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The Collapsing Oil Price–Why?

“Control food and one controls people; control finance and one controls governments, but control oil and one can control the destinies of nations “ Henry Kissinger 1972. It was oil that made up the core of the wealth and power of the Rockefeller family. The founder John D Rockefeller started out in the oil business in […]

THE SCO and 9-11: Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series)

Part 1(extracted from the original report prepared by the author in August 2001) In order to understand why the attacks of September 11(2001), in New York, took place, we will have to do some background. And it all has to do with the quest for American dominance of Eurasia. The Fight for Control of Eurasia […]

UKRAINE: -A Tectonic Shift in Heartland Power

In geopolitics, a deep understanding of geography and power allows you to do two things. First, it helps you comprehend the forces that will shape international politics and how they will do so. Second, it helps you distinguish what is important from what isn’t. In geopolitics, Ukraine is classified as a geopolitical pivot.This makes maps […]

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