Gaza – Epicenter of WW3


On October 7th, the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, based in Gaza, launched an attack on Israel. Both Israel and its US supporters were caught completely off-guard. It took some time for Israel to gather its wits and plan a strike on Hamas.

More than three weeks have passed since. Below, we will give you a view of the situation in the region and on the ground, and the most likely responses from all the players involved – Israel, its Arab neighbors, Iran, Russia, China, the US and the EU.

The US Angle

As explained in previous articles, the American Empire is losing steam. This decline began in 1991, accelerated in the first two decades of the new century.  In order to hold onto its declining power, the US is going all out in a “no-holds-barred” strategy of destroying Eurasia through a continent-wide war.

 In early 2022, the US launched “Project Ukraine”, in a bid to dismember Russia, and steal its resources.  By late 2023, Russia had dealt a humiliating defeat to NATO, in Ukraine.

First was the retreat from Afghanistan. Then came the failure of the Covid project. This was unleashed by the Rockefeller family in March of 2020, in a bid to save the total collapse of the dollar-centered financial system. Time was bought and the problem of Wall Street was kicked down the road; and the US then launched Project Ukraine. This was also a failure.

Failure after failure. But, these revealed some fatal flaws in the power of the West. The defeat in Ukraine showed the world that the west is a paper tiger. This fact emboldened the subjugated nations. Many stood up, especially in the Global South. Covid showed them that the West has double standards, which was then amplified by the Ukraine war and the barrage of sanctions on Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and others.

The masks had dropped revealing the true nature of the beast (the western elite). In the eyes of the Global South, the face of evil, hypocrisy and racism has laid bare the real criminals at the top of the power structure- America, Britain, France and Israel- along with their vassals. This entire combo is headed by two very powerful families- the Rockefellers in America and the Rothschilds of Europe.

 When war broke out on October 7th, America saw an excellent opportunity to do the following:

  • Move the humiliation of its Ukraine defeat off the front pages.
  • Use this war as a distraction from its internal problems in the economic, financial, political and social spheres, and buy time
  • Target Iran – this enmity dates back to 1979 when the 2 families toppled the Shah of Iran and installed Khomeini- only for Khomeini to double-cross his backers.
  • Take back control over oil flows from the region
  • Exclude its economic rivals from any control over this oil
  • Break-up/weaken the 3 new members of BRICS- Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt
  • Make sure that Saudi Arabia and the UAE stay within the petro-dollar system
  • Use Israel as a battering ram to achieve all these objectives-even if it means the defeat of Israel, as America does not care about its proxies, after the event. We just have to look at Ukraine’s current condition, to realize that Israel will face the same future
  • Since “Project Israel” is founded and funded by the French Rothschild branch, we have seen from previous articles on this site that there is a bitter rivalry between the Rockefeller family and this Rothschild branch. For the Rockefeller Empire, this is too good an opportunity to  pass  in order to bring the arrogance of Israeli rulers(the French Rothschilds) down a couple of pegs

In 2020, Chevron bought a 40% stake in Noble Energy. Noble operates the Tamar gas field, located 200 kms west of Haifa. The Tamar gas reservoir (400 bcm) was discovered in January 2009 and developed within just four years – fast-tracked to meet immediate local needs after Egypt stopped supplying Israel with natural gas; along with a neighbouring gas field called Leviathan (1,100 bcm), the total reserves of gas amounts to about 1,500 bcm. The Leviathan gas reservoir was one of the world’s largest deep-water gas discoveries of 2000-2010, and its development is the largest energy project in Israeli history. Total annual volumes extracted are around 20 bcm, worth some $12 billion. Tamar and Leviathan ushered Israel into a new era of energy independence, supplying 70% of Israel’s energy consumption needs for electricity generation.

Noble Energy has stakes in both Israel’s mammoth gas fields Tamar and Leviathan. It was Noble Energy that discovered Tamar in 2009 and Leviathan in 2010. In 2013, the company started producing gas in the Tamar field, and in December 2019, the company started production of natural gas from Leviathan, the firm’s largest discovery to date. In the past, giant energy companies such as Chevron had avoided deals that involved Israel, so as not to provoke their Arab partners. The current deal might indicate a shift in that policy.

The above is very important to understand-for we know of the desire for control over energy resources by the Rockefeller family. Chevron is in the Rockefeller orbit. After buying a large stake in Noble Energy, the family realized that they needed to own the whole thing. Pushback from Israel and the Rothschilds stopped the 100 % takeover of the 2 fields. For Chevron, buying Noble for $5 billion for a 40% stake in the fields was an absolute bargain. It means the field is worth S12.5 billion. To buy a 40 % stake in 2 field holding 1,500 bcm of gas is a bargain, as the value of the gas is around $500 billion! In short, the family bought a field worth $200 for $5 billion, or 2.5% of its value!

Thus, when we hear that the IDF has warned the residents of North Gaza to flee to the south, it immediately brings to mind that the IDF wants an uncontested control over these fields, which lie offshore Gaza. That’s the reason why the focus of bombing is so intense on north Gaza.

In lieu of the collapsing financial system, when all  means to get their hands on other people’s resources fails, then the family uses violence to achieve its aims. This gas field is playing a super critical role in the war in Gaza today.

  • Blow up Eurasia for the 3rd time in 110 years, as a means of holding onto its declining empire.

Look at the map above. There are 3 red stars denoting the 3 conflict zones that the US is stroking in order to blow up Eurasia on its 3 extremities- Ukraine in the West, Taiwan in the East, and Iran in the south. To understand this better, we, once again, go back to the quote by Zbigniew Brzezinski from his book “A grand Chessboard”, published in 1997

“[…] a coalition allying Russia with both China and Iran can develop only if the United States is shortsighted enough to antagonize China and Iran simultaneously.”

The Rockefeller’s worst nightmare has become a reality today.

  • There is hatred between Washington and Nethanyahu that goes back two decades. Most pro-American senior figures in Washington and the Rockefeller Empire genuinely despise Nethanyahu. To this effect, the CIA (a Rockefeller entity) saw a chance to add more pressure on Nethanyahu.  Three years ago, the CIA formed a group called “Movement For Quality Government” in Israel. This funds any anti-Nethanyahu protests, talks, etc. Many in the IDF, Mossad, Shin Bet and various other movements in Israel are funded by this group. So, Israel clearly lacks a united government, society and military. These are a few indicators of the fractures in Tel Aviv.  Israel is no longer a star in US foreign policy. With this in mind, the job of winning this conflict went from hard to impossible. In short, Washington will support Israel if it is in its interests to do so, and will dump Israel if it’s in its interests to do so. Remember, both these ruling families hate each other.

Taking all of the above into account, we have to add some pertinent facts. And that has to do with the state of the American military. America has lost the technological race in the military sphere. They are behind Russia, and Russia is aiding America’s rivals to catch up, such as China, North Korea and Iran.

The quality of the American military personnel is a joke; out of shape physically and mentally. Many young Americans today have lost touch with reality, and would not have made the grade to be fit for the military. The opponents of the US in all these countries have none of these problems, are well trained with the correct mind-set. There is much more, but you get the idea.

Finally, the political and military leadership are clueless and heedless. It is very rotten at the top. These are the prescriptions for the collapse of empires.

The Ukraine war has de-militarised NATO. The military production base is a fraction of what is was. In short, NATO does NOT have the capacity to continue fighting Russia in Ukraine, much less take on China or Iran.

But, it seems that the US, and NATO is very gung ho about EXPANDING the war from Gaza to the wider region. This time, Israel’s neighbors are ready, are more powerful they have ever been, and are backed by 3 nuclear powers – Russia, China and Pakistan!

The Rothschild Angle

 Israel is the visible tip of an invisible empire- that of the Rothschild family of Britain and France. “Project Israel” would be established in Palestine, become a state in 1948, and it has continuously expanded. Israel has no choice but to expand if it wants to house the global Jewish population of roughly 26 million people. It is the only country in the world with no fixed borders- as it continues expanding its geography. It has fought many battles and wars with its neigbours. It has treated the Palestinian populations worse than animals. Now, it is paying the price.

To an extent unprecedented in history, the current Nethanyahu government is dominated by ultra-nationalists and religious extremists, representing parties such as ‘Religious Zionism “and “Jewish Power”. More than 40% of Israel’s Jewish population is fiercely anti-government. In the past year, there have been many riots and protests against the judicial reforms pushed by Nethanyahu. These riots drew the ire of several cabinet ministers, and a law was passed last week authorizing the police to shoot/kill Jewish protestors!

In short, Israel has become an increasingly divided society, and is faced with an increasing mutiny even within its security and military ranks.

The economy is suffering as a result of the Gaza war, and from the look of things, this pain will increase. Many foreigners work within Israel in its high-tech industries, and are not Israeli residents. These would have fled Israel. Expect more to follow. The majority of these are Jews!  The Rothschild media and its political, economic, financial apparatus always provided cover for the crimes of Israel, but with the advent of social media, their monopoly of the narrative has been broken, and the world is witnessing that they and the Rockefeller networks are the true “Empire of Lies”.

When Hamas launched its attack on October 7th, Israel was caught unaware, and the defeat of the overhyped IDF was a humiliation that resulted in a massive loss of face for Israel and its master- the Rothschilds. This produced rage and a need for revenge on Hamas and Gaza. Both the Palestinian resistance groups and the IDF gave as good as they got. Casualties and destruction mounted.

Israel touted itself as the most powerful military power in the region was humiliated like never before, and in front of the entire world. Social media played a large role in this war. Israel and the MSM had lost control of the narrative. Public awareness of events is at an all – time high.

The resistance groups were able to achieve many tactical victories within a short time. Even as the war unfolded, these groups shocked the world with their audacious moves, and continued the battle under heavy odds. It was a spectacle worthy of the David vs Goliath saga. The world loves an underdog, even more so if it’s for a worthy cause. This war has caught both the US and Israel ill-prepared in terms of logistics and military preparedness.

The Iran Angle

Iran has been under attack from the US/Israel combo since 1980. Iraq was pulled into the trap to attack Iran, in its futile 8-year war with Iran. Since the early 1990s, tensions began to rise again, and both the US and Iran began a covert war against Iran. Sanctions, assassinations, economic war, etc was unleashed on Iran.  It escalated even more when the US began the regime-change operation in Syria(in order to build 2 oil and gas pipelines from Qatar to a port on Syria’s Mediterranean coast) , and Iran stepped in to help Syria. Hezbollah in Lebanon has been built up by Iran, as a means to deter future Israeli invasions of Gaza.

In short, Hezbollah is under protection of Iran. Were the US to attack Iran, then Iran will surely step in by attacking US bases in the region. After Turkey, Iran is the next great military power in the region. It has a robust military-industrial complex, and the world’s largest drone build-out.

The Arab Angle

Arabs are slow to react to Israeli violence, but when sufficiently roused, then very little can hold them back. The ongoing genocide in Gaza has brought out the masses onto the streets, and governments are heeding their calls. Previously supporters of Israel in these countries have all but evaporated. Arab governments are becoming increasingly furious with Israel. None of them want war, but the public pressure may force them in.

The most likely Arab states to go to the aid of Gaza are Egypt and Iraq.

Israel is committing suicide if it continues committing genocide in Gaza. At a point in time, the seething anger of the Arab/Muslim world will translate into action against Israel. Then, all bets are off.

The Turkish Angle

Erdogan has no choice but to support Gaza and the resistance, but he is in no position to make a move on Israel as Turkey is in a financial crisis. It has a huge foreign debt, and both the US and Britain will not let Turkey get involved in the war. Erdogan can make all the speeches he wants, but his hands are tied by the IMF and Wall Street.

 If, Turkey somehow enters the war, and then Israel and NATO will find itself in a bind. Turkey has the largest army in NATO, with much advanced equipment, and the Turks are ferocious fighters.

Israel and Turkey have had problems in the past; especially the IDF killed 10 Turks on the aid ship going to Gaza.

Turkey is conducting live naval drills RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the US ships. It has prepared its troops to go to Gaza.  Although a NATO nation, the ties between Turkey and the US is fraying fast. For how long more Turkey will stay in NATO depends a lot on how far Israel and NATO will go to genocide Gaza.

The Russia Angle

There is a centuries-old enmity between the Zionists and the Russians, dating back to the 9th century. This was the conflict between the Khazar Kingdom and the “Rus”, the ancestors of modern Russia. Currently, about 25% of Israelis are Russian Jews, and this group has given Putin some leverage within domestic Israeli politics.

In the current times, there is some agreement between the 2 countries in the Syrian war. Putin allowed Israel to strike deliveries of arms to Hezbollah from Iran, but at times, Syrian troops suffered from these Israeli strikes. Putin is upset with Israeli supplies of shells to Ukraine, and the cordial relationship is about to end. Russia sees that the same powers that are backing Ukraine in its war against Russia are also the same powers that are backing Israel in its genocide on Gaza. This will further solidify the divide from the Collective West and the Global South. Many Russia weapons systems are being used by the Palestinian resistance groups.

Iran is both a member of the SCO and BRICS. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt are also new members of BRICS.

Although Russia and Israel maintain a cordial understanding, events in the region may end this, leaving Israel even more isolated, and worse, now facing the full might of Russian air defenses in favor of the Syria and Iran.

Russia and China support Iran. If Hezbollah enters the war, the US will then bomb Hezbollah. At this point, expect Iran to enter the war. Its primary targets will be US bases in the region. Additional targets will be the US carrier groups and other naval assets. Were the war to turn regional, there is a chance it may go global with the involvement of outside powers. From global war to nuclear war is a short step to global chaos. It will be a war between NATO and the Global South.

Just to elaborate:  On Tuesday 24thOctober, two aircraft carrier groups departed the US ports, heading for the Middle East region. The next day, Wednesday 25th October, Russia conducted a nuclear drill, using the sea, land and air. This was clearly meant as a warning to the US.

The Chinese Angle

China definitely does not want war in the Middle East. There is a possibility that if the war goes regional, the Straits of Hormuz may get closed, and China will lose access to 5 million barrels of oil daily, thus crippling its economy. If that happens, then expect the oil price to shoot up to unimaginable levels. The fuel price at the pump may double or triple for nations globally.

Both Russia and China are burning up the diplomatic lines, especially at the UN. The world has seen the battle to get a UN resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza. The US blocked this at the Security Council, but it passed at the General Assembly. This has dealt a blow to the credibility of the US and the West. The US is being isolated internationally. We see that both Russia and China are winning the diplomatic battle at the UN. Soon, we will find that the US has lost all of its ability to influence events in the Middle East. Now, Russia and China are taking center stage in the region, in terms of diplomatic affairs, and eventually may become the regions new power brokers.

It may come to a point that the nations of the Global South will quit the UN and its associated bodies, and FORM THEIR OWN multi-lateral institutions-very similar to western ones such as the UN, World Bank and IMF.

Public Opinion

Global public opinion is exploding against the genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. It shot up through the roof when a hospital was bombed and the Baptist church was bombed.  Total casualties in these two bombings are more than 3,000. Today, just after lunch, the IDF bombed a 15-storey building and other buildings in the Jabaliya refugee camp, with about more than 400 deaths.

Protests are being held every weekend in 10s of cities around the world, and the crowds are increasing with every protest. The surprising thing is that many Jews globally are also joining protests and social media is ablaze with anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Jew sentiments. Things are even worse in the Arab and Muslim world. Things have reached a boiling point. Protestors have tried breaking into US military bases in Turkey.

The danger is the increasing death toll when the IDF enters Gaza. The region is just one miscalculation away from exploding. Imagine millions of Arabs and Turks pouring into Israel to avenge their fellow Muslims.

World Plummets into Religious Frenzy – Unravelling the implications:

The religious fervor of the Palestine crisis is reaching a deafening peak. Officials worldwide are dropping their masks and inadvertently signaling the biblical nature of the conflict.At every turn, officials now soak their proclamations in biblical reference and allegory. The foremost of which was Netanyahu, who has now invoked an assortment of biblical /Talmudic prophecies as dog-whistles to stir his people into a religious frenzy.

 Netanyahu keeps referring to biblical prophecies on his press conferences:

The words about Amalek are taken from the 1st Book of Samuel: “Thus says the Lord of hosts: I have remembered what Amalek did to Israel, how he opposed him on the way when he came out of Egypt” (15:2). The Lord ordered King Saul to destroy the enemy and all his people: “Now go and defeat Amalek and destroy all that he has; and give him no mercy; but put to death both husband and wife; from youth to infant; from ox to sheep; from camel to donkey” (15:3).

 Netanyahu feels himself a new Messiah with the divine right of exterminating all enemies of the chosen people… A genocidal maniac.

Israel has finally reached reactionary peak, a religious ethno-state with a bellicose and messianic leader that is carrying the liquidation of the Gaza ghetto

This is indeed the threatening mien with which many Arab observers are interpreting his words.

The fact of the matter is, the American political elite (tied to the Rothschild network of power) are hardcore Zionists because many of them come from the Southern Baptist and evangelical strain of Christianity which preaches very favorable views of Israel on account of biblical connections.

It’s plain to see that a large portion of America’s political elite and intelligentsia do envision Israel as being central to the long awaited, culminating ‘Rapture’ event. They view their support of Israel as being absolutely necessary for their ascension and the salvation of their souls. This inherently puts them in a subservient position to Israel’s geopolitical needs and motives, and allows Israel to very easily manipulate and puppeteer them through grassroots evangelical religious control into supporting whatever initiatives are needed, no matter how belligerent.

Erdogan picked up on these dimensions in his latest speech, emphasizing the global religious rift between the people of the Cross and those of the Crescent while invoking the Crusades. It’s becoming increasingly clear that not only is a global schism being ruptured open, but that everyone is beginning to pick up on the historical and religious dimensions of these events.

Even Russia’s Medvedev added his barbs with an invocation of Moloch, a pagan Canaanite god known for child sacrifice—a clear reference to Israel’s heedless slaughter of Palestinian children:

“In spite of western skepticism, there are signs that this insurrection in the Arab sphere is different- It is taking on a distinct ‘edge’ as both Shi’a and Sunni religious authorities state the duty of Muslims to stand with Palestinians. In other words, as the Israeli polity becomes plainly ‘Prophetical’, so the Islamic mood is turning religious, in its turn.”

Not to mention a monumental airbridge of over 50 U.S. C-17 transport planes carrying ungodly amounts of weaponry toward the Middle East in what appears to many like war preparations:

About 50 US military transport planes have taken off for the Middle East in the past two years. 97% of them are giant C-17 cargo planes, capable of transporting 77 tons of equipment and weapons. This is in addition to a further 100 plus flights from the US to Israel carrying military equipment and supplies.

And shattering any delusions that this is all some coincidence, Biden himself seemed to imply understanding of the religious proportions to this conflict when he openly declared:

“We are in an inflection point…in the world, which occurs every 3 or 4 generations.”

Interestingly though, the seemingly apocalyptic direction has gotten insiders extremely worried, creating rifts within the establishment itself. For instance, the apparatchik in charge of U.S. arms transfers to foreign nations just publicly resigned on account of moral and ethical grounds Vis a Vis supplying the genocidal terror regime of Israel. There are many others within the administration and Washington who have resigned or voiced their objection to the moves by the White House. Others are being fired and silenced.

The religious fervor of the Palestinian crises is reaching a deafening point. Officials worldwide are dropping their masks and inadvertently signaling the religious nature of the conflict.

The fact of the matter is, the American political elite are hardcore Zionists – especially those tied into the Rothschild network- because many of them come from the Southern Baptist and evangelical stream of Christianity which preaches very favorable views of Israel on account of biblical connections.

It’s plain to see a large portion of America’s elite envision Israel as being central to the long, awaited, culminating “Rapture” event. They view their support of Israel as being absolutely necessary for their ascension and the salvation of the souls. This inherently puts them in a subservient position to Israel’s geopolitical needs and motive, and allows Israel to very easily manipulate and puppeteer them through grassroots evangelical religious control into supporting whatever initiatives are needed, no matter how belligerent.

Even Russia’s Medvedev added his points over the weekend with an invocation of Moloch, a pagan Canaanite god known for child sacrifice – a clear reference to Israel’s heedless slaughter of Palestinian children: “Israel keeps delaying its ground operations in Gaza. Mainly under US pressure and fearing world wrath. But don’t delude yourself. The operation will take place, and with the most serious and bloody consequences. Moloch always demands more and more victims, and the machine of mutual violence will now work for years”.

“Should Israel enter Gaza (and Israel may decide it has no choice but to launch a ground operation, given the domestic political dynamics and public sentiment), it is likely that Hezbollah will incrementally be drawn further in, leaving the U.S. with the binary option of seeing Israel defeated, or launching a major war in which all the hotspots become fused ‘as one’.”

“In a sense, the Israeli-Islamic conflict now may only be resolved in this kinetic way. All efforts since 1947 have seen the divide only deepen. The reality of the necessity of war is permeating widely the consciousness of the Arabic and Islamic world.”

As a final key piece in understanding where things are heading, we have last week’s interview with former Prime Minister of France, Dominique De Villepin- a valuable Rothschild agent:

“Hamas has set a trap for us, and this trap is one of maximum horror, of maximum cruelty. And so there’s a risk of an escalation in militarism, of more military interventions, as if we could with armies solve a problem as serious as the Palestinian question- – –

There’s also a second major trap, which is that of Occidentalism. We find ourselves trapped, with Israel, in this western bloc who today is being challenged by most of the international community – – –

Occidentalism is the idea that the West, which for 5 centuries managed the world’s affairs, will be able to quietly continue to do so. And we can clearly see, that, faced with what is currently happening in the Middle East, we must continue the fight even more, towards what might resemble a religious or a civilizational war. That is to say, to isolate ourselves even more on the international stage – – –

This is not the way, especially since there’s a third trap, which is that of moralism. And here we have in a way the proof, through what is happening in Ukraine and what is happening in the Middle East, of this double standard that is denounced everywhere in the world- – –

The criticism is always the same: look at how civilian populations are treated in Gaza, you denounce what happened in Ukraine, and you are very timid in the face of the tragedy unfolding in Gaza. Consider international law, the second criticism that is made by the global south. We sanction Russia when it aggresses Ukraine, we sanction Russia when it doesn’t respect the resolutions of the United Nations, and it’s been 70 years that the resolutions of the United Nations have been voted in vain and that Israel doesn’t respect them. “

 “Once we understand that there is a trap, once we realize that behind this trap there has also been a change in the Middle East regarding the Palestinian issue… The situation today is profoundly different [from what it was in the past]. The Palestinian cause was a political and secular cause. Today we are faced with an Islamic cause, led by Hamas – – –

Obviously, this kind of cause is absolute and allows no form of negotiation. On the Israeli side, there has also been a development. Zionism was secular and political, championed by Theodor Herzl in the late 19th century. It has largely become messianic, biblical today – – – This means that they too do not want to compromise, and everything that the far-right Israeli government does, continuing to encourage colonization, obviously makes things worse, including since October 7th. So in this context, understand that we are already in this region facing a problem that seems profoundly insoluble. Added to this is the hardening of states. Diplomatically, look at the statements of the King of Jordan; they are not the same as six months ago. Look at the statements of Erdogan in Turkey. “

In short, he’s explaining that the West finds itself trapped in a fatal Sunk Cost Fallacy. They’ve gone “all in” on a certain moral and ethical framework of the world, and faced in a situation where the West’s moral fabric has been openly exposed and refuted, they find it extremely difficult—and perhaps fatally impossible—to withdraw, admit guilt or wrongdoing, and correct course. Instead, the hubristic, psychopathic leaders of the West may instead choose to “take it to the end” and force the imposition of their now falsified ontology onto the rest of the world.

The conflict is coming to a head—the classical unstoppable force vs. immovable object. Now that things have taken on biblical, messianic, religious dimensions, there are very few ways to defuse things But there is some hope, as evidenced by the growing rifts within the Western establishments themselves. It can even be seen reverberating up the spine of the U.S. political hierarchy, adding an uncharacteristically tremulous step to their typically unequivocal approach. Now they seem uncertain as to how to proceed; despite sending a massive armada to the region, their signals to Israel are mixed.

The problem is,  Iran and its protectorate are much more attuned to the religious purpose of ongoing events, as are many of the satellite powers which now threaten to enter the conflict—like that of Turkey, whose radical opposition figures have already threatened war against Israel should they fully invade Gaza.

The ultimate danger of the situation rests on the fact that Netanyahu and his most fervent right-wing supporters see this as potentially the one and only opportunity to enact a decades-long plan to fully erase ‘Palestine’ once and for all. If this conflict was only actually about Hamas itself, then there wouldn’t be much to worry about.

But given that all indications prove that this has been an internal Israeli plan long in the making, that the events of October 7 were in fact a “God-given” opportunity tasked with generating the needed outrage which would allow the execution of the ‘Final Palestinian Solution’, this tells us that the Netanyahu government means to go “all the way” in the first step towards fulfilling messianic prophecy.

And if that’s the case, then as De Villepin implied, the West may be trapped in following Israel into the throes of darkness—basically risking their own total destruction for someone else’s Biblical madness and vanity.

In the end, the conflict could lead to the West’s complete downfall as it would only accelerate the global rifts and harden the newly-formed oppositional blocs, which favors the East rather than the dependent West. Given that energy giants like Iran and KSA are not only technically on the same side in this conflict, but even more so given recent developments like KSA’s accession to the BRICS (not to mention Egypt), the conflict will only ‘isolate’ the West from everything it needs to thrive, leaving China and its constellation of friendly powers to develop and grow and pull away from the terminally declining, necrotic Western powers.

This conflict will continue to simmer for many months, with perhaps some ‘close calls’ flaring up, but will ultimately lead to even deeper global realignments as the world sees the bared, naked face of the West’s moralizing hypocrisy and double standards. The West will simply continue to lose their moral exclusivity and righteousness as the entire global south solidifies under China, Russia, and Iran’s leadership.

Sensing the West’s hesitancy and weakness, Israel may attempt to desperately spark a wider conflagration by increasing the amplitude of their false-flags—perhaps another USS Liberty-like incident or unilateral strikes on Iran meant to goad them into a response that would necessarily trigger a U.S. intervention. It’s my belief that this will be the chief danger to watch as, gripped by the terminal phase of its religious madness, Israel will be at its most unpredictable and dangerous to humanity at large.

In the end, they may succeed in establishing a new kingdom on the ashes of the old one, just perhaps not in the way they expected.

Our next article deals with the realities on the ground in Gaza. Stay Tuned till then.

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  1. Excellent article I am just a fool trying to learn. It is my understanding that Turkey was in charge of Jerusalem during the time of the crusades. I could be wrong but what makes sense to me is that the Muslim religion was fabricated by the catholic church of those days. Them jesuits needed a fake enemy to win over the orthodox church and the Muslim enemy turned into a beast. On that same line Giordano Bruno was executed because he believed in reincarnation and extraterrestrial life. The catholic church sponsored crusades, nazism and fascism. Them whole nazi dudes were vaticans dogs of war. The senile in the white house is vaticans puppet. The federal reserve probably belongs to vatican. And sadly we live in a khazarian fascist regime sponsored by vatican. Let’s remember that Ashkenazi are fake jews and no hatred towards them just accept equal rights and peaceful coexistence. The whole nazi regime that survives covertly is made of khazars that think they are jews and brainwashed idiots that follow.

  2. “It is Russia that has blocked the path of those who are attempting world domination, we are fighting for the freedom of the whole world,” Vladimir Putin said

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