South Africa’s Increasing Strategic Position

It is important to read the article, “Fortress America”, published earlier this year. A brief review of it will suffice for our story here.

The US is a declining global power. To maintain its hold as such, it has come up with a plan to, once again, blow up Eurasia, just as it did in 1939-1945, in what became known as World War 2, or the Battle for Eurasia Pt 2. The First World War (1914-1918), is known as the Battle for Eurasia Pt 1. We have now, since 2010, entered the Third Battle for Eurasia, or what later historians will call it – World War 3.

Since oil and gas are central to this battle, New York plans to once again blow up Eurasia, this time centered around the Middle East. As it is, the Syrian quagmire is sucking in every major world power. Each is scrambling for a piece of the energy pie.

New York’s plan is to shatter the energy flows to its two main economic competitors – Western Europe and East Asia. Both of these regions are huge energy importers. In order to do so at a minimal cost to US lives, the US is arming every faction in this region, and encouraging them to attack each another.

The ideal result for the US would be if all three of the maritime choke points in the Middle East, are shut down. See map. These three choke points are the Suez Canal, Bab el Mandab and the Hormuz Straights. Were this to happen, both Europe and the Asian economies grind to a halt.

In order to trade, the shipping routes have to transit South Africa, from east to west, and vice versa. As we now know, London has allied itself with China. And both are targets of the US. Since South Africa falls within London’s orbit, it is crucial to deny both Europe and China the use of South Africa as a shipping transit route.

New York wants to replace London’s control of South Africa.  Were the US to succeed, it would effectively cripple the economies of Europe and China.

The South African President, Jacob Zuma, has been fighting for his political life, for the past several years. He is no friend of London and its economic and political assets in South Africa.

With the selection of Trump as the US President by David Rockefeller (remember: presidents are selected, not elected), the “Fortress America” program was activated.  South Africa featured greatly within this plan. Accordingly, the American intelligence networks began feeding Zuma with information about his enemies, all of whom are tied to the Anglo-American Corp of the Oppenheimer family, South African representatives of the Rothschild family.

As a corollary to this, were the US to succeed with this plan, South Africa will then undergo the greatest economic boom this country has ever witnessed. Besides the aspects of increased shipping, one can expect a huge inflow of foreign investors’ funds into the South African economy. With Eurasia on fire, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, which region would be safe to invest ones money, and maybe to stay.

Three Possibilities Exist

Brazil, Australia and South Africa – of these three, South Africa’s advantages outweigh those of Brazil and Australia, in more ways than one. The country is a gateway into Africa, a world-class banking and stock market sector, transport and other infrastructure, and more. Plus, it has a record of generating bigger returns than the other two zones.

For this to work, South Africa has to be secured from the claws of London. And Zuma was their man. Barely one month of Trump taking office, the first shots were fired over the battle to control South Africa.

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