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The US – Saudi Nexus Part 4 (Of a 6 Part Series): 2016-2018

The Rise of Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) “Modernizing Saudi Arabia” and the Middle East Geopolitical Chessboard Saudi Arabia is undergoing a dramatic shift in decades. Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammad bin Salman made unexpectedly a gigantic leap into becoming potential successor of Salman bin Abdulaziz. The question that flashes to mind in the context of the recent and […]

THE US – Saudi Nexus Part 3 (of a 6 part series): 2010-2015

Saudi Arabia in the next 8 years would witness profound changes, both internally and externally. In the period immediately after the start of the Arab Spring, Saudi Arabia embarked on domestic policy changes, in order to forestall a possible Color Revolution in the country. To avoid any protests, in February, 2011 – King Abdullah announces […]

The US – Saudi Nexus Part 2 (Of a 6 Part Series): 1976-2010

We continue from the previous part 1 of this article. The last major point noted was the death of King Faisal, in March 1975. Upon Faisal’s death, the next in line to assume the leadership was King Khaled. Faisal’s refusal to give permission to Kissinger to bring about a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, […]

The US – Saudi Nexus Part 1 (Of a 6 Part Series): 1900-1976

Many people around the world have a firm belief that Saudi Arabia is an American colony, or vassal state. This belief is so far off the mark, that we have to correct this, and clarify the issue for the millions out there that this is not so. To understand the present it is important to know […]

Qatar-in the Cross-Hairs of New York

At one time, from 2002 till 2015, Qatar and the US were very close allies. Then, things began to change. Do remember, Qatar is tied into the Rothschild Network of Power, which is based in London and Paris. Three events changed all of this. This has brought the friendship between the New York and Qatar […]

What’s Happening with Qatar?

That’s the words on everybody’s lips these days. It’s a study in geopolitics. To better understand the present, we shall do a bit of background. Qatar gained independence from Britain in 1971. Britain was withdrawing from most of its overseas possessions due to financial pressure.  It’s a very small country ruled by the Al Thani […]

Gaza – War & Natural Gas

Gaza 2007 The known history of Gaza spans 4,000 years. Gaza was ruled, destroyed and repopulated by various dynasties, empires, and peoples. Originally a Canaanite settlement, it came under the control of the ancient Egyptians for roughly 350 years before being conquered and becoming one of the Philistines’ principal cities. Gaza fell to the Israelites in about 1000 BCE but became part of the Assyrian Empire around […]

Weaponising Islam – The CIA backs a New Ottoman Caliphate in Eurasia Part 6 (of a 6 part series)

The fall of the Berlin wall in November 1989 and the subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991 did not mark the end of more than four decades of Cold War with the West. It merely marked the beginning of a highly dangerous new phase of aggression against a severely weakened Russia desperate to […]

Weaponising Islam – Al Qaeda Part 5 (of a 6 part series)

In the 19th century, there was an ongoing struggle between Czarist Russia and the British Empire over who would control Afghanistan, a geo-strategically central land straddling Central, Southern, and Southwestern Asia. The stakes were huge. With control of Afghanistan, a major power could control or destabilize all of Central Asia through Afghanistan. It was the Soviet Union’s […]

Weaponising Islam – “The American & Saudis Takeover” Part 4 (of a 6 part series)

Initially, Saudi Arabia supplied the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) with money only. After 1954, when Nasser cracked down on the MB, Saudi Arabia provided an important refuge for the MB, and many of its members flocked to the kingdom. This migration occurred just as the US was giving up on Nasser and turning to Saudi Arabia. The […]

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