Snow is not Black Part 2 (of a 2 Part Series)

 “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”― David Rockefeller

The greatest weapon is not a gun or a bomb. It is the control of information. To control the world’s information is to manipulate all the minds that consume it. As the cost of producing bullshit plunges to zero, it is impossible to distinguish the fact from the phoney.

War is always a racket, and will always be a racket. The Deep State  all their propaganda  power through control of the media, politicians on both sides of the aisle , social media conglomerates, and Wall Street to keep festering anger, discontent, outrage and hate to keep profits flowing into their coffers. The masses are manipulated into supporting the latest war through sophisticated techniques preying on their emotions and their feelings, knowing they have been dumbed down by decades of government school indoctrination, disguised as education. We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced, so that stupid people won’t be offended.

The Networks of Power

  Many have asked me to explain how these two families have managed to run/control the world, but yet we hardly ever hear their names in the varied issues that come up. They found it best to remain invisible to the public at large, and let their power be exercised by the many hundreds of individuals who work for their empires- which have a “eco-system” that boggles the mind.

 For the Rockefellers, the family has feverishly worked their control system, such that at a certain point in the future, it would take one man, at the top, to press a button, and the world will stop turning. If it would be possible to achieve that, it would mean that humanity is on the verge of being enslaved in the worst possible way. This happened in March 2020, when the head of the family –David Rockefeller jnr, shut down the global economy, in order to save the financial system from a total implosion and collapse.  We have come to know this event as Covid!

 For the Rothschilds, because they being Jews, the family had to operate through 100s of non-Jews to hide their involvement. The family became invisible and anonymous after the issuance of the Balfour Declaration in 1917. Most people think that the family has slipped into irrelevance. It could not be further from the truth, as this news site has demonstrated multiple times.

 Below is a rough outline of how the control structures of these two families are laid out. We have left out the organogram of the French Rothschilds. The full report on these 3 is told in our Special Report, titled “The Networks of Power”. Hopefully, this should be ready by June/July of this year. It is a ground-breaking work, detailing companies, banks, etc. that belong in which camp. When one is armed with this powerful info, then one can understand practically any issue in the world today. And far ahead and faster than most analysts can tell you.

This is only a mini diagram of the structures of these 2 networks of power. This topic will be fully explained in more detail when this title is eventually loaded. For now we will stick with one aspect of this – Empires of the Mind, as this is important to understand the current media madness in their lying machine. 

Empires of the Mind

The subject of Empires of the Mind comprises of 6 sub-sets. These are media, entertainment, religion, philosophy, education, fashion and Dope Inc. This last relates to the global illegal narcotics trade.  All of these sub-sets are focused on intellect, faith in God and ego-related issues such as ignorance, arrogance, fame and name, jealousy, etc.

 In this field, the greatest influence comes from satanic forces, which are in league with the Rothschild family and its Levitical/Talmudic creed. Billions have been poured into this field by the two families, with the hope of “dumbing down” the people, and “misleading” and “mis-informing” the people.

 Remember that Churchill’s original message at Harvard University in September 1943, was that “ we have to change out method of ruling the 3rd world; instead of using military force which is costly and counter-productive in the long-term”, Churchill proposed changing the rule of methodology from military force to “ruling the mind”, which is less costly and more productive. The visible chains of slavery will be transformed into the “invisible “chains of slavery. This method was then implemented by the Tavistock Institute after World War 2. The results are visible for all to see.

Examples of Media’s “Snow is Black’ Narrative

To illustrate this concept, we will discuss a few examples of the past 25 years. A good starting point is 9-11.

1.We have discussed the reasons behind this attack. It was a Rockefeller move, using their CIA, to bring this about, in order to move into Afghanistan. The aim of this operation was to stop the impulse of Eurasian integration. A further aim of this was to generate hatred of Islam and Muslims as “the bad guys”. This was done to remove any sympathy and support for Muslims and Muslim states. Thus began a two decades long war against the Muslims, Islam and the Arab nations. Do note that this US move into the Middle East is and will be, always about oil. Had the original reason been stated, the Western public would not have signed on to this.

2. As we now know, the reason for the attack on Iraq in March 2003 had nothing to do with “weapons of mass destruction”, but rather a war to regime-change the Iraqi government and its leader Saddam Hussein. The reason was that Saddam Hussein stopped selling his oil for dollars. This was a direct threat to the Rockefeller’s petro-dollar system. We have seen the results of this; more than 1 million Iraqis killed, the country destroyed. To justify this attack, we see the clown show at the UN when Colin Powell held up a vial containing white powder- and saying that this is what Iraq is producing.  No “weapons of mass destruction” were found.

3. In 2015, in Syria, a US/British intelligence unit – the White Helmets- accused Bashar Assad of using chemical weapons against his own people. Independent research found this to be false, but it gave an excuse for the Americans to launch missiles at Syria (most of them were intercepted).

4. The British Rothschilds found themselves in a bind with Trump. They did not want him to win a second term. From the moment he was elected, a campaign by British intelligence concocted a story that Trump is a Russian agent, or that Putin was helping Trump. Over six years this story ran, until it was totally debunked.

5. Moving onto Covid, we have discussed the reasons why the Rockeferllers brought this about- to save the dollar-based financial system from implosion. The catalyst was the 2019 Great Repo Crisis. The amount of lies pushed by Washington and Western governments was on another level. In reality, there was no Covid flu, but the media pushed out fear, and the gullible public fell for it. Three years later, facts are emerging that confirm this. Many that took Covid jabs are now dying like fleas. There was no science to this. Just lies.

6. Then came the LBGTQ and gender nonsense. This policy pushed by Western governments has resulted in major pushback by the public.

7. In the Ukraine conflict, Russia and Putin were demonized. The volume of lies and misinformation told about this war can fill volumes. It is only recently that the truth is being painfully realized.

8. The Gaza conflict tops all of the above, in the sheer volume of lies spewed by the MSM and Western governments, especially the Anglo-American media outlets. Two classic examples are the stories from the New York Times about mass rapes and beheaded babies, committed by Hamas. It took about a month for the truth to emerge, that this was all fake news. The genocidal operations conducted by the Israelis against the Palestinians is always done in such a way that the blame is never on Israel but on the Palestinians- there are 100s of examples. The gullible public in the West fell for these lies. But, with the truth coming out, the authorities and leaders in the West have hid behind a wall of delusion by insisting it is the truth and contrary to all evidence of the reality. But, the truth is that the citizens have caught on, or are becoming aware of the shamelessness of their leaders and the media.

9. And, finally, the biggest lie of them all; the charge of anti-Semitism against the Palestinians. The original inhabitants of Palestine (up to the 18th century) were the descendants of Sham, the son of Noah. The current leadership and the majority of the Jews now living in Israel are from the Caucasus and Poland. They are the descendants of Japheth, son of Noah. The descendants of Japheth formed the Indo-Aryan races- the majority of Eurasia, and America. They, historically, ARE NOT SEMITES. Thus, the charge of anti-Semitism levelled against the Palestinians ranks as the biggest lie of them all. Tragically, the majority of the West has fallen for this lie. The Zionists in Israel are NOT SEMITES, but the original inhabitants are. So, imagine a non-Semite calling the Semites as “anti-Semites”. You just can’t make this stuff up.

10. The Israeli intelligence and media entities have been recently discovered to be the force pushing the narrative of Islamophobia, especially on social media. Due to the Zionist ownership/control of the MSM, it is easy for these Zionist to mislead the people through lies, misinformation, and disinformation. Due to 100s of “investigative sleuths” on the internet, even this is being exposed. The 2-decades long campaign to demonise Islam has now failed, when the world is witnessing the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

11. The myth of Israel being the only democracy and western enlightenment in the Middle East, has now shown to the world as ONE BIG LIE. Its actions in genocide has exposed Israel as a foreign and barbaric nation that has no right to exist. People have stopped buying the Zionist lies, which is freaking the Rothschilds out.

Britain’s role in Sustaining the Zionist entity

The UK remains international Zionism’s covert nerve center. We have written plenty articles detailing how the Rothschilds used Britain to achieve its aims and goals in the Middle East, and its support for Israel. London is the headquarters of the Rothschild Empire.  Recent events have shown the world that the number one liars are the British media and its politicians, followed closely by their American cousins.

 Many Israeli military aircraft landed in Britain since 7 October last year.  Royal Air Force aircraft have flown to and from Israel in the same period, along with 65 spy plane missions launched from the UK’s vast, little-known military and intelligence base in Cyprus. We know that London has long provided a highly influential guiding hand and political cover to Tel Aviv in its oppression and mass murder of Palestinians are unambiguous, even if hidden in plain sight.

The true power to halt Tel Aviv’s current push to fulfill Zionism’s genocidal founding mission may not lie in Washington DC but in London – specifically the British Rothschilds and their cousins in Paris- David de and family. In addition, the British monarchy – a 100 % owned entity of the Rothschilds- is told what to do and when. Just like Biden, these clowns are trotted out to say or do something, as per Rothschild instructions.

An extraordinary and largely unremarked upon development since Israel’s military assault on Gaza began has been the British monarchy’s abandonment of “political neutrality” over Israel. 

King Charles the Zionist 

Within hours of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’s eruption, King Charles openly condemned Hamas, while the BBC.

In the years immediately prior to taking the throne, Charles made his Zionism abundantly clear, breaking with his mother’s unspoken policy of not visiting Israel, secretly attending the funerals of former Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. In the latter instance, in 2016, he also visited the graves of his grandmother, Princess Alice, and her aunt, Grand Duchess Elisabeth, in a cemetery on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives, near the world’s largest Jewish cemetery. Both were Christian Zionists.

Meanwhile, the Times of Israel has hailed him as “a friend” to Jewry “with special and historic ties to Israel.” One such “tie” was an intimate friendship with Britain’s former chief Rabbi and President of United Jewish Israel Appeal, Jonathan Sacks.

Educational Indoctrination – Manufacturing and Maintaining the Zionist Entity 

Among other acts, Sacks oversaw and advocated a number of operations intended to indoctrinate schoolchildren of all ages in Zionism, often under the bogus aegis of countering “antisemitism” in classrooms and on campuses. It may well be no coincidence then that the Department for Education has softly unveiled a multimillion-pound effort to train “staff and learners” at British schools, colleges, and universities to “identify and tackle incidents of antisemitism.”

Most British universities have accepted this highly controversial definition under direct government threat of funding cuts if they refused. The initiative is unambiguously concerned with stifling criticism of Israel and its occupation while ensuring British youth are, from the earliest, most formative age, brainwashed in its support. 

By the same token, any pro-Palestinian views are termed as “hateful speech”, and laws are being passed to this effect. The British Empire is in for the long haul, in terms of helping preserve the Zionist project. 

 Without a doubt, the US and Britain have become the most censored nations in the West. There is a massive information blackout of events in Ukraine and Gaza.

The War of Language & Words

In a multipolar world where great powers are vying to influence global public opinion, language is paramount. “Words, after all, are the building blocks of our psychology” and shape our perception of good and evil, right and wrong. 

The information warfare at play, for decades dominated by the western axis and its vast, global media reach, seeks to shape our opinions of the geopolitical chess board. It is a fight that became visible to all in the battlefields of Syria, then intensified over the Covid con and then  Ukraine, and is now collapsing over Israel’s stunningly brutal military assault on Gaza and its 2.4 million civilians.

Israel has the Right to Defend Itself

 It is like saying that a thief has the right to protect himself and the stolen goods from the rightful owners. This ubiquitous phrase used by Israel during its 75+ years of oppression and occupation of Palestine often serves as a thinly veiled justification for its indefensible actions. This shield against accountability for human rights abuses has not only been wielded by the Israeli government but has also found resonance among western leaders who are being” MICEd” by the Rothschilds, or are working for them.

This rhetoric gained renewed traction following the Hamas-led resistance operation on 7 October 2023.

The Right to Commit Genocide 

In a world where narratives vie for dominance in shaping public opinion, the significance of terminology cannot be overstated. Israel has adeptly utilized linguistic nuances and strategic ambiguity to advance its narrative on the Palestinian issue, whether through historical revisionism, past conflicts, or contemporary events like the Al-Aqsa Flood.

The Significance of “Public Diplomacy” as a Crucial Tool in Geopolitics

 “Anything that invokes the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and the myths about historic Jewish rights to the land bequeathed to them by the Almighty” all serve to preserve Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself. 

However, such narratives obscure the reality of the situation: a powerful occupying force supported by a superpower pitted against an indigenous population without a conventional army to defend them, in addition to the blatant lie about anti-Semitism and the fraud of the Holocaust.

A War of Words

“The masses fascinate their imagination and are aroused by the intelligent and correct use of appropriate words and phrases, and if we use them artistically and tactfully, then they can possess secret power. Words whose meanings are difficult to determine precisely are the ones that sometimes have the greatest ability to influence and act”.

Following the 2008 Israeli offensive on Gaza, Republican pollster and political strategist Dr Frank Luntz authored a study titled “The Israel Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary,” commissioned by a group called The Israel Project for use by those “who are on the front lines of fighting the media war for Israel.”

In the second chapter, titled “Glossary of Words That Work,” Luntz presents “For the first time in our communication effort … an A–Z glossary of specific words, phrases, and concepts that should form the core of any pro-Israeli communication effort.” The following are just a few examples from his glossary of terms:

‘Peace before political boundaries’: This is the best phrase for talking about why a two-state solution isn’t realistic right now. First the rockets and the war need to stop. Then both peoples can talk about political boundaries.

‘The RIGHT to’: This is a stronger phrase than ‘deserves.’ Use the phrase frequently, including: the rights that both Israelis and Arabs enjoy in Israel, the right to peace that Israelis and Palestinians are entitled to, and Israel’s right to defend its civilians against rocket attacks.

Narrative Manipulation and Linguistic Tactics

Understanding the historical efforts to control the narrative surrounding the ‘Arab–Israeli conflict’ begins with the absence of a clear definition or identification of its parties. This ambiguity allows for manipulation and flexibility in defining the issue. Consequently, a selection of vocabulary and terms has been identified that shapes the discourse surrounding the Palestinian cause.

Major international media outlets and political leaders have progressively framed the resistance against the occupation from its historical portrayal as an Arab–Israeli conflict to a Palestinian–Israeli one, then further narrowing it to a confrontation between Hamas/Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Israel. The western press and major media outlets also favor the usage of terms like “clash” rather than “Israeli aggression” and seek to frame the murder of Palestinians as people who “died” rather than “killed” by Israel.

This reductionist approach diminishes the complexity of the conflict and emphasizes Israel’s role while minimizing the opposing side’s agency. Additionally, overused terminology such as “conflict” replaces more nuanced terms, further simplifying the narrative.

In line with Israel’s perpetual portrayal of itself as a victim, it garners sympathy by weaponizing the Holocaust and gains support globally by positioning itself as such and asserting its “legitimate right to self-defense.” Israel and the US have also conflated anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, equating criticism of its policies with bigotry against Jews. This conflation has led to accusations of anti-Semitism against individuals who critique Israel, such as university presidents, perpetuating a narrative that stifles intellectual dissent. Israeli media employs “harrowing” terms like “neutralization” to describe the killing of resistance fighters in Gaza and the West Bank, employing language that minimizes the emotional impact on Palestinians and presents a sanitized version of events while also dehumanizing them. 

Writing and Fighting Back 

This linguistic battleground, often overlooked, is integral to understanding the current war’s dynamics and the framing of events.

For instance, in the aftermath of Al-Aqsa Flood, Israel strategically utilized its Hasbara apparatus to propagate a specific narrative. This narrative included the assertion of Israel’s “right of self-defense,” which framed Israel as a victim justifying its actions. Additionally, Israel referred to individuals held by Hamas as “hostages” rather than “detainees” or “prisoners,” implying their potential use as human shields and justifying lethal responses. The forced displacement of Palestinians in Gaza was labeled as “repositioning” or “transfer,” a euphemism aimed at downplaying the severity of the situation. 

While Israel initially referred to its military actions as “ground maneuvers” to mitigate media and legal ramifications, it later framed its indiscriminate aggression as a “war on terror” to garner international support. This framing aimed to portray Hamas as a terrorist entity akin to ISIS, appealing to western sentiments and seeking to eliminate the notion that there were innocents in Gaza.As the Axis of Resistance has often repeated, this war is being fought on multiple fronts – not just in the physical realm but prominently in the online realm of propaganda. Redressing the imbalance of power in the information war, however, is no easy task. The battle of words and ideas is an essential one for Palestinian resistance movements and pro-Palestine voices to fight. The opportunity to completely flip the narrative – now that Israel has revealed Zionism’s ugliest face in Gaza – has fully arrived, and the myth of Israeli victimhood must be put to rest forever.

The “Balance Wheel”

 America is the “balance wheel” in international power politics.  This started in February 1917 when the capital of international finance shifted from London to New York. It took a few decades for the media /entertainment/finance/politics issues to dominate the global news. After World War 2, the coverage of news began to focus more on the American issues and values, such that whatever happens in America makes front page news. No other country experiences this.

 In the fields of entertainment, finance, politics, etc., global news became US-centric. So, whatever begins to trend in various sectors of society is immediately caught on by the rest of the world. Originally amplified by Hollywood – this began to grow when CNN and other media outlets went international. Then came the internet and social media. The 2 families have used the American population as “lab rats”. Many social engineering issues are first tested in the US, and later exported to the UK, then to the English-speaking Anglo-American world, and then to the rest of the world.

 Soft power comprises Hollywood, entertainment, etc. It’s shown as something unique and great, but what it did was to “hook up“the rest of the world, into wanting to have the same thing, or become like the Americans. Thus, we see many wanting to immigrate to America- for whatever reason. Even worse, we witness the “copycat effect” in most societies around the world. Fashions, hair-styles, food, expressions, speech, etc. are dutifully copied.

 Add to this the “hard power”: aspects of the US- in finance and military. The US has the largest military in the world. The dollar is – or was- in demand everywhere. Slowly but surely, US dominance of both hard power and soft power is fast diminishing. And, this is making the world go through “withdrawal symptoms”. These are the visible signs of an empire in collapse. The lies of the US/UK are being exposed. People are slowly waking up from a multi decades-long “coma”.

The “Empire of Lies”

 All of the above examples have turned people off the main stream media and the political class. There have been reports that many of the major media houses have begun to lay off staff due to falling viewership. People are not buying their lies anymore. Just yesterday, the key staff of the Israeli military’s office resigned. The reason was that they could not stomach the lies they are instructed to peddle.

 Take the example of Tucker Carlson, who was fired from Fox News. He has joined up with Elon Musk, and has opened his own show, Tucker Carlson News. He did an interview of Putin at the beginning of February, and to date has been watched by more than 500 million viewers. This was a shock to the media barons. Even worse, when Tucker interviewed Trump, he garnered 100 million views. The highest ratings that the major news networks are able to achieve in recent days rarely exceeds 100 k views.

The monopoly on news has been broken. There are many others like Carlson who have opened up their own shows, and who have been garnering millions of subscribers. There is a limit as to the amount of lies people are prepared to take.

 Social media has definitely broken the monopoly on lies and false narratives.  Nowadays, every person with a smartphone today is a journalist, reporter, cameraman and commentator. They then upload these onto the various social media platforms. And, it is in real time too! There is a mad effort to neutralize this by the Zionists, who have infested social media with lies and disinformation. Fortunately, many have caught on to this agenda and are exposing such tactics. The majority of the media companies in the West are controlled by Jewish billionaires (working in the Rothschild orbit), and they have no reason to speak truth, as the truth will shine a spotlight on the demonic agenda of this creed.

Putin has rightly called them the “EMPIRE OF LIES”. Our next article is called “How Zionism weaponized anti-Semitism”.

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