The Perfect Storm in Food & Energy

The PERFECT STORM facing mankind – the military and economic confrontation of nuclear powers, the hyper-inflationary collapse of the dollar-based financial system, a continuing pandemic and famine, and a cultural decline into a new dark age.

So, the stock market has been soaring in the last few days. They say this, the world famine; the world crisis is a bonanza for Wall Street. The oil company stocks are going way up, the military, industrial stocks. This is America’s great power grab, and it realizes that  it can create/take advantage of  a crisis and tell the Global South or poor countries  (or ZONE B) your money or your life. This is how most of the great property grabs and conquests have been made throughout history.

This is to say to the rest of the world, you know, we’ve got you completely, but you don’t have any choice, your money or your life. “If you obey us, we can feed you”. We’ve got you trapped. And the Rockefeller Empire is taking every possible advantage of this chaos on global markets- not only to make huge profits on the stock markets, but across the entire spectrum of their various defense, food, energy, mining and energy industrial companies. While all of this is going on, they are constantly pushing the “ICE NINE” game-plan, by introducing a digital currency system.

The Very Top of the Pyramid

BlackRock- a company within the Rockefeller Group wants to use the Ukraine war to usher in the digital currency. The CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, thinks the war in Ukraine and the events surrounding it could be used to accelerate the adoption of digital money controlled by central banks. Along with another two Rockefeller Group companies- Vanguard and State Street, Blackrock is considered one of the “Big Three” index fund managers that dominate corporate America, and ultimately the world.

By November 2020, the “Big Three” managed US$15 trillion in combined assets, equivalent to more than three-quarters the size of the US economy and combined, they were the largest owner in 88% of the S&P 500 companies. By January 2021, the “Big Three” had almost US$18 trillion in assets under management. Only TWO Companies, Vanguard and BlackRock, Control the Planet While World’s Richest 1% Own 82% of World’s Wealth.

Now, in a letter to shareholders sent Thursday 24th March, Larry Fink wrote that the adoption of digital money controlled by central banks could prove to be one of the outcomes of the war that are currently by and large under the radar. With the onset of the war, the US and its allies added Russia’s central bank to their list of entities targeted by sanctions, which brought about a surge in transactions on centralized Bitcoin exchanges in both Russia and Ukraine, and in both of their currencies.

The Looming Diesel Shortage

  The reality is that it is the western sanctions that are responsible for being the cause of the ongoing global inflation crisis.  What many overlook is the fact that they are increasingly impacting the economies of the West, especially the EU and USA. A closer look at the state of the global supply of diesel fuel is alarming. But Western sanctions planners at the US Treasury and the EU know fully well what they are doing. And it bodes ill for the world economy. While most of us rarely think about diesel fuel as anything other than a pollutant, in fact it is essential to the entire world economy in a way few energy sources are, there is a clear link between diesel and GDP, because almost everything that goes into and out of a factory goes using diesel.”

Almost on day one of Russian troop actions in Ukraine, two of the world’s largest oil companies, BP and Shell, both British, stopped deliveries of diesel fuel to Germany claiming fear of supply shortages. Russia supplied some 60 to 70% of all EU diesel before the Ukraine war.

In 2020 Russia was the world’s second largest exporter of diesel fuel behind USA, shipping more than 1 million barrels daily. Most of it, some 70%, went to the EU and Turkey. France was the largest importer, followed by Germany and UK. In the West, some 76% of all road vehicles—cars, trucks—use diesel.

 At the beginning of the Ukraine crisis global stocks of diesel fuel were already the lowest since 2008 as the covid lockdowns had done major damage to the demand-supply situation of oil and gas production. Now the stage is set for an unprecedented crisis in diesel. The consequences will be staggering for the world economy.

Because of their greater efficiency and greater mileage per gallon, diesel fuels almost all freight truck motors. It fuels most all farm equipment from tractors to harvesting machines. It is widely used in the EU, almost 50% for auto fuel as it is far more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. It is used in most all heavy mining machines such as Caterpillar earth movers. It is used in construction equipment. Diesel engines have replaced steam engines on all non-electrified railroads in the world, especially freight trains. Diesel is used in some electric power generation and in most all heavy military vehicles. A global shortage in diesel fuel, temporary or longer-term, is therefore a catastrophic event. Goods cannot be moved from container ports to inland destinations.  Without diesel fuel trucks cannot deliver food to the supermarket, or anything else for that matter. The entire supply chain is frozen. And there is no possibility to substitute gasoline in a diesel engine without ruining the engine. Between January 2021 and January 2022 EU diesel fuel prices had almost doubled, and that, before the Ukraine sanctions. There were several reasons, but primary was the soaring price of crude oil and supply disruptions owing to global covid lockdowns and the subsequent resumption of world trade flows. To add to the problem, in early March the Chinese central government imposed a ban on its exports of diesel fuel, to “ensure energy security” amid Western sanctions on Russia.  The situation in the USA is not better. What the unfolding global diesel fuel crisis will mean, barring a major turnaround, is a dramatic impact on all forms of truck and auto transportation, farming, mining and the like. It will spell catastrophe for an already failing world economy. The real industrial interconnected global economy is not like a game of lego toys. It is highly complex and finely tuned. That fine tuning is being systematically destroyed, and all evidence is that it is deliberate. Welcome to the Rockefeller Great Reset eugenics agenda.

Is The Global Food System About To Collapse?

The central aim of the World Bank (a Rockefeller entity) is to prevent other countries from growing their own food. That is the prime directive and that’s part of the corner they painted them into that is going to be creating such a world famine this summer.

Well, as President Putin and Lavrov have said, the fighting in Ukraine isn’t really over Ukraine at all. It’s a fight over what shape the world will take and whether the world will be unipolar or, as it now appears, multipolar. So, the American war in Ukraine is really a war against Germany. Russia is not the enemy. Germany and Europe are the enemy and the United States made it very clear. This is a war to lock in our allies so they cannot trade with Russia. They cannot buy Russian oil. They must be dependent on American oil for which they will have to pay three or four times as much. They will have to be dependent on American liquefied natural gas for fertilizer. If they don’t buy American gas for fertilizer, and we don’t let them buy from Russia, then they cannot put fertilizer on the land and the crop yield will fall by about 50% without fertilizer.

And so, the effect of this war has been to lock the NATO countries into dependency on the United States because the great fear of the United States in the last few years is that as America is de-industrializing, these countries are looking to the part of the world that’s growing, China, Central Asia, Russia, South Asia. And the United States feared losing control of its satellites mainly in NATO, but also in South America. So, it sanctioned and blocked their ability to buy non-US energy. They’re blocking their ability to buy non-US food, blocking their ability to invest in or use their surplus to get prosperous by investing in China, Russia, or Eurasia. So, this is basically a war of America to lock in its allies. The fertilizer companies in Germany have already been closing down because they say, without Russian gas, we make our fertilizer out of gas, and if we can’t get Russian gas, we can’t produce the fertilizer that. So, world fertilizer prices are going way up.

Russia is the largest grain exporter. And now that grain exports are being blocked by the sanctions, the question is, what are North Africa and the Near East going to do that have been depending very largely on Russian grain exports? Their food prices are going to go way up. Since Russia’s counter-sanctions have cut off fertilizer to much of the world, there will likely be a food crisis everywhere, it is important to note.

Worse still, natural gas is required in the manufacturing process for most nitrogen/fertilizer products … so the recent surge in European NatGas prices to record highs will only exacerbate the cost of fertilizer from any halt from Russia “And with wheat prices already at all-time highs, all hell is about to break loose not only among food producers, but soon in your local grocery store once consumers realize that food prices are about to double, triple and more.

This is a serious situation, to say the least. Many people, if not most, do not recognize how the globalization of everything has created interdependence where if one piece falls out of place, the entire thing collapses.

A handful of Eastern European countries, along with Russia, supply much of the grain, energy and fertilizer that the rest of the world needs in order to survive. And this latest “dance” in Ukraine is essentially pulling the plug on the supply chain of all those things.

 Two years plague, then war, with  famine around the corner,  the plague being the COVID-19 and the war and famine being what we are now facing with the Russia-Ukraine debacle- – – It’s like they’re following some kind of script. Such extraordinary moves by the Rockefeller Empire show the desperation of David Jnr, and his allies. Their desperation has come about because of the fact that America is in terminal decline. To retain global power, these power-mad rulers will do anything. In their minds, this is the thought that hits them every night and morning: “I will rather destroy the world, than lose my empire”. And, this thinking of David Jnr and the Rothschilds is what we are witnessing globally in the food and energy fields- both of which the family has focused on for the past century.

Direct Sabotage

It’s beginning to look like the two families are deliberately taking steps to guarantee a coming global food crisis. Every measure that the Biden Administration strategists have been making to “control energy inflation” is damaging the supply or inflating the price of natural gas, oil and coal to the global economy. This is having a huge impact on fertilizer prices and food production. That began well before Ukraine. Now reports are circulating that Biden’s people have intervened to block the freight rail shipping of fertilizer at the most critical time for spring planting. By this autumn the effects will be explosive. With the crucial time for USA spring planting at its critical phase, CF Industries of Deerfield, Illinois, the largest US supplier of nitrogen fertilizers as well as a vital diesel engine additive, issued a press release stating that, “On Friday, April 8, 2022, Union Pacific informed CF Industries without advance notice that it was mandating certain shippers to reduce the volume of private cars on its railroad effective immediately.” Union Pacific is one of only four major rail companies that together carry some 80% of all US agriculture rail freight. The CF company CEO, Tony Will stated, “The timing of this action by Union Pacific could not come at a worse time for farmers. Not only will fertilizer be delayed by these shipping restrictions, but additional fertilizer needed to complete spring applications may be unable to reach farmers at all. By placing this arbitrary restriction on just a handful of shippers, Union Pacific is jeopardizing farmers’ harvests and increasing the cost of food for consumers.” CF Industries noted that they were one of only thirty companies subject to the severe measure, which is indefinite. They ship via Union Pacific rail lines to serve key farm states including Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and California. The ban will affect nitrogen fertilizers such as urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN), as well as diesel exhaust fluid, DEF (called AdBlue in Europe). DEF is an emissions control product required for diesel trucks today. Without it engines cannot run. It is made from urea. CF Industries is the largest producer of urea, UAN and DEF in North America and its Donaldsonville Complex is the largest single production facility for the products in North America.

Only the skyrocketing prices for food, energy, and other commodities is not a result of Russian actions, but of Washington Green Energy decisions to phase out oil and gas. The energy price inflation is also about to go vastly higher in coming months owing to US and EU economic sanctions on export of Russian oil and likely gas. However the central point is that every acre of US farmland dedicated to growing corn for biofuels removes that food production from the food chain, to burn it as fuel. Since passage of the 2007 US Renewable Fuel Standards Act, which mandated annually rising targets for production of corn for ethanol fuel blends, biofuels have captured a huge part of total corn acreage, more than 40% in 2015. That shift, mandated by law, to burning corn as fuel had added a major price inflation for food well before the covid inflation crisis began. The USA is by far world’s largest corn producer and exporter. Now to mandate a significant increase in corn ethanol for fuel at a time of astronomical fertilizer prices, and fertilizer rail shipping are being blocked reportedly by White House orders, will send corn prices through the roof. Washington knows this very well. It is deliberate.

Globally, the situation is being dramatically aggravated by USDA demands for chicken farmers to kill off millions of chickens, allegedly for signs of Bird Flu infection. The H5N1 Bird Flu “virus” was exposed in 2015 as a complete hoax. The tests used by the US government inspectors to determine bird flu now are the same unreliable PCR tests used for COVID in humans. The test is worthless for that. At least 23 million chickens and turkeys have been culled in the US alone, tens more millions across the globe.

  The upshot is sharp rises in prices of egg by some 300% since November and severe loss of chicken protein sources for American consumers at a time when overall cost of living inflation is at a 40-year high. To make matters worse, California and Oregon are again declaring water emergency amid a multi-year drought and are sharply reducing irrigation water to farmers in California, who produce the major share of US fresh vegetables and fruits. That drought has since spread to cover most agriculture land west of the Mississippi River, meaning much of US farmland. US food security is under threat as never before and Washington  is doing everything to make the impact worse for its citizens.

For what purpose?  To reduce food availability, and make it easier for the Empire to close the trap of putting mankind in an electronic prison camp.

For what purpose?  Once a person is fitted out with biometrics and a digital passport, that person transitions from a free person to a slave. Next step is to “freeze” or “steal” their money.

For what purpose?  To save the banking sector from bankruptcy. That’s what started the Covid hoax. And the people became sheep.

In recent comments US President Biden remarked without elaborating that the US food shortages are “going to be real.” His administration also is deaf to pleas of farmer organizations to allow cultivation of some 4 million acres of farmland ordered left out of cultivation for “environmental reasons. However this is not the only part of the world where crisis in food is developing.

Global Disaster

These deliberate Washington actions are taking place at a time a global series of food disasters create the worst food supply situation in decades, perhaps since the World War II end.

Russia is the largest grain exporter. And now that grain exports are being blocked by the sanctions, the question is, what are North Africa and the Near East going to do that have been depending very largely on Russian grain exports? Their food prices are going to go way up. In the EU, which is significantly dependent on Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for feed grains, fertilizers and energy, sanctions are making the covid-induced food shortages dramatically worse. The EU uses its foolish Green Agenda as an excuse to forbid the Italian government from ignoring EU rules limiting state aid to farmers. In Germany, the new Green Party Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir, who wants to phase out traditional agriculture allegedly for its “greenhouse gas” emissions, has given farmers who want to grow more food a cold response. The EU faces many of the same disastrous threats to food security as the USA and even more dependence on Russian energy which is about to be suicidally sanctioned by the EU. The fertilizer companies in Germany have already been closing down because they say, without Russian gas, we make our fertilizer out of gas, and if we can’t get Russian gas, we can’t produce the fertilizer that. So, world fertilizer prices are going way up.

The major food producing countries in South America, especially Argentina and Paraguay, are in the midst of a severe drought attributed to a periodic La Niña Pacific anomaly that has crippled crops there. Sanctions on Belarus and Russia fertilizers are threatening Brazil crops, aggravated with bottlenecks in ocean transport.

China just announced that owing to severe rains in 2021, this year’s winter wheat crop could be the worst in its history. The CCP also has instituted severe measures to get farmers to expand cultivation to non-farm lands with little reported effect. According to a report by China watcher Erik Mertz, “In China’s Jilin, Heilongjiang, and Liaoning provinces, officials have reported one in three farmers lack sufficient seed and fertilizer supplies to begin planting for the optimum spring window… According to sources within these areas, they are stuck waiting on seed and fertilizer which have been imported to China from overseas – and which are stuck in the cargo ships sitting off the coast of Shanghai.” Shanghai, the world’s largest container port, has been under a bizarre “Zero Covid” total quarantine for more than four weeks with no end in sight. In a desperate bid by the CCP “ordering” increased food production, local CP officials throughout China have begun transforming basketball courts and even roads into cropland. The food situation in China is forcing the country to import far more at a time of global shortages, driving world grain and food prices even higher.

Africa is also severely impacted by the US-imposed sanctions and war ending food and fertilizer exports from Russia and Ukraine. Thirty five African countries get food from Russia and Ukraine. Twenty two African countries import fertilizer from there. Alternatives are seriously lacking as prices soar and supply collapses. Famine is predicted.

David M. Beasley, executive director of the UN World Food Program, declared recently on the global food outlook, “There is no precedent even close to this since World War II.”

Notably, it was the Biden Treasury Department that drew up a list of the most comprehensive economic sanctions against Russia and Belarus, pressuring a compliant EU to dutifully follow, sanctions whose impact on global grain and fertilizer and energy supply and prices was entirely predictable. It was in effect a sanction on the US and global economy.

These are but the latest examples of deliberate US Government sabotage of the food chain as part of the Biden Green Agenda, of Davos WEF, Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, as part of their dystopian Great Reset eugenics agenda. Traditional agriculture is to be replaced by a synthetic lab grown diet of fake meats and protein from grasshoppers and worms, worldwide, all for the supposed glory of controlling global climate. This is truly mad.

SEVERAL Very Large Food Processing & Distribution Plants Have Recently Exploded or Burned Down

As food uncertainly lingers on the horizon thanks to US sanctions and government decimation of the economy during the past two years, there is another factor contributing to the problem. Since the beginning of the year, there have been several very large food processing facilities that have exploded or burned to the ground across the U.S.

This month, a vegetable and nut processing facility in Darfur, Oregon became engulfed in flames for unknown reasons. The independent distributor of natural, organic a non-GMO foods which employees around 150 people, burned to the ground.

One week before that fire in Oregon, a massive fire brought down a meat processing plant in Conway, New Hampshire. After burning for 16 hours, multiple fire crews finally put out the fire at East Conway Beef and Pork but the facility is completely destroyed.

That same week, in Salinas, California, a massive fire at the Taylor Farms Processing Facility led to the evacuation of residents as it burned for over 17 hours. Taylor Farms is a major agriculture company that processes and delivers many of the salad kits seen in grocery stores. The cause of this fire is currently under investigation.

The fact is that since last year, more than a dozen of these fires and explosions have taken place at food processing and distribution centers. However, the main cause of these fires is arson. What’s more, fires in food processing facilities are not that common and occur far less often. To claim that all of these incidents are related would be pure speculation. But given the current supply chain situation and looming food shortages, the very idea of critical infrastructure burning to the ground for any reason, is unsettling to say the least. So who wins? The short answer is, the new Russia-led Bretton Woods III economy & financial system, including China and the BRICS.

So who loses? Again, the short answer seems to be the Western economies & their financial systems at large, most particularly Europe.

From its planning stages, U.S. diplomatic strategists viewed the looming World War III as a war of economic systems. What side will countries choose: their own economic interest and social cohesion, or submission to local political leaders installed by U.S.  In the face of all this political meddling and media propaganda, how long will it take the rest of the world to realize that there’s a global war underway, with World War III on the horizon? The real problem is that by the time the world understands what is going on, the global fracture will already have enabled Russia, China and Eurasia to create a real New World Order that does not need NATO countries and which has lost trust and hope for mutual economic gains with them. The military battlefield will be littered with economic corpses.

Russia is the largest grain exporter. And now that grain exports are being blocked by the sanctions, the question is, what are North Africa and the Middle East going to do that have been depending very largely on Russian grain exports? Their food prices are going to go way up.

BlackRock President Rob Kapito saying, in Texas, “for the first time, this generation is going to go into a store and not be able to get what they want”; farmers in Africa not able to afford fertilizer at all this year, reducing agricultural production by an amount capable of feeding 100 million people.

Wars, historically, are won by those who have more food and energy supplies, in the past to power horses and soldiers, today to feed soldiers and fuel tanks and fighter jets. China, incidentally, has amassed large stocks of virtually everything. NATO provocations are so extreme Russia had to place their nuclear missiles on standby alert. This is a gravely serious matter. But the US ignored it.

“The Strategic Triangle “- India, China, Russia – these nations combined have 38 % of the world’s population,  produce 42% of its wheat and 66% of its steel. The point is, that these nations are PRODUCING goods, which many western nations have out-sourced, to their detriment. Besides, nature has endowed Russia with an abundance of natural resources in oil, gas, gold, silver, platinum, iron ore, coal diamonds, timber, fresh water, millions of agricultural land, and much, much more. Russian commodities are in demand. To ban them from global markets means killing off the Western economies. What Covid did not achieve for the Rockefeller family, sanctions on Russian goods will. This is their hope. Good luck with that.

There is an old saying in my family, traditional business people: – “if we have goods, we can trade” the reverse also holds true – “no goods, we can’t trade”. The West now finds itself in that position.

The funny part in this is that the two families shut down the world economy for two years, in the hope of accelerating their plans to herd mankind into an electronic prison camp, steal their money, and usher forth a new global slave state.  Putin’s bold move into Ukraine has upended their plans, and also threatens the very survival of the empires. Reason seems to have deserted them. The ongoing sanctions and financial war against Russia, China and Iran has had a blow-back effect on the West. Russia is becoming stronger by the week, and the West is becoming weaker by the week.  It may reach a critical point – and go nuclear.

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