Six Months into the War – Analyses & Update Part 1 (of a 4 Part Series)

The illusion of the West has collapsed. Six months after the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation, or SMO, the leadership class of the West is still living in fantasy land. Reality is biting, but a sense of heedlessness has taken over the intellectual capacity of this deluded class, and it is worth noting that this predatory class has zero empathy for its own citizens. For decades, Washington has been planning the deconstruction of Russia. The fall of the Soviet Union in 1990 gave the US a decade to do this. A bleak time for Russia, such that by 1998, it was on its knees. Then along came Putin, who managed to arrest the decline of Russia, and over the course of the next two decades, made Russia into a strong sovereign power. After the coup in Ukraine, the efforts of Washington intensified, and the eastern Ukraine region of Donbass was heavily fortified, and its military forces beefed up.

With the launch of Covid in March 2000, a new round of measures was initiated against Russia, through sanctions, and an increased military threat in the Donbass region. With Moscow realizing that the West was now determined to bait Russia into attacking Ukraine, which would serve as a pretext for the West to impose sanctions, cut off Russia from SWIFT, steal Russia’s foreign reserves, etc. that all of these measures would cripple Russia to an extent that it would create conditions for a “regime-change” operation, toppling the present government, and replacing it with a pro-west government. From there, the next step would be to “de-construct “Russia, once and for all. This was the plan of the West. Obviously, the Kremlin was very aware of all this. Starting in 2012, Russia began upgrading, modernizing and building up its military.

Before 2012, Russia was in no position to actively defend its country. It bought time to beef up all aspects of its national security position, from the military to economic, from the energy to the financial sectors. It also expanded its foreign alliance through BRICS, the SCO and the EAU?

By November 2021, the Kremlin was ready. Putin issued a letter to the West requesting security guarantees, knowing full well that the West will ignore this letter. When news reached the Kremlin of the intention by Ukraine to launch a military offensive on the Donbass in late February or early March, Putin acted by pre-empting this move. He started a “special military operation”, on 24th February 2022.

As expected, Russia was hit with the full range of sanctions, economic and financial war. Within a fortnight, Putin turned the situation around by demanding payment for Russian gas in rubles, and also made the ruble strong by backing it with gold. These two moves alone had the effect of neutralizing these sanctions, etc. In addition, the Russian military had essentially, gained control of the battlefield, inflicting heavy losses on the Ukrainian forces. Putin stated Russia’s aim very clearly at the start: “to de-militarise and de-nazify Ukraine”

The West was shocked. They never expected this. Let us now discuss the response of all the main parties to the conflict- and its consequences.

1. The EU

We have written many times how the US elite – headed by the Rockefeller Empire- viewed Europe as an economic rival. Do note that the motto of the family is that “Competion is a Sin“! Over the past 5 decades, we can cite countless times how the US has hurt Europe, through economic, financial and military means. The US always feared a tie-up between Germany and Russia, and between Germany and China. With that in mind, Germany was not allowed to certify the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, by Washington. German technology would not be allowed to marry with Russian natural resources.

At the beginning of this year, German-Chinese trade was skyrocketing. This was not what Washington desired.

The Ukraine war put a stop to all of that.

The political leadership is under the total control of the Rothschild family. This family’s hatred of Russia goes back to 1881. And it has grown ever since. The EU countries, including the UK, have been pouring weapons into Ukraine; in addition to loans and in addition to a whole menu of sanctions.

What opened up the eyes of the Russian people (many of whom are enamored of the West) was the hatred and racism of the Europeans against Russians, and everything Russian – from sports to culture, and more, i.e. to “cancel Russia”.

The hatred and lies by the western media – especially the British media, was unprecedented. The west was pushing for regime change in Russia, but this policy boomeranged. Instead of Putin getting removed from office, many EU leaders themselves have lost office; such as Britain’s Boris Johnson, Italy’s Mario Draghi. More are to follow.

Now, not only is Ukraine becoming de-militarized, but so is NATO. After 6 months of war, the EU has run out of equipment and ammunition! This is a BONUS victory for the Kremlin.

Sanctions and a refusal to buy Russian gas has pushed up the price of gas in the EU to TEN times what they were paying last year; from $300 per TCM (1,000 cubic meters) of gas to today’s price of $2600 per TCM. To work out the equivalent price in dollars, divide this figure by 6, and the answer is $430 per barrel of oil, as compared to last year’s price equivalent of $50 per TCM. These figures are insane. As a result, Germany Inc is SHUTTING DOWN, and so are many other industries in Europe. The Europe that we all knew last year is DEAD, they just don’t know it yet. To add to the pain, small businesses are closing down in the thousands. People are also left short, due to skyrocketing energy prices.

It’s going to be a dark, hungry winter- compounded with a massive jump in poverty. This will ignite social chaos within the EU. Many have forgotten the state of the recent waves of immigrants into the EU. They are not going to remain quiet. No energy means massive, ongoing blackouts.

The Empire of Lies and InfoWar

CIA Director, William Casey is reputed to have said to Ronald Reagan ‘We’ll know our disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes is false.’

Fast forward thirty years, and there’s no piece of fiction the masses will not swallow. From Woke to COVID to the war in Ukraine, people no longer make their own ideological pilgrimages to the truth – the truth is served oven-ready by their political betters. Nowadays, there’s little distinction between the two hemispheres: reality and illusion. It’s not so much that people have been robbed of their ability to decipher between these two; it’s that facts have been reoriented into fiction and fiction into facts.  It’s a degradation so momentous, that people don’t even know that they don’t know that they don’t know what’s happening. It goes beyond fiction to predictive programming. They’re not just deceiving you; they’re showing you that they’re deceiving you.

What is neither here nor there to the deceived is the track record of their deceivers. Before the ink dried on the newsprint proclaiming the crisis in-waiting, the falsifications of COVID were buried under the falsehoods of war, Zelensky’s standing ovation at Westminster knocked Pfizer’s data release off the rostrum and those formerly joined at the hip to COVID got hitched to their Ukrainian brides.

This entire fiasco holds water because what people think they know for sure, that just ain’t so, is a consensus.  A preponderance of fabrications, falsehoods and false prophets governs the spiritual milieu. People worship the prosaic and glorify artifice. Our moral choices are guided by platitude and not virtue, anecdote and not evidence. To complicate matters, what was formerly held sacred has become profane and what was formerly profane has become sacred. The enemy of mankind lacks any warmth or empathy. It is devoid of spirituality. It is coldly wedded to the material world and deeply fears the manifestation of spirit and human courage. It knows not love at all, but does know ‘how to smile’.

Wherever you look in the world today, governance is failing and governments are falling. And even where governments hold-on, premiers, prime ministers, presidents and parliamentarians tumble around them; disgraced and exposed for one seedy scandal after another. Be it money, sex, fraud, despotism, embezzlement or quite simply a pandemic of lies. It barely matters; over and over again the inimitable lust for power takes precedence over the responsibility to earn the trust of the nation. So widespread has this ‘failure to govern’ epidemic become that one is justified in asking whether the electoral system – which supposedly underlies ‘democracy’ – has any merit left in it at all?

There’s a war raging, alright, but you will find its theatre of operations inside the human psyche. It is a war on consciousness, an atrophy of culture and its stark consequences is the spiritual malaise of humanity. Freemasons and the key leaders of the Western elite for one understood that information was power.  Then as now, it’s not enough for these people to hold a monopoly over knowledge, they must deprive everyone else of its illumination, or go one further and spread ignorance.  It’s not so much societal breakdown but self-immolation. People are being misinformed and stupefied and sent out as agents of disinformation to further deconstruct what’s left of an already deconstructed reality.

To make matters worse, precisely zero lessons have been learned these past two years. People flounder from one crisis to the next. Walk aimlessly from quarantine camp to air-raid shelter into whichever direction their political higher-ups point them.  If all this sounds remarkably like an info-war, then it probably is. The battle for hearts and minds has moved online.

The Rockerfeller/Rothschild Agenda is Crumbling

We have to understand, the NETWORKS OF POWER of the 2 families is Big. It’s Huge. It’s so extraordinarily big; humanity has never faced something like it in recorded history. So, we better are properly prepared. No matter, how powerful they think they are, tyrannizing the world at large into their slaves, we, the People, will make sure it will not happen. Fissures in the OWO ranks are already clearly visible. The new motto is bye-bye OWO-Globalism and welcome to the new multipolar world aka as THE FAIRWORLD ORDER or FWO.

Actually, a world that is gradually becoming an east-west polarization, with a west that is ever faster decaying in more ways than one – monetary-wise, in term of political ethics, as well as faltering support from western and hitherto western-leaning governments and, at least, by two thirds of western people, who vehemently oppose their governments. Mind you, we are not quite there yet – at the point of western collapse. However, the crack in the wall, where the light shines through gives enormous hope for the light to prevail. The Big Picture – what is it? The Big Picture has three major branches, three major objectives of these 2 networks to fulfill. Imagine the 2 networks as a multiple-tentacle Monster-Octopus. Listed not necessarily in order of priority, but rather as a simultaneous bulldozing approach, they include: Massive depopulation, genocide, worldwide; an eugenist agenda on which Rockefellers et al, have worked already for decades, and already were obsessed with eugenics – less people, less “useless eaters” – and consumers of scarce, unrenewable resources.

Shifting assets from the lower and middle echelons to the top –  to the next in the pecking order of the elite, billionaires, individuals, as well as corporate finance, such as BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street; others may include Fidelity, City Bank, Bank of America and many more. The first three alone are interlinked as shareholders and can act as one, controlling an estimated 25 trillion dollars, worldwide, giving them a leverage power of way above US$ 100 trillion (compared to the world’s GDP of about US$ 90 trillion), thereby having virtual control over every country on the globe, and

Digitization of everything, connecting everything with everything, eventually with the mega-powerful ultra-shortwaves 5G and soon to come 6G. Through these electromagnetic waves, they may access our brains. It includes digital worldwide uniform vaxx-passes, managed through the infamous QR-code, or similar, with practically unlimited info-storage capacity. Currently it has a potential of storing more than 30,000 pieces of information about each one of us. Those who manage the QR-code know you better than you know yourself. It is an updated version of Bill Gates’ Agenda ID2020.

Digitization may, as a first step, include an under-the-skin chip on every surviving citizen – currently being volunteer-practiced in some Nordic countries, like Sweden and Denmark, storing and monitoring every piece of info about you, incl. health records, bank accounts, with whom you talk, where you travel, where and what you shop — and-and-and – you got the picture. Later, it will likely just be an electronic fingerprint in the form or capacity of a QR-code or its successor, that is engrained in our bodies through an electromagnetic field which is being injected into our bloodstream – graphene oxide, for example – under the pretext of covid vaxxes, or eventually any vaxxes invented and forced upon the population.

Digital money, already largely dominating the Global North, will become the norm by the end of Agenda 2030, or sooner – if WE, the People, do not stop it. – And yes, we can. Digital money would make us to digital slaves; digital money could be blocked at will by the Cult Cabal, or outright stolen, depending on our behavior. The prime aim (amongst others) was to lock down the global economy, so that credit would be available for the collapsing hyper-inflationary financial system. The end point was to herd mankind into an electronic prison camp, and then “ICE NINE” them. The globalist agenda is gradually disintegrating.

Yet, the globalists keep fighting on – a hopeless game. But they may be able to extend their globalist drive for a while, with perpetual lies, leading into WWIII, potentially meaning a hard-core nuclear war. These 2 Empires are still on the rise. That does not mean it is winning. Many of us may not notice. It is discrete, but deadly. In all its discretion, it keeps announcing what it is planning, what is in store for humanity.

The Empire’s Warnings

The 2 Empires have repeatedly warned us throughout the last at least 50 years. It has always told us well-in-advance what they and their minions were planning; and this with increasing intensity in the last two to three decades with just a few examples. Most of us have conveniently ignored their warnings.

The Club of Rome, alias the Earth Summit, gave the impetus for what is today known as the Global Warming cum Climate Change Agenda – with its commercial side-kick, the New Green Deal. You must know, the Club of Rome was not a European invention, as the name may have you believe. It was a Rockefeller initiative. It was also an announcement of things to come. As we know by now the ultimate target of world population is something of the order of half a billion people No worries, the cabal will not reach that mass-genocide target. But it has already done immense harm, and if not stopped, will continue killing people, many in the most atrocious ways.

The Empire’s ascent is not undisturbed. There are forces pulling in other directions, attempting pulling it down, sideways and outright apart. The massive crack in the wall, that lets the light shine through, is getting bigger and bigger. Once the light reaches a sufficient amount of people, a critical mass – the Empire’s reign may be getting close to an end. Unfortunately we are not there yet. But we must think positive by inspiring each other spiritually, and creating a mental and spiritual togetherness. We, the Awakened People, can bring this diabolical era to an end.

Following the lead mentioned above, the Empire may be depicted as a multiple-tentacled Monster-Octopus. Each tentacle has its deadly mission. Many tentacles have sub-tentacles. In case a tentacle is defeated the others will fight on, and the defeated one will grow back with even greater vigor. That’s the concept. We have to be aware and conscious of these multiple-scenarios and the Big Picture they constitute, so as not to allow our attention to being deviated by one single scenario – for example, the pandemic and vaxx narrative. Though, admittedly important, it ought to be connected to all other “tentacle-scenarios”, lest we miss the overall objectives of The Great Reset Agenda, alias UN Agenda 2030. We want to stop this human-made criminal outbreak of misery and death as a whole, in its entirety. If we do it by compartment, our chances to overcome the Empire are largely diminished. The Cabal counts on us being distracted by one or two tentacles, while the others keep laboring ahead – almost undisturbed – reaching gradually their goals. It is utterly important that we are aware that all the tentacles are connected. There are no coincidences; and there is no single frontline in this war. The entire humanity, no matter where we are on this globe, is the frontline. That also means, there is no escape. Unless, and this is crucial, we wake up. This is our escape. When we fight one tentacle, say, the covid narrative, an important one, we must always remember that there are others, and that covid is only one cog in the wheel, in the gear of the Great Reset destruction.

The covid tentacle has many sub-tentacles: Big Pharma is one; the vaxx-mandate is another one; the useless and socially degrading forced mask-wearing, social distancing, and home-office work, are all ways of humiliating, separating and isolating individuals and so forth. They all play nicely into each other, enhancing each other, psychologically, by FEAR, and physically, by various forms of other than covid diseases. It would, therefore, be unwise to put all our scientific knowledge into the vaxx debate, or the covid infection – is it real, or isn’t it? It doesn’t matter. But by doing just this, we are playing into the devil’s hands. While it is a must to identify the covid fraud – describing the scam scientifically by medical doctors, virologists and other scientists, but it is by far not enough.  The public at large must understand the cheat, so they may be able to shed off the immune system destroying fear.

Overall objectives of the Reset are in plain view. Therefore, we must expose and connect the Rockefeller’s covid fraud and the fear it causes, to all other tentacles of the Octopus. We must fight the entire GREAT RESET Narrative as a whole and in solidarity.

Other Tentacles of the Octopus

Fear, already mentioned before, is yet another deadly tentacle.

Fear is one of the Empire’s strongest weapons. Not only does it destroy our natural immunity, fear makes us blind and obedient, blind to our own human rights. For fear, we give them up, hoping the Empire will save us. Instead, we are becoming slaves – slaves to our governments, who are, in turn, the servants of the 2 Empires.

Climate Change – the ever-most ferociously propaganda-pushed agenda that the planet will heat up, that we humans are the culprits, as we use excessive amounts of fossil fuel, creating so-called greenhouse gases, driving world temperatures through the roof. As mentioned above, this is the continuation of the Rockefeller-initiated Club of Rome agenda to enslave the (western) world through guilt.  The western / Global North’s Judo-Christian beliefs or cultures, are beset by guilt, as part of our guilt-driven up-bringing.  It’s part of our religious cum cultural inheritance. So, we are extremely vulnerable when told that we, humans, are guilty of death and destruction causing climate change. The Empire plays on this vulnerability and very successfully at that. To enhance the Green Agenda, the Climate Change narrative, Southern European countries – Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy as well as the transatlantic United States are plagued by extreme heat waves, ever-so-often interrupted by deadly flash-floods. In the process, man-made forest fires destroy the forests, the very lungs providing life on earth with oxygen. The purpose is to enhance the Climate Change agenda.

For the past about two months the Global North went through record heat waves and record periods without rain. As reported by France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, other countries in Europe, as well as parts of the US, these are heat and dry spells never experienced since weather measurements began, in some countries as early as the 17th Century, in others in the early 20th Century. The relentless heat in Europe, as well as the US, is destroying food crops, contributing to a worldwide food shortage, leading to famine, desperation and eventually death.

As a sub-tentacle of the Empire, more fear, crop loss, famine – death. Although nowhere mentioned, nor proven, this record phenomenon appears like “engineered weather”. It would typically fit into the type of DARPA research and DARPA released technology. DARPA is a Pentagon sponsored think tank. Modified weather patterns are powerful weapons. They work silently, causing food shortages, famine and death – and contributing in more ways than one to the agenda of the Great Reset. See our article on this, called

Farmland Reduction – A concerted effort of farmland reduction is also part of the Great Reset agenda. By the same token, the Dutch Government under the leadership of Mark Rutte, is adamant in reducing Dutch farmland by 30%. The Netherlands is the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural goods, after the United States. Dutch farmers have been in the streets for the last almost two months to protest their land being forcefully repossessed by the government to reduce the meat output. So far to no avail.

Curtailment of international transportation

The airline industry is severely hit by flight reductions, due to largely artificial shortages of personnel – and unattractive covid restrictions (a vaxx-must for staff of many airlines). This is said having led to significant flight reductions precisely during the Global North’s summer holidays. The financial situation of many western airlines is precarious and may become even more so – as kerosene / petrol / energy prices keep rising. The masters of the Great Reset do not want traveling people. They are not as easy to control as are stationary ones. This tentacle serves at least two purposes:

i) it keeps people stationary, more isolated from each other and from global movements; and \ii) people who cannot move may be more fearful and better controllable.

Energy – Gas, Petrol, Electricity, Shortages

The consequences are multi-faceted. Like climate change, energy shortages affect everything. Our economies’ growth drive is based on energy. Shortages of energy are leading to recessions, diminishing economic output, reducing the workforce, creating poverty – misery, disease — and yes, death.

But we are NOT in an energy shortage. An energy shortage is artificially created – under the pretext of the Ukraine-Russia war – which, in turn, has been created to serve the Great Reset agenda: Massive death, economic collapse, bankruptcies, poverty – prompting a shift of assets from the bottom and the center to the tiny elite on top – and, accelerating the ascent of an all-digitization – from money to the human brain.

But there is no energy shortage. It’s all been artificially created by the masters of the WEF, and the Great Reset.

There are of course, many more “tentacles”, sub-tentacles and motives for what we are experiencing in the global North’s hot and rainless summer months. But you got the drift. If you consistently ask: “Cui bono?”- or “Who benefits?” – The answer will lead you always to the same vile octopus with its multiple deadly tentacles, called the Great Reset.

To sum it all up, let’s remind ourselves of the dangers related to the all-commanding digital control:

 “Be Aware. Take Care.Don’t believe what governments say. Warn everyone.

Please remember, you are not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once they are awake, they don’t go back to sleep. We are already a far bigger force, than the conspirators would have you believe. If we are going to win this war, then we have to fight with passion, with the truth and we have to fight with determination. No mask, no test, no jab. Don’t trust the government; no mass media, and remember – we have God on our side.”

Go Woke, Go Broke

This whole “woke” phenomenon has been pushed down people’s throats. And it is been promoted by the Rothschild family and its allied networks of power. Please read the first 2 articles on this site for you to understand better. A pact was made between the satanic forces and a small group of Levites in Jerusalem in the year 950 BC, during the reign of Solomon.

This creed grew in strength over the past 3,000 years, and its current leaders are the Rothschild family. The anti-human agendas emanating from this family has been inspired by the devil and his army. The devil hates mankind, and so does this creed. The devil aims to remove God consciousness from man. And so does this family. As the family gained control over the world, and felt that no force amongst mankind could oppose it, they unleash these diabolical ideas into 21st century humanity.

The Rothschild or London, did a deal with the Rockefeller Empire, and was allowed to place their man in the White House. With Biden and his team in place, these nonsensical ideas were then unleashed globally. Be it LBGQT, transgender, etc.  Many countries and faiths opposed this bitterly, but only one man took a stand against this. This was none other than Putin. This is another reason for London/Paris/the Rothschild family to hate him even more, and is prepared to go all out to destroy him.

But it is Putin’s support for traditional Russian Orthodox belief and moral stands on issues like same sex marriage and homosexuality that have provoked unbridled frenzy in the secularized West. Despite the intense hostility of the powerful international LGBTQ lobby, he makes no apologies for his views or the views of the Russian state in such matters. Over the past decade his statements and trajectory have been quite consistent…to the point that the American embassy in Moscow has flown a “Gay Pride” flag to flaunt the wide differences between the official American “view” and Russia’s position.

In October of 2021 President Putin gave a speech at the International Valdai discussion forum. It did not differ, on matters of culture and morality, from numerous other speeches and declarations he had made since assuming the office president of Russia twenty-two years ago. But as a summary, I believe it an excellent perspective on the intellectual framework and thinking of a man who, whatever we may think of him, now plays an extremely significant role in world history.

I quote a portion of it here :“We look in amazement at the processes underway in the countries which have been traditionally looked at as the standard-bearers of progress…. Some people in the West believe that an aggressive elimination of entire pages from their own history, “reverse discrimination” against the majority in the interests of a minority, and the demand to give up the traditional notions of mother, father, family and even gender, they believe that all of these are the mileposts on the path towards social renewal.

“…We have a different viewpoint, at least the overwhelming majority of Russian society – it would be more correct to put it this way – has a different opinion on this matter. We believe that we must rely on our own spiritual values, our historical tradition and the culture of our multiethnic nation.

“…the new ‘cancel culture’ has turned it into ‘reverse discrimination’ that is, reverse racism. The obsessive emphasis on race is further dividing people, when the real fighters for civil rights dreamed precisely about erasing differences and refusing to divide people by skin colour…. In a number of Western countries, the debate over men’s and women’s rights has turned into a perfect nightmare.  Look, beware of going where the Bolsheviks once planned to go –One more step and you will be there.

“Zealots of these new approaches even go so far as to want to abolish these concepts of male and female altogether. Anyone who dares mention that men and women actually exist, which is a biological fact, risk being ostracised. ‘Parent number one’ and ‘parent number two,’ ‘birthing parent’ instead of mother, and ‘human milk’ replacing breastmilk because it might upset the people who are unsure about their own gender And, as I have already said, they made such a mess it still makes one shudder.

“Not to mention some truly monstrous things when children are taught from an early age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa. That is, the teachers actually impose on them a choice we all supposedly have. They do so while shutting the parents out of the process and forcing the child to make decisions that can upend their entire life….is a child at this age even capable of making a decision of this kind? Calling a spade a spade, this verges on a crime against humanity, and it is being done in the name and under the banner of progress.

 “Again, for us in Russia, these are not some speculative postulates, but lessons from our difficult and sometimes tragic history. The cost of ill-conceived social experiments is sometimes beyond estimation. Such actions can destroy not only the material, but also the spiritual foundations of human existence, leaving behind moral wreckage where nothing can be built to replace it for a long time “.

So, with all this, and Putins’ moves to oppose both London and New York (the leaders of the Collective West, or Zone A), on a variety of issues, has resulted in the lines being drawn. Only one side will be left standing. To find out how the war is unfolding on the ground, along with economic, financial and a media war, let’s go onto the next part of this article.

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  1. My call has been answered! Whether the unipolar world is vanquished or not, it seems we will experience much hardship. Firstly, the deliberate continuation of the hostilities in Ukraine which is causing so much hardship (I am snuggled under a warm throw not daring to put on any heating). I do not know much about The Schiller Institute or Lyndon LaRouche yet from listening to their conferences and bulletins, they seem to be speaking a lot of sense to make a much fairer and happier world. Maybe when you have time you could offer your opinion. I am quite embarrassed that 2 years ago, aged 65, I had no idea how the world was run. It was seeing a video of the inventor of the PCR test and his explanation of it’s actual purpose, what it can and can’t do, which took me on a journey to find out about the banking system, the oil and pharma business etc. and your website. May I make one suggestion to the web pages? I know on the menu it shows links geographically then by title. You also have them listed by date also. However it would be helpful to have them all listed by title as sometimes a link doesn’t work. To see all titles in one place would make it easier. I cannot understand why people moan about the length of your articles because the history of how we got to the time and place you are writing about is crucial to fully understanding. I am very grateful to you and others who are educating us with no tuition fees! Shame on our education system but we know why we are not taught the truth. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your helpful feedback. I will look into your suggestion of listing by title.

      1. Thank you. It’s easy if a recent article which you already list or if a hyperlink is given but this doesn’t always happen or it could be broken. I know I may sound critical but I really enjoy learning from this site and appreciate the hard work of the authors and also those, you I assume, who upload and maintain it.

  2. Glad to see a new post. There is so much going on and I am eagerly waiting to get your assessment on the SMO/war.
    -small time farmer in the Texas Panhandle

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