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The Perfect Storm in Food & Energy

The PERFECT STORM facing mankind – the military and economic confrontation of nuclear powers, the hyper-inflationary collapse of the dollar-based financial system, a continuing pandemic and famine, and a cultural decline into a new dark age. So, the stock market has been soaring in the last few days. They say this, the world famine; the world […]

Moscow’s Financial Counter Attack

The Gold Ruble-A Game-Changer At the beginning of March, Putin announced that payments for all Russian gas exports will henceforth be done in rubles. Then, came the bombshell – the ruble will be linked to gold, at the rate of 5,000 rubles to 1 gram of gold!  At the time of the announcement, the ruble/USD […]

Sanctions & Financial War

Preparing for War The US sanctions imposed on Russia began after the Ukraine coup in 2014. For the past eight years, more sanctions were added. When Russia started its special military operation, even more sanctions were added, which made Russia the most sanctioned nation on earth – with nearly 6,000 sanctions! The Russian-speaking Donetsk and […]

Putin’s Bold Move

For eight years, from 2014, the US has been building up a military force in eastern Ukraine. Besides shelling the citizens of Donbass, the aim was to apply pressure on Russia’s western borders, waiting for an opportunity to cause mayhem. Observing all of this, since 2014, Putin began preparing Russia, on all fronts; military, financial, […]

East Meets West – The Fault Lines Fracture

Zone A & Zone B A special thanks to Andrei Martyanov of the Saker Blog, for this super-great explanation – on Zone A and Zone B. Special Report Today it appears that the triumph of our adversaries is total.  I want to post this column saying that I don’t believe for one second that this […]

China & the West

China’s rise to global power began in 1949 with the removal of the entire parasitic financial, comprador and speculative classes who had served as the intermediaries for European, Japanese and US imperialists draining China of its great wealth. China’s Transition to Capitalism Beginning in 1980 the Chinese government initiated a dramatic shift in its economic […]

Russia/Putin & the West Part 2 (of a 2 Part series)

Ukraine  Ukraine and Russia were so intertwined economically, socially and culturally, especially in the east of the country, that they were almost indistinguishable from one another. Most of Russia’s natural gas pipelines from West Siberia flowed through Ukraine on their way to Germany, France and other European states. In military strategic terms, a non-neutral Ukraine […]

Russia/Putin & the West Part 1 (of a 2 Part series)

Background (1991-Present) The fall of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of a highly dangerous new phase of American aggression against a severely weakened Russia. For the Rockefeller Empire, it represented a golden opportunity to destroy their former adversary, Russia, as a functioning agent. If they could succeed in destroying Russia, they believed they could […]

Crimea’s Strategic Importance to Russia

For centuries, Russia has viewed the Black Sea as central to its security due to its abundance of warm-water ports, including Sevastopol in Crimea. The country’s ports on the Arctic freeze for several months of the year; Most of its Europe-facing ports, such as St Petersburg, were historically ice-locked for part of the year before […]

Moscow’s Red Lines  —— (Cross it & Die!)

Two weeks ago, President Vladimir Putin of Russia said, “enough is enough!” In order to understand his frustration, let’s go back to when he became President of Russia. The US has a Long History of Confrontation with Russia This goes way back to the time of Lenin’s revolution in 1917 to replace the Tsar with […]

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