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LockDown – The Hidden Financial Agenda Part 3 (of a 3 Part Series)

Referring to the effects– economic and health-wise– of COVID-19 and the pandemic, Bill Gates, the self-appointed global czar of disease and vaccines by virtue of his enormous wealth, told his readers in August 2020, “As awful as this pandemic is, climate change could be worse.” What Gates is doing is setting the rhetoric for the […]

The Brexit Deal – London’s Cunning Agenda

Brexit is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020. To date, the UK is the first and only country formally to leave the EU, after 47 years of membership within the bloc, after having first joined its predecessor, the European Communities (EC), on 1 January 1973. It is also thought to be the first country […]

Russia’s Strategic Response

As we have shown in the previous article of this issue –Part 1-, Russian President Putin began to respond to Washington’s Eurasian strategy of surrounding Russia, by developing and deploying counter-measures against Washington. Moscow’s military muscle shows On December 26, as most of the West was distracted in Holiday cheer, the Russian military activated a […]

Full Spectrum Dominance

The Pentagon’s Plan for Global Military Supremacy For the Rockefeller Empire, controlling the Pentagon, the military industry, the oil and food industry, as well as Wall Street, the Cold War never ended. They engineered an incredible plan to grab total control of the planet of land, sea, air, space, outer space and cyber-space. Continuing “below-the-radar”, they […]

Eurasia’s Energy Wars Part 2 (of a 2 part series)

Map detailing the complex web of Iraq’s oil and gas infrastructure. After the defeat of Iraq in the First Gulf war, in 1991, the country was put under international sanctions.  Three years later, some relief was provided by the UN “oil-for Food” program. By the end of the decade, many were in sympathy with the […]

Eurasia’s Energy Wars Part 1 (of a 2 part series)

Rockefeller’s New World Order In 1992, a Pentagon document titled “Defense Planning Guidance “was leaked to the New York Times.  It was not to be for public viewing, and was hastily buried. It was drafted by then Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and his assistant Paul Wolfowitz, both of whom would be key figures in the 8-year […]

The Geopolitics of Ukraine Part 3 (of a 3 Part Series)

Euromaiden and 2014 Revolution The Euromaidan protests started in November 2013 after the president, Viktor Yanukovych, began moving away from an association agreement that had been in the works with the European Union and instead chose to establish closer ties with the Russian Federation. Some Ukrainians took to the streets to show their support for closer ties with Europe. Meanwhile, in the […]

The Geopolitics of Ukraine Part 2 (of a 3 Part Series)

A look at the geo-strategic background makes things clearer. Ukraine is historically tied to Russia, geographically and culturally. It is Slavic, and home of the first Russian state, Kiev Rus. Its 52 million people are the second largest population in Eastern Europe, and it is regarded as the strategic buffer between Russia and a string […]

The Geopolitics of Ukraine Part 1 (of a 3 Part Series)

In December 1991, Ukraine, the ‘bread basket of the Soviet Union’ voted in favor of independence from a broken up Soviet Union. The Soviet Union did not exist, and the oil and gas reserves of Russia would now be available to the US oil giants. A look at the geo-strategic background will make things clearer. […]

EU Immigration – a Geopolitical weapon

“Competition is a sin”: The Rockefeller family motto. Washington had a plan to break up the EU. This stemmed from the plan by the French Rothschilds, when they induced Iraq to sell its oil for Euros, in September 2000. This had the effect of forcing Washington to invade Iraq in 2003, topple the government of […]

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