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The US – Saudi Nexus Part 2 (Of a 6 Part Series): 1976-2010

We continue from the previous part 1 of this article. The last major point noted was the death of King Faisal, in March 1975. Upon Faisal’s death, the next in line to assume the leadership was King Khaled. Faisal’s refusal to give permission to Kissinger to bring about a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, […]

Weaponising Islam – “The Arab Spring & ISIS” Part 1 (of a 6 part series)

Introduction Europe and the West faced an unprecedented social crisis as shock waves of a brutal war in Syria spread around the world. The ISIS or Islamic State erupted violently onto the world stage in 2014 proclaiming a Global Caliphate. War and terror in Syria created a massive refugee crisis across Europe. In September 2015, Russia […]

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