The Controversy of Zion Part 2 (of a 2 Part Series)

The Eviction Period

Many of the wealthy Jews expelled from Spain moved into other parts of Western Europe. The richest among them established themselves in Amsterdam. Over the course of 150 years, they built up a strong financial and political base. And it was from Amsterdam that the Jewish financiers fought Catholic England, defeated the Stuart Dynasty, and imposed a Protestant monarchy in England in 1690. A century later, London was the base used to instigate the French Revolution in 1789. After this, England’s rise to global power began, and the result was the British Empire.

 In 1215, the Church held the 4th Lutheran Council. The issue was Jewish aggression in Europe, and its moral behavior.  Decrees were passed to put an end to usury and the unethical methods of Jewish moneylenders. Morally, the arts of black magic was heavily practiced on the peoples of Europe, including satanic acts such as ritual killings of children and virgins. In the end all the decrees accomplished was to intensify the hatred the Talmudists had for the Church, and they started a campaign to separate Church from State, a divide-and-rule policy.

 In 1253 the French expelled the Jews for refusing to obey the laws In England, laws were passed to curb the power of Jewish moneylenders. By 1290, they too were expelled from England. This was the start of what historians called “The Great Eviction”. After England had started the ball rolling, all the kings of Europe followed his example.

 In 1306 France expelled the Jews. In 1348 Saxony followed suit, then Hungary in 1360, Belgium in 1370, Slovakia in 1380, Austria in 1420, Holland in 1444, Spain in 1494, Portugal in 1496, Italy in 1540, and Bavaria in 1555.

 The chief rabbi of Spain wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin in Istanbul, complaining about these matters, and asked for advice. The letter dated 13 January 1489. The reply arrived in November and was signed V.S.S. – V.F.F. – Prince of the Jews.

 The reply read like this: “Beloved Brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. Below are our recommendations:-

  1. As for what you say that the king of Spain obliges you to become a Christian, do it since you cannot do otherwise;
  2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property, make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christian of theirs;
  3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives, make your sons doctors that they may take Christian lives;
  4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues, make your sons cannons and clerics in order that you may destroy their churches. As for the many other problems you speak of – arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of state, that by putting Christians under your yoke, you may dominate the world and be avenged on them;
  5. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that humiliated as you are, you will reach the top of power.

   Signed —- Prince of the Jews in Istanbul 3rd October 1489.

 How successful the plan turned out to be is by reviewing the following records:  The Jews were back in England in 1600, back in Hungary in 1500 – expelled again in 1582. Back in Slovakia in 1562- but were expelled again in 1744. They were back in Lithuania in 1700. But regardless of how many times they were expelled, there always remained the Jewish underground from which the covert activities of the secret Talmudic government were conducted.

The Talmudic Government Create Protestantism

 We now consider the Talmudic move against the Church and state, particularly the Monarchy, for its treatment of the European Jews.

 The man who came out of Switzerland in 1501 was a Jew by the name of Cohen, a secret agent of the Talmudists. Cohen disguised his race by changing his name to Calvin. He preached a new religion, called Calvinism, and as this idea grew into a religion protesting the old order of the Church – it metamorphosed into what became known as the Protestant religion!  Cohen moved from Switzerland through France, Germany and then throughout Europe, supported by the Talmudic network of finance and underground cells. Protestantism, as an invention of the Talmudists, was to serve the Jewish cause in many ways.

 Another Jew Huldrich Zwingli, became a reformer like Cohen. It was he who set Zurich on the path to becoming a world banking sector – a Protestant-based banking center. He denied that lending at interest was a sin, and argued that the obligation to pay interest flows directly from the biblical command to “render to all their due”. Luther (another Jew) disputed that it was sinful for a Christian to lend money. While the Catholic Church did not fully lift its injunction against money lending until 1836, capital markets and banks began to function almost as soon as this change made large-scale investments possible.

 The Talmudic government pushed through this interest-based commercial lending, as by this time (1800) in Europe, the process of industrialization had begun. Vast sums had to be pooled together in order for such investments. The Talmudic government followed the motto “divide-and-rule” in respect to the Catholic Church, and they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. With this success, they went onto found even more false religions in order to break up the power of the Catholic Church. In short, the Protestant religion was a creation of the Jews. Protestantism, as an invention of the Talmudists, was to serve the Jewish cause in many ways.

The Talmudic Ghettos

 The ghetto was self-inflicted on the Jews by the Talmudic government. The first ghettos was in Babylon, followed by the ghetto in Jerusalem, when Nehemiah had walled up the city. From these models the European ghetto took shape. This institution is probably the most onerous of the modern Jew’s spiritual inheritance. The demand for a ghetto always came from the Talmudists. In ancient Alexandria, Cairo and Cordoba, the Jewish quarters were established at the insistence of the rabbis, intent on keeping their flock isolated from others. Similarly, the same occurred in Germany (1084) and Portugal (1412)

 With emancipation the ghetto disappeared. This was a blow to the main prop of Talmudic power. A substitute had to be found unless the ghetto spirit was to disintegrate altogether, and one was found in Zionism (in 1882), which is the new method devised to re-corral the communities. Zionism is the true revival of Talmudic ghettoism. It is designed to undo the work of emancipation, and to re-impose the creed of “separatism” on them in full force. This appeal of conquest and empire in the Middle East is being used to disguise the true meaning of the process.

The Messianic Longing

 The Talmudic regime in the close confinement of the ghettoes was in its nature, rule by terror, and employed the recognizable methods of terror, spies-on-spies, informers, denunciants, cursing and excommunication, and death. The secret-police and concentration camp regime of the communist and Nazi-Germany took its nature from this model.

 During the many centuries of Talmudic government the terror, and the creed which it enclosed, produced two significant results. There were recurrent Messianic outbursts, which expressed the captives longing to escape the terror, and recurrent protests against the creed, from the Jews themselves. Many times the cry went up from the communities: “We are doing all the statutes and judgements, now give us the promised, miraculous End!” Thus the series of Messiahs appeared, and each time whipped the communities into a frenzy of anticipation. They were always denounced as “false Messiahs” (they had to be denounced, as the ruling sect could not affect the triumphant enthronement in Jerusalem which the Law promised), and the people in the ghettos fell back into hope deferred.

 Early Messiahs were Abu Isa Isfahan in the 7th, Zonarias of Syria in the 8th, and Saadya ben Joseph in the 10th Century. The most famous of all was sabbatai Zevi of Smyrna, who in 1648 proclaimed that the Millennium was at hand. The Jewish communities supported his claims, but not the Talmudists. He then declared himself to be the Messiah. He then proclaimed that 1666 was to be the Messianic year, distributed the crowns of the world among his friends, and set out for Istanbul to dethrone the Sultan of Turkey (then ruler of Palestine). Jews everywhere began to sell their businesses and homes in preparations for the “return” and the day of world dominion.

 As was to be expected, he was arrested when he reached Istanbul, and thrown into jail. That merely increased his fame. As the year-end approached, the Talmudic government in Poland denounced him to the Sultan as “a false Messiah”. Sabbatai Zevi then converted to Islam and ended his days at the Sultan’s court.

 Zionism in our time is recognizably a new form of Messianism. Deprived of the hope of liberty, the Jewish masses reverted to the study of the Law and its destructive message. They were being prepared for a task.

 One more story needs to be told here. In the 12th Century there arose in Khazaria a Messianic movement, aimed at the conquest of Palestine by force of arms. The initiator of this movement was a Khazar Jew, one Solomon ben Duji (or Roy), aided by his son Menahem. They wrote letters to all the Jews, to join him. There was no response to this appeal. Twenty years later, young Menahem assumes the name David al-Roy, and the title of Messiah. The center of this movement shifted to Kurdistan. Here David assembled a large armed force of local Jews. From here he wanted to fight his way through Syria into Palestine.

 David aroused fervent Messianic hopes amongst the Jews of the Middle East. The rabbinical elders in Baghdad, fearing reprisals by the local authorities, took a hostile attitude to David and threatened him with a ban. Soon thereafter, David al-Roy was killed in his sleep. His memory was venerated and this led him to become a cult figure. The six-pointed “shield of David”, which adorns the modern Israeli flag, started to become a national symbol with David al-Roy’s crusade. Ever since, the six-pointed “shield of David” began its career towards becoming the chief national-religious symbol of Judaism. It then made its first appearance in the West on a Jewish flag in Prague in 1527.

The Talmud’s New Headquarters

 The Talmudic government set out to prepare its third encounter (the first being in Spain, the second being in Poland) with the west from a new headquarters. This was in Frankfurt. The year was 1773. Why Frankfurt? Two factors: – Firstly, Frankfurt sits astride the River Rhine –Europe’s greatest trade route. Secondly, Frankfurt was the nearest commercial center to France, a country targeted for revolution and takeover by the Jews. This took place 16 years later.

 On May 1, 1773, a meeting of select Jewish financiers, economists and Talmudic Elders took place. A plan of action to take over the world was discussed.  Out of this meeting evolved what is now known to be “The Protocols of Zion “. The Talmudic government now changed its name to the Illuminati Council, comprised of the key 13 leaders of international Jewry.

 The first result of this was the 1789 French Revolution.  Within 20 years of this, around 1812, an energetic Jewish family from Frankfurt joined the Illuminati Council. This was the Rothschild family. By 1825, the family came to dominate the Council. Combined with the total sum of the wealth, power, and the Talmudic networks, the Rothschilds took the Illuminati Council to new heights of power. Within a few decades, this combined force dominated international power and politics, and their underlying European colonies grew in wealth and power.

 The Rothschild Family & the Illuminati

 The Illuminati is but the modern face of the creed of the Levites, who underwent several transformations – from the Levites to the Pharisees to the Talmudists to the Illuminati, and finally to what we have today – Zionism. From the information discussed so far, we show the progress of the main human agency of the Devil, (Satan, or Shaitaan) – the Levitical creed. This love affair started in Jerusalem 3000 years ago, around 985 BC. Since then, it has grown, with refinement and experience, into the Illuminati movement of today. Zionism, in turn, is the 20th Century face of Illuminism.

 The Illuminati unleashed chaos in Europe during, and from the time of the French Revolution of 1789. This state of chaos provided tremendous opportunities for those who could turn the events of the time to their advantage, and such were the Rothschilds. And they repaid the Illuminati, at first perhaps unwittingly, by building a financial infrastructure which greatly altered, to the Illuminati’s advantage , the traditional financial relations of state with state, and which helped to guarantee the elimination of the stabilizing influence of the nobility and monarchy – and later- governments from the position of economic and political power.

  Exactly when the Rothschilds became involved with, and started to benefit, directly from the Illuminati is difficult to say. It was not until 1795, some 22 years after the first meeting of the Illuminati in Frankfurt, that the House of Rothschild began its spiraling growth. By 1804, the Rothschilds were in contact with a branch of the Illuminati. By 1809 the involvement became larger when Nathan Rothschild decided to go out of smuggling contraband goods to mainland Europe, from London, and decided to concentrate on the selling of money. By 1812, a marriage of some sorts took place. It was not until 1820, that the House of Rothschild began to emerge as a real power.

 Since then, they have become the greatest concentration of wealth, power and evil on earth since the dawn of time, far eclipsing the horrors of previous tyrants in history. In fact, it was the Illuminati which made the Rothschilds what they became. If there had been no Illuminati, the family would still have been prosperous, even wealthy, but probably not as wealthy and powerful as they were to become. However, if the Rothschilds had never existed, the Illuminati would have almost certainly created a similar house to serve their purpose.

  It is my sneaking suspicion that the Devil was present, in a human form, in that first Illuminati meeting. Several reasons: At the most important junctions of human life, the Devil, in human form, is present, to sway things his way. Second, the date of the meeting is May 1. Today, May 1 is celebrated globally as “Workers Day”. And, finally, no human mind could conceive of such diabolical genius (in respect of the Protocols of Zion), and to know the innermost potent and latent secrets of the human mind. Finally, the Devil has allowed the Rothschild family to dominate, if not control, the Illuminati Council – for nothing else makes sense. They are always uncannily right, or they are in the right place at the right time, in the political history of the last 2 centuries. Not many families and dynasties have that kind of staying power.

 Just to put this narrative in focus, from the beginning till now, let us see the chronology of the rise to power of this sect, which has been nurtured and patiently built up by the devil over the centuries.

The Levitical period —— 950 BC to 590 BC;

The Pharisee period ——580 BC to 70 AD;

The Talmudic period —— 90 AD to 1772 AD;

The Illuminati period —— May 1, 1773 to September 1882;

The Zionist period———- Sept 1882 till now.

 The Devil has used the Illuminati to build up the Rothschild family on its path of evil and power to conquer the world, by first weakening the Christian powers, and then turning its attention to the total destruction of the Arabs and Islam. We have now entered this latter phase from 1988 onward. With its success to global domination all but assured, God will spring some nasty surprises on them in the near future.

Keep tuned, folks.

Sephetho sa setšoantšo sa map of israel 1000 bc- 70 ad

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