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Hezbollah & Iran

In a speech on Tuesday the 13th, Hezbollah leader  Nasrallah said that the Party will continue the border offensive until at least the Gaza massacre stops. The war in Gaza however, is far from over. And Nasrallah warned that even were a ceasefire to be reached in Gaza, “should the enemy perform any action, we will return […]

Israel vs The Arab States Part 3 (of a 4 Part Series)

The 1990 Gulf War We will look at this war from the four principal players- the US, Israel, Iraq and the PLO. The Iraq Perspective When the two families toppled the Shah of Iran in 1979, they installed Khomeini into power. Khomeini double-crossed his sponsors, and from that time till today, Iran is at loggerheads […]

The End of Dollar Hegemony Part 3 (of a 4 Part Series)

To add geopolitics to international finance, let us do another example – that of the 2008 stock market crash and a financial upheaval. This whole thing was planned nearly 8 years earlier, precisely in September 2000. The background has to do with Iraq! Let us begin. Currency Wars Historically, a currency war involves competitive devaluations […]

The Qasem Soleimani Hit – Why?

Background.  There were 4 major trends happening in Iraq, and its convergence led to a blow-up in the country, followed by the death of Qasem Soleimani.  They are as follows ; The frustration of the Iraqi people at the government and  the undue and resentful influence of Iran in Iraq; the role of outside powers […]

Eurasia’s Energy Wars Part 2 (of a 2 part series)

Map detailing the complex web of Iraq’s oil and gas infrastructure. After the defeat of Iraq in the First Gulf war, in 1991, the country was put under international sanctions.  Three years later, some relief was provided by the UN “oil-for Food” program. By the end of the decade, many were in sympathy with the […]

Weather Warfare

Environmental modification techniques (ENMOD) for military use constitute the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Rarely acknowledged in the debate on global climate change, the world’s weather can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons. Both the US and Russia have developed capabilities to manipulate the climate for military use. ENMOD […]

The Break Up Part 2 (of a 2 part series)

Conflict # 6 –Break-up of European colonial rule In the previous issue, we have come to understand the grand plan of the US, in regards to the conquest of the world. And the power of European finance had to be destroyed.  The five Rockefeller brothers were now the rulers of the American aristocracy. Their father, […]

Why America Invaded Iraq in 2003

Iraq had suffered a heavy defeat in March 1991, when a combined force of 34 countries headed by the US and Britain defeated Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein. A year earlier Iraq had invaded Kuwait for financial reasons. The US pushed Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, but did not invade Iraq. Iraq was economically broken […]

Dollarization of the World

Oil & the Destruction of Iraq Iraq emerged from 8 years of fruitless war with Iran which had accomplished little more than provide arms companies a massive income stream. Iraq ended the war with an enormous foreign debt burden of $65 billion. This was in stark contrast at the beginning of the war when Iraq […]

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