The Ukraine War – The Events & Its Global Repercussions  

It is increasingly evident to all but the morally blind that the political, economic and military leadership of the declining Anglo-American Empire have gone collectively mad.  Under the guise of punishing Russia and China through illegal sanctions, including the theft of monies deposited in the Western banking system, the Anglo-American bloc, via NATO, are intentionally attempting to destroy the entire world, and risking nuclear war. The vast majority of the world’s nations (the Zone B countries) (other than South Korea, Singapore, Japan), have refused to go along with the sanctions on Russia.  They are all carefully monitoring the high-level discussions taking place between Russia and China to establish a new international financial system to replace the bankrupt dollar empire centered in the City of London and Wall Street.

Besides the evil of sanctions, the 2 families have completely failed to achieve their stated purpose of destroying the Russian economy, just as the massive sanctions already imposed on China (with more on the drawing board) have failed to stop the economic dynamo within China and internationally through China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Quite the opposite, they are creating a massive escalation of the already collapsing Western financial system into a hyperinflationary tailspin, violently destroying the standard of living of the citizens of all the Western nations. Is this a mistake? Are the 2 families shooting themselves in the foot? Not really. Recall that the leading Western bankers formed a cartel at the November Climate Conference in November (last year) in Glasgow with the explicit purpose of curtailing credit to the oil and coal industry, or farm, which refused to follow the dictates of the Green Police to “save the planet”, based on the fake science of carbon-induced climate change.  The sanctions on Russia and China are achieving their desired collapse of production within their own nations and in the developing sector. These are Malthusians, committed to realize their imperial dream of global depopulation. The overwhelming support for the proxy war on Russia taking place in Ukraine from the governments and media of the trans-Atlantic nations is increasingly failing to convince their populations, subject to their information warfare, who overwhelming want peace and development, not nuclear war.

Churchill had once famously stated that, “in wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies”.

The Western media, its intelligence community, and its politicians, has today, eliminated any notion of truth, while elevating lies and fake news.

Wars are not won with tactics and narratives – they require a Grand Strategy. Russia has a master plan behind its Ukraine military operations, but does the west have one? The answer is – – – NO!

It all starts with: “If you want peace prepare for war.” Confrontation must develop simultaneously on multiple levels: grand strategy, military strategy, operative, tactical. But brilliant tactics, excellent operative Intel and even massive victories in a larger war theater cannot compensate for a lethal mistake in terms of grand strategy. Those who built up an empire such as the Romans, or maintained one for centuries like the Byzantines, never succeeded without following this logic. Both the CIA and the Pentagon have proved to be lacking in grand strategy, and have shown themselves to be clueless. On Operation Z, the Russians revel in total strategic ambiguity, which has the collective west completely running around like “headless chickens”. The Pentagon does not have the necessary intellectual firepower to out-smart the Russian General Staff. So military force needed to be subordinate to diplomacy, a less costly means of avoiding or resolving conflict. But when military means became necessary – as in Russia’s Operation Z – it was preferable to use weaponry to contain or punish adversaries, instead of attacking with full force. Ukraine was never about a military win.

 What is being accomplished is the slow, painful destruction of the European Union (EU) economy, coupled with extraordinary weapons profits for the western military-industrial complex and creeping security rule by those nations’ political elites.

The latter, in turn, have been totally baffled by Russia’s C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) capabilities, coupled with the stunning inefficiency of their own constellation of Javelins, NLAWs, Stingers and Turkish Bayraktar drones.

This ignorance reaches way beyond tactics and the operational and strategic realm, they “wouldn’t know what hit them on the modern battlefield with near-peer, forget about peer.” Russian forces, meanwhile, have brought diplomacy to the battlefield, handing over tons of humanitarian assistance to the people of liberated areas, in Eastern Ukraine.

As much as there’s an energetic debate among the best Russian analysts about the pace of Operation Z, Russian military planning proceeds methodically, as if taking all the time it needs to solidify facts on the ground. Arguably the best example is the fate of Azov neo-Nazis at Azovstal in Mariupol – the best-equipped unit of the Ukrainians, hands down. In the end they were totally outmatched by a numerically inferior Russian/Chechen Spetsnaz contingent, and in record time for such a big city.

The fall of the Azovstal on May 20 marked the full liberation of Mariupol city and became a major blow to the grouping of Kyiv’s forces remaining in the region of the Donbass. According to reports, the ‘Mariupol grouping’ of Kyiv’s forces was approximately 10,000-15,000 troops. This grouping was just officially defeated. The Russian side says that since the start of the operation its forces have destroyed 174 Ukrainian aircraft and 125 helicopters, 966 unmanned aerial vehicles, 315 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3,182 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 402 multiple launch rocket systems , 1,614 field artillery and mortars, as well as 3,054 units of special military vehicles. Another example is the advance on Izyum, in the Kharkov region – a key bridgehead in the frontline. The Russian Ministry of Defense follows the pattern of grinding the enemy while slowly advancing; if they face serious resistance, they stop and smash the Ukrainian defensive lines with non-stop missile and artillery strikes.

After the fall of Popasnaya – the crucial, most fortified Ukrainian stronghold in Donbass – the Russians and Donetsk/Luhansk forces have breached defenses along four different vectors to north, northwest, west and south. What’s left of the Ukrainian front is crumbling – fast, with a massive cauldron subdivided in a maze of mini-cauldrons: a military disaster the USG cannot possibly spin. This is just an illustration of the Russian General Staff applying its trademark, methodical, painstaking strategy, where the main imperative could be defined as a “personnel-preserving” forward drive; with the added benefit of committing just a fraction of overall Russian firepower.

What happened, in essence, is that the creme de la creme of NATO-trained neo-Nazis, “advised” by top Western experts, weaponized to death, entrenched in deep concrete anti-nuclear bunkers in the bowels of Azovstal, was either pulverized or forced to surrender like cornered rats.

Novorossiya as a Game-Changer

The Russian General Staff will be adjusting their tactics for the major follow-up in Donbass. They will have to face an inescapable problem: as much as the Russian methodically grind down the – disaggregated – Ukrainian Army in Donbass, a new NATO army is being trained and weaponized in western Ukraine. So there is a real danger that depending on the ultimate long-term aims of Operation Z – which are only shared by the Russian military leadership – Moscow runs the risk of encountering, in a few months, a mobile and better weaponized incarnation of the demoralized army it is now destroying. And this is exactly what the Americans mean by “weakening” Russia.

Moscow is spending way less than the NATO contingent in the Ukrainian theater. NATO has already wasted $50 billion – and counting – while the Russians spent $4 billion, give or take, and already conquered Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kherson and Melitopol, created a land corridor to Crimea (and secured its water supply), controls the Sea of Azov and its major port city, and liberated strategically vital Volnovakha and Popasnaya in Donbass, as well as Izyum near Kharkov.

As it stands, there are several reasons why a new Novorossiya reality may turn out to be a positive game-changer for Russia. Among them: The economic/logistics complex from Kharkov to Odessa – along Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolaev – is intimately linked with Russian industry. By controlling the Sea of Azov – already a de facto “Russian lake” – and subsequently the Black Sea, Russia will have total control of export routes for the region’s world-class grain production. Extra bonus: total exclusion of NATO.

All of the above suggests a concerted drive for the development of an integrated agro-heavy industry complex – with the extra bonus of serious tourism potential. Under this scenario, a remaining Kiev-Lviv rump Ukraine, not incorporated to Russia, and of course not rebuilt, would be at best subjected to a no-fly zone plus selected artillery/missile/drone strikes in case NATO continues to entertain funny ideas. This would be a logical conclusion for a Special Military Operation focused on precision strikes and a deliberate emphasis on sparing civilian lives and infrastructure while methodically disabling the Ukrainian military/logistics spectrum. All of that takes time. Yet Russia may have all the time in the world, as we all keep listening to the sound of the collective West spiraling down.

The Pentagon Calls for a Cease-Fire

  The US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, in turn has asked May 13 for a conversation with his counterpart, Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, to talk about “an immediate ceasefire”. This was the very first talk the two officials had since the beginning of the Russian military operations in February. Pentagon head Lloyd “Raytheon” Austin literally had to beg since late February to have his phone calls answered by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, only to have his wish finally granted.

The one-hour long phone call was requested by Washington.  It’s now confirmed by one of my top Intel sources. The call was a direct consequence of panic. Washington by all means wants to scotch the detailed Russian investigation – and accumulation of evidence – on the US bioweapon labs in Ukraine.

This phone call happened exactly after an official Russian statement to the UN Security Council on May 13:  “we will use articles 5 and 6 of the Convention on the Prohibition of Bioweapons to investigate the Pentagon’s biological “experiments” in Ukraine”.

 Austin is not alone.  Macron of France is also adopting a conciliatory tone. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during a long talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 13 over the telephone said there must be a “ceasefire” in Ukraine “as quickly as possible”. Interestingly there was no talk of Russia immediately retreating, which would be a strange thing if it were true that Kiev is “winning” the war.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi in turn has also echoed the same theme about a ceasefire. The fact that the speeches of leaders from the three EU largest countries are thus aligned is a clear sign that something is changing.

Shoigu could see the call coming eons away. Austin, according to the Americans, demanded a “ceasefire” – which must have originated a smirk on Shoigu’s face. He knows exactly which way the wind is blowing on the ground – for Ukrainian Armed Forces and UkroNazis alike. It’s not only the Azovstal debacle – and Kiev’s all-around army breakdown.

Now, in parallel, we can also expect full exposure – on overdrive – of the Pentagon bioweapons racket. The only “offer you can’t refuse” left to Washington would be to present something tangible to the Russians to avoid a full investigation. That’s not going to happen.  Moscow is fully aware that going public with illegal work on banned biological weapons is an existential threat to the Rockefeller Empire. Especially when documents seized by the Russians show that Big Pharma – via Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and Gilead (all Rockefeller companies) – was involved in several “experiments”. Fully exposing the whole maze, from the start, was one of Putin’s stated objectives.

Counteracting Financial Shock and Awe

By now it’s evidently clear that open-ended Operation Z targets unipolar Hegemon power, the infinite expansion of vassalized NATO, and the world’s financial architecture – an intertwined combo (as in “Putin vs the 2 families “)  that largely transcends the Ukraine battleground.

Serial Western sanctions package hysteria ended up triggering Russia’s so far quite successful counter-financial moves. Hybrid War is being fought predominantly in the economic/financial battleground – and the pain dial for the collective West will only go up: inflation, higher commodity prices, breakdown of supply chains, exploding cost of living, impoverishment of the middle classes, and unfortunately for great swathes of the Global South, outright poverty and starvation.

Compare it with Russia reaching its biggest surplus in history, with the rise and rise of commodity prices and the upcoming role of the stronger and stronger ruble as a resource-based currency also backed by gold. That doesn’t even include Russia hurling the entire, collective west into a level of recession not seen since the 1970s. In the near future, as insider evidence surfaces, a convincing case will be made that the Russian leadership even gamed the Western financial gamble/ blatant robbery of over $300 billion in Russian reserves. Russia could even entertain the hypothesis of getting a mighty return on those stolen funds. A great deal of Western assets – totaling as much as $500 billion – may be nationalized if the Kremlin so chooses.

So the US policy has driven other countries into the Eurasian orbit of China, Russia,  Iran, India   will be joining , and  Indonesia. All these countries now will have something that they never had before; they have their own critical mass. They can deal with each other and be self-sufficient. They don’t need the dollar anymore. That’s what makes today different from the 1970s when the third world countries and the non-aligned nations tried to create a new international economic order but couldn’t. They didn’t have enough scope in their economies. Now they have enough scope that they don’t need America. You’re going to find the rest of the world rushing away from the dollar area, leaving only Europe as part of the United States economy at great sacrifice of its own living standards.

The Russian strategic victory, as it stands, is military, economic, and may even coalesce geopolitically.

Western actions will only have a minimal impact on the combat operations.  As for the public opinion in Russia, the West has done a truly SUPERB job uniting the Russian people around Putin and the Russian armed forces.  All the now openly racist comments made by western politicians have finally opened the eyes of a solid majority of Russians who now understand why, how and what Russia is doing and NOBODY wants to stop.  Okay, that is not totally true, most of the Russian 5th columnists and Atlantic Integrationists still want to stop Russia from being sovereign, but they are totally “outshouted” by the 80% or so who “get it” and who care about Russia, not billionaire’s yacht and offshore accounts.  Each time the western authorities steal (not, “confiscate” or “sanction” or “freeze” – but *steal*) Russian assets in the West, most Russian reply with a roaring standing ovation and request for “more! more! more! get these bastards where it hurts them!“.

Russia, based on purchasing power parity (PPP), is the 6th economy in the world, right behind Germany and ahead of both the UK and France. Its “hard” economy is similar to the U.S. Steel production may be about the same, but intellectual capacity is vastly superior. Russia has roughly same number of engineers, but they are better educated. Western media hysterically barking that Russia’s GDP is the size of Texas is nonsense. PPP is what really counts; that and Russia’s superior engineers is why their hypersonic weapons are at least two or three generations ahead of the U.S. 

So Russia is winning not only militarily but also to a large extent geopolitically – 88% of the planet does not align with NATOs hysteria – and of course in the economic/financial sphere.

This in fact is the key Hybrid War battleground where the collective West is being checkmated.

Now, let’s look at the state of affairs within the EU.

The EU

“The EU has just given permission to its vassal states that they can continue to buy Russian gas, and to follow Putin’s decree with regard to payment in rubles.”

Chalk up a MAJOR victory for Putin. The lack of sufficient current and future stable year-round supply of Russian unreplaceable produce will mean very bad news for Europe. This includes many other essentials besides the specific Russian oil & gas & coal grades without which in a matter of months if not weeks Europe will become un-livable chaos with rolling power black-outs, fuels and food very hard to find enough of… with migrants roaming and ´camping out´ in streets, parks or churchyards and cemeteries (yes, just like in North Africa…) without shelter, food, health care, schools, jobs or money… and with the tired European middle-classes inevitably joining the coming revolt sooner rather than later. Per The Guardian, “…come October, it’s going to get horrific, truly horrific … a scale beyond what we can deal with”.

Europe has not yet understood the implications of Russia now going full speed ahead for import substitution policies with the 80% of the world that still trades and works hard on planet Earth.  While Europe – and the Western world at large – badly needs Russian produce at any cost Russians could now say “Sorry, our commodities, your problem”. Thus, the United States and the EU have already used almost all their financial and economic weapons against Russia. But here the game is not at all in their favor:  In fact, this is why Western politicians are now fighting so hysterically. Russia is a problem that is destroying their financial system and that they can’t solve. The EU cannot even come up with a strategy to defend its own economic battlefield – just watching as its energy supply is de facto, incrementally turned off by the US. Here we are at the realm where the US tactically excels: economic/financial blackmail. We can’t call these ‘strategic’ moves because they almost always backfire against US hegemonic interests. The EU is obviously out of the game. Instead of putting its own interests first, it’s really putting the US interests first. It’s acting more like a satellite of the United States than trying to its own destiny. The whole plan of the EU 20 years ago was to get rich by investing in Russia, investing in China and a mutual exchange. And now it’s decided to stop that. The US has absorbed Europe. The war in Ukraine is a war by the US is primarily to pull Europe into the US orbit, prevent European transactions with Russia or China. So Western Europe is being left out, while Russia, China and Eurasia are going with the rest of Asia. Europe is simply going to be left behind. It’s losing its export markets, it’s being squeezed and – it’s pushed up the retirement age because it’s spending its budget on replenishing American military arms instead of investing in industry as it had been doing since 1945.

This integration of Europe into the United States sphere is like the New Berlin Wall. It’s isolated the US from the whole rest of the world. So instead of a victory for the United States it’s self-isolated itself because US strategists have realised that they’re losing the economic war with China, Russia and the whole group of emerging nations. All they can try to do is hold on to Europe as their one source of income to exploit from Europe what it can no longer get from any other country.

  Russia and China will be the big winners. Russia already is because the American sanctions against Russia have forced Russia to do something that it could have done half a century ago. It’s forced Russia to create its own consumer goods industry, its own industrial take off. Russia can now build its own plants, equipment and factories and hire its own labor to produce what it was buying from Europe before. So it won’t need Europe anymore. Europe has lost the Russian market. Without the Russian market, I don’t see where Europe can grow because the United States won’t let European goods into it. The United States is protectionist. Europe will be squeezed and ultimately it will end up moving into the Russian and Chinese orbits but it will take years of suffering before that occurs.

The current war is dividing the world into two parts. There’s going to be a US dollar area of the US, Europe and its satellites. And there’ll be a multipolarity; there’ll be a group of Russia and China together,  and basically they will be making their proposal of a different way of organising the world economic affairs to Africa, Latin America and other Asian countries. And other Asian countries, Latin America and the global south will see that it can get a better deal with Russia and China than it can get with the United States. Consumer societies and globalized economies may soon be ending for the 20% of the Western world. But the remaining 80% of world population is currently undergoing a massive crowding-in process simply trying to join the unavoidable forces of history behind the Russia-led spanking new Big Bang. Those left out would have nowhere to hide, constituting the real ´pariahs on the global stage.’

The Empire of Lies & Hate

The Empire of Hate and Lies is still balancing between more grandiose threats and utter despair, which means that those who run the Empire will either create a false flag, or double down, or both.  The good news is that the various factions which run Zone A (the West) are all fighting each other and the stupidity of the West’s reaction is now beginning to “bite”, mostly in Europe, but it will come to the USA sooner rather than later.

 For the last 75 years, the US dollar and US Treasury Bills, loaned to the US government, bonds have been the safest investment in the world. Now they’re the most risk investment. So what this means is that the American economy has decoupled itself from the Asian economy, from the Latin American and African economies. The Americans have decoupled and yet America is not self-sufficient. It relies on foreign countries, especially China and other Asian countries, for its industrial exports and it relies on Russia for much of its helium, titanium, iridium, palladium… all of these exports which it’s not going to be getting anymore. So America has basically committed trade suicide and economic suicide.  The Americans have no idea how to offer something to attract other countries to it. All the United States can do is, “We can bomb you if you don’t do what we say. We have nothing positive to offer you. We have no trade options to offer you. We have no investment to offer you that will not siphon off your income. All we can do is bomb you and threaten you and sanction you and try to hurt you.” That’s the only way the United States and now Europe can relate to the rest of the world. Not anything to raise the living standards.  It’s a way guaranteed to drive the rest of the world away. The situation in the United States will be one of increasing hostility towards the rest of the world. The great threat is that it will say, “Well, we’re just going to blow up the world.”  That’s a real danger for the rest of the world and it’s forcing it to withdraw from the US orbit. I think it was Henry Kissinger who said that, “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.” Well, the US friend who’s really in danger is Europe. The enemies are going to do OK because they’re at least friends with each other.

Meanwhile, the global supply chain for food and energy is crumbling. Sri Lanka is the first nation to default on its foreign debts in order to maintain food and energy to its people. Tunisia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Ghana and El Salvador are the next likely financial carrion for the vultures on Wall Street and the City of London, with Turkey and Egypt on the close-watch list.

There are mounting calls for peace. But calling for peace without posing a solution to the ongoing disintegration of the entire western financial system, and the deadly consequences of that disintegration to more than 1 billion people facing death by starvation and disease in the immediate months ahead is a futile exercise.

One third of the world’s people live in countries that have condemned Russia and imposed sanctions, but most of these are western. Another third is neutral, including India, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the final third are countries that are “echoing Russia’s rationale for the invasion”. This includes China.

A number of people around the world are outraged as to why their country and region should somehow “pay the bills of hatred “of the West towards Russia. Sanctions are designed to make Russia bleed and set it back, but they also make the world pay the price for the US to remain on the throne as the planet’s sole ruler, even if its allies suffer as a result.

The Conclusion

The power of the West and America over small countries is declining; the West has lost influence.  Therefore, the coming Russian victory in Ukraine essentially signifies the end of the West’s 500-year long domination of the planet. That is why the tiny Western world, some 15% of the planet, is so virulent in its opposition to Russia.

The Russian victory will undermine the remnants of illusory faith in the mystical superiority of the West, and above all in the US, fear of which long discouraged the resistance of the “Rest” to the West.  Neither Iran, nor even China risked challenging the US – Russia has.  When the world sees the Russian victory: Europe and Asian China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Latin America and Africa, will vote for freedom from the American Empire. It is the end of Western domination. The main reason why the West has found itself in such an unenviable situation is the natural change in our world.

Let’s look at how high-tech exports from different countries have changed over the years:

1990: The United States is the leader, Japan is second, and Germany is third. China is not even in the top ten.

2009: China is the leader, the U.S. is in second place by a small margin, and Germany and Japan are right behind the U.S. The gap between first and fourth place is small.

2019: China’s leader. Germany is in second place, 3.5 (!) times behind. Singapore is third. The United States is in fourth place, behind China by about 5 times. China’s high-tech exports are greater than those of the top ten Western countries combined. The United States and the European Union are no longer at the level where they can hope to compete with Asia.

And while we only look at China, there is also India, whose population is almost equal to China’s, and where high technology is now developing at a very high rate. In the West, it is customary to joke about India in the traditional formats of toilet humor. However, India is big; it has about 5 million programmers alone. And since everything is in order in the well-oiled Indian brain, quantity inevitably turns into quality. But there is also Indonesia with a population of 280 million. Pakistan – 230 million. Brazil – 210 million … and in every country now there is the Internet, there is access to education, there are opportunities to build factories and laboratories.

The West considers itself “the whole world” only because it has not yet been punched in the nose sensibly enough.

It happens that Russia is now giving it this blow: with the back-up of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. And the West can do absolutely nothing against Russia since it is also behind it in terms of the number of nuclear warheads. Russia has enough nukes to send the United States into the Stone Age if necessary. As a result, the U.S. is flailing in a chair, biting its fingernails, shouting expletives… but still not crossing certain borders.

America’s position seems hopeless. The power of the West and America over small countries is declining: the West has lost influence. The West hoarded vaccines during the pandemic while China and Russia supplied vaccines to the world. So guess what?  Poorer countries see the West as hypocritical. But, New York and London’s great fear is that the world order will indeed change, should Putin prevail in Ukraine. This is what the 2 families fear the most.

 “Rules-Based World Order”

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had once again detailed how the Americans “no longer insist on the implementation of international law, but on respect for the ‘rules-based world order’. These ‘rules’ are not deciphered in any way. They say that now there are few rules. For us, they don’t exist at all. There is international law. We respect it, as does the UN Charter. The key provision, the main principle is the sovereign equality of states. The U.S. flagrantly violates its obligations under the UN Charter when it promotes its ‘rules’”. Lavrov had to stress, once again, that the current incandescent situation may be compared to the Cuban Missile Crisis: “In those years, there was a channel of communication that both leaders trusted. Now there is no such channel. No one is trying to create it.”

The Empire of Lies, in its current state, does not do diplomacy. And here; the Empire of Lies refers to the 2 families and their networks of power.

The International Community/The Collective West?

  The 2 families, in order to hide their true power and   standing, have always hid behind others’- be they heads of states or heads of multi-lateral institutions. Along with the leaders of the international business and financial entities, all of these are known as the “International Community”.  The reality is there is no international community. It is only the heads of the 2 families, and their associated networks of power.

The International Community is an equally hypocritical phrase which designates the Zionist Anglosphere + Colonies. In other words, it means the Anglo-Zionist elite of the USA, Israel, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand + the EU, Japan and, arguably, South Korea. The latter non-English-speaking countries are simply US vassals, colonies or client-states, occupied by US troops and bases. This ‘International Community’ is dominated by a military wing called NATO (based almost next door to the EU headquarters in Brussels) and an economic wing called the G7, which is heavily influenced by Wall Street(the Rockefeller Empire) and the City of London(the Rothschilds). However, this ‘Community’ works together with vassal institutions, like the ‘World Bank’, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) or, to a considerable extent, the UN (United Nations), and think tanks and societies like the Trilateral and Bilderberg. It rewards its servants with awards like Nobel Prizes, generously funded by the CIA. However, whatever the acronym, it is all the same greedy clique.

There has been an intense rivalry in the field of geopolitics between the American elite (headed by the Rockefeller family) and against the European elite (headed by the French Rothschilds), as well as against the British elite (headed by the British Rothschilds), since at least 1918. It intensified following World War 2, when the Rockefeller Empire forced Europe to give up its colonial empires. It escalated when the ideological war came to an end with the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991. From now on, it was going to be pure economics that counted- and not ideology. In this new, open, phase of global geopolitical rivalry and economic competition (remember the Rockefeller family motto: “Competition is a sin! “), many European companies were badly hurt by this push from American companies. There are too many examples to list here, but just 1 will suffice e.g. the rivalry between Boeing and the Concord, which has been followed up by the rivalry between Boeing and Airbus. Concorde shut down. Airbus is left. For how long more will it survive?

Former French President, Francois Mitterand (1981-85), made this quite extraordinary statement not long before he died in 1996; “France does not know it, but she is at war with America, a permanent, vital, economic war, and only apparently a victimless war. Yes, the Americans are inexorable, they are voracious, they want undivided power over the world- – – it’s an unknown war, a permanent war, a war without apparent deaths and yet a war to the death “.

As seen from this statement, even those whom America  consider as “allies”,  in public, are deadly enemies, in the private  shadow world- the world of reality, where “snow is not black”.

In the next article, we will show how the citizens of Zone A (the Western Countries), especially the American people, have been amongst the biggest victims of the evil designs of these two families.

Hang on tight, as the next article will indeed shock you, if you are NOT AWARE of these issues. It is time for a “wake-up” call.

This is David Rockefeller Jnr- The real king of America. Born 1942
THE HEADS OF THE 2 FAMILYS Jacob Rothschild (L) and David Rockefeller (R)
This is Jacob Rothschild, who became the head of the British branch on the death of his cousin Evellyn. He is the boss of George Soros, and the British Royal Family is under his complete control. The British branch also is in charge of the family’s North American interests.
This is David Rothschild, born in 1942 – current head of the French branch – the Real ruler of France and Europe, as well as Israel (whose file sits with the French branch since his great grandfather, Edmond, financed Zionism and Israel from inception.) He is also Nethanyahu’s boss. Macron reports to him, and so do ALL the political and financial leaders of Europe.

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  1. “The West hoarded vaccines during the pandemic while China and Russia supplied vaccines to the world.”
    The rest of the world should be very happy because these so called vaxxines are biological weapons designed to kill. So in a way the west saved all the people they withheld these vaxxines from. Russia and China, if they were using the same types of vaxxines, caused the death of the people that took them. mRNA and virovector vaxxines are biological weapons.
    All people in places of power and influence do give a rats tail about their people even Russia and China who by the way are treating a large portion of their population as disease ridden cockroaches so playing like China and Russia are more holy than America’s vile regime should be spoken younger and cheek. Russia and China care only about the ruling class and ruling the world, same as everyone else. Communist are killers and have now taken over America.

    1. No, America was taken over very early on by the Free Masons (most founding fathers were ALL Free Masons). Learn your own history. Your government was hijacked way back. The only one good thing that still sort of exists is the Constitution FOR these United states, but nobody in this country follows it or understands it, or in the case of the government just blatantly uses it as toilet paper. As far as the “vaccines or death shots” are concerned, all of them: Pfizer, Moderna (formerly company was called Mode RNA), Johnson & Johnson, Novavax (the new 4th vaccine given EUA by the FDA), AstraZeneca (Oxford UK), Covishield (Home made Astra Zeneca formula in India), Sinovac and Sinopharm (China), and Sputnik V (Russia) have the SAME formula. All of the above jabs contain the same cocktail, namely that of hydrogel, trillions of nano particles of REDUCED Graphene Oxide and a lipid nano particle, Pfizer has PEG (Poly Ethylene Glycol) and Moderna uses the lipid nano called SM 102. Both lipid nanos are exceptionally toxic. This platform was pre-provided to 120 governments all over the world in 2017 by a Chinese company called SinoPEG. There is NO SPIKE PROTEIN or mRNA in the Pfizer or the Moderna jabs, I should know, I’ve been personally testing the contents of the American injections with fellow chemical analyst and scientist in a lab every week since February 2021. The cocktail has not changed in any way. What has changed is the amount of each individual substance more or less. So there are so far 20 different combos of the same jabs in different geographical areas, hence people are getting maimed and getting killed at different rates. So you are right in that the Russian and Chinese jabs kill, but so do all the others. This was one mass depopulation agenda, well and alive. This was the prequel to their GREAT RESET, one of many many RESETS of humanity done in the past in the last few thousand years. China is fascist, not communist, and Russia is just playing both sides as they’re trying to survive, while the Chinese style of fascism is the one that has been incubated for the rest of the world to follow through the GREAT RESET. Except, the Khazarian Mafia will not be successful this time around in the their reset plans. Too many have woken up. The only down side is that millions will die and are already dying between now and the end of 2025. So they’ve achieved PART of their agenda, but were outgunned in the rest of it. And oh by the way, there is NO SARS COV 2 the virus that causes Covid 19, there never was. The SARS COV 2 was developed as a FICTION genome called an In Silico genome (computer generated) and then uploaded on scientific databases like the Blast P database that most scientists like myself use (I’m a virologist and Immunologist). The isolation, purification and characterization studies followed by the causation studies done through Koch’s postulates on so called “positive” Covid samples proved to be completely useless. All that was found in every single sample was dead human cellular debris, no viral RNA or DNA was ever found. The real bio weapon turned out to be a chemical weapon to depopulate the planet through the injections. The PCR tests are completely bogus as it is a reproduction or amplification test NOT a diagnostic test. The PCR does not TEST FOR ANYTHING and should never be used as such. And every PCR test I’ve ever performed was done as a cheek swab inside the mouth, never up anyone’s nose. The last 2.5 years have been a true travesty and a real deadly scam of epic proportions for humanity and a field day for the Khazarians.

      1. Your analysis of contents has been confirmed by several others for the 4 first launched ones.

      2. Poornima, thank you for your important comment. I have a question regarding the “clots”/long fibrous structures that are found in the veins and arteries of the people who die after taking the injection. What are those if there is no spike protein in that vaccine?

      3. Good to see a comment as informed and, as far as my own research would seem to confirm, correct. There are not enough people telling the truth about many of the things you mention, although if I’m going to find it anywhere, I’m not surprised that it’s attached to a behind the news report. Thanks for your contribution.

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