Fortress America

Starting in late 2010, just before the outbreak of the Arab Spring, the Rockefeller Empire issued instructions for the “Fortress America” plan to commence.

What is this plan?  In short, it is a plan to make America INDEPENDENT of all raw materials needed for its sustenance. This plan envisaged a Latin America back within the domination of the US. And, why was it so important to the Rockefeller Empire to achieve this? Because once again their plan entailed blowing up Eurasia. Like what happened in the Second World War, in the period between 1939-1945, Eurasia turned into ashes.

Various Eurasia powers had grown stronger economically after 2000 and these were principally Russia and China. The aim of these two nations was to form a network of alliances with other Eurasian nations, in order to counter American dominance in Eurasia.

 Starting in 2000, US financial dominance began to erode with the introduction of the euro. It took an invasion of Iraq in 2003 to reverse this trend. The 2001 invasion of Afghanistan was to stop China from obtaining a “back-door” overland route to the oil fields of the Middle East. In the ensuing 15 years since, America’s financial strength weakened, especially after the 2008 financial crash. American government debt ballooned from $1 trillion at the start of 2000 to $20 trillion by the end of 2018.

 Washington began to use various forms of warfare, mainly financial, in order to stop the slide of the dollar as the world’s dominant currency. If something drastic were not done, then America’s slide into irrelevance could not be stopped.

 Its main economic rivals are Europe and East Asia – principally China and Japan. Both of these regions depend on oil imported from the Middle East. If America couldn’t compete with these two regions, technologically and economically, then America would have to control the oil fields that are powering these two regions.  Either to control them in order to deny its use to Europe and China, or to dictate terms to them, if they wanted to survive.  The Rockefeller Network of Power went into action in 2008, with the stock market collapse and ensuing financial crisis. The target of this crash was Europe and China. Washington followed this up with the 2010 Arab Spring. Washington’s targets were the same.

Project “Energy Independence

 Next came the shale revolution in the US, when hydraulic fracking with more advanced technology began yielding more oil production. The US consumes some 21 million BPD, of which some 35% was produced locally, with the rest being imported- mainly from the Middle East. In order to reduce its dependence on imported oil especially from the Middle East, the Rockefeller Empire began to increase local production of oil and gas. In mid-2019, the US produced some 12.5 million BPD- some 65% of American consumption. The Rockefellers are aiming for ZERO imports within the next few years- and capacity in respect of pipelines, and ports are being built up at a fast pace.

 The danger for the world will be when America is truly “energy independent”. It is at this point that America intends to blow up the Middle East. This obviously cannot happen overnight. That’s why America is increasing the tensions in the region by naming Iran as its principal enemy. Furthermore, it is heavily arming the Gulf Arab states and Israel, with the sole aim being to cause a war between Iran and its allies on one side, against the Gulf Arab states plus Israel.

 In the meantime, running in tandem with America’s increasing oil production, the geopolitical risks in the Middle East have risen, to such an extent that Trump will pressure nations that are relying for energy from the region to commit more naval power, in order to safeguard their shipping. This move will further heighten tensions and geopolitical risks for the oil-importing nations. Were a conflict to break out in the Middle East, the 2 key strategic maritime chokepoints of Bab el Mandab and the Straits of Hormuz will likely be shut down. Through these waterways flows about 17 million BPD. That’s 50% of all globally traded oil.

In the face of such a large shortage, prices will skyrocket, and a fight will ensue amongst oil-importing nations to secure oil supplies at any cost. The world economy will come to a standstill. In such a scenario, America will be at an advantage as she will be able to survive, due to producing all the oil that her economy needs.

 The scramble for oil amongst European nations and China, Japan, Korea, etc. will open the next chapter in this conflict, when these nations will send in their military forces into the Middle East. This will create a “free-for-all” between them. 

 Oil and gas supplies from Russia into Europe and China will not be enough. To avoid an economic standstill, both ends of Eurasia will rush into the Middle East and North Africa for its energy needs.

Blockade China

Currently, China is seen as a rising economic threat to America. Chinese oil imports average 10 million BPD. If this were stopped, China’s economy will come to a standstill. The people will revolt, and most likely overthrow the government. To avoid this scenario, the Chinese government is building alternative pipelines from Central Asia and Russia, to carry oil and gas into China.

 The US Navy has the power to also block the worlds’ busiest sea-lane and choke point – the Malacca Straits, off Singapore. So, even if China and Japan import oil from regions outside the Middle East, the tankers would still have to traverse the Malacca Straits.

 A desperate China, in order to avoid an implosion, would have to take drastic action to secure energy resources, as well as other needed raw materials. And it need to look no further than north of its border- Russia’s Far East region, which includes Siberia. This will work in favor of America to cripple Eurasia’s three giants – Russia, China, and India.

Blowing Up Eastern Eurasia

For China to secure raw materials for it to survive as a state, it would have no alternative but to invade Russia’s Far East. This region is scarcely populated, with Chinese citizens (5 million) outnumbering Russian citizens (3 million). The region itself is larger than China, and is one of the well-endowed regions in terms of natural resources. It wouldn’t be hard for China to move an additional 20 to 30 million of its citizens into the region, in the wake of a military region.

 While China is occupied with the invasion of the Russian Far East, Washington will green-light India to attack China from the south, and take over Tibet – another resource-rich region. Thus, we find that 3 of Eurasia’s giants embroiled in a conflict with no clear end.

Sucking Western Eurasia into the MENA Region

The MENA region comprises the Middle East and North Africa. Europe, in a desperate gamble to secure energy for its economies will have no choice but to move into the oil-rich and gas-rich regions of MENA. The likely targets will be Libya, offshore Egypt, the Suez Canal, offshore Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Abu Dhabi, and possibly Algeria. And NATO’s largest military, Turkey would also get involved by siding with the Muslim world. And European troops will most likely occupy Egypt and Turkey. Should Europe fail to do this, then within a period of 2 months, the lights will go out in Europe.

 This will also result in a war between Christian Europe and a Muslim MENA region, thus ushering Huntington’s “Clash of civilizations”- a pet project of the two families.

Global War

America, protected by the Atlantic and Pacific from invasion, will be supplying arms to all the belligerents, and laughing all the way to the bank. Eurasia will, once again, be devastated. Any potential and would-be economic rivals of America will be destroyed. Their economies will be in a shambles. Their financial systems shut down. Their key companies would be up for sale at bargain prices.

 It would be exactly a repeat of World War 2. At the end of it, America will be supreme, and be assured of many more decades of being the globe’s dominant power.

The Middle East

The richest countries in the region – Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait – would see their economies crippled. Their financial reserves would be depleted as it would be needed to pay for arms, as well as to sustain its population. In short, in any power calculus, these nations would have no say.

The region would be ripe for destabilization, and this will lead to fragmentation and balkanization of the entire region. And this would fit in with the plans of both the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. From the Rothschild point of view, Israel would have no military opposition to its expansion, whilst; for the Americans; a huge new opportunity to profit from negotiating a new accord over the regions oil and gas reserves, not to mention the supply of arms, and reconstruction business, if any.

 So, for America to maintain its global dominance, all it needs to do is blow-up the Middle East. The Middle East will be destroyed. The rest of the scenario will unfold automatically.

The Latin American Equation

South America was under firm control of the London Rothschilds, since the mid-19th century. World War 1, and the ensuing 2 decades, weakened the British hold over Latin America.  

 Nelson Rockefeller was a young man of 25, when in 1930; he became fascinated with Latin America. Sensing British (his family’s most hated rivals) weakness, Nelson learnt Spanish, and then persuaded his father to give him control of Latin America’s 2 most valuable companies – Humble Petroleum and Creole Oil, both subsidiaries of the family’s Standard Oil Group.

 With the installation of Franklin D Roosevelt in the White House in January 1933, Nelson, moved fast and began taking over the choicest holdings of the Rothschilds in Latin America. By war’s end, in 1945, Nelson was the undisputed King of Latin America.

 Latin America was under firm domination by the Rockefeller Empire, until the early 2000s. A group of Latin countries managed to free themselves from Wall Street’s embrace. These were Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. Other countries such as Cuba and Nicaragua were too small to count.

These countries managed this, thanks to the economic rise of China and a commodities boom in the 2000s. After the 2008 financial crisis, America began to bring these countries to heel, one by one.

First, Argentina, then Brazil, came under the Rockefeller orbit.  What is left are Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba. The case of Venezuela is not promising. Under heavy sanctions, a crippled economy, and a Wall Street controlled power elite within the country that is against President Maduro, Venezuela is not likely to survive.

 Bolivia is too weak to withstand pressure from Washington. If Venezuela falls, Bolivia will not be far behind, and the same goes for Ecuador. Soon, all of Latin America will be headed by Washington’s proxies.

By bringing Latin America back under its control, America can then use its resources for itself, deny it to its rivals, or dictate terms to those in need -terms which will favor America’s control over those nations. Washington is running out of time to achieve the complete subjugation of Latin America. In the coming months, all attention will be focused on toppling Maduro from power.  And, finally, we come to Cuba.

Cuba’s Role in Fortress America

In 1960, the CIA put Fidel Castro into power in Cuba. The reasons why, we shall do in an article titled the Rockefeller Empire. Within 2 years, Cuba was pushed into Russia’s orbit. Then, in 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuba began to stand alone- without any fuel or material assistance from Russia, or anyone else. Cuba survived.

When the nationalists came into power in Latin America (Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua), in the 2000s, the bond between Cuba and the Latin nationalist bloc became stronger.

After the US invaded Iraq in 2003, and a year after the CIA tried and failed to overthrow Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, in 2002, Putin’s Russia was granted use of a military base in Cuba. This included an airfield. With the American takeover of Iraq, Russian oil firms that had invested in Iraq lost it all. Washington refused to compensate these Russian oil firms. Furthermore in the wake of the failed CIA attempt to topple Chavez in 2002, Russia and Cuba did a deal. Russia would station fighter jets in Cuba, with a view to interdict and bomb oil tankers heading for America- laden with oil from Brazil and Venezuela. It was a Russian threat aimed at America’s raw materials supply line from Latin America.

 To neutralize this potential Russian threat to its shipping lanes, Cuba has to be “regime-changed”. It will be the last domino in Latin America to fall. Once this is done, then “Fortress America” will become a reality. Then, it would be just a matter of time before New York blows up the Middle East.

 A further point to add, in Cuba’s case, is the fact that offshore Cuba and Haiti, there are huge reserves of oil and gas. It would be another cause to “regime-change” Cuba, in order to deny control of these oil reserves to – – – Russia, which has shown the most interest in Cuban oil. Regarding Haiti, the Americans have brought this country within its orbit, especially after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti a few years back. This was not a natural disaster, but rather, an “induced“earthquake, using HAARP technology. Read the article on our site regarding this. This article is called “Weather Warfare”.

In conclusion, there are 2 critical signs to watch for. The first is America’s rising oil production, and the second is the fall of Venezuela and Cuba.

The Role of South Africa

South Africa became a member of the BRICS group in 2010, under President Jacob who was a nationalist and independent of backing from New York or London. Both the families hated him, and London was desperate to remove Zuma from office, despite several assassination attempts on his life.

 When London joined China’s new development bank in March 2015, New York suddenly changed its tune, and began backing Zuma in the last elections. The reason went like this :- Were Zuma to win the elections, he would be in a position to deny transit rights to ships carrying oil to China, and finished goods to the rest of the world. This reasoning was based on a scenario whereby the chokepoints of Hormuz, Suez Canal, and the Bab el Mandab straits would be closed down, forcing maritime trade to go around South Africa.

 But, alas Zuma did not win the last election. It was won by London’s man, Cyril Ramaphosa – the “comprador” built up by London and its South African network. Ramaphosa as President has taken South Africa back under colonial rule.

So folks, this “Fortress America” game-plan of the Rockefeller Empire is coming to fruition, in the near future. We will do a follow-up article on America’s moves regarding Canada, and its part in this game-plan. We do live in interesting times.

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  1. Very interesting. If all what you predict happens, it means we are living in the end of time. Leaving All Mighty God out of the equation is not the answer. He says u plan and I plan, and I am the the best of planners.

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