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Israel vs The Arab States Part 1 (of a 4 Part Series)

Israel Zionism was founded by Edmond Rothschild of the French branch- to bring about the realization of Project Israel. Zionism has 2 flavors – a socialist nationalistic flavor which died by 1995, and a Talmudic flavor which took over in 1996. When Israel was established in 1948, its original leaders were from a background that […]

The US – Saudi Nexus Part 1 (Of a 6 Part Series): 1900-1976

Many people around the world have a firm belief that Saudi Arabia is an American colony, or vassal state. This belief is so far off the mark, that we have to correct this, and clarify the issue for the millions out there that this is not so. To understand the present it is important to know […]

Weaponising Islam – “The Muslim Brotherhood” Part 3 (of a 6 part series)

The Beginning: How Britain begat the Brotherhood Jamal Eddine al-Afghani In 1885, an Iranian proposed the idea of a British-led pan-Islamic alliance among Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan against czarist Russia. It was the era of the Great Game, the long-running geopolitical struggle between Britain and Russia for control of Central Asia. The biggest land grab […]

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