How the Rockefellers “Trumped” the World

The Rockefeller Empire chose to put Donald Trump in the White House in November 2016. Every US president since Franklin D Roosevelt (1933-1945) has always been chosen by Rockefeller. London (the Rothschild family) had lost control of the White House in 1932, and it has been so since then.

 A month later, in December 2016, the Rockefeller’s international geopolitical thug, Henry Kissinger was sent to Moscow for a secret meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A deal was struck between the two parties. Some of the main points of the deal with Putin were Russia to reduce its co-operation with Iran and China.  Strangely enough, the moment Trump assumed office in January 20th, 2017, China targeted its DF21 nuclear missiles at strategic Russian bases and cities! Proof that the so-called allies are not really allies, but a partnership of convenience.

Trump’s mandate from the Rockefellers were as follows:- Actively implement the “Fortress America” game-plan; Break Britain away from the EU- the Brexit process; increase economic and financial war against America’s three key geopolitical and economic rivals – the EU + Britain, Iran, and China; regime-change Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba; strengthen Israel militarily so that it would act as America’s attack dog in the region in order to blow up the Mideast; reduce the “independent stance of Saudi Arabia’s  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), and bring India into America’s orbit. We will now discuss them one by one.


London is the seat of the Rothschild family. The French branch focuses more on the business side, while the British branch focuses on global geopolitics.

There exists a rivalry between the Rockefeller and Rothschild family, going back to the late 1880s. Initially the rivalry started in the oil business and progressed to the world of international finance by 1910. Just like an octopus, having hundreds of tentacles. The tentacles of each octopus co-operate with each other, but sometimes we find that geopolitical interests of each family clash. A separate article is needed to explain this aspect.

Since FDR became US President in 1932, the Rockefeller Group has had full control of the White House. London tried, twice, in recent years to put their candidate into the White House, with no success. The first time was the 2000 elections between Bush and Gore; the second was the 2016 elections between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

 The London was furious with Trump’s ascendancy to the White House. The Rothschild intelligence network is very efficient, considering that the Russian Prime Minster, Medvedev is their man. Medvedev had informed London about the secret meeting between Putin and Trump. Rothschilds decided to use this against Trump by falsely citing Russian interference in the US elections. After nearly 2 years, this effort fizzled out. Then came another attack on Trump from London regarding the Ukraine issue. British-controlled assets in the US Senate and Congress opted for impeachment and London failed again.

 It was at this point that Russian President Putin acted against Medvedev and London’s proxies within the Kremlin. Within a day of the failed impeachment effort against Trump, Putin fired his cabinet, and replaced them with capable people who had no ties to London. The new cabinet was made up of technocrats and nationalists. The previous cabinet was also sabotaging Putin’s efforts to grow Russia’s economy. This new cabinet will now turbo-charge Russia’s economic growth, while Putin focuses on increasing Russia’s geopolitical weight on the global arena.

Read the 2-part article called “The Break-up”, which details the cause of the deep rift between these two families, which occurred in the period 2010-2012.

 Prior to this, in 2008, the global stock market crash had two aims for the Rockefeller Group: – Remember that the family motto is “competition is a sin!” The euro was a currency in competition against the dollar. The Rothschild-controlled banks in Europe were weakened to a point on the verge of insolvency. From New York’s perspective, two irritants were knocked down. Europe was both an economic and geopolitical competitor. Historically, since 1945, America’s aim was to make sure that Europe did not become independent in its economic and geopolitical ambitions, in its dealings with either Russia or the Middle East.

With the clash between these two groups in full swing between 2011 and 2013; Britain opted to become a founding member of the Chinese Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank in March 2015- against the wishes of New York. A year later, the British announced Brexit-a withdrawal from the EU- since the EU was a target of New York. London wanted out of this cross-fire. With American urging, British PM, Boris Johnson was successful in achieving Brexit. Little did London realize that with Brexit, the British economy jumped from the frying pan into the fire. A weakened Britain Inc was exactly what New York wanted London.  Britain got “Trumped”. Donald achieved this for his masters-the Rockefellers.


Under Obama, the US made a deal with Iran. The deal was Iran to send its proxy forces to STOP Israel drilling the massive oil field found in the Golan, in 2009. In return, America would remove sanctions and grant Iran greater freedom to topple or weaken its rival Arab neighbors. But, when the right-wing crowd in Iran – the IRGC- backed out of this deal, by 2016 – then Iran was once more fair game for US sanctions. With Trump now in office, the squeeze on Iran’s economy increased. The final nail in the coffin for Iran was the weaponized virus targeted against senior government and parliamentary officials. Iran got “Trumped”.

Latin America

Beginning in the early 2000s, Latin America turned nationalistic. When Trump assumed office, those independent countries underwent coups, regime-change, economic and financial warfare directed by New York, as per the “Fortress America“plan. First was Argentina, followed by Brazil and Bolivia. Soon, Venezuela will be brought back into New York’s orbit. And once Venezuela goes, Nicaragua and Cuba will follow. Latin America got “Trumped”.


Donald Trump, Xi Jinping - Chinese President Xi Jinping Meets Donald Trump At His Mar-a-Lago Estate

China’s role in the world economic system was to be a designated factory producing consumer goods, at the lowest possible labor costs. Over the past decade, China moved up the value chain, and introduced its BRI model to increase its exports of such items. Moving up the technological chain was not to New York’s liking. In 2012, the US began to increase its focus on trying to contain China; if that didn’t work, then it would cripple China Inc.

This is precisely what happened from 2015 onwards. From March 2015 till July 2016, New York launched a financial warfare that cost China Inc some $4 trillion. Then, in 2019, New York, using bio warfare means reduced China’s pig population, as well as reducing its agricultural output- through various diseases. In late 2019, New York hit China with the Covid 19 virus.  This was a huge economic setback for China. The January 2020 trade deal brought China in line with US wishes. China got “Trumped”.


When the Obama administration allied with Iran in 2012, it infuriated its two main allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia. These two then joined forces against both the US and Iran. With the Trump administration, New York changed tact – and with Iran a declared enemy, again – the alliance was restored with both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

President Trump on podium in front of plane talking to group of people (© Amir Cohen/Reuters)
President Trump arrives in Israel May 22, where he is greeted by Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Reuvin Rivlin at Ben Gurion International Airport near tel Aviv (copyright Amir Cohen/Reuters)

 New York’s plan was to use both Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran. The best way to do this was to massively arm both these countries, and egg them on to contain, cripple and crush Iran and its regional proxies – Hezbollah, Syria, and Yemen.

 Based on the above, and knowing how scared Israel is, the US and Trump went overboard in appeasing Israel, through various means such as relocating its embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Israel sovereignty over the West Bank, and putting forward a new “peace plan” that was skewed to Israel’s advantage.

 The Rockefellers have an intense dislike to the Rothschilds and its three controlled countries – Britain, France and Israel. They would love to see Israel destroyed in the coming conflict in the Middle East, along with Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the other Gulf states. American plans are in place to carry this out.

 As we have seen in recent days, even Israel has not been spared the Covid 19 virus attack. Israel has not as yet been fully “Trumped”, but it is getting there soon. What a brilliant move on the part of the Rockefellers to bring Israel to heel, so that Israel will learn to carry out the orders from New York. Do remember that this whole virus issue is the game-plan of New York alone. The other power centers had no hand in it, as they lack the infrastructure, the intent, the means, and the motive to carry it out.

Another point to note is that the three most important positions in the US government are the posts of Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, and the CIA. Since 1933, the first two posts have always been reserved for Rockefeller men. The last, the CIA, had been originally formed by using the various intelligence apparatus of the family’s global intelligence network, and it was the brain child of Nelson Rockefeller. With that in mind, the role of Mike Pompeo assumes greater importance. He PRODUCED RESULTS for the family, as  head of the CIA; the family then promoted him and  made him Secretary of State, in order to ensure that the Event 2019, and the ID 2020 Agenda is carried out to its determined conclusion, as per the family’s dictates.

 Saudi Arabia

There were several times in the past four decades when these allies were at war with each other. For the most part, this war was conducted in the shadows. With the assassination of both Saudi Arabia’s Foreign and Finance ministers occurring on the same day in New York and Washington, in December 1974. This was followed by the assassination of King Faisal by the CIA a few months later.

The second was between the period 2000 to 2006, when a dangerous covert war was raging in the Kingdom between the CIA and Saudi intelligence.

Donald Trump and group of men with swords during ceremony (© Evan Vucci/AP Images)
Dancing with Saudis

 The third was between 2017 till now, when the CIA tried FOUR times to assassinate and topple its Crown Prince MBS; the most recent which happened in the first week of March 2020. There is no love lost between MBS and New York – and the reason has to do with Saudi Arabia’s oil policy. Saudi Arabia refused to get “Trumped”!! New York still has MBS in its cross-hairs, and it will not back down; expect more such attempts on MBS’ life by New York’s proxies amongst the Saudi royal family members.

 These aspects were discussed in detail in the previous articles; see “The US-Saudi Nexus”. It details why MBS’s oil policy ran counter to the wishes of the Rockefeller family, who tried several times, unsuccessfully, to topple and assassinate MBS, over the past three years. Contrary to the accepted wisdom out there, Saudi Arabia is not “America’s puppet”. Even the case of the “murder” of Jamal Khashoggi is strange. To date, no body has been found, and speculation was that the CIA staged a hoax. For all we know, the CIA had killed him, and used a “double” to enter the US Consulate in Turkey, which had a vested interest in blackening both Saudi Arabia and MBS!

 In short, America has failed to get its way with Saudi Arabia, under King Salman and his son MBS. The covert war between the two sides is still ongoing.  With the announcement by MBS of going all out in increasing oil production, he single-handedly brought the oil price crashing down. And with it, he collapsed global stock markets – causing an overall loss of close onto $10 trillion- in the past two weeks. And, there is still more losses to come! One man had the power to do it- and he is only 35 years old!! Like him or hate him, this is an exercise in power on a global scale. MBS has made a calculated move to upset the game-plan of both the Rockefeller family and Putin. Saudi Arabia hasn’t been “Trumped” yet!

The EU

Washington formed NATO in the 1950s, with one simple mission; “to keep Germany down, the Russians out, and the Americans in “. It is now 2020, and that aim has become a top priority for the policy planners in Washington and New York. With the Trump administration, Washington has enacted tariffs on EU’s exports to the US and threatened even harsher sanctions and tariffs on European companies.

 The EU is also one of America’s two key economic rivals – the other being China. Many times, in the past, Washington has put the economic screws on Europe, for various reasons. Under Trump, the White House has escalated pressure on Europe, especially in the energy field. America’s aim is to make sure that Europe – principally Germany – doesn’t get too close to Russia. America’s aim is to reduce Europe’s dependency on Russian energy imports, especially oil and gas pipelines.

The EU, as an economic bloc, was and is an economic competitor of the US.  They are allies in name only. The 2008 financial crash crippled Europe. Only Germany and France carry enough geopolitical weight to resist US dictates. Both these countries need a united Europe, to dominate Europe, and also resist the US. The American game-plan is to further fracture Europe in the near future. Try as she might, Europe has become very weak in the last decade. Washington is deeply involved in manipulating individual countries in Europe to further weaken the bonds of the EU. With Italy being targeted by New York in the virus issue, it could be a chance for the US to use Italy to further fracture the EU. Germany and France are trying hard to build an independent EU army, but have little chance of succeeding, due to American pressure. In short, Europe is trying to get away from America, with little chance of success. European banks have been hit with multiple fines from New York, and so have some of its leading companies. In short, Europe has been “Trumped”.


The key reason of Washington romancing India is to align it against China. India’s gradual geopolitical pivot towards the US — hitherto deceptively disguised as “multi-aligning” between Great Powers — is complete after Trump’s successful visit, during which time the two countries agreed to a $3 billion arms deal and a memorandum of understanding on boosting energy ties, prompting Prime Minister Modi to proudly declare that they had just established a “comprehensive global strategic partnership”.

The “comprehensive global strategic partnership” between India and the US that Prime Minister Modi proudly announced during the last day of Trump’s trip to the South Asian state conclusively debunks the claim that India’s years-long policy of supposedly “multi-aligning” between Great Powers was ever anything other than a deceptive cover for disguising its geopolitical pivot towards the American-envisaged world order.

India’s geopolitical pivot into one of the US’ most globally important military-strategic partners is now complete following Trump’s very successful trip to the South Asian state. The over-hyped slogan of “multi-alignment” has been thoroughly exposed as fraudulent though it’ll probably continue to be repeated from time to time in a last-ditch attempt to mislead India’s “fellow” Russian and Chinese BRICS & SCO “partners”. The new (but not unpredictable) reality of India as America’s newest “junior partner” doesn’t mean that its relations with those two Great Powers will be irreconcilably damaged, however, since each of them have their own interests for maintaining strategic ties with the country and even improving them along various trajectories. This includes Russia’s military and energy interests, China’s commercial ones, and their joint desire to cooperate with India to shape new international financial architecture. Nevertheless, this inevitable development adds yet another layer of complexity to the already complicated geopolitics of the New Cold War, reducing Russia and China’s strategic maneuverability and limiting their overall options. It was a triple-win for Washington. Firstly it brought India into its orbit; second and third, it DENIED India to both Russia and China. What a massive geopolitical “win” for Trump and his masters-the Rockefeller Group.  In short, India got “Trumped”.


Although Russia has impressive reserves and a hefty stockpile of gold, its long-term budgetary planning is still dependent to a large degree on maintaining the stable inflow of energy-generated revenue. That might be more difficult to guarantee than ever before if OPEC continues to reduce output in order to raise the oil price since that actually makes US shale more competitive, which the US is weaponizing for geostrategic ends against Russia. In other words, while the country’s short-term economic interests rest in keeping oil prices high, this trend might counter productively work against its long-term strategic ones related to balancing the budget and retaining its influence abroad. For example, the US wants to supply more of the European marketplace if it can successfully delay the construction of Nord Stream II, and it also has plans to double its exports to India in order to ultimately sell five times as much of this resource to the world’s fastest growing energy market than Russia will. In addition, the US provocatively wants to poach the entire Belarusian energy market from Russia, too.

The US weaponization of energy for geostrategic ends is apparently much more dangerous than many previously thought, seeing as how the Russian authorities decided to end their cooperation with OPEC (which in turn predictably led to Saudi Arabia’s de-facto declaration of an oil price war) in an attempt to thwart this threat. This realization should lead to a long-overdue reassessment about the nature of contemporary energy geopolitics ever since the US became the world’s largest oil and gas producer.

Going along with OPEC’s request 2  weeks ago to further curtail its oil production next month would have emboldened the US to make even more power moves against Russia than ever before, though taking the fateful step that predictably prompted Saudi Arabia to wage its oil price war runs the risk of inflicting excessive “collateral damage” on the US sanctions-besieged and energy exporting-dependent economies of Iran and Venezuela, to say nothing of contributing to what might ultimately be a global economic crisis.

 A very key point here is America’s plan to break up the OPEC cartel. Originally formed in 1960, by certain Arab oil producers to remove pricing decisions out of the hands of the oil companies, little did these countries realize that the formation of OPEC was the brain child of the Rockefeller family.

The reason? At that time, with Nasser spearheading a drive to nationalize oil production, this was meant to satisfy the pro-nationalist crowd in the oil-exporting countries, and push-back nationalization of oil assets belonging to the 2 families. This would have to wait for another decade.

 As per the secret deal reached between Kissinger and Putin, in December 2016, Putin began coordinating certain policies with the Rockefellers. One of them was that “it was time to break up the OPEC cartel “. This would suit the geo-strategic interests of both Russia and the Rockefellers, as both want to increase oil production, while OPEC does not. That is the key reason why Putin refused to go along with MBS’s request to curtail oil production from next week. Both are hoping that the crash in oil prices will lead to the break-up of OPEC. Only time will tell if this pans out.

Global Power Centers

There are five global power centers; meaning that the important decisions affecting international politics, economics and finance usually emanate from one of these five. They are as follows, and it includes the leading/controlling entity within each power center:-

New York – the Rockefeller family

London   – the Rothschild family

Moscow – the nationalist faction headed by Putin

Beijing – the nationalist faction headed by Xi Jinping

Riyadh – the Al Saud family headed by MBS, in alliance with the Al-Nayhabn – Abu Dhabi’s ruling family headed by Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ).

 Now, we find that New York has managed to neutralize and cripple London and Beijing. What’s left are Moscow and Riyadh.

 Individually, these four power centers stand no chance against the US. Combined – – – now, that’s another story. Below is a diagram that says it all.

The 5 Major Power Centres of the World

 With the Covid 19 virus threat on the world, the important thing to watch out for are the implications – economic, financial, and geopolitically, that the Rockefeller Group has planned for humanity. They already control most of the governments in the world; it’s the people that they couldn’t control.  This virus threat is the perfect vehicle to increase New York’s control over people. It’s an “economic war” on humanity, with increasing social controls over people, so that they can be “herded” into the direction so desired by the Rockefeller family obsession over controlling people – through “population control”.

 In our next article, we will discuss the “order”, following the “chaos” that the Covid-19 virus will install as per the ID2020 program.  It’s too early to tell whether the coronavirus is the crown jewel of the NWO or a crippling blow to globalization, but whatever it ends up being, there’s no question that it’s the black swan event that the world’s been fearing for years already.

The consequences of the uncoordinated containment measures that are currently in place and growing ever stricter in many countries by the day will fundamentally change life as everyone knows it for an indefinite amount of time prior to gradually taking on the contours of the emerging world order. We may be on the threshold of a new era and a different sociopolitical model.

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  1. I wish more people understood this. The Illuminati are fighting amonst themselves for the ultimate power now. We the people are just so many chickens to be eithe killed or eaten. Putin is posing as a Nationalist, but is Chabbad, as is Trump. Im sure Xi is firmly in Rockefeller’s pocket. Im beting Al Saud family is Chabbad too. Interesting times.

    1. London is Rothschild and London allied itself with China in March 2015 against Rockefeller orders. Putin and Trump hate the Rothschilds. Trump is a Rockefeller man and London is out to destroy him. To understand more read the other articles on our site and spread the word about us.

    2. They have too much on Biden so he won’t shut them down. Trump being President had balls and ran over those elitists. He could do it if brought back in. If we don’t USA continues to be invaded and we lose her.

  2. Interesting controlled opposition article. The TDS, predictably, shining through. Wonderful how the author skips over the 8 years of the Obama administration as well as the Clinton & Bush administrations. They all just got along so much better with the world. I’ll just note one glaring omission from the article ; the plan never was “Fortress America”. The plan was always to weaken America to enable the global takeover to become easier. Can’t have those pesky yanks keepin’ hold of their guns. Such a ahort paragraph on China when there really was so much more to say. Nice try though.

    1. Tx for reading and commenting on my articles. Regarding the Clinton and Bush era. More articles will be loaded covering their time periods. But, do note, that I dont focus on the Presidency as much as I focus on their masters.US policy – local and foreign is a constant. Presidents (or, as I call them – managers), come and go. The media deliberately keeps the focus on POTUS and his team, but never on the powers that put them into office. Another way of putting this is :- Focus on the forest, and not the individual trees.

  3. Can you explain and reconcile how it is that the Rockefellers, who you say have controlled the offices of the Secretary of State and of the Treasury since 1933, somehow allowed Hillary Clinton to become SOS under Obama when she was, as you say, London’s failed candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

    And could you please cite sources and/or source materials?

    An interesting read. Thank you!

    1. The answer is simple. Hillary double-crossed the Rockefellers, thus she was not allowed to serve a 2nd term as SOS.

    2. I think you are referencing the so called conspiracies of 1933. When America went bankrupt. The Rockefeller’s and the uber elite millionaires were the ones that were behind it. So this is how they convinced England to pay off America’s debt and to this day we continue to pay it off. We will always be in debt to England . That said it began with Rockefeller changing the gold to paper. The Democrats have been under the will of these elitists ever since to make USA bankrupt while Republicans keep pushing back to keep the Constitution our forefathers created. Democrats and their underdog millionaires that want to surpass the Rockefeller’s have continued to do their bidding and to compel by force, intimidation, or authority, especially without regard for individual freedoms desire or volition: This is where the conspiracy of the underdogs comes into play that citizen have legal rights in USA are born Americans. (This does not mean a illegal female alien from Mexico that gives birth to a child in USA…this does not make that baby American or from any other country illegals if born in USA are not considered Americans). Though we just give Americanism away. But we as true Americans get everything they need is paid for because of that bankruptcy. But as it seems the Democrats and Rocks are the only ones enjoying the interest on all the labor coin we stow away for retirement. This is that conspiracy that no one believes is true. The Strawman. When arrested and you are in court when you are called upon to stand up then and only then if you stand up you are ceased as the strawman and are at the mercy of the court. If you stay seated and say “I am not the strawman you are trying to accuse of …” they can’t charge you. They keep sending you back to jail and hold you in hopes that you will just give in. It’s all how you defend yourself.

    1. Tx for reading and commenting. For your elucidation. please read the other articles to understand the subject of geopolitics, and especially the rise to power of these two networks

  4. Total BS. Controlled opposition. Generic, anonymous person, Sam Parker, for whom no info can be found. No citations, references, nothing. Pure BS.

  5. A few glaring mistakes in the article and the comments:
    1. Every President since 1912, not 1932, has been a Rockefeller bagman. 1913 is the year we got the Rockefeller-owned Federal Reserve, income tax on everyone except the Rockefellers and their friends, and big federal government via the 17th Amendment (soon followed by WWI and the 18th Amendment.
    2. This story is not controlled opposition. Controlled opposition always directs blame at the Freemasons, Jesuit Order, Jews or Deep State — mentioning the Rockefellers as little as possible.
    3. Bill Clinton is Nelson Rockefeller’s son. Look at side-by-side photos. Hillary is the love child of Averell Harriman and Pamela Churchill. Averell’s father, E.H. Harriman, was the railroad tycoon giving John D. Rockefeller a monopoly on oil transport.

  6. Question, when did the Rothschilds and Rockefellers split? Weren’t the Rothschilds the ones who helped bankroll John D. Rockefeller Sr. in his early days? The article makes it appear as if the Rothschilds have little or no influence in US affairs, isn’t there a constant struggle for who will be the top dog?

  7. Rockefeller was funded by Rothschild into banking and oil when he was just a bootlegger. They are partners in play since 1933. Behind the world stage curtain, are two Khazarian mafias playing chess. Their principle of divide and attack applies to even themselves.

  8. Seems there will be no more “trumped”…..doesn’t make sense for Rockefeller to let the “Rothschild” win president. Did President Trump double cross (ie: HRC) the Rockfeller’s or is this a mistake or what? Did someone else get the upper hand? Since the world is getting rid of oil in the EU….are Russia and SA fighting for top spot? What’s the next article after this with some proof? I get the Illuminati angle…I believe Satan’s minions are out there. And I’ve not decided if President Trump is a king David or a king Cyrus. I do know that in the end….they are all losing to YWHW or Jesus Christ. But I do hope you can follow up on some of these questions, if you are inclined and find the time.

    1. A COMPROMISE deal was done between the 2 families. In return for allowing Biden to be the next US Pres, London promised New York to greatly help them iro the Covid game plan. Next, London is determined to bring the economic world to its knees. As you can see, those countries that are firmly within the Rothschild (London) orbit, one will find that the lockdown conditions are the worst in the world- eg, Britain, Australia, Israel. Contrast to the New York controlled countries. Trump is just a manager. No real power. Ditto for all world leaders. Do note, Presidents and Prime Ministers are SELECTED, NOT ELECTED. Elections are a fig-leaf to the masses. A brilliant con. Please do not hesitate to ask more questions. Anytime brother. Tx for reading my articles.

      1. This is incredible stuff. I have researched and ead most of the main points you write about. What makes your work stand out is the vast underpinnings of how the whole thing was orchestrated and continues to dominate the ignorant masses. And, of course, the current plans that are in place. What you said about Selected, Not Elected is what most people cannot grasp….

  9. Both the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s serve a ‘master’. Both were created from scratch with nothing. John D was a Carpetbag 2 bit snake oil merchant and Amschel was an opportunist that found ‘Favour’ among the Dark Cabals. Cutting a very long story short the Orgs behind the ”Fake” Israel creation were looking for a ”Base” for over 2500 years after getting booted out of Babylon with the Real Jews who returned to rebuild the temple after 70 years of captivity. The Babylonians that followed these Jews back to Judea became intergrated with God’s people. After Rome smashed the Jews in 70AD these Babylonians assumed the identity of ”Judaism” what ever that means? I know of God’s past Mosiac and Levitical Orders but am 100% clueless to ”Judaism”. These fakes that cloned supposed Israel owing to the fact that Rome had 100% destroyed all Jerusalem and Judea suddenly became homeless and more importantly unemployed. Their key customer, the real Jews were either dead or had been dragged away into enslavement. For those who wish to research any of this , put this combination of titles together and explore where all these terms meet
    The clones and fakes in Palestine who claim to be Israel and Jews are:
    Ashkenazi Babaylonian Talmudic Khazarians. They are the Original Biblical Funny Money people, they Invented the FIAT system. For those who are clueless about what FIAT is, it’s a method of creating money from thin Air. It hold zero value until it has been lent out to someone. Then that someone repays this stuff that once never existed and to boot with Interest!! Is this not the Scam of the Eon??
    On top of this crazy operation, these Talmudics have a very dim view on ”Non Talmudics!!” So dim in fact that they deem all non Talmuds as Goyim or just animals made by God to serve them until death!! They actually have this crazed nonsense written in their Talmud and Teach this tripe to their KIDS!! Can you even believe a people would in 2022 hold such vile evil beliefs? This folks are the Real masters of this world who even own and manage the likes of the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s. Anyone who seriously believes that they are a better Bear than their neighbore has serious issues with God and His Creation. Enough said.

  10. What about Eugenics? Rockefellers are all known Eugenicists who want to bring the world unfit population to 500 million – mostly elite bloodline. This is the real truth and has been since the 1800s.

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