariah “have been poisoned by their rush to support Israeli retaliation against Gaza. As a senior western diplomat said yesterday, “All the work we have done with the Global South over Ukraine has been lost – – – Forget about rules, forget about world order. They won’t ever listen to us again. What we said about Ukraine has to apply to Gaza. Otherwise we lose our credibility; – – – the Brazilians, South Africans, and Indonesians: – why should they ever believe what we say about human rights?”  An Arab official said: “If you describe the cutting off water, food and electricity in Ukraine as a war crime, then you should say the same thing about Gaza “.

Both of these wars have revealed the double standards and hypocrisy practiced by the Empire of Lies. As their power begins crumbling around them, the 2 families find themselves exposed on the global stage. The masks are dropping revealing the true owners of power in today’s time. The gloves are coming off, and the narrative that SNOW IS BLACK has been shown to be a lie.

All those that supported the West- especially those living in the Global South- better run to safety- as the enraged mobs will hang these sellouts and mini tyrants.

Regional Confrontation

The Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is the 3rd holiest site for 2 billion Muslims. So, Hamas is not alone. Behind Hamas stands Iran and its proxies in the region: Hezbollah (around 40,000-50,000 fighters) , Syria, the Iraqi PMUS ( around 100-200,000 fighters) and Yemen. This is the Shia Axis of Resistance. And, it is a formidable force capable of hitting Israel with long distance rockets and missiles.

Iran:-When Israel’s strikes on Gaza became over the limit, rumblings began in this Axis. When Israel threatened to invade Gaza, Hezbollah warned that it would enter the fight if Israel did so. This stopped Israel. At this moment, the US stepped in. It sent 2 aircraft carrier groups offshore Israel, moved the 101st Airborne Unit from Romania to Jordan (2,000 troops), beefed up its aviation side, and is transporting more military equipment and supplies to Egypt.

Below see the map of US bases in the region.

We are not sure if this is meant as a warning to Iran and Hezbollah not to get involved, or is it part of a major buildup for another crazy military adventure in the region.

Turkey: – Two days ago, Erdogan announced that the Turkish Navy is conducting “Live” drills, and that they would be next to the US ships in the area. It is noticeable that he mentioned “live”, as he said that real bullets and rockets are going to be used in this drill

Syria: – The US has activated ISIS in Syria which has launched a series of attacks against the Syrian army. This happened the moment Syria began firing rockets at Israeli positions on the Golan Heights.

Egypt: – Egypt has moved tanks to the Gaza border, with an intention of intervening if Israel invades Gaza.

Iraq: – The Shia paramilitary groups in Iraq, known as the PMU’s, have started sending forces to Syria and Lebanon in anticipation of entering the war

Yemen: – Likewise, the Houthis in Yemen are prepared to use their long-range drones and missiles to strike Israel.

The recent strike on the hospital has enraged the Muslim world. It has also evoked revulsion and horror at the Israel for these actions. Social media has opened up the eyes of many people- who previously used to believe everything the MSM spews. Covid changed that. People lost trust in their governments, politicians, and especially the media. The true face of Israel is coming to the fore. The Empire of Lies is crumbling.

We find that the entire region is gearing up for war against Israel first, and the US bases in the region are now in the cross-hairs: from strategic patience to strategic anger. Continuous destruction of Merkava tanks with Russian Kornet anti-tank rockets, disabling radar equipment and surveillance systems, regular rocket barrages bomb Gaza, targeted strikes from the Hezbollah, non-stop bombing of Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and Zionist settler colonies. Recording an unprecedented historical record of casualties , and its citizens and soldiers being taken captives, are achievements which the resistance has achieved in a remarkable short time, and one which should not be ignored. In the world of geopolitics, emotion and bias goes out the door. Cold, hard facts prevail.

The West Panics

The Rothschild family of London and Paris did not expect this. All their plans over the past 3 years have collapsed. Its captive EU, Australia, New Zealand and Canada don’t know what to do, except threaten anyone that supports Hamas. This is the same with the Rockefeller family in New York.

The old and tried trick of pressuring the Arabs to clamp down on the resistance groups has ended. We witness that from the reception Blinken received from Sissi of Egypt- cold and dismissive. It was even worse in Saudi Arabia when MBS kept Blinken waiting the entire night. And MBS gave it to Blinken. No American official has been so publicly humiliated over the past 8 decades!

Then Biden was to meet in Jordan with the King and 2 other Arab leaders. The Arabs called the meeting off.  No Arab leader wants to meet with the Americans, as they all blame the US for this conflict.

As noted, from previous articles on this site, the US is sliding into irrelevance, and has lost the ability to influence events. The danger is that America’s fast decreasing geopolitical weight may lead to the neocon group in Washington to make some rash and irrational moves. Time will tell.

Brics-The Game-Changer

There is also another angle to look at. In January, BRICS will expand by 6 new members, taking the bloc to 11 members, and a new moniker- BRICS +. The most important of the new members are Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. These will significantly boost the influence and power of BRICS. The new BRICS + has the power to cripple the dollar overnight, and turn the US into a “has been” power.  With the mutual dislike and hate between MBS and Biden very high, anything is possible. For sure, the Rockefeller Empire and its allies may do something stupid against these three and to MBS in particular, or a new war could erupt in the region.

In addition, Russia has now begun to patrol the Black Sea with Mig 31s armed with Kinzhal missiles. What a brilliant move. These Migs have a range of 1,000 kms plus add another 2,000 plus kms for the Kinzhals, giving a total range of 3,000 kms. This means that Russia can control the eastern Mediterranean up to Sicily. The implication is that this was to put the US carrier groups in the crosshairs. It is strange given that Russia has Bastion ship-killer coastal defense missiles in Tartur and has no need for Kinzhals, but who knows.

This effectively sandwiches the US naval force sitting offshore Israel, between the Turkish “drills” and the Kinzhal “fence”.

And for those wondering, this is said to be the current U.S. carrier position with the range of Hezbollah anti-ship missiles shown: These are Russian assets.

The carrier group is clearly anchoring itself right outside the range. Russian Yakhonts can go up to 800 – 1000km but those are domestic versions only, export versions cap out at 150 – 300km. Not only are Russia and Turkey co-ordinating in the region, but even the resistance groups are also doing the same.

Now, you understand why I said that Putin has been the grand chess master of Eurasia, and in this Gaza war as well. Well planned and played out. One must have vision for such, which the West is sorely lacking.

The US Game – Plan

Washington, as leader of the “Collective West” and NATO suffered a massive military defeat in Ukraine. From the start of the Ukraine counter-offensive on June 4th till October 4th– roughly 4 months, Ukraine lost 90,000 soldiers dead, 557 tanks and more than 1,000 armored vehicles plus a wide range of various military equipment and machines. In addition to the destruction of critical infrastructure, many NATO officers, soldiers and spies have been killed (reports suggest this number into the 100s). One thing’s for certain, the more Israel presses forward, the less relevant Ukraine becomes.

The US was humiliated so badly that when the Gaza war broke out, it eagerly jumped on board for several reasons. One was to move Ukraine off the front pages. Remember “failure is a poor orphan, while success claims many fathers”. The second is that the US has fallen so far behind in its military technology and economic power and industrial production capacities, that it would not win a war against a peer competitor. It was defeated by Russia in the Ukraine proxy war. For the past 5 decades the US has not fought a war on an industrial scale. It conducted policing operations against pygmies. It was not successful even in this, as we witness its humiliating defeat in Afghanistan 2 years ago.

So, the US jumped at the chance to regain some of its humiliation by jumping into the Gaza war.

Meanwhile-The Slaughter Continues

The IDF- due to its lack of professional military personnel – is retaliating using its air power, to bomb Hamas and other resistance groups. In addition, it is making use of other assets such as tanks, drones and naval power. Other than helicopters and fighter jets, in most areas of fighting, the resistance has developed and utilizing equipment that neutralizes tanks, corvette boats, other Israeli naval ships, and various armored vehicles.  Even the much-vaunted Iron Dome system has proved to be an abject failure. It can handle one or 2 rockets at a time- not 10s and 100s of them at the same time. And so we find that resistance rockets are striking many targets every hour. These are the actions of the resistance groups in Gaza alone.

In the past 3 days, there has been an increasing level of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. The IDF has already suffered many losses in manpower and equipment. The IDF has lost military escalation dominance on the battlefield, and this will contribute to its massive losses in the coming days and weeks.

There are two key points that not many realize. Israel has a Jewish population of some 7 million. Then globally, there are another additional 14-16 million Jews. There are some 6 million Palestinians (both Muslim and Christians) within Israel/Palestine. Israel’s’ Arab neighbor’s number in the 10s of millions: Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Yemen, and Turkey. These Muslim countries have advanced in military technology far more than Israel, and the gap has closed.

Israelis and Jews fear death. The Muslims don’t. The resistance groups have already considered themselves dead. So, how can anyone win against a force that is eager, willing, and happy to die? It is no contest. What this means is that Israel-like the West- cannot afford taking losses in manpower. The Palestinians and its Muslim neighbors can afford far bigger losses than Israel. In a war of attrition in the region, Israel and the West will lose any war in the region as it lacks the manpower to win.

Both Israel and the US have been so humiliated this month (in Ukraine and Gaza) that they are taking their revenge out on the civilian population of Gaza. All they can do is cause death and destruction to Gaza and its civilian population. The IDF is shitting in their pants now out of fear. Hamas and other resistance groups are “encouraging” and “daring” the IDF to enter Gaza. Urban warfare is very dangerous for any invading force; guerilla warfare here favors Hamas.  Add to that the fact that if the IDF goes in to Gaza, then Hezbollah enters the war from the north. In this case, the IDF has no more manpower to move north. Taking everything into account, The Bibi government is paralysed with fear.

The most frightening news has reached the IDF. The Axis of Resistance is CO-ORDINATING the fighting. And, this is taking the war to a whole new level. The joint operations room with the Palestinian resistance factions is working 24/7 , and in FULL COORDINATION , as data is exchanged , and the steps that are supposed to be followed on the Lebanon and Gaza/West Bank fronts are agreed upon , and that the field operations in the two areas is now SUBJECT to what the operations room decides.

Now, this is MEGA, as it’s the first time that the resistance groups have united operations under a single command. It will make a huge difference on the battlefield. We try and avoid giving battlefield details, which at times can become a bit too much. In today’s hectic world, we try and provide an easy-to-understand overview. There are tons of sites that provide the details and tactics, and people tend to miss the overall picture.

The 3rd Battle for Eurasia

Now, let’s take a strategic view of the past and relate it to the present.

World War 1 (1914-1918) allowed the US to replace Britain as the center of international finance.

World War 2 (1939-1945) allowed the US to become the dominant global power.

In both instances, the Eurasian continent was laid to waste.

The Rockefeller family has made a decision to blow up Eurasia for the third time, in what will become to be known as World War 3 (2023- ?).

This is being done to destroy all of its rivals and competitors –all of whom are in Eurasia. The EU is done. Now, the 3 next targets are Russia, China and Iran. NATO lost in Ukraine against Russia.

We can see the US arming Taiwan and forming military alliances with Asian nations such as Japan and South Korea (both under military occupation), and Australia and India. This is known as AUKUS + aka the Asian NATO.

The 3rd target is Iran and its allies in the Middle East. This issue has taken on an even greater significance due to the entry into BRICS of the regional powers, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt.The US and NATO hope to succeed in this mission of blowing up Eurasia. Let’s see how it plays out in the coming weeks.

See the map below. The red stars indicate current conflict zones. The 3 conflict zones are going to be stroked up until it turns into a huge fire that will spread outwards. The Rockefeller Empire hopes to save its collapsing global empire by blowing up Eurasia, AGAIN! But, it is dreaming, as it doesn’t have the industrial capacity to wage wars with anyone, let alone with Russia or China or Iran.

America thinks it is safe by being protected from the 2 oceans: far from it. It is being destroyed internally at a shockingly rapid pace. Externally, the US heartland, its major cities and ports can now be destroyed by an adversary (Russia and China) without them putting boots on the ground.


But, the West has woken up too late. As can be seen in the map below, a maritime empire such as the British Empire, and now the US, rule the world through their dominance over maritime routes. China began building overland routes to bypass American control of the seas, which we now as the BRI(Belt and Road Initiative), or as we call it – the Eurasian Landbridge- first publicly formulated by American economist Lyndon LaRouche in Berlin in 1989. It has now become a reality.  This is one of the factors contributing to the decline of American hegemony.

So, if the Rockefeller Empire manages to succeed in blowing up Eurasia for the 3rd time these past 110 years, the BRI project will suffer, get delayed, etc.,  BUT the momentum is unstoppable. The world is tired of the US and EU, or rather the 2 families and its networks of power. They don’t listen, but lecture, threaten, blackmail, invade or topple.

The other announcement is that the White House is very “concerned” about Israel’s lack of strategy related to a Gaza assault, and wants the settlement to be more “political.” The amount of aid is said to be held up partly due to this. There are several factors to this:

U.S. military planners likely know an IDF incursion into Gaza could be a trap that will turn into massive mire for Israel, forcing U.S. to expend inordinate amounts of money and materiel to assist

U.S. further knows that once this mire activates and the civilian casualties start going up week over week, the chance of a wider war greatly increases as Hezbollah/Iran may be forced to enter and U.S. will be forced to act in order to save face. But not everyone in the U.S. may be eager for this because they know that this could be part of a much wider trap which includes China and Russia and could lead to a large scale humiliation and prestige loss for the U.S.

The U.S. knows that global sentiment is drastically turning against it and the West in general. To create another ongoing bloodbath in Gaza would mean the U.S. may lose critical support and geopolitical influence.

To touch on this last point: one must be aware of how major the global tectonic shifts are, which are in motion at the moment. The entire Arab world is consolidating in solidarity over the Gaza situation. The Iranian and Saudi ministers met in Jeddah again yesterday, which is very significant in its own right:

Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and many others have come out with big statements in support of Palestine. Particularly Vis a Vis Saudi Arabia, the motions are huge because KSA has always been one of the key linchpins holding the global Atlanticist Empire afloat.

Few people know but back in the early 70s—which the current period is beginning to mimic very closely—Saudi Arabia not only agreed to create the Petrodollar, which brought the U.S. dollar into global dominance, but also secretly bankrolled all the U.S. debt by being the largest purchase of U.S. treasuries under a secret deal which remained classified for 40 years until recently. The scale of how much U.S. debt Saudi Arabia secretly holds is said to be off the charts and if it were to dump it all, it could potentially collapse the entire global financial system in one swoop. So the fact that KSA is now being led increasingly into the arms of Russia and China (recall KSA is now an official member of BRICS, starting on January 1, 2024), is a big deal. Inroads were made toward Israeli normalization but now KSA has cut them off and is increasing its entrenchment with the Eastern bloc.

The other reason this is very significant is because if a larger war were to kick off, oil would become the primary geostrategic global issue. That’s because Iran can wreak havoc on global U.S. markets, transits via the known chokepoints of the Persian Gulf, etc. This is underscored by the fact that the Iranian minister called for a total oil embargo on Israel during this meeting: This is why Saudi’s role is particularly relevant because it would have an even larger outsize say if things really hit the fan, because of KSA’s global oil dominance. Thus, these are some of the reasons U.S. is frightened of the risks, and is likely transferring that fear onto Israel, which is now unsure of what to do.

But getting back briefly to the U.S. position. The issue is that Blinken’s and Biden’s recent MidEast tour has, by all accounts, backfired as a disaster. Blinken and Biden both experienced major humiliating snubs: Meanwhile Jordan cancelled a Biden summit that was meant to take place along with Palestinian and Egyptian leaders.

With Jordanian foreign minister instead vehemently condemning the new ‘Nakba’ attempt as an ‘act of war’: At the UN Human Rights Council, members even turned away from the U.S. ambassador:

Observers have been appalled at the unprecedented drop in U.S. influence and prestige in the Middle East. The fact is, while the U.S. continues to stumble into zugzwang traps, isolating itself as the global villain; Russia and China continue to build a new world. Putin as we speak is in Beijing being hosted as the honored guest to the 3rd One Belt One Road Forum.

But getting back to Israel we find that the Rothschilds never take into account Israel’s inexorable march toward eventual extinction. The numbers are simply against them in the long run. A few new statistics underline this. For instance, their official KIA has been updated, and is now higher than the last 30-40 years of conflicts.

Furthermore,  after the Yom Kippur war of ‘73, Israel can be said to have pretty much suffered nothing but defeats—one way or another—or painful stalemates, which shows the slow decline of their capability over the erstwhile hapless Arabs:

After the October War of 1973 (Yom Kippur War), Israel suffered only defeats:

– October War 1973: At the end of the war, Israel is defeated by Egypt in Ismailia, as well as by Syria and its allies in Damascus and Quneitra.

— Lebanon War 1982-2000: Israel expelled by Hezbollah.

— First Intifada: Palestinian violence forces Israel to grant them autonomy.

— Second Intifada: Israel loses Gaza and part of the West Bank due to armed resistance by Palestinians

— Lebanon War 2006: Israel is driven back by Hezbollah.

— Gaza conflict 2006-2020 Hamas repeatedly pushed back Israel near the Gaza Strip.

— Gaza Strip Conflict 2021: Israel does not dare confront Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

– Gaza War 2023: Gaza temporarily liberates parts of southern Israel (occupied Palestine), connects with the West Bank and weakens Israel militarily and economically, so Israel is now on the defensive.‌‌

Now, of course most of these are arguable as pro-Israel supporters will claim Israel “won” most of them in decisive fashion, so it really depends on your outlook.

But it’s nonetheless clear to see that the trend is downward. Israel is no longer capable of the mass decisive victories of the 60s era and prior. And the fact that Hezbollah is said to have stockpiled massive amounts of modern missiles and gear of all kinds, as well as Iran’s now-ascendant position, particularly vis a vis penetration into the Syrian theater, right on Israel’s border—these things are very bearish for Israel in the long term. Despite all this, there’s still a good chance that Israel can “win” a bloody massacre in Gaza. But the question to ask is: at what cost? Not only would it do grievous damage to Israel’s military, economy, etc., but the reputational and geopolitical costs would be huge, given the Arab solidarity driven by the conflict thus far. A “win” for Israel in Gaza would lead to the total collapse of the West. Will the West, especially America, risk it?

Lastly, speaking of Israeli tanks, it’s been noted how an innovation Russia was once ridiculed for, has now become the de rigueur norm for all global militaries. The IDF has now been busily welding the infamous anti-drone “cope cages” onto all its tanks in preparation for the Gaza foray:

But interestingly, keen-eyed observers have even apparently seen the cages now appearing on tanks of the Indian armed forces:

Just another in a long line of proof that Russia continues to innovate while the world ridicules, then silently copies. The airwaves and internet is filled with fake news. We will try and do our best to inform the true facts and its consequences in terms of geopolitics and geoeconomics. This report will be followed by others on the current issues in the region and elsewhere. Our next article will be out soon.

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