France and the Rockefellers Part 2 (of a 2 Part Series)

Banks Are Fined

Just as in any other industry, the financial industry has its fair share of questionable behavior. Thankfully, regulatory oversight — and accompanying fines for non-compliance, violations, and even fraud — exist to keep financial institutions in line. From time to time, some banks get a little too zealous about padding their accounting sheets. When this happens, it can fall under the category of a bank scheme. Money laundering is one of the largest crimes the global economy has been dealing with for centuries, and it is growing.     From outright fraud to behaviors that are far from transparent or ethical, these are some of the biggest compliance fines in recent history that have been levied against financial institutions domestic and foreign. And the number of fines has reached some staggering levels. Let’s dive into the biggest fines in the past decade since the 2008 crash. Although several Rockefeller banks were fined, the majority of the fines were paid by Rothschild banks.

We’ve listed the bank fines from smallest to largest, along with a brief overview of what offending behavior caused a bank to get caught with its hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Danske Bank

Danske Bank to pay $2bn penalty for defrauding US banks- Denmark’s largest lender pleads guilty to resolve one of the biggest money-laundering scandals in years.

Barclays Bank/UBS/ICAP

 On 27 June 2012, Barclays Bank was fined $200 million by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, $160 million by the United States Department of Justice.

On 19 December 2012, UBS agreed to pay regulators $1.5 billion for its role in the scandal

In September 2013, ICAP settled allegations that they had manipulated Libor. The United States Department of Justice charged three former employees, and ICAP paid $65 million to the US’s Commodity Futures Trading .Rabobank

In October 2013, Rabobank was fined €774 million by US, UK and Dutch regulators.


 In July 2014, the US and UK regulators slapped a combined £218 million ($370 million) in fines on Lloyds and a number of subsidiaries over its part in the Libor fixing, and other rate manipulations and false reporting.

Deutsche Bank

On 23 April 2015, Deutsche Bank agreed to a combined US$2.5 billion in fines – a US$2.175 billion fine by American regulators – for its involvement in the Libor scandal. The fine represented a record for interest rate related cases, eclipsing a $1.5 billion Libor related fine to UBS, and the then-record $450 million fine assessed to Barclays earlier in the case. The size of the fine reflected the breadth of wrongdoing at Deutsche Bank, the bank’s poor oversight of traders. This is the largest bank in Germany. Germany is the most powerful economy in Europe. Were Deutsche Bank to collapse, it would take down Germany Inc.


In December 2012, HSBC Holdings plc (HSBC Group) – a United Kingdom corporation headquartered in London and a  federally chartered banking corporation headquartered in McLean, Va. – have agreed to forfeit $1.256 billion. The HSBC Group violated rules by illegally conducting transactions on behalf of customers in Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Burma – all countries that were subject to sanctions enforced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) at the time of the transactions.     

  “HSBC is being held accountable for stunning failures of oversight – and worse – that led the bank to permit narcotics traffickers and others to launder hundreds of millions of dollars through HSBC subsidiaries, and to facilitate hundreds of millions more in transactions with sanctioned countries,” said Assistant Attorney General Breuer.  “The record of dysfunction that prevailed at HSBC for many years was astonishing.  Today, HSBC is paying a heavy price for its conduct, and, under the terms of today’s agreement, if the bank fails to comply with the agreement in any way, we reserve the right to fully prosecute it.”

“Today we announce the filing of criminal charges against HSBC, one of the largest financial institutions in the world,” said U.S. Attorney Lynch. 

AML is short for anti-money laundering program. In short, banks are expected to uphold business practices and regulations that don’t support financial crimes. However, in 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice found that HSBC Bank USA had an AML program that was nothing more than for show.

Instead, the bank tended to look the other way regarding its foreign account holders and associated activities. HSBC was found in violation of the Banking Secrecy Act, Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA), and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) after evidence was uncovered of questionable transactions for clients in sanctioned nations like Iran, Cuba, Libya, Sudan, and Burma.

HSBC was found liable for aiding in the laundering of at least $881 million in drug-related finances over several years, leading to the $1.256 billion fine.  These fines hide the true reality of the volumes of cash from its narco clients, which is multiple times the $881 m that it was fined for.

Just as the Rockefeller family used its bank, Citicorp, to handle the CIA’s control of Dope Inc (or the international narcotics cartel), as well as the premier narco bank for the family, likewise the Rothschild’s premier bank handling the cash from its control of Dope Inc is HSBC.

Credit Suisse & Tax Fraud — $2.5 Billion

Wanting to reduce your tax liability is normal. Engaging in deceit to do so is a great way to either see the inside of a jail cell or pay hefty fines. Credit Suisse was under investigation for years because of allegations regarding unscrupulous accounting to aid U.S. customers in falsifying income tax returns and accompanying documents that were submitted to the IRS. 

Credit Suisse’s Toxic Asset Sell-Off — $5.3 Billion.

Balancing your books is one thing; but knowing that your business practices are going to contribute to a massive economic crisis — and trying to stave off the damage before it happens — is criminal. Several banks found themselves on the wrong side of the law after the Subprime Mortgage Crisis (SMC), including Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse was ordered to settle in the amount of $5.3 billion for selling toxic debts before the financial crisis took hold. However, this is just one part of the fallout from the SMC as almost every major bank across the U.S. and many multinationals also faced steep fines for poor oversight and intentionally providing loans to unsuitable customers.  However, the bank’s questionable arithmetic wasn’t just limited to the U.S. Taxation agencies in other countries including Brazil and Germany also had their eyes on Credit Suisse. In the U.S., the bank was ordered to pay $1.8 billion. However, along with additional fines, the total amounts to $2.5 billion.  In this month, the bank went bust owing to losses on its derivatives book as well on losses related to lower values on its US Treasury bonds.

LIBOR Price-Fixing Scandal — $2.5 Billion

Price fixing is never a good idea, but sometimes even banks need to be reminded that monopolies are illegal. The LIBOR scandal involves criminal charges regarding a foreign currency exchange that involves several major multinational banks between 2007 and 2013. Citicorp, Barclays PLC, JPMorgan Chase & Co, The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, and UBS AG all pled guilty to felony charges for each member’s involvement in the scheme.

Simply put, forex (foreign exchange) traders at the banks worked in tandem to manipulate currency values between the U.S. dollar and the European euro for financial gain. As if this isn’t enough, the traders called themselves “The Cartel” and even initiated private chat rooms and codes to influence exchange rates.

Typically, the exchange rates were edited twice daily, at 1:15 PM for the European Central Bank fix, and at 4:00 PM for the World Markets/Reuters fix. The traders would agree to only buy and sell at specific times, ensuring minimal losses for participating member banks. As with many other entries on this list, that $2.5 billion fine isn’t the final word for the exposed institutions, of which the largest component of this fine were paid by UBS and Royal Bank of Scotland , or RBS.

Deutsche Bank & SMC — $7.2 Billion

Shoddy business practices that prioritize profit over sound actions will always catch up with you in the end. Deutsche Bank, a massive multinational bank headquartered in Germany, can attest to this as the financial institution was slapped with a $7.2 billion fine in 2016 for attempting to offload toxic assets ahead of the housing crash. Of that figure, roughly $4.1 billion is being set aside for consumer relief and loan modifications that will be spread out over the next five years.

Deutsche Bank is a primary target of the Rockefeller Empire. Were Deutsche Bank to collapse, it would take down the entire industrial groups within Germany. This is due to the bank owning stakes in these industrial groups, plus it stands as their banker “of last resort”. Knock out Deutsche Bank, and one can cripple Germany Inc.

BNP Paribas’ Money Laundering — $8.973 Billion

Smart individuals and businesses know that trying to scheme around anti-terrorism laws is a bad idea. However, BNP Paribas, a French-based bank, apparently failed to get that memo. The bank was found in violation in 2015 for processing billions of transactions through the U.S. financial system on behalf of sanctioned nations.

BNP Paribas was accused of “deliberately disregarding the law” according to the DoJ, working to cover its tracks in the process, while helping to support terrorism in countries such as Sudan, Iran, and Cuba. The bank was required to fork over $8.833 billion to the U.S. government as well as pay $140 million in fines, which gets you the $8.973 billion total.

JPMorgan Chase & SMC — $13 Billion

The subprime mortgage crisis had a lot of dirty banking hands in the cookie jar. So, while many banks faced fines, some were slapped with significantly higher ones. JPMorgan Chase found itself in the hot seat both for federal and civil claims because it participated in passing out poorly vetted mortgages to consumers. The bank agreed to settle for $13 billion in 2013 with the DoJ.

However, this bank wasn’t alone. You may remember that JPMorgan faced its day of reckoning along with the investment bank Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. However, the two latter firms no longer exist. Both went defunct in 2008, with JPMorgan Chase opting to purchase them — which raised several red flags. Washington Mutual was absorbed into the Chase Bank brand while Bear Stearns was acquired under the investments division. 

Bank of America & SMC — $30.6 Billion

If there’s a biggest loser for “most fines paid” from the SMC scandal, it’s Bank of America (BoA). Yes, several banks paid a lot of money for their involvement in activities that destabilized the global economy. But, BoA has faced the most fines during this period. BoA found itself agreeing to multiple settlements over the past decade to atone for its questionable practices.

The bank paid $11 billion as part of the $25 billion agreement with the five largest mortgage servicers in the U.S. This was meant to address previous foreclosure and loan servicing abuses. But then, the bank paid $10.3 billion to Fannie Mae as part of a settlement in 2013. Again, in 2014, BoA paid $9.3 billion in a settlement with the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Bank of America has been fined $76 billion since the mortgage crisis.

Bank of America is within the Rothschild orbit. After the 2008 crash, Bank of America bought out Merrill Lynch.

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered is a British banking and financial services company founded in 1969 and headquartered in London, England. In 2004, Standard Chartered had some problems with the Federal Reserve and the New York regulator due to the lack of AML practices. During 2005 and 2006, the bank broke sanctions against Iran by ignoring regulatory agreements and working with Iranians. Standard Chartered was penalized $670 million in 2012 for its violations, but the fine had little effect on stopping its illegal practice.

In 2012, Standard Chartered was accused of helping the Iranian government’s failures in anti-money laundering controls that helped clear the U.S. regulations for $265 billion. In addition, the bank has been accused of violating US sanctions on American enemies-Burma, Libya, and Sudan. In 2019, the Federal Reserve decided to stop and give up on Standard Chartered as it continues to fail to implement AML practices and ignores sanctions against Zimbabwe, Burma, Iran, Sudan, Cuba, and Syria. . Thereupon, U.S. authorities fined Standard Chartered a total of $1.1 billion.

There are more banks on the list. This gives an indication of who the biggest crooks in the world are.

Banks have been fined a staggering $243 billion since the financial crisis; according to a tally released in early 2018.Most of these fines have been assessed for misleading investors about the underlying quality of the mortgages they packaged into bonds during the housing bubble. The actual cash the banks pay mostly goes to federal and state coffers without being earmarked for any bank. Here is a list of banks fined, as at end 2018.

Rockefeller banksJP MorganChase ($43.7 b), Citigroup ($19 b),Wells Fargo ($11.8 b) and Goldman Sachs (47.7 b).

Rothschild banksBank of America (76.1b), Deutsche Bank ($14 b),RBS ($10.1 b), BNP Paribas ($9.3 b), Morgan Stanley ($8.6 b), UBS ($6.5 b), Barclays ($400 m), Credit Suisse($7.8 b), Standard Chartered ($1.1 b), HSBC ($1.2 b +)- – – plus many others within the Rothschild orbit.

The Concorde Sabotage –“Competition is a Sin”

A Rockefeller company, Boeing, is America’s premier jet manufacturer, and as well as a major supplier of military equipment to the Pentagon. On the civilian side, Boeing faced stiff competition from Airbus-a Rothschild company.

In July 2000, the French civil aviation was advancing in technology.  A miracle of 21st century technology, the Airbus A380 had broken new barriers. Where the ancient Boeing 747 has 1.5 million rivets, the A380 has none, using laser-guided electric welding instead. Primary construction revolves around the use of state-of-the-art carbon fiber and other enormously strong components. There was a well-founded fear that the A380 will land vast orders and leave Boeing’s 747 and the next-generation 767 in the dust.

There were rumors that the Concorde was sabotaged to hinder French aviation technology, as the Airbus is way more advanced. If true, then this just adds one more grievance between the French Rothschilds and the Rockefeller.

The EU bloc is an economic rival to the US. A step-by-step agenda has been unfolding for decades to curtail Europe’s technological advances.  The above is just a small part of it.

The Golan Heights Deal

There is an important point that has been overlooked by all the analysts and others about France/Israel. This will shock you. This next story will explain further.  And, finally, we come to the last conflict, which resulted in a total break between the two families – the story of the Golan Heights.

 The war in Syria broke out in March 2011. As explained in earlier issues, the war was fought to decide whose gas pipeline would be built to supply the EU with natural gas – Iran’s or Qatar’s. That war is still ongoing, and is sucking in nation after nation into it. As of writing, the options for the American forces in Syria and Iraq, time is fast running out.

What was the key global aim of the Americans? It was to control all the oil, everywhere. This process meant the disruption of energy supplies to the EU from Russia, Africa, and the Middle East. China was also a target to control its growing economic power. The easiest way to do this was to control the energy routes to China, and its oil at the ‘point of origin.’

  Russia and China had made alliances with Iran. If Iran were to shift its alliance from Russia and Iran, to the US, it would mean a tectonic geopolitical shift. This would mean a corresponding loss to Russia and China. In Russia’s case, it would expose its southern flanks to American meddling. In China’s case, it would allow American control of its main energy supplier, and a forced retreat from the energy resources of the Middle East, soon followed by an American takeover of Central Asia.

The Golan Heights is a strategic piece of real estate in the area between Israel and Syria. Captured   by Israel in the 1967 war, and heavily fought over by Israel and Syria in the 1973 war, Israel had, nonetheless, managed to hold on to it. The largest tank battle since World War 11 was fought here, in October-November 1973. More than 2000 tanks fought in this battle, with very heavy losses on both sides. A buffer zone, some 22 kilometers wide was established on the Golan Heights, manned by the UN. The Golan Heights are illegally occupied by Israel. In 1981, Israel passed the Golan Heights Law, imposing Israeli laws, jurisdiction and administration, to the Golan Heights. In response the UN Security Council passed Resolution 242 which declared Israel must withdraw from all lands occupied in the 1967 war with Syria, including the Golan Heights. In layman’s terms, Israel is a thief, and refuses to return what it has stolen.

 In 2011, Israel granted a French/Belgian/US company, (an entity within the Rothschild orbit) Genie Oil and Gas of Israel a license to conduct exploratory drilling in most of the southern parts of the Golan Heights. The company is a local subsidiary of New Jersey-based Genie Energy Limited.  Sitting on the Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Energy are a combination of high –profile people. From the Rockefeller camp, we find Dick Cheney (former US Vice President), James Woolsey (former CIA head), Bill Richardson (US State Department), and Larry Summers (former US Treasury Secretary). From the Rothschild camp, we find Rupert Murdoch (the media baron), Michael Steinhardt (an American financier working for Jacob Rothschild), and Jacob Rothschild himself! It would be hard to find a more high-powered group than this, sitting on the board of an obscure oil company. Jacob Rothschild was the secret owner of Yukos Oil, the Russian company owned by convicted Russian oligarch Mikhail Khordokovsky. Before his arrest, Khodorkovsky secretly transferred his shares in Yukos Oil back to his boss, Jacob Rothschild, in early October 2003. The Rothschilds gave Putin a hard time over this affair.

Oil was discovered in the Golan Heights in early 2012. Then the Rothschilds, through their mouthpiece, Benjamin Nethanyahu, decided to leave out the Rockefellers, and take it all for themselves. So what else is new?

And, herein posed a strategic danger, not only for the US, but for the entire world. The most dangerous equation in the Middle East is not Syria, or Libya, but Israel’s quest for energy independence. What would this imply? Were Israel to get access to ‘free energy, or ‘free stolen energy’, she would use this to turbo-charge its military machine to destabilize the Middle East, and expand its physical size. Say what you like, or think. There are very few nations or individuals that like the Zionists in the world today. But they are muzzled by the power and influence of the Rothschild wealth. As we have said before, “Israel is the visible tip of an invisible empire”. That empire is the Rothschild Empire.

 A comparison would be useful. The largest single consumer of oil in the world is the Pentagon. It consumes 1 million barrels of oil a day. Now if Israel gets even 5 %, or 50,000 barrels of oil a day, as “free energy’, their physical expansion in the region would shortly follow. By capturing the oil and gas fields, Israel would then be in a position to ‘blackmail’ the world into agreeing to accept all those issues which bedevils her; such as its settlement policy, the Al Aqsa Compound, the treatment and future placement of the Palestinians, its takeover of Gaza, and so on. That would definitely detonate a global war to the death between the Muslims and Israel.

 All the major nations of the world, with the exception of Britain, Australia, and Canada, deep in their hearts pray that Israel does not achieve energy independence. We have seen how Israel is trying to solidify its control of Gaza’s gas. With the control of the energy resources of the Golan Heights, they would become an unstoppable force in the region. Something had to be done to stop it. And here, David Rockefeller, once again devised a brilliant geopolitical play. The key here was how to stop Israel from proceeding with its Golan Heights play.

 As explained, were the US to change Iran’s orbit from a pro-Russia/Chinese axis, to a pro-American one, it would be a global game-changer. The US had tried to destabilize Iran, ever since Khomeini double-crossed David Rockefeller in 1979. An unofficial state of war existed between the two nations. Iran’ economy was under a heavy burden imposed by the sanctions regime on it. The Iranian financial elite and power-brokers wanted to break out of this situation. Their chance came in the 2012 elections in Iran. The new leader was Hassan Rouhani. He was the hand-picked protégé of Hassim Rafsanjani, Iran’s wealthiest individual, a billionaire, and the number one in Iran’s elite.  He is first and foremost a business man – business and trade with the world. This would help reduce unemployment, create stability to the rule of the clergy, and make the elite even wealthier. He pressed for an end to sanctions, and pushed for an opening with Washington. Starting just after the elections, with Rouhani as Iran’s new President, a back channel was opened with Washington.  Both parties seized the opportunities that this opening would bring. The Mossad and British Intelligence have eyes and ears everywhere. They caught wind of these negotiations. Nethanyahu tried to sabotage this. This is the background to the unexplained hatred between Obama and Nethanyahu. New York devised a strategy. Washington would do a deal with Iran, to remove sanctions, and to trade. At the same time, it would be in the interests of both parties, the US and Iran, if Iran were to send troops to the Golan Heights to stop Israel going ahead with the development of the oil deposits. Iran agreed. And sent a force called the Qods Force, headed by General Qasim Soleiman. He is the head of Iran’s Special Forces. In addition, Iran would use Hezbollah troops on the Golan as well.  Israel, and the Rothschilds were very, very upset at this latest development.

 In early 2013, Israel began to build fortifications to seal off the Golan Heights from Syria, knowing there was little Assad or Syria could do to stop it. As Genie Energy began moving into the Golan Heights, Israeli military engineers overhauled the 72 kilometer long border fence with Syria, replacing it with a steel barrier that includes barbed wire, touch sensors, motion detectors, infrared cameras, and ground radar, putting it on a par with the wall Israel has constructed in the West Bank.

  Within the national security apparatus of the United States, there are many officials who detest Israel, its intelligence service – the Mossad, and its pro-Israel lobby within Washington. Time and again, there have been skirmishes in the shadow world that have often led to the deaths of many agents on both sides. When Israel made its decision to ‘go it alone’ with respect to the oil deposits, this anti-Israel, pro-American patriotic impulse rose to the surface. It was time for payback.

 Israel had taken delivery of four dolphin submarines from Germany, over the past ten years. And these have been equipped to handle nuclear weapons. No one knows just how many nuclear weapons Israel really has. Figures quoted have mentioned anything from 200 to as much as 500 nuclear weapons at Israel’s possession. And the craziest thing is that most of these weapons are targeted at America, Europe, Russia, and Asian countries; a handful are targeted at Arab countries. And those at the highest levels of power in the world are fully aware of this.

  The following are rumors of an incredible event that took place in the eastern Mediterranean – that, IF TRUE would shock the world and blow apart the current media narrative that “Israel and America are the best of friends”. In the shadow world, one sees the reality of the tic-tac-toe of raw geopolitics.

 The anti-Israel faction went into full mode in doing what it could to hamper Israel’s quest for regional dominance. The US Navy has the largest number of very advanced submarines in the world. And they keep a very, very careful watch on each and every submarine in the world, whether it’s an ally, or an enemy. In this manner, they were tracking Israel’s dolphin submarines; especially the one off Syria’s coast.

The US Navy provided the Syrians with the exact location of a dolphin, and on May 13, 2013, a Syrian anti-submarine helicopter destroyed an Israeli submarine. The Israeli retaliation was not long in coming. The Mossad, being a Rothschild intelligence agency, was tasked with one mission; “hurt the Rockefellers”.

On June, 2014, David’s son, Dr. Richard Rockefeller, age 65, was returning to his home after visiting his father, who would turn 98 on the 15th. His small plane took off from the Westchester airport, and a few minutes later, crashed to the ground, killing Richard Rockefeller. A close and very quiet investigation followed. The results confirmed that this was a Mossad hit.

The murder of David’s son created an open break between the two families. There were many conflicts between the two families, as narrated above. It never went personal, until now. There would be no ‘business as usual’. There would be no ‘reconciliation’. This murder signaled a “declaration of war’ between the two most powerful financial groups in the world.

Many have said that the event of September 11, 2001, was the day the world changed. They were wrong. This was the day the world changed. The resulting shift on the international arena would be profound. The best analysts have failed to pick this up. They don’t realize that the Anglo-American special relationship is dead; and Israel has now become a strategic liability for the US.

 Very soon after this, the highest levels of the national security elements acted. Any Jew or those with known pro-Israel leanings, working in sensitive positions were fired. This applied to such agencies as the CIA, the Pentagon, NSA, NRO, the DIA, and any other sensitive positions in the State Department, the Treasury, and even the White House. Israel was now an open enemy of the Rockefeller management office, otherwise known as the White House. Everyone knows that there is open enmity, bordering on hate, between Obama and Netanyahu. They did not know why. This is the reason! 

The above background and aftermath has surfaced in the shadow world of geopolitics. We do not know for sure how much truth there is to this story. Some parts are true. But, what makes it “sound right” are the events that followed over the next few years.

 The United States was poised to attack Syria, in August 2013. They held back at the last minute. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia were disappointed, to put it mildly.On this point, there are many, many reports of Jewish/Zionist control of American politics. If this were so, then why did America not bomb Syria? The real answer is that the Jews/Zionists DO NOT HAVE POLITICAL CONTROL of America. They lost in January 1933, when Franklin Roosevelt became the President. It suits the Rockefeller network to sustain the myth of Jewish control of America. In this manner, less public attention is focused on them. Likewise, the lie that the Israelis were responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001, in New York and Washington, was given a strong push. Why? Less attention would be placed on the Rockefeller network.

Remember, long before this attack, senior members of the family were calling this attack “the event”.

American policy circles decided it was time to bring Israel down a peg or two. When Israel attacked Gaza for the 4th time in mid-2014, this was done without American consent, unlike the previous three attacks. The result was an international media outcry against Israel, and the US was encouraging this anti-Israel global rage. Issues such as Israel’s settlement policies, its oppression of the Palestinians, as well as anything to harm Israel’s image in the court of world opinion was given weight to. The Rockefellers went even further, when the UN began to admit the Palestinian Authority into select UN bodies. New York actively encouraged many European countries to start giving due recognition to Palestine.

A third front was opened when American financial authorities began imposing fines on the big global banks. Although some Rockefeller Group banks were fined, such as Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, the greater number of banks hit with heavy fines were Rothschild Banks. These were Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, ING Netherlands, Society Generale, Banco Santander, Commerz Bank, and a few others. In America, Bank of America was within the Rothschild orbit. These European banks are known in the highest financial circles as the Inter Alpha Group, a Rothschild holding.

It is open warfare between the two parties.

 On October 8, 2015, Yuval Bartov, chief geologist for Genie Energy’s Israeli subsidiary, Afek Oil and Gas, told Israel’s Channel 2 TV that his company had found a major oil deposit on the Golan Heights: “We’ve found an oil stratum 350 meters thick in the southern Golan Heights. On average worldwide, strata are 20 to 30 meters thick, and this is 10 times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities.” This oil find has now made the Golan Heights a strategic prize that clearly has the Netanyahu government more determined than ever to sow chaos and disorder in Damascus and use that to de facto create an Israeli irreversible occupation of the Golan and its oil. A cabinet minister, Naftali Bennet, Minister of Education and Diaspora Affairs, had made a proposal that Israel settle 100,000 new Israeli settlers across the Golan in five years. He argues that with Syria disintegrating after years of war, it is hard to imagine a stable state to which the Golan Heights could be returned. A growing number of voices in Tel Aviv were pushing Netanyahu to demand American recognition of Israel’s 1981 annexation of the Golan as an “appropriate reward to Israeli security concerns in the wake of the nuclear deal with Iran.”  There have been many reports in the media that Israel is helping the jihadists in Syria, around the Golan Heights, with medical treatment, and even military supplies. Here is the background: Israel has created a jihadist force in the Golan to make sure that Syria, Iran or Hezbollah do not manage to take over the Golan. And it is providing these jihadists with whatever help they need to ensure this. In October, 2015, a   very interesting revelation was made by a Russian colonel, who came to assess the security issue on the area around the Golan Heights. He had made a profound discovery, and was amazed at what he found. He said that the  area around the town of Quenitra was not involved in  any recent battles, but all he found there was total destruction – “How can there be such destruction, with not even a wall standing, when no battle had taken place here?”

 What he did not know was the following. Senator John McCain registered a complaint in early November, 2015, saying that US Air Force planes, on bombing missions to hit ISIS targets, were coming back, with a full bomb load. Why were they not dropping bombs?  The US Air Force was actually bombing the area on the Golan Heights, in order to stop and disrupt Genie Energy’s drilling operations! Yes folks. That is correct. Even many in the media were commenting that America is conning the whole world, when they said that they were bombing ISIS, without any reduction in ISIS capability. It would only make sense when viewed with the above information.  As Russia, Iran, Hezbollah turn their attention south to Israel’s borders, the Israeli military is getting nervous. They would soon form a new Commando Brigade to defend the Golan Heights, and its first new commander is Colonel David Zini. It would be composed of 4 battalions: Duvdevan, Egoz, Maglan, and Rimon.

Now back to Washington. When Iran signed the groundbreaking deal with the US and its European allies, Israel tried very hard to derail this agreement. There were threats that the Senate and Congress would not allow this to pass. Israel was counting on its paid and controlled US lawmakers to achieve this. To neutralize this threat, US intelligence agencies showed some very incriminating documents to Carl Boehmer, the ranking Republican Senator. Boehmer was the strongest pro-Israeli lawmaker. He was told, in no uncertain terms to resign. If not, these documents will land him in jail. Very quietly, Boehmer resigned. It was a shock to the Israeli lobby. They had lost their main man. The rest of the lawmakers got the message, and fell in line.

When Putin was in New York, on September 30, 2015, he got the confirmation that Boehmer, was out of the game. The very next day, Russia launched its attacks on the ISIS, and other jihadist groups in Syria.

 The geopolitical stakes in the Middle East just got higher. Add  Genie Energy, the contested Golan Heights between Syria and Israel, add a major oil discovery there just as Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria goes into high gear, shake it vigorously and we have a prime detonator for World War Three.

The division of power and responsibility between the 2 Rothschild houses has been made clear. France is responsible for Europe and the Levant (Israel, Syria and Lebanon).

 Folks that is the background to the “Break-Up”. Shocking, but true.  Hopefully, this would help to reduce the perception in many minds that “snow is not black”.

The Paris Climate Accords

The Paris Agreement often referred to as the Paris Accords or the Paris Climate Accords, is an international treaty on climate change. Adopted in 2015, the agreement covers climate change mitigation, adaptation, and finance. The Paris Agreement was negotiated by 196 parties at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference near Paris, France. As of February 2023, 195 members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) are parties to the agreement. Of the three UNFCCC member states which have not ratified the agreement, the only major emitter is Iran. The United States withdrew from the agreement in 2020, but rejoined in 2021.

The Paris Agreement’s long-term temperature goal is to keep the rise in mean global temperature to well below 2 °C (3.6 °F) above pre-industrial levels, and preferably limit the increase to 1.5 °C (2.7 °F), recognizing that this would substantially reduce the effects of climate change. 

This fraud is being pushed by the Rockefeller family as a means to hurt its geopolitical rivals by throttling investments in oil and gas.

France’s New Policy – “Strategic Autonomy”

Strategic autonomy is defined as the ability of a state to pursue its national interests and adopt its preferred foreign policy without depending heavily on other foreign states.

An early reference to strategic autonomy in the discussions of the European council of ministers can be dated back to December 2013. The European Council called for the development of European defense capabilities to enhance the strategic autonomy of the European Union. The strange thing about the European Commission is that it is a private body. It is not a registered government entity. It acts as the overlord to the EU. And, it is fully a Rothschild construct. It is another Rothschild “clone”, just as the ICC is.

In 2016, strategic autonomy became part of the European Union Global Strategy doctrine to improve the defense capabilities of the European Union, including the setting up of a European Defence Fund established in 2017. Strategic autonomy became central to the EC (European Commission) when its leaders claim that Europe’s soft power needs to be complemented by a harder power dimension.

In the aftermath of the November 2020 defeat of Donald Trump, the concept of the European strategic autonomy was inspired by France, which advocated for this strategy at the European Union level.

Strategic autonomy for the EU is a concept that includes economic, energy and digital policy initiatives.

As early as December 2020 strategic autonomy was a priority in European defense policy.  The goal of strategic autonomy is however not to act alone militarily, and the European Union can be characterized as non-interventionist in nature.

In November 2021 the Biden administration urged the EU to develop its own credible military capabilities.

The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine was perceived by Emmanuel Macron as a test of European strategic autonomy. For weeks, Washington was trying to meet with XI. But Xi was having none of it. In frustration, Washington turned to France. Macron already had an invite to Beijing; a business trip. So, Macron then went to Beijing, met with Xi, and over a 3-day period, many economic deals were signed.

During an April 2023 visit to China, Macron called for Europe to reduce its dependence on the US and avoid being drawn into a confrontation between the US and China over Taiwan. Macron suggested that Europe could become a “third superpower.” 

According to Macron, Europe should focus on boosting its own defence industries and reducing dependence on the US dollar. Indeed, Macron signed many China investment deals, a new Airbus plant, promised Huawei fair treatment, and snubbed Von der Leyden’s call for China supply-chain ‘de-risking.’ In doing so, despite saying the use of force to change the Taiwan status quo was “unacceptable,” Macron implied no French economic consequences for China, even adding, “I am neither Taiwan nor the US.” Xi played it very well with Macron, and succeeded in creating a schism between France and the US. Since the French Rothschild-controlled businesses in the EU are suffering a lot, Beijing threw some juicy deals to Macron. And, Macron took the bait – following the maxim “My enemies’ enemy is my friend”. China needs the EU market. The EU market needs China far more than China needs the EU; especially in the face of determined pressure from the Rockefeller/US to de-industrialize Europe.

The US is upset with Macron, as it turned out that Xi managed to bring Macron over to his side. This after XI wined and dined Macron, and gave him a 5 star treatment. This could be the opening shot at creating a split in the Western alliance.

Western leaders are no match for the sophistication and subtle diplomacy of the Chinese. Macron’s red-carpet visit to China, where EU Commission chief Van der Leyden was ushered in via the “maid’s entrance” saw ‘random’ Chinese citizens cheering Macron. Compare Macron’s treatment in China, with that in his own city-Paris- which saw the protestors burning down his favorite restaurant. On his return, Macron was giving speeches that showed a pro-China and an anti-US bias. US politicians are now threatening France! It cannot get more absurd! China is preparing for a war with the US. Xi saw the meeting with Macron as a chance to create a split in the western alliance. Let us see if Xi succeeds.

Not long after this, another row broke out between Macron and Washington.

France is preventing the planned opening of NATO’s liaison office in Japan.  Macron is  also supposedly against anything that can contribute to NATO-Chinese tensions. The spanner that the French leader unexpectedly threw into the bloc’s Asian expansion plans comes after his trip to China in early April.

Upon returning home, Macron revived his prior rhetoric about Europe’s strategic autonomy in the New Cold War, specifically saying that the continent should resist American pressure to take its side over Taiwan. Later that month, China’s Ambassador to the EU said that his country’s cooperation with the continent is as unlimited as its cooperation with Russia.

Simply put, France has yet to fully abandon the notion of national interests like most of its liberal–globalist European peers have already done, which explains Macron’s reported resistance to NATO’s plans. His country’s different approach to International Relations is likely attributable to its neo-colonial empire in Africa, which is crumbling as a result of Russia’s “Democratic Security” inroads there over the past few years but still exists in some form.  No other NATO member has anything comparable, which is why the majority of them are predisposed to complying with the demands of this bloc’s US leader even at the expense of their own interests in pursuit of what Washington claims is the “greater good”. France might ultimately be pressured by the US and its vassals to such an extent that it’s forced to relent on its reported opposition to the bloc’s Asian expansion plans, but for now Macron is holding his ground in defense of his country’s national interests.

 While it’s true that the US exploited its proxy war with Russia to successfully reassert its unipolar hegemony over Europe, it failed to do so completely, and that’s why France still has a modicum of sovereignty left to resist NATO’s Asian expansion plans (at least for now).

We can see that there is an underlying hostility between the Rockefellers and the French Rothschilds.

For the past few decades, the French Rothschilds were aching to get out from under the boots of Wall Street, as you have read above.

Empire of Chaos

The Rockefeller Empire has found itself in a position of isolation. It has lost its power and ability to shape and influence events globally. A recent example of this was China, Saudi Arabia, Israel and France.

Since it cannot control the race for peace and development, it has opted to double-down on “chaos”- and hope to regain global control.

While this was happening, the Rockefellers sent Burns – head of their CIA – to Riyadh to threaten the Saudis. The peace is breaking out in the region eliminates the need for outside military force protection for the locals. So, Bye-Bye America. The Rockefellers won’t leave under these conditions. They are now going to focus on removing MBS, through a revolution, assassination, or coup.

In Israel, there are protests against the government. Some senior lawmakers are accusing the CIA of being behind these riots. There have never been good relations between Obama and Biden with Israel, and especially Netanyahu.

At the last   G-20 Bali summit, Rockefeller stooge and front man Klaus Schwab instructed heads of government about the future steps to be taken in view of establishing a world government. In short, Klaus Schwab is threatening the heads of government of the twenty most industrialized nations in the world to carry out the programmatic points of the Great Reset in their nations.

This goes far beyond the pandemic: it is a global coup d’état. The threat is imminent and serious, since the World Economic Forum is capable of carrying out its subversive project and those who govern nations have all become either enslaved or blackmailed by this international mafia.

In light of these statements we understand how the pandemic farce served as a trial balloon for imposing controls, coercive measures, curtailing individual freedoms, and increasing unemployment and poverty. The next steps will have to be carried out by means of economic and energy crises, which are instrumental to the establishment of a technocratic dictatorship by the Rockefeller family.

Taking all these into account, we can see that the family is going to “double down” on eliminating obstacles, and hanging onto their fast-declining global power. As an example of this, we go back to the Philippines.

In our previous article, we explained the Rockefeller hunt for more of Yamashita’s Gold that has not as yet been found. Here’s a report that came out end February: The Philippines on Monday announced the locations of four military bases that the US will now have access to under a deal Washington and Manila signed in February.The new locations are on top of five bases the US currently has access to, bringing the total number of bases the US can rotate forces through in the Philippines to nine. The hunt for the undiscovered sites of Yamashita’s Gold is on! The Rockefeller family badly needs this, and fast.


Russia is at the forefront of a global rebellion against US hegemony. Behind Washington stands the Rockefeller Empire, whose principle motto is “Competition is a Sin“. The way the conduct of this war-in every way-economic, financial, spiritual, social- we find that the US-led bloc is losing , and hysteria and panic have set in. The Rothschilds have realized this, and we find that the French branch is making moves to retain some degree of independence. Whether it will succeed is something to be seen.

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