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Palestine – From Antiquity to 1948

Historical Background It is a paradox of the Arab-Israeli conflict that the central issue, the plight of the Palestinians, was long regarded by much of the world as peripheral. In 1948, the UN considered the outcome irreversible and made no attempt to enforce the creation of a Palestinian state. UN resolutions 242 and 338 refers […]

Trump: The Jerusalem Decision & Russiagate

Almost every week it seems the US administration contrives to highlight the sheer unreality of its policies, rarely more so and more often than in the Middle East. What are these policies? Leave to one side the loose talk about a peace between Israel and Sunni Arab powers such as Saudi Arabia, which will supposedly […]

Weaponising Islam – “Roots of Islamic Rage” Part 2 (of a 6 series)

The Turkish Ottoman Empire had been one of the most powerful and successful empires in the world for more than 6 centuries. Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the spiritual and political head of the Ottoman Empire, and head of the Islamic Caliphate, had been maneuvered in 1881 by the British and French creditor banks and governments […]

The Rise of the House of Rothschild Part 5 (of a 6 Part Series): 1880 – 1905

Palestine Exploration Fund Not long after the death of the youngest brother, James, in Paris, the British house formed an entity to begin work on mapping out Palestine. Founded in 1865, the Palestine Exploration Fund was, for its first 25 years, both the principal British exploration society in the Holy Land and a surveying body […]

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