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Israel Facing a Global Backlash Part 1 (of a 2 Part Series)

The Gaza Genocide shows no signs of stopping. The US is pushing Israel to continue. Forget whatever the Empire of Lies spew. It’s all theatrics. Actions speak louder than words. Here, we will do a report on the global backlash Israel is undergoing. First, we visit Israel, and thereafter we will do a global round-up. […]

BRICS: Mackinder & Geopolitics

Following World War 2 and the defeat of Germany, the very word geopolitics became taboo as it was linked in many eyes with Hitler, and the Nazis. Geopolitics however is larger than that, the study of integrating politics, economics, and geography. The father of British geopolitics, Sir Halford Mackinder, first unveiled his concept of that […]

Iran: A Case Study Part 3

The real story of Iran’s revolution is a tale that makes spy stories and James Bond movies seem tame by comparison. It is necessary to look behind the closed doors of the world’s most powerful banks, oil companies, and industrial corporations, and into the paneled boardrooms of elite clubs such as the Council on Foreign […]

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