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The Aramco Hit

The Aramco IPO When Prince Mohammed bin Salman, or MBS, decided to list the world’s largest oil company, Aramco, the resulting frenzy within international banking circles was unprecedented. This decision was made in 2016. MBS wanted to diversify the Saudi economy and reduce the economy’s reliance on oil income.  The big question within investment banking […]

Iran: A Case Study Part 2

The Tripartite Deal – South Africa, Germany & France Having read the transcript of the meeting in New York, in March 1975, the plan to topple the Shah went into action. To make matters worse, a month later, France and Germany approached the Shah of Iran with a proposed economic deal. It went something like […]

Iran: A Case Study Part 1

The first oil discoveries in the Middle East were made by the British in Iran, in 1909. A company, Anglo-Persian Oil was formed to exploit this concession. This find also ignited the already brutal contest between Britain and Germany. During the 2nd World War, Iran was occupied in the north by the Russians, and in […]

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